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Health ~ Hypoglycemia & Diabetes ~ Hypoglycemia symptoms

The long list (100+, actually 125) is from a French book "L'hypoglycémie un dossier choc" which might be similar to the English book "Sugar shock", but I don't know if they have the pages of symptoms, so I'll translate them the best way I can.

Hopefully you'll understand how much: stable blood sugar is deadly serious, proper nutrition is vital, refined products are dangerous even when they claim to be healthy, and how much mental illness is bullshit.

Drugs only numb and dumb you, when the damage still happens. You're not to blame, there's nothing wrong with your mind, and your survival instinct is doing a great job making you feel awful to wake you up and take care of the real problem: Junk is to blame!!!

I'll comment and explain them after. There are more than 100, some sounds similar but there's still a whole lot of suffering going on! (If you find your symptom, scroll down to the explanation, I don't have the courage to create 100 links for quick jumps.)

  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Anguish
  • Anxiety
  • Neurosis
  • Psychoneurosis
  • Mental confusion
  • Schizophrenia without brain damage
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Irritability
  • Aggressiveness
  • Domestic violence
  • Worry
  • Shyness
  • Exhaustion
  • Weakness
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Terror, dread
  • Cold sweat
  • Slumber
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Lack of concentration
  • Forgetfulness
  • Insomnia
  • Constant torment
  • Internal tremors
  • External tremors
  • Heart palpitations
  • Numbness
  • Unsociability
  • Sudden introversion, withdrawal into oneself
  • Indecisiveness
  • Sudden need to shout
  • Sensation of lump in the throat
  • Incoordination of sight
  • Uncoordinated movements
  • Clumsiness (dropping objects)
  • Blurred vision
  • Tension, muscle contraction
  • Hyperventilation
  • Choking sensation
  • Stumble
  • Night terror, nightmares
  • Phobias
  • Nervous exhaustion (burnout)
  • Convulsions
  • Greater fatigue at 10 am
  • Greater fatigue to 15 pm
  • Greater fatigue to 20 pm
  • Function better with more energy in the evening than in the morning
  • Pain in the back of the head
  • Pain between the shoulder blades
  • Abnormal fatigue
  • Monotony
  • Exaggerated sexual desires
  • Lack of sensation
  • Lack of feelings
  • Sweaty palms
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Vision loss (fraction of a second) called hypoglycemic blackouts
  • Fainting
  • Obesity
  • Fear of crowds (agoraphobia)
  • Fear of being trapped (claustrophobia)
  • Fear of the dark
  • Epileptiform seizures (false epilepsy)
  • Hyperemotivity
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sudden loss of ambition
  • Loss of sense of reality
  • Feeling as if the feet are 5 cm above the floor
  • Severe sweating
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Lack of desire for food
  • Dispersion of ideas
  • Feeling drunk after a meal
  • Staggering (falling easily walking)
  • Eyelids close suddenly
  • Laziness in children
  • Feeling as if afflicted by insanity
  • Anginal pain
  • Lack of confidence
  • Sudden refusal to participate any activity
  • Guilt complex
  • Self pity
  • Tightness at the head
  • Frigidity
  • Sexual impotence in men
  • Allergies
  • Leg cramps
  • Itching and tingling sensations
  • Unconsciousness
  • Propensity for violence
  • Suicidality
  • Delinquency
  • Self-destruction (giving up exhausting things or self harm and cutting)
  • Abdominal spasms
  • Turbulence
  • Asthma
  • Muscular weakness
  • Chronic indigestion
  • Feeling as if the head is not attached to the body
  • Alcoholism
  • Nausea (the pregnant woman)
  • Feeling as if having two personalities
  • Impression that the head floats
  • Breast cysts
  • Cravings for sweets or rage
  • Cravings for starchy (potatoes)
  • Cravings for starchy (flours, grains)
  • Cravings for salty foods
  • Getting up at night (to smoke, etc)
  • Pancreas pain
  • Drug addiction
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Difficulty to work under pressure
  • Tearfulness
  • Reduced fatigue and emotional distress after a meal or snack
  • Hallucinations
  • Unable to bear the slightest noise
  • Desire to harm others
"The glandular imbalance leads to hypoglycemic inhibition and then to a very wide range of physical illnesses."

I'll add:
  • Restlessness
    Mix of symptoms like hyperactivity, anxiety and worry.

  • Grinding teeth
    From the intense urge to have nourishment to chew.
  • Mood swings (bipolar)
    Sugar (grains, alcohol…) causes a too high blood sugar followed from a too low crash. Extreme fuel shifts will destabilize brain functions, emotions and mood.
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Hypoglycemia symptoms with some comments and explanation

With more than 100 physical and mental symptoms, you really have to own great coping skills and a good sense of humor and give yourself the best support and compassion that you can muster to bear it. And if you don't know why and what you can do to prevent it, you can drown in a deep despair. But eating almonds as a snack is as tasty as it's easy! "2 handful of casher is the equivalent of a prescription of antidepressants" (Food matters the movie) actually more effective because it gives you what you need instead to make you weak with insulin! Antidepressants cause hypoglycemia!

