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Health ~ Hypoglycemia & Diabetes ~ Explanations

Roller coaster You need to eat to live, but it's nutrition that counts, not calories.

Hypoglycemia is a much more complex issue than just eating sugar, it’s the lack of proper vitamins and minerals and TOO MUCH SUGAR!

The pancreas produces insulin to stores glucose so you won't be poisoned by too much.

The adrenal glands produce adrenalin to take the reserves out of the liver in time of need.

But if stress and lack of vitamin C make your adrenals too tired to take the fuel out, you crash. Read about Adrenal Fatigue to know more details about self care.

Since you can't handle reasonable glucose, eating more sugar than humanly possible will only make it worst.

Your pancreas will crash too because it's not meant to handle so much, and you'll get diabetes. Type 2 can be cured in a week with nutrition.

You need a B complex to turn carbs protein and fat into energy, and vitamin C to handle stress. Since they're water soluble you can't store them in fat and need to eat them everyday. But you can store excess sugar and toxins. Fat is there to protect you, it can keep your blood sugar stable for being slower to digest; the moist fiber in nutritious vegetables as well, they can heal you.

This healing soup will detoxify you, promotes healing and keeps your blood sugar, brain and therefore mood stable: Healing vegetable soup for a happy body & mind.

Refined foods are too intense for the pancreas to handle precisely and the vitamins are processed out, so you end up with useless toxins. It can produces too much insulin and make you crash lower than if you didn't eat; putting you on an agonizing roller coaster that causes great distress to your brain, and obviously your mood.

It might seem fun for a few minutes during the high, but when you crash it's horrifying. If you make it your permanent way of life, your blood sugar will be constantly erratic. Since it fuels your whole body and brain, it will obviously cause pain, affect your cognitive functions and turn your mood into a nightmare. Stability is the key.

The old name of hypoglycemia is glucose intolerance. The test is still called glucose tolerance test. So doctors recommending to carry sugar pills (pharmaceutical candy) or to drink cola to avert the crisis are dead wrong. It will only throw you right back on the roller coaster of doom!

My glucose tolerance test

Sugar is not worth the pain and distress... I probably had a taste of all the mental illnesses ever invented during the test, and the week after that sugar overload.

When I passed my test, I was healthy before they made me drink the sugary chemical, because I was already on a natural diet. I brought my glucometer to have results right away.

When my blood sugar reached an unnatural 10, everything seemed shinier for a so brief moment; I was happier, but unable to sit still. I felt pain if I tried, like I was about to explode and had to burn the energy.

Then I started to feel heavy and lousy... I was in shock when I saw that I went beyond the 11 of diabetes and reached 12, I felt so awful that I cried.

I went back to 10 and the colors went brighter again but way shorter...

A few hours later I rapidly crashed at 3 into hypoglycemia!!! I was shaking so much I could hardly put food in my mouth. I cried, harder, and for a whole week I was in excruciating pain all over, as if I fell 9 floors, which my blood sugar did.

If my blood sugar didn't go beyond the healthy maximum, I crashed so low that I would have ended up at MINUS two!!! It's worst than death and that's how I felt emotionally. I was in agony and depression for a week even on the strictest diet.

Definitely not worth the few minutes of being hyper... The vitamin B complex gives me much more energy without the pain, and magnesium gives me a way more pleasant euphoria.

The wrong way to handle hypoglycemia makes it worst: sugar is the cause of crashes, ban it!

But some people will try to cure low blood sugar with even more refined junk that is pure sugar, frying the pancreas into diabetes because no living creature can handle raw sugar, especially not without the fiber to help clean the waste and the vitamin C and others for healing.

The worst is alcohol which hits you even faster and damages you even more, to crash even worst. It's a poison by itself.

When people believe that it save their life, they can't let it go. But that's not the disease. Malnutrition is. Once you provide the B complex to be able to burn energy and vitamin C so the adrenal glands are able to tell the liver to get storages of fuel out when needed, to keep the blood sugar from crashing, you don't even want the garbage anymore. I don't now that I see how stable relying on slow digesting vegetables and the healthy fats of almonds make me stable, alert, energetic but in a good way and happy.

