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Health ~ Depression ~ Symptoms

Depression is believed to be a disease and to have symptoms. But this is bullshit.

It's your body's way to tell you that some needs require your attention.

Depression isn't a disease, nor even a symptom of one, but your body's way to ask you to take better care of yourself. It's not the end, it's time to start!

I will explain you why by destroying the myths of its symptoms and what can be their real causes. They will be examples to wider your horizons, I can't know or list them all, but they are proof enough that the answer is deeper.

Depression used to be called a burn out, but that name clearly implies that you need to rest and replenish yourself with nutrients… And that wouldn’t even sell fire extinguishers. There were more profits to be made with addicting people on drugs for life, calling human emotions a defect and claiming that personalities are diseases… selling the false hope of a deadly happy pill that cause the very symptoms that it's supposed to cure and worse.

Now that’s depressing when the best care that mainstream society wants to offer you is life long exploitation, more illness from toxins and death. But that’s the worst that you can find to offer to yourself!

You’ll find better cures on a farm than in a doctor’s office.

If you truly want to heal, stop blaming natural human emotions (psychiatrists must be psychopaths to believe such preposterous idea) and try to understand what they mean with an open mind, because your emotions are the way your body communicates with you. If you feel wrong, then something is wrong, it's as simple as that! Don't gag the cry for help, fix the cause!

Listen to the symptoms, don't mask them, they are clues to genuine well being!

Adrenal Fatigue has healthy recommendations that improve the quality of life no matter the circumstances. Eating healthy, respecting your limits and resting is always a wise idea.

Based on webmd.

Symptoms of Depression at webmd, detecting-depression:
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions
  • Fatigue and decreased energy
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness
  • Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism
  • Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping
  • Irritability, restlessness
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex
  • Overeating or appetite loss
  • Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment
  • Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings
  • Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts

Actually they write themselves what I'm trying to prove:

"How is depression diagnosed: The diagnosis of depression often begins with a physical exam by a doctor. Because certain viruses, medicines, and illnesses can also cause symptoms of depression".

Often means that it's not always the case. So you can end up on dangerous antidepressants or getting your brain electrocuted for nothing, because they either didn't bother trying to find why... or failed to find your real reason. Because there's always one, no it's not even in your head!

Let's explore the symptoms one by one:

Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions

  • Hypoglycemia: from skipping meals and snacks, or eating refined products that are too strong for the pancreas, creating an exagerated insulin responce to store the excess and making your blood sugar crash. Your brain can't function properly without it. You're basically half way to a coma, another symptom before death, so some parts can't be accessed. Explains ADHD as well.
  • Anemia: oxygen is another thing that your brain need to function, not just fuel but oxugen to burn it. Red blood cells carries it. B12 and iron + vitamin C are necessary to renew them. Can explain ADHD as well. (Search "concentrating" in the Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals for more info)
  • Vitamin B1: Symptom of deficiency: Impairment of memory.
  • Vitamin B12: Used for: Poor memory, Mental confusion.
  • Choline (B vitamin): Function & used for: Helps against memory loss and senile dementia.
  • Magnesium: Classical deficiency symptom: Impaired memory and cognitive function
  • Folic Acid (B vitamin): Deficiency leads to: Mild mental symptoms, such as forgetfulness and confusion.
  • Brain Allergies (infos at suite) cause inflammation in your brain, crushing it on your skull. Obviously you'll have problem thinking. Walking on a swollen ankle won't make you able to run a marathon either.

Fatigue and decreased energy

Being chronically malnourished and perpetually overworked, overstimulated or overstressed (same thing, but different causes and opinions about it) will exhaust you.

You might be able to get away with it when you are young and your body is full of reserves, but as you neglect to refill them, they will gradually deplete. It had NOTHING to do with old age. It's accumulated deficiencies after self-cannibalizing yourself for too long. Eventually, you'll notice it... you won't be able to ignore it and push yourself, you'll just crash.

Being unable to do even the things you love is depressing. But it's an effect, not the cause!!! Taking drugs to cover up the body's warnings won't give you energy. It's as absurd as telling an obese person or someone with cardiac problems to run a marathon. Yes, runners have strong hearts, health and lean bodies... because they are healthy IN THE FIRST PLACE. Imitating them while you are malnourished, exhausted, breaking apart and carrying hundreds of pounds of pure poison sealed in fat won't make you more like them... it will make you more DEAD.