If your body doesn't have enough fuel, the pancreas will hopefully make adrenalin to tell the liver to take out the storage, and tell the heart to speed up to send it faster. If you don't have reserves anymore, you'll run on sheer adrenalin.

You can die from hypoglycemia. You can fall in a coma and drop dead out of the blue. (Not in the list) so your fears are justified and reasonable, but your brain might not be able to tell you clearly so you might blame something else, as the whole fear center of the brain gets activated.

Something really dangerous and scary is happening indeed, it,s either the cause of low blood sugar or the consequence. So it's a vicious cycle.

Also called psychoneurosis. a functional disorder in which feelings of anxiety, obsessional thoughts, compulsive acts, and physical complaints without objective evidence of disease, in various degrees and patterns, dominate the personality.
a relatively mild personality disorder typified by excessive anxiety or indecision and a degree of social or interpersonal maladjustment.

Feeling anxious while your starving is natural, if you don't have enough fuel to make your emotional and rational brain function, only the primal remain before you faint. It handles repetitive actions like breathing and walking, so your thought processes will be focused on one thing. Like rocking a baby, repetition is relaxing and comforting. It's a coping mechanism to minimize spending energy. Add the fear of a dying, starved brain, and you'll seem to obsess in a crazy way. You don't bleed out when your whole body doesn't have fuel but every single cell, muscle, nerve, brain, vital organ... SUFFERS! I'd got hit before and it was less bad. You can't possibly have a friendly and calm personality when you're drowning or burning alive, so demanding it of starving people is just as ignorant and unrealistic.

Mental confusion
If your brain doesn't have enough fuel, you'll have sudden shortages of energy. I have brief absence seizures, which makes it hard to follow a conversation. I forget the topic completely... and it takes me a while to wake up after the shock... even if my eyes were open and I didn't drop on the floor when I semi-fainted.

Schizophrenia without brain damage
Psychiatry.. Also called dementia praecox. a severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all, of the following features: emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations.
a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

Hypoglycemia can cause brain damage. It's one cause of schizophrenia along with anemia (lack of oxygen) and chemical toxins. Probably low magnesium too since it's necessary for neurotransmitters. If your brain doesn't have what it needs to function, he'll shut off the less vital parts to keep you breathing. If the emotional brain shuts off, you'll have less emotion. If the rational brain shuts off, you won't be able to make complex reasoning. Social interactions are extremely demanding of energy with all the movements, sounds, speech in contradiction with body language, emotions, and struggling between who you are and people's expectations... It's wise to avoid extreme demands so social isolation become as wise as avoiding to party in a bar all night when you have pneumonia. You can't even talk if your brain is unable to function, you can't analyze what you see and associate it with the right memory learned as a baby while touching things... we see reflects of light and make educated guesses, hallucinations is simply guessing wrong. A delusion is making the wrong judgment while analyzing a situation.

Premenstrual syndrome
I think it's not directly linked to hypoglycemia, but another consequence of adrenal fatigue like hypoglycemia is. The adrenal glands need proper vitamin C to do its hundreds of functions, like getting storages of fuel out for proper blood sugar balance. You also need vitamin C to absorb iron and make strong elastic veins and flesh that resists trauma. That makes the period much more painful, and anemia causes excessive bleeding in a vicious cycle. But not having enough nourishing blood will probably worsen the symptoms if you loose even more, making the process more painful and distressing.

When you are in pain, at wits ends and basically dying... anything that will be added to having already too much agony can make you explode. You can't tolerate more because you already endure too much.

If people mess with you while the only part of your brain still not in a protective coma is the primal instinct, you might not even recognize (rational brain with memory) or know that it's an ally (emotional side) and since you're in danger, you'll react protectively to anything coming at you. I had to train my primal side by giving simple commands, like "don't eat my loved ones, it will hurt me and endanger me". It works but it takes the effort to acknowledge the darkness in you.

Domestic violence
When you have low blood sugar, you get food rages to push you to survive by feeding; it can come out as just rage when you don't know that the source is in you and that you need to eat. If you are untrained and ignore the cause, you can slash mindlessly at anything and anyone... Since any stimulation, like noise, can trigger a seizure for being short in energy to face the sudden demand... someone coming to talk, demand or nag you can be seen as a threat... even just moving... It gives the illusion of control and power as you're faced with distress and despair... But only spreads more pain around. Just eat. Booze isn't food it's a poison that will make you crash worst later.

If you don't have the energy to face demands, any sudden trial will feel like a mountain. It will be torture, so of course you'll be worried, especially since you have a damn good reason to already from hypoglycemia.

You can't be pleasant and at your best when you're starving, in pain and about to faint. People can try to take advantage of your muscle weakness and confusion and try to rape you. They sure tried on me until my survival instinct unleashed the hunger rage on them. So don't worry, your body will protect you. But it's wise to wait until you feel better.

You're starved; of course you won't have energy!


Your muscles don't have fuel to burn; of course they'll be weak!

If your brain can't process the images, it will be hard to keep your balance as you move and you'll feel the floor moving up and down...

...or your head spinning faster than you can analyze images as you move it.

Terror, dread
Starvation, brain damage, coma and death sounds like a damn good reason to me!

