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Health ~ Depression ~ It's exhaustion not depression!

Outlet overload xmass tree fireWhat sounds more logical to you?

You are burned out and exhausted.

Effects: It's making you tired, too tired to think, or even do what you love… and that’s depressing. You can’t take more stimulations / stress / demands so you’ll react defensively / irritable if someone tries to put more on your shoulders.

Solution: Rest but especially by nourishing your body so it can do the necessary repairs during sleep. Especially water soluble minerals (C, B complex) and minerals (Magnesium, calcium, and Grey Celtic sea salt that contains 30% of trace elements.)

Or this?

Myth: You’re just depressed, it's just in your head. You don't even have a reason to be depressed, your brain is defective.


You're in so much self pity that you can’t think of anything else and it’s distracting you too much to do anything else, even sleeping, it’s exhausting being so emo and negative, and you’re so stuck in being evil that you’re being grumpy with others because you’re a bad person. Your brain is just being defective, nasty emotions are there for no other reason than your lack of good will power… and if you could just get high on drugs, you’ll become happy to be over productive and GO BACK TO WORK, SLAVE, YOUR BIOLOGICAL NEEDS DON’T MATTER *whips cracking*

Just buy expensive mind altering drugs, but not pot from the streets even though it's the same approach of trying to flee reality, buy much more toxic and expensive from government endorsed companies. Even though antidepressants causes depression, their product isn’t defective, you are. If they make you sicker, you just need even more of the drug. They care about their golden goose… until their drug causes sudden death then they move on to the next gullible victim *cough* I mean dear patient. Take this straight jacket in a pill you scary insane person *cough* I mean anti-sadness happy pill dearest complete stranger. I care so much about my paycheck *cough* I mean your well being, even though it makes no difference to me because we’re not even ackquaintances. No need to pay, your taxes will do it for you and it will reinforce the illusion that it’s free kindness. We do it by charity and the pure goodness of our hearts... and the billions in cash. It makes a few millions of dead patients seem very little compared to... So... Much... MONEY... Those "murders" are totally legal, we were just trying to "help" and the disease killed you, you killed yourself (suicide is a known side effect, when your only given hope makes you sicker it's rational), or took the drug wrong and overdosed (the toxicity actually slowly destroys the kidneys and you need them to live)


Most doctors and psychiatrists believe their own lies... even though their own experiments proved otherwise... but that's easy to falsify. Now who's detached from reality and insane... THE INDUSTRY OF PSYCHIATRY! They kill more people than you'd do if you went berserk. So go ahead.

Actually, when I unlocked my survival instinct, I expected to go kill people with an ax in the streets... but what actually happened is that I turned my back on what I thought I "had to" or "wanted" and chose what I needed, walked away from energy robbing people that made me feel miserable over nothing just because they felt miserable and needed to lash out... but I didn't perpetuate the cycle... I just walked away wisely preserving my energy, and nurtured myself.

Avoid, ignore, forget.

Of course there are some duties that can't be avoided completely... like your children. So make sure to abort if you're sick, or you'll make yourself and the child sicker by draining their vital organs too if you do too much while pregnant. Post partum depression is obviously exhaustion from a huge trauma, and hospitals are such in a hurry that they give you pain killers to make you rip yourself apart, crush the baby's skull against your pelvis and other horrors in the name of precious speed. No time for anything, not to live, not to be born, and no time to be sick, sad or even die.

TAKE THE TIME. Otherwise, what's the point if you can't enjoy life.

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that you can’t take it easy. Take your time, to do stuff and especially to heal. Sometimes less is more. Less to deal with means more energy, just because you love it doesn't mean that you have unlimited energy to do it. Save some for the unexpected or you'll always feel at the end of your rope. It’s true for money and it's especially true about biological energy or life force.

Even a simple toaster with an unlimited energy supply can malfunction and screw up the breaker, and then nothing has electricity at all… it tends to happen if you plug too many things in multiple extension cords… Then you end up with a dark mood in the dark… but the problem is actually that the energy went out. Depression is like that… you burned yourself out… it’s an energy problem, a metabolic problem, an endocrine problem… not a imaginary brain problem. You don’t even need steroids, only the adequate nutrition to make them and rebuild your organs. You can’t use sheer sugar and artificial color and flavors to build a heart… so don’t except junk food to be good enough just because your gut feel full.

You're EXHAUSTED!!! And that's depressing. Not the other way around!