Drug pushers want to enable your unwise wish to ignore the problem. They will for profits. They aren't healers or care givers. Only you can do that. Only food can help you.

You need to do energy conservation. But rest isn't enough.

This isn't the matrix. You aren't a rechargeable battery. You need nutrients to be able to heal during rest and sleep. Time isn't what heals you, it's nutrients. So vitamin and mineral supplements can help. But if you keep pushing beyond your limit, no matter how high you'll raise your capacity, you'll always end up crashing and sick sooner or later.

Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness

When I crashed, from working 100h a week without eating and sleeping… I could barely walk anymore; I had to cling on the furniture. I couldn’t work. I had to put my head against the refrigerator to be able to stand up long enough to feed myself. I had to lie in bed without moving a muscle, because otherwise I felt excruciating pain as my body broke apart.

So all those feelings are natural, after society hammered into my mind that I must be a good slave and serve people to my grave, that I’m completely meaningless, that laziness is not a need to rest but a crime of weak minds… I was devastated. I felt guilty to take care of myself for once in my freaking life, guilty to rest! I thought I was worthless to enjoy myself instead to spend all my energy trying to please some ingrate who only wanted to exploit me in every possible way, even if I was literally on my death bed! And I was!!!

Yes, of course I felt helpless, because no one wanted to help me, people claimed that it was all in my head, that it was because I was weak as a person. It was easy to dismiss me because I wasn’t bleeding all over the place… Scurvy was making me bleed internally though… I was easy to be accused of laziness because I had all my limbs, but my vital organs were shutting down… But if I didn’t accept the only rule in life: survival… I would have died.

So I stop being guilty to rest and take care of myself. I stop feeling worthless and acknowledged that I was entitled to have my wants and especially VITAL: NEEDS taken care of, at least by ME, just like everybody else!!! And I found out that I wasn’t helpless at all! Information is out there for the taking.

Change itself is easy, even though admitting that we were wrong and need to change is much harder.

I will never embrace the dogma of self sacrifice ever again. Nothing is worth more than my own life. Because if my needs aren’t met, I DIE, and then I can’t help anyone else, ever again. It must be even more devastating for parents who have children whose very life depend on their efforts.

But neglecting yourself into your grave will make your loved ones much more deserted than giving them the opportunity to learn to do things for themselves, on their own, while you make sure to heal so you can have energy to spare soon again (instead to die). It will give them the opportunity to learn independence, which come with the weight of responsibilities, but also with freedom… like you should have learned, long ago, and have to learn now: how to take care of yourself.

Once you learn that, you won’t feel guilty for being alive with all that is required, you’ll respect your own limits humbly and without shame. You’ll value your own life in every circumstances, good or bad, success or failure, health or sickness, and will be willing to fight to preserve it. So you’ll never feel worthless again, you’ll merely acknowledge your situation for what it is: a suboptimal state that can be improved, because you can figure out a way and find the means when you feel ready…

But you can still find aspects that can be appreciated, even in the worst situations. You don’t have to sacrifice your very well being trying to reach highs that will only make you feel dizzy and crush you as you fall. Choosing a simpler life, to have energy to spare for the unexpected, less pressure and worries, has value as well. You are never helpless, there’s always a choice even if it’s not ideal, and your body will never cease to fight to heal you. So you can make it your ally and offer it the means with nutrition… then doors will open, pains will go away.

You only need to allow yourself to live what’s real, what you need, even if it’s sad. Accept what it is, because denial can’t possibly help you find real solutions. Sometimes you have to cope, and sometimes you just need to give up on something that causes more harm than good, and sometimes you just need to rest doing nothing but rest and acknowledge what’s truly going on, then you can figure out why, and make it better on your own. It takes time… and that time is called life.

Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism

If you try to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result… or if you do something wrong over and over until it breaks then wonder why it doesn’t work anymore… It will feel hopeless until you try to life in a completely different way.