Cold sweat
I get that if I eat junk. Might be trying to sweat the poison out...

If you don't have enough fuel to function, the best thing is to go to sleep... but you need energy to sleep and do maintenance so you might get insomnia.

Lack of fuel is as bad as dehydration, as it dries the brain would feel pain... well, as it starves it does too...

... and it can hurt like hell!

Lack of concentration
You're starving, about to faint, fall in a coma and die... who cares about the boring teacher says!!! Drugs aren't the answer, real food is!


Your senses might be able to work somehow, but printing memories deep into your brain, and taking temporary memories and putting them into long term one in your sleep... it take energy that you don't have. And if you have more important things to think of, like how not to stop breathing from lack of energy in that zone of the brain, or get a seizure where everything freezes... you'll loose some information about what's going on... You can get brain damage, while the brain can actually grow back (every 7 years it's a whole new you) memories probably won't.

It takes energy to sleep and do body maintenance. If you run on adrenalin alone, you won't be able to sleep.

Constant torment
Constant pain, so yeah!

Internal tremors
Nerves and muscles can't act with precision. Your whole body will be shaking even if you manage to stay still...

External tremors
.. or not.

Heart palpitations
The adrenal glands use adrenalin to get the storage of fuel out of the liver, it also tell the heart to speed up to feed every cells faster. Calling this natural process anxiety is just being ignorant of biology. Stopping it will cause more brain damage.

Probably because the brain is too tired to receive or analyze nerve impulses properly, but you can also get nerve damage...

Like I said for shyness, nothing is more demanding for your brain than social interaction. Not wanting to suffer the bullshit and drama of others when you're going through hell itself is wise.

Sudden introversion, withdrawal into oneself
If you're about to faint out of the blue, your body and mind will shut down and limit the external stimulis to save energy.

if your emotional brain and rational brain don't have enough fuel to function and the primal one can barely keep you standing... you won't have access to vital emotional and rational information to make an informed decision.

Sudden need to shout
If you hit your toe on the furniture you feel that way, so of course you will when every cells are hit hard by a sudden hypoglycemic shock!

Sensation of lump in the throat
Maybe it’s the sudden need to cry, dehydration, or hunger. The adrenal glands can't tell the kidneys to recycle salt when they're fatigued and lack enough vitamin C... if you lack electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium (you need D3 to absorb it) you'll feel so dry that you won't be able to swallow...

Incoordination of sight
Most of your body parts can eat themselves for emergency fuel... but if the eyes do that you go blind! That's why diabetics do, from sugar crashes because what goes very up goes very down, and the worst thing you can do when having a fragile blood sugar balance is put loads to handle! If your muscles are weak and have spasms, your delicate eyes will suffer from the lack of needed precision.

Uncoordinated movements
When you get too weak to make even big movements with a wide range of error precisely, shit happens.

Clumsiness (dropping objects)

Yup, too exhausted to have proper muscle and the brain can't have the strength to analyze needed aim with precision.

Blurred vision
A test of adrenal fatigue is to see if the pupil can contract and stay contracted, because it's one of the muscles that you can't force to move with your conscious will, it shows how exhausted you really are. If your eye can't adjust, what you see will be out of focus.

Tension, muscle contraction
You need vitamin C for proper sugar balance and flexibility. But it's usually lack of magnesium that causes this the worst... Being stressed from the suffering can make you tense.

That would be probably more from the lack of red blood cells; you need vitamin C for sugar balance but also to absorb iron to make red blood cells. The vitamin B complex as well. If you suffocate, you'll try to breathe faster.

Choking sensation
Muscle twitches in the throat, dehydration, being tense from pain and dread...

Bad vision and muscle weakness.

Night terror, nightmares
It's to force you to wake you and eat because 8h without food is too long and you need more energy to sleep than to be awake. A snack of cheese and almonds before bed, or boiled egg, sure helps. fat and fiber are great to stabilize blood sugar because they are slow to digest. I have an anectote, I allow different parts of my brain to speak to me, and I visualize characters to make it easier to be aware of my subconscious. When I was sleeping, I woke up and my body said "wake up, I'm hungry, feed me." I replied “No, I'm tired” and went back to sleep. Then I got the most awful nightmares ever... My body asked “Are you awake now?” I replied “Yes… why did you do this to me?” And he said "Good. Now FEED ME!!!" I went to eat... It proves me without a doubt that fears are just a mean to push towards self care, not weakness or mental problems, simply a way of your body to communicate you its needs. Only to protect you. I could have fell in a coma and died in my sleep, the body will act way before that, but it can be an ultimate possibility of hypoglycemia. Preserving energy from over stimulation, when you can’t handle the demands o a situation, is sheer survival and should be respected. You can’t control the stupidity of others, but you can dismiss it and be kind to yourself.

In society, we're taught that only a growling belly means hunger. But if it's full of cardboard (grains) and sand (sugar), it can't do that anymore, but the brain and cells still starve for proper fuel and nutrition. But the danger is there. So the brain stimulates the fear area, to alert you of danger. So your greatest fear comes to mind, often insects... since you might be half awake it might superpose the memory to what you see, like dreaming awake. That deepens the fear. Also if you're too tired to handle stressful situations, your whole body will scream and beg in a warning fear, very loudly, to avoid it. Like social interactions, they're very demanding.