(Added 7 November 2013)

I’m absolutely outraged by the medical recommendations for hypoglycemia: “Cola, a spoon of pure sugar, glucose pills, candy, a spoon of cake cream.” WTF!!!?

Hypoglycemia is also called “glucose intolerance” and “Pre-diabetes” and we all know that their blood sugar is too high. So why the hell does doctor recommend pure unnatural sugar for hypoglycemia, when the organs are already too tired to do their function as it is, and they don’t need something even more intense than human nature can possibly cope with!!!

If you have hypoglycemia, ban sugar, if you have diabetes, BAN SUGAR ALREADY!!!

They say to eat a diet low in fat, when that’s the fuel that’s the most slowly turned into glucose, so it will provide steady fuel. But not fried crap, obviously. The omega 3 in salmon isn’t the same as bacon and hot dogs...

I’m not a doctor, but I AM a hypoglycemic: cake makes me want to cut my own throat because of the agony of the sugar crash, while fat fibery almonds make me feel very stable physically and mentally happy! Hell yeah!

No experts is going to tell me with THEORIES how I’m supposed to feel and that the results of my own PRACTICE are wrong when I finally stopped crashing, by getting rid of the damn highs!!!

They also claim that it’s a silent illness, hell if they stopped classifying the symptoms as mental illnesses maybe they’d get their head out of their asses and figure it out, but don’t hold your breath… just eat almonds and carry them at all times! Not medicinal candy, unbalanced processed crap IS what unbalanced your body and mind, eat REAL FOOD!

The symptoms can be way worst than feeling tired, shaky, blurred vision, trouble concentrating... falling in a coma and dropping dead sounds serious enough, but the brain will feel a lot of distress and pains in between that can be worst than death.

The adrenals are too weak and need the water soluble vitamins C and the B complex to be able to release fuel slowly. Give them a break and nutrition with unprocessed foods that will be slowly digested in your belly and slowly released in the blood instead, giving a break on your pancreas too: thanks to the watery fiber of living vegetables and the healthy fat of almonds.

Hitting yourself faster with even more sheer sugar is a reflex that will only worsen the problem and cause others: your pancreas will have to work even harder to store more otherwise the sugar would poison your blood, you'll crash even lower because of too much insulin from kicking the pancreas too hard, and you can't take the sugar out anyway, so it will be stored as fat while you get hypoglycemic anyway.

Less food, more often, slow to digest real foods. No need to be a vegetarian, put vegetables with chicken in a bone broth full of gelatin, it's fantastic. It can cure anything. Even type 2 diabetes and suicidal ideation.

Sugar is a drug. ALL drugs are deadly. Nutrition is vital.

It makes much more sense for vitality and longevity to take grams of healing vitamin C, which will help the adrenal glands release fuel to keep the blood sugar balanced and do their hundreds of functions, rather than sugar which is like cocaine. You can shove cupcakes up your nose and wonder why you're fat and depressed, but I'd rather chew less food longer with mini trees and tree seeds (broccoli and almonds). You can try for 3 days and see for yourself which is the better cure for a stable blood sugar, energy and mood: between spoons of pure sugar as advised by "experts" or the dreaded greens as suggested by "quacks". Dead rocks or colorful life... which one do you think nurture and prolong life better? Denial can make the obvious sound absurd, so I'll give you the answer: GREEN!

Mental illnesses are bullshit, fill your needs and you'll function happily

The brain can't function accurately, adequately, or at all if he's:
  • Starving
    You need a sufficient and stable fuel, to be able paying attention and avoid seizures, fainting and death. Vitamin C is needed to free reserves and handle stress. Magnesium is vital to make neurotransmitters. Electrolytes are necessary to stay well hydrated, without salt your brain can swell and get crushed against your skull.
  • Suffocating
    You need vitamin C to be able to absorb iron, B12 and others in the B complex to be able to make the red blood cells that will carry oxygen to the brain.
  • Sleep deprived
    It's a form of torture and the brain needs it. You need magnesium to be able to relax your muscles and sleep. Calcium with D3 to absorb it does wonder too; a lack of magnesium and vitamin D cause depression.
  • Poisoned
    Preservatives and food coloring are known to cause ADD, because they are the same as artificial sugars in diet products: they all cause BRAIN DAMAGE! The mercury in vaccines too and made children invalid for life. There are also brain allergies, everything can become inflamed by a substance that your body can’t tolerate: your skin, lungs, guts and brain too.
It's all about nutrition: what you provide to your body and absorb, which can be done with your skins and lungs too.