When doctors tell you that there’s nothing wrong because they are too overworked themselves to take the time to pass the tests, or when those tests are not sensitive enough to detect the problem until it’s too late, or if they don’t pay proper attention to the obvious signs from deluded optimism, or if they’d rather prescribe you drugs for life because it makes more profit than making the pain and client go away… If you’re constantly told that there are no solutions and believe them, when the medical profession is merely a small option among so many…

Of course you’ll feel despair, of course you’ll feel negative. But abandon all hope… fall into despair… feel negative… until you completely let go of those wrong options… until your mind shatter and the veil of publicity is lifted… until sheer desperation opens your mind and make you try new things because you have nothing left to loose… and your ship is sinking anyway so you might as well swim away… You can find a "savage tropical island" away from civilization… away from man made chemicals… life in its rawest form… and have it right in your own kitchen! The way it should be. Return to the sources of life: nature.

Embrace your own nature, your body, your vital needs… and it sure isn’t a bigger TV or a newer car. It’s being healthy, and what you’ve been told to reach it… is a lie that should die into the darkest disbelief. If you’d rather die than try something unknown and new, than go on a mysterious journey, than use your own curious brain and question, if you’d rather loose faith in yourself than in deceiving authority, if you’d rather surrender your very life than take responsibility for it… it’s a choice. But there are countless out there that were willfully hidden from you that you are yet to discover~ Lose hope in what doesn’t work, so you can discover what does. But don’t stop at the rusty doorstep… the whole green world awaits you.

Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping

This isn’t the Matrix. You are not a rechargeable battery. It takes energy to sleep, more so than being awake. Nutrients are needed to do the repairs. Your body is made of billions of cells, which are like people with their own needs and duties for the benefit of the whole. You’re the humble driver that seeks out their needs during the day so they can all live in harmony.

You might actually be the most alive during sleep, being awake is what puts your functions and full life on hold until you find what your body needs to continue. All you think you need to have in your life is only there to promote your own survival and safety. Like a squirrel storing provisions for the winter (sleep in this case). But you can't survive on big screen TV and make up.

Your body's processes won’t be able to happen without the proper nutrients, with unstable fuel that goes to high too quickly then crashes like refined grains (even whole wheat) and sugars. So your body will wake you up, sometimes with horrible nightmares as your doom is truly impending from malnutrition. They’ll send the driver to hunt more sustenance for their survival and will put healing and body functions on hold until you do.

Another way to cope, especially if you are poisoned with toxins and allergens, is to put you into a coma, keeping body functions to its bare minimum until the crisis can be dealt with. Coating irritations with oozing snot… pushing the poisons out of the blood into the colon if there’s enough nutrients for this process (like fibers, alkaline PH to balance the acidity of toxins and vitamin C to heal), otherwise it’s sealed in fat to isolate them like snot… or in tumors as a last resort when there’s no time to pull them away from your vital organs and cells starts to mutate from damage.

Your whole body can be inflamed from the irritation, and your brain can swell. If you have the misfortune to have to stay awake, your brain won’t be able to analyze its senses adequately, being half awake and half in a nightmare of this impending doom… You’ll be anxious, seem schizophrenic from bad judgments, depressed as you’re meeting your death… or your body will try to spare you from this by keeping you unconscious, asleep as long as possible. Shutting down as many functions as possible, shutting down the brain to the bare minimum of survival processes like breathing… until, hopefully, it goes away… and even more hopefully… you choose something better to put in your mouth, lungs and skin…

Irritability, restlessness

Irritability can be explained extremely easily: a wounded animal will be aggressive to prevent more abuse than he already took. Everything requires energy, even what you love, even dealing with loved ones. If you're depleted to death, the slightest drain can actually kill you. Like a stretched elastic, pulled ever so slowly, until it breaks. It can be from a heart attack or any other organ giving out.

If you're depleted in electrolytes, like magnesium, and so many are... you'll get headaches, noise and light sensitivities that will make the slightest sound or light torture your senses like needles. The vitamin B complex is required to burn energy, so they'll obviously run out when exhausted, and without them your nerves actually die. So you'll be in agony, all over and in your brain since it's full of them.

Restlessness is a bit more paradoxical. When you are out of blood glucose, your fuel, the adrenal glands will release adrenalin to tell the liver to free the reserves. So you can end up running on sheer adrenalin, without the proper vitamin and minerals to make this process optimal and be able to think clearly… so you’ll have a berserk body with a worn out mind, it’s not a good combination.

