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Health ~ Hypoglycemia & Diabetes ~ True cause of diabetes

Medicine claims that the cause of diabetes is eating too much. That it’s the obesity and lack of exercise that is making you sick. But it’s the other way around: you’re starving for real nutrition, your fat is saving your life by sealing toxins, you can’t move because you’re exhausted from malnutrition.

Yes, people eat too much. But that’s not the problem, it’s merely THE WRONG WAY to try to correct the real problem.

If you follow the roots towards the real problem, you find hypoglycemia. Even doctors recommend eating raw sugar pills to quickly get the sugar back up. But THAT’S WHAT TRIGGERS HYPOGLYCEMIA IN THE FIRST PLACE! The higher you get, the harder you’ll crash.

That’s why alcoholics and sugar addicts (and drug addicts) just can’t stop… because they strongly believe that this is what is keeping them alive… but they have to give up the high to be free of the crash. They have to EAT WHAT THEY REALLY NEED to make the pain go away.

So why does the blood sugar crash? The pancreas stores excess of sugar into fat with insulin, the standard diet is so refined that the pancreas was never meant to handle that much sugar. But the solution isn’t insulin; it’s eating a natural diet with less sugar. But why do people eat so much sugar in the first place? If we get more calories from less food, we should need to eat less often not more. It’s because calories aren’t everything, and as long as you don’t get the vitamins and minerals that you need, you’ll keep craving food. And if you only eat refined products that concentrated the sugars and removed the nutritional value… you’ll be fat and still starving.

But while the pancreas stores excess blood sugar, it’s the adrenal glands that free the reserves from the liver in a stable way when you need them.

But to do this, to send their messages, they need vitamin C. If you don’t consume enough, and processed sugar doesn’t have any left, you won’t be able to free your storages of fuel. And if you don’t consume enough of the B complex, you won’t even be able to burn it into energy. Calories alone are pointless. The balance between calories and nutrition is destroyed with processing and refining the food, so people HAVE to over eat in the hope to find the nutrition necessary to survive. But all they get is sugar that turns into fat and toxins from the artificial junk that is used to make the product look like food, seem edible and last long on the shelf… but it’s not food. That’s why you don’t have the energy to exercise. That’s why you’re hungry like you’re dying… because you are.

The reason why diabetics can't heal, lose limbs and become blind isn't because they're fat and lazy... it's not even because they eat too much sugar, it's because while they do they don't get the vitamin C that they need.

Why do they crave sugar then? Because that’s how you know when a vegetable or fruit is ripe and loaded with vitamin C. But adding the flavor alone to fake products won’t make them more edible, but it can fool you into thinking that they’re the most nutritious things on earth… and then the natural sugars in vegetables and fruits will taste bland in comparison… making you turn away from the cure and right back towards your doom. And the companies are counting on it. And the pharmaceutical industry is more than happy to sell you drugs to help you deny your symptoms and how miserable you feel.

Society is sick... but we should focus on what we need to put in our mouths, not about telling people to eat less and run more marathons. That's absurd. Someone who can run have a strong heart, but someone who has heart disease from lack of vitamin C to make collagen won't get healthier if they imitate healthier runners... they'll drop dead from the strain!

Telling an obese person to run while they have to carry dozens of bowling balls is sadistic! And not in a cool way.

I spent the last 10 years bed ridden without moving. I have a healthy weight. Because I didn't stuff my face with boxes of Twinkies. I could barely stand up, but I leaned against the refrigerator, putting my head against it so I wouldn't faint from the weakness and dizziness... I cut my vegetables and fresh meat ever so slowly... for hours during a "good" less bad day... I chewed it and swallowed it, no matter how much a bucket of ice cream would have tasted better. Because I was poor and I thought that having less nutritionally dense food would be better for my budget than a lot of empty food. It turned out that it was especially true for healing.

Instead to buy myself a smart phone and designer clothes, I bought vitamin and mineral supplements to rebuild my internal organs... to stop being in so much pain and unable to do the simplest things... to come back to life. And I did.

So I can tell you... What you've been told is an ignorant judgmental myth by people who want to exploit your wallet and health in several ways... and blame you for it.

Lack of proper nutrition causes the adrenal glands to be unable to handle stress, balance blood sugar and burn energy. This causes sugar cravings to find vitamin C. But the sugary products don't have any... but they have lots of toxins: that much sugar is toxic, but there have actual poisons too. You're organic; anything synthetic is toxic to you! That causes obesity because the toxins inflate your fat cells like balloons. A high amount of sugar put stress on the whole body, not just the pancreas responsible to store the excess into fat; because that causes a vicious cycle of sugar highs and crashes. It’s not obesity that causes all that... it's just a symptom among others... but trying to cure a lack of vitamin C with toxic refined sugar can only make things worse! And yet, it’s only the wrong way to heal the problem… the root cause is even worse than it looks.