Nervous exhaustion (burnout)
It’s a cause of adrenal fatigue and the adrenal are required to keep blood sugar stable. But when you're tired, at wits ends and with 100 symptoms and doctors calling you crazy because you're not bleeding all over their desk... living constantly with being half dead takes its toll on your nerves... especially stupid inconsiderate people calling you lazy and making you push yourself even harder to prove something... when you only owe rest and nutrition to yourself.

If the brain doesn't have enough fuel to function with precision, it will fall in shock, fire commands to nerves and muscles the wrong way... usually you fall asleep before that... but sometimes you won't allow it or you crash so rapidly that everything goes to hell.

Greater fatigue at 10 am
If you don't eat breakfast or a sugary one, you'll crash soon after. Hypoglycemics can sometimes need to eat every 2h.

Greater fatigue to 15 pm
You need a snack.

Greater fatigue to 20 pm
And another one before bed. Avoid to ride the "2nd wind" as your body start relying on sheer adrenalin from exhaustion and go to bed. If you eat supper for breakfast, you won't spend the day in sheer agony, won't dread going to sleep, and will be able to wake sooner to enjoy a meal and a funny show to start the day with a laugh. Laughter is crucial when you endure constant agony.

Function better with more energy in the evening than in the morning
During adrenal fatigue, you can't make most of your cortisol as you usually do in the morning. There's so many demands as you often have to go out, that the over stimulation drains you. Being alone in your quiet home in peace can avoid being at the end of your rope wasting energy trapped in a place that you can't escape being over drained... and cortisol production can end up in reverse, becoming higher at night.

Pain in the back of the head

The back is where the primal side is... if it shuts down you die. So if that's all you have left that is awake, it might be able to function but with extreme effort and pain... just eat and sleep.

Pain between the shoulder blades
Usually the pain from adrenal fatigue is the lower back, as the glands sucks the vitamin C out of the surrounding flesh to continue to do their hundreds of functions, but it can happen to your whole body, joints, hearts, if you don't take enough vitamin C. Wrinkles have little to do with age but more about accumulated deficiencies. If you sit all day using your arms, that's what is going to move, use energy and get tired; but your wholes muscles are affected. If you don't have enough the muscles will have to cannibalize themselves and the surrounding tissues to burn fuel. Of course devouring yourself hurts and moving when you can't too.

Abnormal fatigue
If you have unnatural blood sugar, you'll have unnatural low fuel and unnatural fatigue.

Well, being forced to rest in the dark can get boring, especially if your emotional and rational brains aren't awake to entertain you...

Exaggerated sexual desires
It’s probably to seek comfort from pain and some pleasure in the balance...

Lack of sensation
Brain is too asleep to analyze sensations or it’s nerve damage.

Lack of feelings
The emotional brain is asleep to preserve energy.

Sweaty palms
Not sure, maybe trying to sweat the toxins from refined junk that caused the sugar crash. Or a thyroid issue, but I can't sweat with mine.

Cold hands and feet
Your thyroid will shut down your metabolism to preserve energy since you don't have enough fuel for everything. The thyroid isn't the problem, it's wise. Energy from your extremities will be sacrificed to save it for your center, where the vital organs are.

Vision loss (fraction of a second) called hypoglycemic blackouts
Brief coma from absence seizures.

Or it lasts too long for gravity to spare you a fall...

This is what happens when you try to heal a glucose intolerance with more sugar. If your adrenal glands can't take out reserves of fuel, eating more will only put a bigger burden on your pancreas and whole body. Eat less but more often. Eat more nutrition and less sugar!

Fear of crowds (agoraphobia)
Wise attempt at avoiding over stimulation.

Fear of being trapped (claustrophobia)
If it's already hard to find the energy to breathe and move around, trying to cope with being trapped with no air, and no way to get to food, sure is dreadful...

Fear of the dark

You need a proper B complex to be able to see in the dark. If your vision is blurry from hunger, you'll get blind in the dark... and if you lack coordination and proper equilibrium for not being able to analyze your sensations and make subtle adjustments, loosing the information from sight will make it even harder...

Epileptiform seizures (false epilepsy)
There's no such thing as false epilepsy... only epilepsy without a discovered cause. You get seizures if the brain doesn't have what he needs: food and oxygen; or if he's poisoned.

If you get your skin peeled out, and manage to find the courage not to cry and scream... you might loose it when they throw salt on the wound... So when you're in full body and mind agony from hypoglycemia, it won't take much more to make you break. You should be admired for being able to stand it one single second without crying and screaming your head off. There's nothing hyper about it except the pain!!!

One of the worst ways to cause hypoglycemia isn't by avoiding food, but by eating high glycemic foods! Like bread, pasta, cookies, candy... If you eat more fuel than your body can handle, you'll go hyper, then crash, then function on sheer adrenalin; made by your adrenals to tell the liver to free emergency fuel.

Sudden loss of ambition
When deep down you know that you're about to die, you don't tend to make projects at that moment...