If you don’t have the proper nutrients to relax your muscles (magnesium) and proper fuel storages to fast for hours (with the B complex and C to free them) your body won’t let you sleep… it will push you to hunt something, kill it, and eat it… there’s not much preys around, so you might be rude to somebody (or eat their face… it’s not insane actually, it’s survival, but I really don’t recommend it. The proteins are too similar and could try to take over your body, thinking it’s their own and destroying your brain as the invader… Cannibalism causes prion disease. See Kuru at wikipedia.)

No matter what you end up eating, you won’t be able to rest, heal, sleep and even survive until you do… so make sure it’s something usable and alive, so it can help you prolong your own. But preferably not a creature that can send you to jail, vegetables tend to be quiet about it. But you have to eat meat too for the B12, which is fine if they have a good life and merciful death, that's how life works.

Store on the good foods before you end up running berserk in the streets like a starved confused animal, and make sure to feed yourself properly at all times, because that can happen to anybody.

Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex

Antidepressants side effect: no sex drive and inapacity to have sex or achieve orgasm.

Obviously if you don’t even have the energy to walk, or your heart is breaking down so much, from malnutrition and exhaustion, that it can’t even pump blood to your brain, not even when you sit… You won’t be able to go climb a mountain, go out to a party or even find the focus to draw something. It’s not that you lost the interest; it’s that energy preservation DEMANDS that you refrain from spending any energy at all to stretch your meager resources as long as possible, to keep you alive until the crisis is averted. Like a hibernating bear. Feed yourself properly and it will get better soon.

Sex is extremely exhausting and you waste vital electrolytes in body fluids like sweat, but precious zinc important for good mood in sperm. If your whole endocrine system is shutting down, creating a domino effect from exhausted adrenalin making adrenal glands, then slowing down the thyroid to put your metabolism in stand by mode… obviously your gonads aren’t going to want to work at heir hardest either. Those sexual glands might be the most vital for the propagation of the species, but they’re the least important for your immediate survival.

So even thought you might have liked sex enough to kill yourself from exhaustion with it, your body won’t want to get pregnant and end up having to eat for two, when you’re already not even able or wise enough to eat properly for one…

Overeating or appetite loss

Don’t be fooled by appearances, obese people are starving, desperately showing junk "foods" down their throats hoping to find vital nutrients in synthetic artificial flavors and colors, but only finding useless toxins hat can only be stored in fat… The poisons are killing them perhaps even faster than if they ate nothing. That’s depressing, but antidepressants won’t make the hell they’re doing to themselves with a fork less deadly, and it sure won’t give them the energy to survive, sugar isn't enough! You can't even burn energy without the B complex, and toxins can't be burned for energy.

Loss of appetite is a symptom that your kidneys are starting to fail. They want you to stop giving them toxins to handle, when they’re desperately trying to clean up the mess that you allowed to accumulate for too long. It can also be an instinctive survival reaction to food intolerances. Anorexia is deadly… but if you are one of many (actually everyone) who can’t survive on the cheap staple foods: grains, corn and soy… not eating at all would be wiser than eating cardboard, sand and death itself… Just explore new foods and you’ll be fine. Some of them will nurture the kidneys back to help and immensely help drag the toxins out of your body. Vegetables and, yes, healthy fats like nuts and coconut oil! Some toxins are fat soluble and need fat to be excreted, that’s probably why your pee is yellow. Of course starvation and being poisoned by everything you eat is depressing. But that unpleasant emotion is the least of your problems, and listening to it until you turn away from the junk and embrace what makes you truly feel good… will save your life. Cheap processed garbage is actually very expensive compared to buying feasts of fresh vegetables and meat in bulk. You save a lot of money in the long run, especially in suffering and drug bills.

Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment

From the point of view of Medicine, treatment means shoving toxic drugs down your throat, in an already overly damaged body...