Your needs are as simple as the solutions
, even if the effects are as varied as the number of functions in your body and brain. Fill the need, work in harmony with your body, try to understand the purpose of the coping mechanisms, and the reason behind unpleasant feelings.

Someone who declares that your emotions or personality are the disease is out of their freaking mind and a complete ignorant! Avoid, ignore forget! Don't put your self esteem, health and life in the hands of such people. Keep it, at least the mess will be yours and sincerely with good will, instead of exploiting misery for profit pretending it's for your own good.

In the book, a poor girl got electrocuted about 12 times in a week, and hid in the closet rocking herself repeating "I want to get out of that hell"... Until Yvan Labelle, the naturopath doctor (ND) who wrote the book listing the symptoms below, took her out and passed her the hypoglycemia test. He saw that all her symptoms were simply caused by fuel deprivation... she was among the lucky ones... she got out, and alive. Torture never helped, but nutrition did.

Don't surrender your loved ones to that kind of people out of ignorance (always google side effects), exhaustion and certainly not out of love... Just nourish them and yourself real foods, what the body needs and can handle, not what you were told.

People died of neglect, mistreatment and from their toxic false cure. Their opinions are based on discriminating judgments and votes, not facts nor science! The majority doesn't make something right, being an expert among fools still make someone an idiot.

Unlike antidepressants, Vitamin C never killed anyone, but it helped improve mood, heal faster, stabilize blood sugar and calm sugar cravings, it even cured even cancer; done by MD doctors with an open mind, as well as patients taking their responsibility for their own life and healing. Providing the natural needs for my body and turning my back on chemicals is the only thing that didn’t make me worst, but also improved my life tremendously! Side effect of vitamin C: pooping. Side effect of magnesium: pooping and 5 minute of euphoria. Side effect of psychiatric medication: heart palpitations, anxiety, depression, psychosis, suicide ideation. Nope, it's not what they treat and I looked everywhere. And my favorite: sudden death. Nice uh~ Banning sugar to have a stable fuel, brain and mood doesn't sound so bad now. "If it was that bad it would be illegal..." you may want to believe... but welcome to the real world behind ads and bribes! Sugar is what makes you fat, crazy and makes you wish you were dead too~ Not so sweet now! See for yourself and replace grains and anything processed for greens and fresh meat, a detox is never pleasant but the health after sure is!!!

For more read Folly of psychiatry. Previous text:

Psychiatrists claim that mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. But your brain won't give you happy juices if you're dying, he'll scream bloody murder and beg you to do something about it with pain and fear: to save your life! There's no worst chemical imbalance than lack of fuel and oxygen, both can happen with a deficiency of the vitamin C and B complex. They are water soluble vitamins that can't be stored in fat, so you have to eat them all day long to prevent deficiencies, and the need deepen according to demands, such as any stress, even enjoyable ones.

Until the adrenal glands are strong, it helps to eat less but more often. I always carry raw natural almonds with me. If my body alerts me, I tell myself gently and lovingly "Don't worry my love, I'll take care of you as soon as possible. I know you'll protect me the best way you can, just be patient. I'll feed you soon." Your belly won't growl when it's full of white sugary sand, but you're still starving. Vitamin C in nature tastes sweet, like vegetables and fruits does. When you crave sugar you actually crave vitamin C!

Sugar imbalances are responsible for many problems. Once you know anything about biology you see that there's no such thing as mental illness. During my glucose tolerance test, in a few hours I tasted hyperactivity, deficit of attention, bipolar, mania, depression, suicidal ideation, fibromyalgia... and worst...