Loss of sense of reality
Blurry vision, impaired brain unable to feel and comprehend, making bad guesses... in a half coma, half awake half asleep and dreaming mixed with facts... yeah... you loose it a bit.

Feeling as if the feet are 5 cm above the floor
Probably describes dizziness.

Severe sweating
Trying to get rid of the junk... maybe.

Weakness in the legs
Too weak from lack of fuel to support your own weight. I couldn't even sit because the weight of my shoulders made it harder to breathe, I had to lay down. Taking Grey Celtic Sea Salt helped keep my water, raise my blood pressure and I can walk without haling to the furniture now.

Lack of desire for food
The worst hypoglycemic shock doesn't come from not eating, but eating high glycemic food. Like the Standard American Diet telling to use grains as the base... with is like refined cocaine. If eating make you worst (and shit blood from allergies) not eating is wisdom. But trusting green is always safe.

Dispersion of ideas
When your brain short circuit with black outs, and you loose the track of your thoughts... you can jump from a memory to another trying to find what you were thinking about as you wake up from the seizure...

Feeling drunk after a meal
It takes energy to digest, so it can move from the brain to the stomach if you have limited one, making the dizziness more obvious. But what make people feel drunk on booze isn't just the toxins, its the sugar used in the fermentation. If you eat sugary foods... it will damage you as well.

Staggering (falling easily walking)
You keep your balance with much information from your whole body and liquids in your ear... or something... you might not see well enough to notice obstacles in time too... and be too weak to lift your own weight and carry it...

Eyelids close suddenly
You faint...

Laziness in children
Lacking energy to stay awake, walk and breathe isn't a personality problem but a nutritional one!

Feeling as if afflicted by insanity

If you are too energy deprived to analyze what you see properly, and doctors keep telling you that you're insane because you're not throwing up blood in their faces... with 100 symptoms and more, yeah, psychiatry was based on this ignorance. But coping mechanisms are okay, just feed and you won't need them anymore.

Anginal pain
"any attack of painful spasms characterized by sensations of choking or suffocating." Too weak to make your lungs function...

Lack of confidence
When you can't walk, breathe and keep misinterpreting what you see, feel like screaming, crying and killing people to eat them... yeah, if I wouldn't even trust myself to walk to the bathroom without hurting myself... how can I have the confidence to take over the world. But eating well sure make me embrace it with open arms, until someone deserves a kick, it’s great now that I'm strong enough to do it~

Sudden refusal to participate any activity

When you're suddenly about to faint, it’s no time to go play a sport.

Guilt complex
When people tell you that you are lazy or crazy and "when we want we can" which is only possible if the adrenal glands can work to produce energy and hundreds of functions, among all vital organs and all your cells... you end up blaming yourself. But blame what society encourages you to eat to make profit pretending it’s good and healthy... Freaking scam.

Self pity
If you don't know why, and what to do... I was told my doctors to take antidepressants and endure if you're not happy, that everything was all in my head and they either refused to test, or dismissed results that were abnormal anyway, like blood in my urine!!! I had severe vitamin C deficiency; I was obviously bleeding internally, most likely all over the place and in my brain, which could explain such pain, from fragile capillaries, caused by scurvy! I was never seeing a vegetable or a fruit. Of course you’ll drown in despair if you’re told that doctors are the only hope and they mock you... But don't, there’s so many different ways to heal, and what’s advertised the most is often the worst, because the good stuff, like greens, are too good to need bragging. Steaming vegetables and swallowing vitamin C pills is super easy. And rest, that’s even easier. Give yourself a break. You’re not pitiful; don’t waste energy with that kind of thoughts. You’re just in need and figure out what you can provide. I crawled my way out of death itself, of the incarnation of hell and build my own heaven. With all the strength it took me just to breathe at some point, I was worthy of praise, not pity, so don’t. No now will come to save you from yourself if you whine. Only you can anyway.

Tightness at the head
Your brain will hurt as it tries hard to make the left and right side function with too little energy...

When you're dying, starving and not even able to eat properly for one, it's no time to become pregnant!

Sexual impotence in men
If you can't hunt for one, then it's no time to waste precious protein and zinc in fluids, no energy to hunt more for the extra mouth that would come out. You might think that sex is only about fun and social status as you make more conquests, but your body knows better.

It's related to the vitamin C that the adrenal glands need to make anti-inflammatory so you won't notice the damage, but it still happen. I saw the ravages of grains and chemicals when they shut down almost completely. I'm better now but I don't want that burden back in my life.

Leg cramps

Lack of salt and proper mineral electrolytes... or the muscles eat themselves to have the energy to walk. If you walk day you'll be using your legs, that's what is going to move, use energy and get tired; but your wholes muscles are affected. If I eat junk food full of chemicals, I feel as if a truck is passing on my legs all night; probably the MSG or an imbalance in salt and potassium. It never happens with greens full of vitamins and minerals.

Itching and tingling sensations

Nerve damage, bad sending of messages, bad interpretation.

Trying to save brain functions by shutting down as many of them and avoiding stimulis ... but closer to coma and death...

Propensity for violence
When you are starving you get hunger rages... you're in a mood to kill and eat anything... and it can come out as just rage if you don't know it's about hunger.