Aches and pain can be from scurvy, a lack of vitamin C, making you bleed inside all over the place... cannibalizing your joints since collagen is made with vitamin C, so your adrenal glands can do their more vital processes, handling stress, balancing energy... and keep you alive... Anti inflammatory drugs won't restore your reserves of vitamin C, because that's not the problem. Steroid like cortisol will be absorbed in the blood stream and go straight to your adrenal glands and all over your body, but it will replace your glands, not nourish them, and they will athrophy even more! Their duties are so delicate that drugs can't possibly improve them. My only salvation was to give up the creams, fight against death, and rebuild them with nutrition. Now I am free~

Headaches can be from dehydration, by lack of electrolythes minerals. An aspirin won't help and will even harm you. It can be from food allergens causing inflammation, or too much acidic artificial or dead processed foods, causing irritation... but even natural anti inflammatory like ginger and curcumin won't help much if your brain is literally being grated with heavy metals from dental mercury fillings or vaccine's preservatives... You need to stop putting them in your body. If your nerves are dying from lack of B vitamins, tilenols will only destroy your kidneys for nothing.

Cramps are also caused by improper electrolythe minerals. Now that I take magnesium, and avoid soy and chemicals that mimics estrogen, I don't even have PMS anymore.

Digestive problems occur when the food you eat isn't food, or is a type that your body can't handle. We have different blood types from adapting to various environments and diets, so clearly what's good for someone might not be for another. The body evolved and adapted to be optimised with specific ressources, you can't radically change a creature's diet or paint artificial things the same color and claim that it will do the same, as long as there's enoughadded sugar to make people want to eat it! Thumbs aren't going to help if you basically eat and drink floor varnish and paint all day long!

Obviously, claiming that the only cure is to swallow even more toxins, instead of nutrients, in the form of pills... is seriously knowing nothing about the basics of life and the human body!

Then claiming that it's just "in someone's head" and make them feel powerless, instead to admit that THEY are as medical drug pushers... is degrading and depressing.

In the publicities for pharmaceutical drugs, they repeat "Ask your doctor". But your doctors can't tell you what he doesn't know, no matter how much you ask.

He never learned about nutrition, psychiatrists never learned about biology. So don't go deeper in the rabbit hole of their arrogance... Look at the fields and EAT REAL LIFE!

Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings

In my page Vitamin and mineral, you can search for your symptoms. Depression is in the list of almost every deficiency, and should be for the others. A well known one is seasonal depression. That's actually because you get less vitamin D exposure when you have to hide your skin in clothing away from the sun necessary to build it in your body.

The eyes also need to detect light to wake up and be energetic, and requires the dark to start producing melatonin to induce sleep... (I sleep with a mask on) so you'll feel down like a plant withering in the dark without enough sunshine. But my tired adrenal glands are too tired to up the dose of cortisol early in the day, it's actually higher at night... so I end up living at night and taking vitamin D3 to compensate. I feel much better. It's required to absorb calcium, and it comes best from greens like cows must use grass to make good milk. Calcium calms you down.

You can't feel good all the time because there's both good and bath in everything... having a good focus can help, but it will never replace providing the good things instead of the bad to your body.

It should be obvious that those "negative" feelings are perfectly natural.

The way society claim to care for us is enough to feel this way. If you're starving... Of course you'll be sad. Like a baby crying to be fed... but now you have to do it yourself... don't look out for others to nurture you, do it yourself.

You're dying... literally. Not in the poetic way "every day is a step closer to death." You're being relentlessly poisoned and tricked to starve so you'll ravenously swallow more poison without question, without being even able to have the mental clarity to question their abusive ways... as companies exploit you to your grave on a path of agony... claiming that it’s for your own good, that you're too stupid to cook... But nothing could be further from the truth and anything can be learned. Even medicine's complex terminology by really stupid people.

If you don't have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen from lack of B12 and vitamin C to absorb iron, your heart will have to beat faster to compensate. If you have half the workers, you'll have to make them move around twice as fast. That's why you have heart palpitations, not because of some brain defect that needs to be drugged into oblivion... but because your heart is being strained in a dangerous suboptimal way... TO SURVIVE... because there is an imbalance IN YOUR BLOOD from YOUR DIET!

There are many other factors, and all are ignored by so called specialists. If your blood sugar is low, if you neglect to eat foods that are slow to digest and provide a stable fuel, or don't eat enough or skilled a meal... Your adrenal glands will pump adrenalin to free the reserves, or make the little resources available work harder.