Drugging people so they'd be docile and quiet while they starve for nutritive real foods, in agony, and actually die... is a crime... and it's done more and more to children.

Lisa Of Shades
19 October 2013

Life is more complex than basic word associations. Your needs too.

Fat won't make you fat. It's the best for a stable blood sugar and sustainable energy.

Sugar is the worst to have a good blood sugar and usable energy. It makes you fat!

Fat is the best to have a stable blood sugar because it's converted to energy slowly. But if it's rancid it becomes a toxin, if it's fried, it can't be burned for energy anymore than that!

It's sugar that makes you fat, because it's void of the nutrients necessary to burn energy (the B complex and vitamin C), sucker punch your pancreas into making the insulin to store it in fat... and then it stays there and leaves you ravenously hungry as your blood sugar crashes, craving nutrients.

Lisa Of Shades
2 December 2014

Get back up ^

Raw UNPASTEURIZED AND PURE honey (Found in a farmer's market)

Calories and sugars aren't all the same. Especially if you're allergic to corn. And fructose is a poison. High fructose corn syrup is an abomination.

I wasn’t feeling so good after a binge on cookies and ice cream… (Edited: What the hell was I thinking... I got rid of my sugar cravings by taking vitamin C, since that's the nutrient in naturally sweet foods, it satisfied me.) I was having a suicidal moment… (I was thinking about death not because I wanted it, but because it was actually happening!) but then I went through hell itself. Cried hysterically, wanting to die, lonely in a sheer panic… I did a search and it’s not just symptoms of low blood sugar, it is the effects of withdrawal from drugs too, hard core street drugs and sugar too! (Yup sugar is like cocaine, an over refined product that overwhelm your entire body beyond the limits of what's bearable.)

I took raw honey before, I even bought buckwheat super dark honey because it was more nutritive, but I don’t like the molasses taste. I took 3 spoons (but not 3 big bowls and half a box) and it didn’t bother me… I kinda wanted it, even though the sheer pain destroyed my desire for sugar… but I was scared to restart the detox process. I endured it for maybe 2 days, usually it takes 3 minimum to clean your blood anew.

I was about to wash my hairs with honey (wonderful) and I licked the spoon. I snapped and got a big one and sucked it clean. After that I felt great again. But I was terrified to have another crash, and worst, very soon… But I didn’t! I stopped craving sweets of all kinds. I stopped being depressed. All that it took was a spoon of honey (and of course stopping sugar and grains and chemicals again).

I did searches and apparently it stabilizes blood sugar. I was scared because the information for diabetes are often wrong, especially the ones for glucose intolerance, they often suggest sugar for both when it’s the problem! But something in honey saved my life… but it sure as hell isn’t the sugar… there’s enzymes, vitamins and minerals… and other stuff that helps the brain. I read that you don’t get the sugar high, nor the crash, with RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honey. And apparently it’s true.

Going cold turkey from way too much junk to nothing made me crash too hard… I think the shock depleted the reserves in my brain and muscles who expected more… A spoon of honey helped me stop smoothly. Without craving anything or feeling any pain… I still feel very cautious about this, don’t go binge on bear honey in a grocery store, it’s NOT honey! Just like that fake maple syrup. Corn, wheat and soy can screw up your body, enflame your gut and brain, mess with your hormones…

Even too much of a good thing can harm you… If you crave sugar try vitamin C… that's most likely what you need since the molecule is very similar and sugar is never without it in nature.

I tried, I upped the dose of everything, even took licorice root tea, which is wonderful and saved me many times… But this time… the only thing that work is raw, UNPASTERISED, dark honey.

Thank you bees. I love you. And sorry for messing with your hive… Ban pesticides. Without bees flowers don’t change into vegetables and fruits. I read that feeding them high fructose corn syrup might be the cause for colony collapse… WTF!? Of course, what were they thinking feeding that to bees, or to us too!

Now I kinda want my left over of junk… But I think I’ll go spoon some honey and take some vitamin C… That sweetness isn’t worst than death after. It's what’s inside that matters: healthy vital organs.


Lisa Of Shades
12 December 2013
(Edited: 2 December 2014)
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