Seriously, hypoglycemia is without a doubt worst than death. Your body will message you that you are dying; you might misunderstand it as a desire... or give in to get it over with... Just ban sugar and grains, replace it with greens and other bright colors like orange carrots, there’s a whole rainbow to discover! Your mood will follow as your needs will be healed. Put color back into your body.

When you're told and feel like you're good for nothing, starved and desperate to gain your needs at any cost... you do whatever it takes to survive.

Self-destruction (giving up exhausting things or self harm and cutting)
Getting rid of things in your life that you achieved but that are draining your health can be wise until you heal (jobs, sport, school), also avoiding what you want but can't handle to spend energy for right now (relationships, love, hobbies). It can preserve your life force to recover from Adrenal Fatigue. It's okay and great to respect your limits and needs.

But some people will take the hunger rage against themselves rather than hit someone, but hitting a pillow would be more constructive... To get the reserves of fuel out, the adrenal glands will use adrenalin. If there's no reserves, running on sheer adrenalin with a brain lacking fuel can impair judgment. The brain is put on survival mode and the primal brain takes over; with the impulsive rage to attack, kill and eat for survival. Since our hunter instincts are now taboo, people don't understand what to do with them. Just eat, especially foods rich in calcium and magnesium, like greens and almonds, it will calm you and a deficiency can be the problem in the first place.

Hypoglycemia cause intense pain and distress, the adrenalin used in the natural process gives the impression of being anxious, because your life is actually in danger by sudden starvation, from a sugar crash or not eating enough. Some people will use drugs, legal or not, to mask the pain. Others will mutilate themselves to force the brain to make it...

When you get physically hurt, the brain send pain messages to tell you to stop, when the threat is gone, he sends endorphin to say "well done we're safe now!". People will hurt themselves to force the body to say it, but about something else to ignore the threat! When the danger of starvation is still there! It's like feeling safer after hitting a mosquito off your arm when the whole room is in freaking fire!

Using more pain to cope with pain is a vicious cycle that will never end, because that's all you let in your life and you don't try to look beyond. It will just damage you and make you need more food and vitamin C for repairs!!! You desperately need vitamin C already, take it, don't waste more... If you want cuts, go for a run, that will cut muscles all over your body, making you stronger, and you'll deserve the endorphin rewards.

To read everything I have to say about that: Coping ~ Self harm. When you become your own worst enemy, you're doomed and no one can help you until you choose to help yourself. You make me ashamed to call myself a hypoglycemic. Stop it!

Abdominal spasms
Hunger or indigestion of crap.

Demanding starving kids loaded with sugar and cola to sit still and be quiet is unrealistic and cruel.

If your adrenal glands don't have enough C to reduce inflammation or make you strong enough to breathe... the lungs will shut down too... but taking steroids will replace and atrophy the glands even more. It doesn't matter if you breathe then of put cream up your ass for hemorrhoids, it will go straight to the adrenals. They need C and a B complex to make their own. Take that instead!!!

Muscular weakness

If you don't have enough fuel, your muscles won't be able to have strength and they will even cannibalize themselves for it and atrophy.

Chronic indigestion
If you eat junk, you're not supposed to be able to digest it. Grains (corn is the worst) cause inflammation and destroy the gut. It puts a toll on your adrenal trying to make anti-inflammatory, and use up the vitamin C for repairs. If you don't have enough you'll feel the pain, and it will also cause blood sugar imbalances. If you can absorb your food, or aren't feeding on real nutrients, it will waste energy instead to nourish you.

Feeling as if the head is not attached to the body
Dizziness as you are about to faint.

The worst possible way to try to heal a sugar crash from glucose intolerance, or reactive hypoglycemia, is to take more sugar. Alcohol is worst than eating sugar with a spoon. It evaporates faster than water so it will flow in your veins and hit your brain harder... it’s a poison by itself that will not only not give you fuel balanced with healing vitamin C, but will rob it even more from you to heal the damage.

Bill W, the creator of AA, used niacin (B3) in high doses (before it was made taboo by the medical profession and buried) and it was the end of his depression and craving for alcohol. Because you need a B complex to be even able to burn energy, so those vitamins will give you even more than something even more powerful than sheer sugar. I couldn't find niacin alone, except very expensive ones online; so try a B complex.

If I remember correctly the dose was in the 1000mg, but start gently with 50mg. I could barely walk but I ended up running left and right in my kitchen. I crashed with exhaustion because I wasn't ready for this; so I split the dose in half, but now that my adrenal glands healed I can handle taking two. Go easy on yourself. I won't waste my time telling you to stop drinking, but if you take a B complex, you won't even want to. Some people even get injections but taking what you need everyday is best. They are water soluble vitamins that can't be stored in fat, so you'll crave them everyday, all day long; especially if your adrenals are exhausted from stress. See Adrenal fatigue for more.

Alcoholics are the most harmful people that I have ever met, some beat their wife, and some were even pedophiles. They think that drinking poison make their life better, so it's no wonder that they poison everything around them too. With what they do to themselves, no one can expect any better. Alcoholism isn't a disease, it's being misinformed. Now you know better, so please teach your survival instinct those more effective methods to get energy (B complex and C) and comfort (calcium + D3 and especially magnesium do wonders to be calm and happy).