If you drink cola, coffee, or any other stimulants with caffeine or sugar (like grains, even corn)... what it actually do is kick your adrenal glands hard... But sometimes they can try to slow down your metabolism because you don't have the required nutrients to do the body processes without breaking down vital tissue like your muscles... and the heart is a muscle... that's why people die of heart attacks... You need vitamin C to make strong elastic collagen. It's probably the real cause of high blood pressure: a narrow vein that can't expand from lack of elasticity will have more pressure... Vegetables improve the problem thanks to the vitamin C.

If you feel empty inside... how can your body make it any clearer that you need to put real food in your tummy...

If you are being bullied at school, mobbed at work, intimidated and beaten at home... of course you'll feel anxious, you're in danger! Defend yourself the best way you can, giving yourself the right to be safe is a great first step and a change in attitude can be all that it takes. A mere glare full of resolve and being battle ready even discouraged criminals from assaulting me. Talking your way out of a pinch is surprisingly effective too. "The pen is mightier than the sword." If all fails, and you can't escape, a pen stabbed in the eye can be effective as well. There's always a way, you're never defenseless. You can't win every fights, and sometimes it's best to run or find a way to ignore... But you don't have t go down without a fight, weeping, because you've been told that it's impolite to defend yourself. Fuck that!

If your lover died or your pet that was the only one who ever paid attention to you lovingly... of course you'll be sad. If you can't get over it... maybe it stressed you too much and you need to rebuild your adrenal glands with nutrition so they can cope and find the energy to move on to something new. Or you need to open your mind to what you have left and appreciate it among the sadness too, to balance things out a little more. Both are real, both are important.

If you don't have enough energy to pursue hobbies and self growth... Of course you'll feel empty. Society is... find your own values and aspirations. You can feel very lost without a shepherd, but it's more rewarding and safe to be a wolf exploring the forest. Find your own way.

Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts

Taking antidepressants give that side effect, because they cause hypoglycemia and it's a very torturous way to live and slowly die.

When you’re actually dying, and confused, it can feel like a wish instead of a warning. You can want to get it over with… because agony is much more painful than the emptiness of death. Being unable to do the simplest things that make life worth living and give you a sense of existence and identity… feels like being already dead. Being given no other options than “suck it up you defective emo” and told that your very personality and emotions are illnesses… that you as a person are a disease… the logical outcome isn’t to be a loyal life long customer of Big Pharma, it’s killing the problem: you!

But hopefully after reading all this, you’ll see that it’s a lie, like so many other to deceive you and exploit your very life. DRUGS are the cause of diseases. Chemicals are the cause of disease. Malnutrition are the cause of disease. Not valuing your own life made you neglect it and make choices that caused disease… but you are not a disease, you FEEL a disease… dis-ease… meaning “not at ease”… with a situation… So you simply have to change it… by changing it’s causes… you’ll have new consequences. Running away from your body’s plea for care, your body’s warning of danger as you’re dying, with drugs to be in denial… won’t save you. Antidepressant make people drop dead! BAM! But it’s actually dangerous to stop them radically, so you don’t have to change your life like flipping a switch. Just make one more step towards something good, listen to your body to see the results… the impact lasts longer than the moment you put food on your tongue, food allergies can start with a few days of delay and you often crave the very things that harm you. Perhaps because detoxing is a painful process… but once it’s finally over you’re free like you never thought possible.

The body can function again if you provide the right ingredients for its functions. Organs can even heal and grow anew. Every seven years it’s a whole new you. Change and healing take resources, and it can take time to find enough and the right one. There’s so many misinformation out there… but if there’s one thing that you can trust… it’s what your body tries to tell you. But your brain can be fooled with chemicals to trick you, and you can misunderstand… So look in the long term effects, eat things that will make you feel good about yourself and your life constantly, not merely good about the food while it’s in your mouth. Then you’ll learn to love what’s truly good for you. Give yourself time. You can figure it out, the more options you try the more chances you have to find the change that’s right for you. And by that I certainly don’t mean various brands of antidepressants. The best thing in life don’t need brands or a long list of unknown ingredients. Look for what’s alive, happy and thriving… and make it your own by eating it. But if it’s someone… try to find their secrets instead.