But it's true that negative emotions can be exhausting. That's how your whole body know if he's in danger. Any negative emotions turn on your survival instinct (fight or flight... or freeze) and puts your whole body in high alert, altering many biological processes. No time to digest or heal when you need all the energy you can find to fight or run. So it requires energy, and what releases your storages (if you have some) is the adrenal glands' adrenalin... but they need enough vitamin C & B complex and others nutrients... otherwise they can't communicate to the rest of the body by making hormones (they're not made of good will) so you can crash... become exhausted... y

Yes, it's sometimes possible to push through, by sheer will power, at first when you didn't live much stress (so that's why the people who aren't suffering yet find it so easy to tell you to do it)... but that means forcing your body to use your flesh and vital organs for nutrients and energy... cannibalizing yourself... You can't do that for long or you'll get sick and die! You crash, you burn out, and you get depressed because you don't even have the energy for the most basic stuff or even what you love anymore... BECAUSE YOU USED UP ALL YOU HAD AND MORE.

Sleep isn't enough, it'd be like calling an architect and workets to build a house, but to forget to buy bricks and other materials. You HAVE to catch up to the deficiencies by taking the nutrients that you need AND MORE, so you can rebuild your drained organs and pay your nutritional debts. That's why people get wrinkles and a heart attack with old age. Not because of time, but because they failed to filled their needs and the debt accumulated, sacrificying flesh and vital organs. Creepy but true. Vitamin C makes collagen, it fills up the skin and makes a strong elastic heart... and glue the calcium and magnesium on bones... and help the adrenal glands handle stress. There's no point having a young looking skin and strong heart if your metabolism crash and die from lack of vitamin C... so stress will make your organs disintegrate if you don't eat enough vitamin C... grains have NONE, meat either... animal can produce their own from sugar but we can't... so when you crave sugar during stress, what you truly crave is the vitamin C that's supposed to be with it in natural products that weren't refined.

The exhaustion was caused by pushing yourself past your limit for too long, so don't tolerate people telling you that you're not doing enough, don't allow them to destroy you by destroying yourself anymore. YOU had the power all along. What good will a big car, phone and TV do when your adrenals will shut down, your whole endocrine system will shut down, then all your vital organs, your brain sure won't get enough oxygen no matter how much your heart will palpitate with "anxiety" and your brain won't get enough blood sugar even if you eat candy until you get diabetic. As long as you don't provide enough vitamins and minerals to your adrenal glands... and your whole body you will be sick.

Trying to take a magical pill to force your brain to be happy in this deadly domino effect of doom won't stop you from dying... especially since the drug is so toxic that it will stress your adrenal glands even more, destroy your kidneys, deny you brain function and the contact with your own reality... so it will deny you the awareness that something is very wrong, in your body, in the way you live... and therefore... it's denying you all hopes to find a solution and end the suffering.

So don't run away. Rest... but accept this. You're this way because you tried too hard. Go easy on yourself, enjoy life better. There's nothing wrong in that, eventually this suffering will look like a kind wake up call from self mutilation. If all it gives you is suffering, then success isn't much success. Simplify your life, goals, and the problems will also. When you give up on some joys, you also give up on their downsides.

Emotions can be exhausting, but it's not in your head, the adrenal glands are not even if your head, they're on top of your kidneys.

Your brain needs a lot of vitamin C to function too, your eyes as well. Yes it's possible to force yourself by will power alone, but it's BAD because destroying your body, and if you can't do it anymore... it doesn't mean that you're weak or lazy... but that you PUSHED YOURSELF MORE THAN HUMANLY POSSIBLE FOR TOO LONG. So say "fuck off" to the people who still want you to give them more and more after you ended up on your death bed... not because you are depressed... but because you are PHYSICALLY AT DEATH'S DOOR!

The biology behind what happens during depressing events is a burn out... a burned out of nutrients... when the demands become greater than what you supply in your diet... That's not depression... unless vital organs can be too sad to be able to function... but that's ridiculous, your organs would do their processes if they were provided the resources they need, and if you had your needs, you'd be happy.

No one needs drugs. Everyone needs vitamins & minerals, and rest in balance with stimulation. Depression is just the way your body to tell you that you're not taking care of your needs right.

Calling so many PHYSICAL pains and disabilities a "depression" and call it a mental illness is absurd! It takes patient away from physicians and deny them the right care! But only you can take care of your own needs. Medicine is just about masking reality with drugs.