Please stop this booze bullshit. Poison is never a cure, it's what is making you crash!

Nausea (the pregnant woman)
You need a whole lot of calcium to make a whole new skeleton. It's found in greens. If instead you eat buckets of ice cream trying to find some... yeah you'll have nausea and low blood sugar from crashes. You deserve the baby's kicks...

Feeling as if having two personalities

Women usually are specialized with the emotional brain, men with the rational one, to bring different skills. But not always. If you're too starved and exhausted to make your left and right brain function and all that's left is the basic survival one... your brain process will be different because the leading parts will shift. For example, I believe in kindness, but if I'm assaulted, fall into hypoglycemia from the stress and my primal side takes over, I can become very hostile and my smile turns quickly into a deadly glare. It's self preservation and that's more powerful than emotional ideals and reason... It’s only there to protect you, ignoring it and repressing it will only anger it more as you allow people to abuse your limit. But teaching them how to help you constructively will make this part of you become the greatest ally. It saves your life during hypoglycemia, carry almonds so you won't have to eat people.

Impression that the head floats
Misinterpreting information about gravity...

Breast cysts
Not sure but I think I have them on my ovaries... Glands bleed inside themselves from lack of C, or try to seal toxins from junk like fat and tumors do... Using antiperspirant don't allow you to excrete them and they accumulate in breasts.

Cravings for sweets or rage
That's what vitamin C tastes like and what you really want. But if you are fuel deprived, you'll go for the richest things available... unfortunately in our society, it's chemicals that tricks your brain with nutrition processed out to extend shelf life, because something already dead, or that never was alive, can't perish... but you can if you eat those...

Cravings for starchy (potatoes)
It's raw sugar inside your body. Avoid, feed on greens.

Cravings for starchy (flours, grains)

It's raw sugar inside your body. BAN, feed on greens.

Cravings for salty foods
That's not hypoglycemia, it's a consequence of adrenal fatigue at the same level of hypoglycemia. The adrenal glands can't tell the liver to free storages of fuel and he can’t tell the kidneys to recycle salt... so you loose water, blood pressure... Make sure to take a whole lot of Grey Celtic Sea Salt. Unlike refine garbage (even sea salt if it’s white and full of bleach) salt is full of trace minerals for your nerves, what give the grey color of sunflower seeds... it's not dirt and if it is, then dirt is good for you. Better than bleach and using cyanide to avoid seeing the grains stick... but they never do with my real salt.

Getting up at night (to smoke, etc)
It’s to eat because you can't spend 2h without eating a little, so certainly not 8. Smoking masks the problem. Having the taste of burned shit in your mouth sure cut the appetite...

Pancreas pain
Probably from having to work extra hard if you eat too much sugar and refined grain and any grains, even corn... is just as bad.

Drug addiction

You fall prey to anyone promising salvation when they just enslave you with addiction to something expensive that you don't need. Filling your vital requirements is already hard enough, find out to eat properly instead, take high doses of vitamins (2-4g of C and more) magnesium will make you feel euphoric. There's morphine and amphetamines in cheese. It’s cheaper and tastier!

Difficulty making decisions
If your emotional and rational brains are asleep, you can't access information to make an informed decision.

Difficulty to work under pressure
Your adrenal glands need vitamin C to handle stress and blood sugar, and hundreds more... you have enough pressure with head aches...

After all those symptoms, just writing them makes me sad. Feeling them is worthy of tears. But don't waste fluids and precious salt. Just eat greens.

Reduced fatigue and emotional distress after a meal or snack
It was the root cause in the first place.

Half awake half asleep, mixing memories, dreams with facts. We see by associating light reflections with memories, learn as a baby exploring... when tired you make bad guesses, and if you associate it with the wrong idea, since you actually see in your brain and not outside, it gives the impression of hallucinations; because the brain patch up what you see with guesses a lot to save time. When we read if there's a typo the brain correct it with guesses (unless you have dyslexia, then it guesses a jumbled word when the word is correct, trying to rearrange it the wrong way. I get that with unknown phone numbers... I think reading more to learn words slowly could help) But if you are exhausted... you'll make the wrong guess... If you are scared and stressed from the pain, the fear center will be more active as he tries to warn you of the starving danger... so you'll associate what you see with what's in the fear section first... I get sensations of pin and needles, which feels exactly like having my blood suck by a mosquito; so it makes sense to be so convinced that you're sure it's there, but keep an open mind. I saw crumbs and feared it'd be insects, my vision was blurry. Just take a deep breath and wait a few seconds... a better guess will come soon as your brain get more information... if you jump to conclusions too quickly and go ballistic, without allowing better information to replace your convictions, you’ll suffer from your own stubbornness. Keep an open mind; be aware of your limitations. You don’t have to end up having low self esteem if you have compassion about the reason you’re this way and do your best to heal it. Just give yourself some more time to understand, patience can be a great quality too. It will spare you embarrassment. To avoid harming innocents by accident, just verify with them. If someone is a jerk, tell how you feel and give them the chance to explain. Be careful of liars though... if they blame and mock you, RED FLAG! If they explain themselves, it was probably a misunderstanding or accident, or they know now and will be more careful. Shit happens. Make sure to eat and rest well. You'll handle it way better if you have more energy. But you have to talk to yourself too and teach your survival instinct how to serve you well. I have hallucinated insects for 3 days. Then I told myself “That’s enough! They’re too small to harm you, too scared of the all mighty thumb, breath or Kleenex box to show themselves, and if they clean the crumbs that I drop in my carpet, it will be useful to me. It stopped. Sometimes when I come home, since I’m so poor and scared to be robbed again, I see the door open when it’s closed, because my brain use the wrong memory. But I blink and it goes away. It’s annoying and unsettling, but I accept it because I can only do my best with the resources that I have, and it gets better if I care for myself with a simple natural meal. I hate to start to cook, but I adore cooking. Cutting things repetitively is extremely soothing. I can put my brain on autopilot and rest the rest, he knows how to do that well, so it’s okay if my brain makes a few mistakes, I love him anyway for all the times he saved my life.