My ways to reach happiness isn't to mindlessly throw myself at anything that seems fun or promise me a good time... when they often only care about their own interests at the peril of my safety. It's:

  • Listening to my body.
  • Respecting myself and my limits, adapting to the fact that they vary.
  • Valuing my own life.
  • Giving myself the time I need to do what I need.
  • Putting my needs above my wants.
  • Being mindful and grateful.
  • Being willing to sacrifice something good if the bad that comes with it is too great, or if that good is too exhausting to handle. There's many more to enjoy, for less pain.
  • Living in simplicity to enjoy the simple joys that are easily available all around me, instead to take it for granted and never finding anything good enough. Simpler gains also simplify my problems, by not trying to live above my means and limits, so I don't exhaust myself or my resources.
  • Never letting anyone hurt me, not even a loved one, not even myself.
It matters to have support and you can't do everything on your own, some opportunities must be given, work for example... But ultimately, you have what you give to yourself. You're the result of your own choices.

You can't live a life without pain, but if you keep your mind open you'll also find reasons to rejoice. Such as the absolute knowledge that sadness and pain are normal, perfectly natural, and can be used to reach health and happiness.

Even anger can be used constructively, as a revolt against what's harmful and a passion that will motivate you to break free and change. Taking your frustrations on the innocent would only spread more pain that will backfire against you, though.

But harm is not the purpose of aggressiveness: it's the will to survive. No matter what it takes.

Don't deny emotions, they're important information to understand reality and necessary for your rational brain to make wise informed decisions.

Knowledge is power. Health is happiness. Drugs are a chain that takes you away from the truth and what you really need.

Enjoy whatever you need! But it might be something that you think you don't want. That can change. Everything constantly does. Just aim it in the right direction and life will take you there~

It has nothing to do with serotonin!

The body is a whole, if your head was truly separated from your body, you would be dead.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with awareness, but sleep deprivation and many other things does.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with your endocrine’s system ability to balance energy levels, but the type of vitamins and minerals and much more important than the number of calories.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with feelings of inadequacy, but inhuman demands from society and unrealistic views of what your limits should be can give you the false impression that you’re lower than you should be. But you’re as high as what you can be with what you provide to your body!
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with despair and negativity, but advertising only options that don’t work to make huge profits will make any intelligent mind feel that way.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with sleep. It’s melatonin that induces sleep, but your body won’t allow it if you’re so starved that you’d fall in a coma and died in your sleep, but you’ll oversleep if your brain is too enflamed with toxins to be awake without agony and confusion.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with being on the defensive because you’re so drained energetically that you can’t take it anymore, and so full of adrenalin from over stimulation that you can’t even rest.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with having enough energy to enjoy doing what you love, or being unable to find the strength to accomplish yourself and feel this joy. And it has nothing to do with your ability to reproduce!
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with hunger, peptides are the substances that let you know that you’re satiated, but if your kidneys are overloaded with toxins you won’t have an appetite.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with arthritis, osteoporosis and other things that can make you feel physical pain. But auto-cannibalization to have the vitamins and mineral necessary to make the body processes happen will feel painful until you nourish yourself adequately.
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with feelings of anxiety, adrenalin does. It's to save your life in a critical situation. Taking tranquilizers will bind those last resort defenses and send you docilely to your DEATH! That's what's truly unpleasant: the poisonous swamp of chemicals that you're drowning in, not your desperate struggles to stay afloat and panicked screams for help!!!
  • Serotonin has nothing to do with losing the will to live. A life worse than dead is. But lifestyles can be changed for the best. Just don't believe what you're told when someone claim that your only option is to give them money until you die, even though they can't even take away the pain. Damn charlatans claiming to be specialists when they don't even know the basics: you need to EAT to live. And not anything, REAL FOOD! You can't even burn anything in your car without destroying it, so just because it tastes good don't assume that it will do you any good!
  • Serotonin has something to do with feelings of sadness, but the body communicates with electrical impulses and juices. When you feel happy it’s merely the brain saying “good job taking care of yourself! You’re safe!” If you’re not, trying to force your brain to lie to you with drugs won’t make you any safer, healthier, less about to die or happier! NEVER.
If you believe that drugs gave you relief... when it merely masked the symptoms while creating more diseases... then you forgot how true wellbeing feels like, you you've never known. Filling your mouth with healthy life forms can teach you better. Then you’ll be able to figure out how to deal with all the other threats. Like those damn drug pushers. And the answer can be as simple as: try something else.