When an athlete runs too much, he gets sore all over, not because he's sad, not because he's weak and need more willpower and to snap out of it (imagine a broken leg) but because he's EXHAUSTED and his resources are depleted! That's why they're told to drink electrolytes minerals. It's not because they sweat, it’s because they use their body... and the brain, thoughts, emotions, are part of the body... not some magical concept floating on a cloud like gods and able to work by willpower alone. You're not supposed to be happy all the time... and if you're never happy... then you need to find out what you need and focus on that fulfillment.


Blaming human emotions, the warning of the body that he's hurt and in need, is an outrageous myth spread by people who know nothing about biology and want to sell drugs. They must be psychopaths to be unable to understand the vital and wise purpose of human emotions, even negative ones. You’ll never get compassion from people like that. You have to take care of yourself and respect your limits. It often means doing less, but doing better. It takes less efforts but more sacrifices... bad stuff that you eventually won't miss... Like relying on stimulants (coffee, booze & cookies before the crash) to force yourself past your limit... forcing yourself to have energy, forcing yourself to be happy. ENOUGH! Respect your body already. Work with it not against it! What you want is irrelevant if it takes you away from what you NEED.

If you nurture your body with nutrients, you’ll have the energy to cope with anything that exhausted your BODY. The mind is part of the brain and it requires a lot of energy; so the idea that only muscles can cause exhaustion is a myth. Emotions are extremely complex thoughts; that’s why we can’t even program them into our most powerful computers. So don’t believe that you’re weak if your emotions alone caused you Adrenal Fatigue, because that’s the proof that you’re a sentient being and not an object! So stop treating yourself like one and respect your needs. Stop allowing people to treat you like one and rely on yourself. If the step you can do is a mouse step... it's good enough. Even small mice can go fat one mini step at a time. So be patient and focus on healing, make healing choices, restful choices, choose people who bring you energy not drains you... or death will come too soon, or not soon enough...

There is no better wealth than your own health, and no greater kindness than giving it to yourself. Because if you are too ill and neglected that you end up dead... you can't help anyone.

Learn to let go. Watch the movie Frozen snuggled in blankets thinking "Meh, fuck this shit, don't worry about it, we'll figure it out eventually."

Eat some vegetables, they have nutrients that meant doesn't have. Vitamin C rich foods are the true comfort foods, because they enable the adrenal glands to deal with stress and heal from it. Not sweet things that had the vitamin C processed out of it, and certainly not artificial sweeteners.

VITAMIN C!!!!!!!

If you'd rather be sick than add vegetable to your meals, take supplements, rest, say no to people who probably have more than you, and to plan a solution instead to worry... if you'd rather take drugs, and booze, and cookies, and fast food instead to slowly make yourself a real nutritive meal... if you don't want to learn a better way to live... you can be sick if you want to... but your brain will be sad about it, and rightfully so!

I can't bear seeing people get lied to so much... to have abuse presented as kindness, poison as a cure... I can't take how omnipresent the lies are... how far they go to crush simpler real cures... how they crush people's hopes and identities by calling exhaustion a personality disorder... calling people lazy and insane... The only insane thing was to listen to such thing, was to disrespect your needs and limits... to entrust your body, life and identity in the hands of people who are completely clueness about what you've been through, so they can't possibly give you the solution...

Their goal is to control what they don't understand... not compassion... and that's just a way to look down on you anyway.

It's all your fault, you've done this to yourself, you allowed people to do this to you... Take responsibility... because it means... you can stop just as easily... and even more easily, because respecting your needs will definitively be easier than forcing your body to go beyond what is possible, because giving up on things that hurt you and choose healthy things c=that gives you energy, alertness and joy will be too satisfying to be hard.

If the worse monsters that ever lived had friends, families, jobs, friends, foods, a home... then you deserve it to and you don't have to kill yourself with exhaustion for it. If you can't have it, it's not that you're an unworthy person.

Shit happens.

Focus on what you need... and what you truly want will finally blossom before you. This self care is the best love that you can ever hope for… and it can only come from yourself… but no one can take it away unless you choose to.


Image from How many things can you plug into an electrical outlet before it catches fire? at home.howstuffworks.

Just because the results look festive, fun and enjoyable doesn't mean that the process is safe. You'll cry if your house burns down... and you'll be depressed if you burn out your body. Prioritize, make choices and sacrifices... and enjoy by respecting your limits. People can't force you to give more, but they can try to make you believe that you have no other choice.

I made a demotivational poster "Depression is EXHAUSTION!" out of this picture, with more text to motivate you and counter the brainwash that the media did to you.


Lisa Of Shades
9 January 2015


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