Unable to bear the slightest noise
If you don't have enough energy to be awake but fight to stay aware anyway, the slightest stimulation can cause pain and seizures. Like having a broken leg and moving it around... Bad idea.

Desire to harm others
If someone come to harass you with demands no matter how much you beg for a time out... they deserve it. Try not to though... just walk away: avoid ignore and forget. If they get in the way... growl with a glare. Their primal instinct will get it better than an explanation that you're probably unable to give... Resting and feeding matters more. I sometimes say "Sorry I'm hypoglycemic right now." People get it. It’s awesome now that I understand and therefore know how to handle it. But some people will try to abuse your weakened state. You can hurt those. But make sure to train your primal side not to slash at anything anyhow, because it can backfire for the world around you will be of pain and violence, when your goal was probably to escape it. Great food can for calming the starving crisis and ending the fight (flight or freeze) danger reactions. I tell my primal side "Protect my loved one, they're an extension of myself and it will harm me if you attack them. Do it until the rational side acknowledges them as a threat." I visualize a white and black list of loved ones and threats with their faces and make sure it's memorized deep in my vital functions. It can make it harder to let go when we have to take different paths though... but it makes me cherish my time with them more, so I enjoy it more and that's what truly matters. I give people chance to understand my views, expectations and to learn from their mistakes, but once they know and do it deliberately with no regards from my needs, I put them on my black list and my emotional side no longer has a say... I never attack first, it's easier to pleas self defense and avoid troubles and misunderstandings... The power of words is just as damaging and the opposite of love isn't hatred but indifference... Having people over others by bullying or hurting them isn't going to give you more power over your life, self control and self care does. It's harder when you're in danger and starving, but al the more important. Scream and hit a pillow to free build up tension. It can't get revenge on you in your sleep~

It can also be caused by improper electrolytes like salt and magnesium. Vitamin C helps regulate the blood sugar because the adrenal glands needs it to do that function AND to help hold on to salt. Hypoglycemia is a much more complex issue than just eating sugar, it’s the lack of proper vitamins and minerals and TOO MUCH SUGAR, unbalancing the body functions. Nourishing yourself is about way more than calories, and there are so much more important issues than your weight, but it can be a good indicator that you’re not eating foods that you can use in a proper balance for your needs, putting a burden on your body. But what’s needed isn’t to eat more sugar, or less food for a while; but to finally eat real living matter, regularly.

Grinding teeth

When you are hungry, you might not feel it if your belly is full of cardboard (grains) or sand (sugar) but you will have intense urges to chew... the way cow ruminates. Put something else to grind than your own body and it will soothe you. Magnesium with calcium + D3 to absorb it can calm the food rage. Almonds are great to get it because they have good fats and fiber that will make the fuel release slowly and last longer. This is good before bed to try to prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia as much as possible.

Mood swings (bipolar)
With a blood sugar looking like this, reaching two opposite extremes in only a few hours; what do you think your head can do and feel, what else do you expect from your emotions, when your brain gets hit by severe and dangerous fuel swings!!!?

Diabetes and hypoglycemia

The answer is NOT another sugary trip on the roller coaster. Grains and alcohol ARE pure sugar! STOP IT and you’ll be fine~ Your vital organs too. You don't need tranquilizers to bear the pain of such a rapid crash; you need to address the very real health threatening issues, brought forth by the way you nourish yourself.

Psychiatrists are so ignorant, it's criminal. Offer your body and brain a stable fuel, like greens & snacks of almonds, and your emotions will be too! As simple as that!!!

You don't need to be an expert to know what foods are good for you! You want to eat like crap, expect to feel that way too. Don't let companies put a "healthy" label on junk to fool you, fat isn't the problem it's sugar, and poison can be sugar free, read the ingredients... if you can't visualize the life it comes from, or can't even pronounce them, it's dead and toxic! You'll be shocked at the idea that you ate it and managed to survive. It's the fake food's fault, not yours. Detest them for trying to fool you, your senses and your brain... not yourself! But learn better and do better for yourself.

Don't blame your brain for doing the best he can with what you give him.


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