Try something that you believe that you don't like or is too inconvenient, ads are scientifically designed to fool and brainwash you. Cultural habits are over rated if they're based on the voice of money hungry corporations in the media; it’s not the same as traditions that have evolved from the need to adapt to survive to a specific environment with its available resources.

The only way to adapt to toxic chemicals is obesity (sealing them in fat), tumors (isolating a clump of mutated cancerous tissue) and death. Or turning into a robot able to run on synthetic chemicals… I guess human emotions wouldn’t be a problem anymore… but good luck with that, they can’t have sex.

Try something ridiculed as too simple to work. The solutions that can't be patented, monopolized and sold at high prices to zombified addicts, such as vitamins, are often what work best. But corporations don't want you to know, your ignorance give them the power to get rich off your misery, for as long as their drug doesn’t kill you... which is less long than you think, but long enough to make billions.

Try vegetables and fresh meat. Try to cook. It won't stop people from trying to abuse you to death, but it will give you the strength to cope better and figure things out, let go, swim in the unknown, and welcome change.

The scientific dogma based on drug pushing must die, as much as the idea to buy prayers to buy yourself a condo in heaven.

Enjoy some better common sense~ Nourish yourself better, treat yourself better, live better, and you’ll feel better with a better life. Side effects? Pooping and loosing weight. Because if your body is no longer under massive attacks, you won’t need a thick body armor anymore!

Antidepressants can only make you feel even more depressed!
  • They won't make your brain more alert, they cause hypoglycemia so they'll make it even worse.
  • They won't give you energy, they're not food, and since they act like insulin, they will even force your body to store your fuel away. That's why people are so hungry and getting obese on them, and also because they're very toxic.
  • The drug will reinforce your feelings of inadequacy if you believe the absurd idea that you're defective as a person, instead to simply have made the wrong choices and given yourself the wrong cares, or had the mere bad luck to end up in a bad situation, because life isn't keeping score to make sure everybody gets something fair out of pure randomness. If you surrender the responsibility and care of your own life to someone else's will and become utterly dependent on them, you'll feel all the more helplessness.
  • If you have accept that your only solution is to be enslaved for life on something that can only make you lose contact with your own emotions to delude yourself into thinking that you're not as miserable as you should be, instead to heal the CAUSES, you'll feel even more despair than if you tried various options and failed many times until you had the glory of figuring it out by your proud self.
  • The drug won't help you get a restful sleep nor stay awake... unless you consider the coma and death "side effects" as resting in peace.
  • I guess being drugged to death into a mindless passive zombie could improve irritability and restlessness, but for the convenience of the people wanting to exploit you without resistance, not for your own good! No matter what they tell you, it's at your own perils.
  • Antidepressants makes you even weaker and even more unable to have sex, which might be for the best since the drug causes birth defects, but it's all the more depressing for your own self esteem!
  • Antidepressants cause hypoglycemia, so you'll have to over eat to fight its devastating and deadly hypoglycemic shock... if you don't... you'll drop dead from insulin overdose.
  • Antidepressants will shut down your kidneys... that causes a domino effect of pain as your body overflows with poison.
  • Antidepressants cause depression!
  • Antidepressants cause such distress, from the hypoglycemic effects and probably the toxic effect too, that perfectly sane and happy volunteers COMMITED SUICIDE DURING THE DRUG TRIALS.
Broccoli doesn't sound so bad now, isn't it!!!

Nothing good can come out of trying to ignore the facts expressed by your emotions, which are the result of your senses. Binding your survival mechanisms because it seems unpleasant to struggle to survive... sliding helplessly and submissively into a deepening doom of illness in your entire body... is the worst idea for healing. It causes sudden death, that wasn't sudden at all, but all the body's warnings have been cruelly ignored and their wisdom even blamed for the diseases... until it was too late for many.

But it's not too late for you. You're still alive. Your body is a wonder that can literally come back from the depths of despair and death, if you give it the proper means.

Enjoy nutrition and everything your body NEEDS, and what you want can be the total opposite if you're misinformed or unwise. You don't need drugs and what harms you!

Free yourself from lies. Embrace the absolute truth of nature, life itself, and EAT IT!


Lisa Of Shades
2 December 2014
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!