The real problem is lack of vitamins and minerals... and what it does to your vital organs...

The real problem is too much stress (stimulation, exercise...) you need to do energy conservation until you rebuild your vitamin and mineral reserves.

With means that you have to do the exact opposite of what you're being told!

Sit on your ass and stuff your face like crazy! You're doing it right!


What you eat isn't what you want. You've been fooled with lies. Your brain's been tricked with chemicals.

Stop eating grains, the food pyramid was meant to be good for the profits of the industry, not for your own well being.

Eat mostly vegetables, there's absolutely no limit to how many you can eat because they will make you poop as much, there's mostly nutrition in them and not much calories. If you end up fat from them it will be a very healthy fat full of fat soluble vitamins, not toxins.

Of course you need meat too, for the B complex. Stay away from tofu it will mess with your hormones. Meat that have been injected with hormones too...

The birth control pill makes your body believe that you're already pregnant. So your body will get fatter to be able to handle the pregnancy, you'll get a layer of belly fat to protect the baby, your breasts will develop more to be able to make milk and feed your child...

Those changes will occur because hormones sent the message to do it, not because you have a baby inside, and not even if you have a uterus... It can happen to men! Because we start the same in the womb and develop differently from different hormones. That's how hormone injections can help people wanting to have a sex change.

Soy, heated plastic and other chemicals in make up mimic the female hormone and hinder your own...That alone can make you fat.

So what you eat, put on your skin and inhale matters... much more than simple calories. Hormones aren't just about sexual pleasure, losing that too is the least of your problems. Hormones is how your vital organs communicate together... messing with that is DEATH.

So why do we need so much vitamin C?

We're all under too much stress (physical, mental or environmental toxins... vitamin C enable the adrenal glands and cells to handle it all. People even cured cancer with it.) So we crave nourishment more than ever. But what we need isn't caffeine, sugar, alcohol or drugs to kick our adrenals and force them to function... we need to nourish them so they'll be ABLE to function!

If they don't have enough, especially of the vitamin C and B complex... they'll ask the thyroid to slow down the metabolism. The solution is not to take thyroid hormones. It's to nourish the adrenals.

If you're stressed out, your body won't be able to be in relaxed healing mode, he'll need all the energy available to stay in fight or flight mode... you need more vitamin C and other nutrients to handle and heal from stress. If you don't have enough of the correct materials to heal during sleep, your body won't even allow you to sleep no matter how exhausted you are. Sleep deprivation will make you fatter...

But fat is there to save you... it's the least of your problems.

Eating fat doesn't make you fat. All your cell membranes are made of it, most of your brain too. It's required to absorb fat soluble vitamins and excrete toxins. The fat in nuts will actually help to stabilize your blood glucose more effectively than sugar because it’s absorbed more slowly instead to act like a shot gun in your organs. Yes, sugar gives you a high, but at a too high cost, even if it’s damn cheap to buy, and that’s because it’s worthless. Buying vegetables in bulk will be less expensive per meal in the long run, especially considering the health problem and bills that it will inflict on you later, and sooner than you think... and that's if you don't just plain drop dead from heart failure... which is a basically a big ball of collagen made of vitamin C.

It's sugar makes you fat... and you crave sugar because that's how vitamin C tastes like.

Don't be fooled by taste alone. Eat real vitamin C and the pain will go away. You'll be able to stuff your face without getting fat, and you'll have the energy to run in circles.

If you absolutely want to spray that addictive cocaine all over the place... at least make sure that you have enough nutrients to function too... and much more to detoxify all that junk that no one should eat, and certainly not as a staple food.

We have the tradition to eat cake on our birthday because it's supposed to be for a rare occasion, not all day long!

Enjoy real food, first and foremost~ True comfort food are full of vitamin C because that's what the adrenal glands need to handle stress and heal from it.

Diabetes isn't the disease... it's not the pancreas not producing enough insulin... it's not even the hypoglycemia motivating you to over eat sugar...

The real problem behind both hypoglycemia & diabetes is Adrenal Fatigue from an imbalance between stress and nutrition... between demands and what you provide... between your needs and limits.

Read more about Adrenal Fatigue in my other section.

The root cause of the root cause is malnutrition. Eating less isn't the solution. Eating more REAL food is. You can eat natural vitamin C rich foods as much as you need, as much as you can, and as much as you want~ and more~


Lisa Of Shades
19 January 2015
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