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Health ~ Depression ~ Antidepressants vs. nutrition


Good (none): Alleviate symptoms of depression. FALSE. No one has ever laughed on them they just need more and more; as the side effects make them feel even more miserable.

Bad (deadly): Side effects that actually ARE the effects of insulin for causing hypoglycemia: depression (yup!), psychosis (as if it wasn’t bad enough), obesity, impotence of no more libido, aggressiveness, murder, suicide ideation, suicide, sudden death (involuntary). You end up dependent and can't stop without going through agony even if you no longer need them, and never did in the first place.

Nutrition with 3 examples among many:
(For a longer list see my page Classed by symptoms)

Rainbow dietVitamin C

Good: Improve how the adrenal; glands cope with stress, by releasing energy as needed, preventing hypoglycemia. Handle allergens and toxins better as well. Makes strong collagen in the joints, heart and gums. Empower the white blood cells to fight infection. Helps make you feel energetic or relaxed depending on what the body needs at that moment.

Side effect which is good too: Pooping.

B complex

Good: Necessary to make the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the brain and everything, also vital for the adrenal glands to produce energy and to burn fat.

Side effects: peeing bright yellow, having more energy than you know what to do with.


Good: necessary to MAKE neurotransmitters, strong teeth and bones, relaxes muscles contraction, alleviates PMS, brief euphoria that soon spreads into a general feeling of happiness, sleeping like a baby rock.

Side effect which is good too: Pooping.

The side effects of nutrition are useful to know how much your body need. For vitamin C it's called bowel tolerance.

Pooping relieves constipation which can cause colon cancer when shit rots on your flesh too long, and prevent painful hemorrhoids, and trying too hard to poop can kill people with heart attacks. But vitamin C makes a strong heart. It also detoxifies you, preventing all forms of cancer.

It even helps you loose weight, as long as you feed on greens and not eat a whole cake for breakfast and junk. Even vitamins can’t undo the consequences of poisoning yourself. Antidepressants only add more poison and WILL fry your pancreas, kidneys and liver… cause imbalances in your brain… and everything making you drop dead.

So you decide what sounds better between getting even more reasons to be depressed and suicidal and feeling better in more areas of your life than you thought possible.


Be a powerless enslaved junky to a corporation that only want profit, benefit from your misery and it,s in their best interest to not only keep you that way for life, but make you even worse.

Or be responsible of your own well being with care, love, respect and compassion, nurturing your needs and limits. Be patient and believe that you can figure it out. It’s not "when we want we can" the truth is "when we can we want". You won't be motivated if your body is ill, and if you force yourself when you can't, you'll accumulate a debt that will eventually explode in your face. Then you need to catch up to rest and especially nutrition. Because you won't even be able to sleep if you don't have the materials to do that healing process.

Even the most insignificant choices change who you are, your whole life and even the opportunities that come your way. Eat well, feel well, look well.

You feel bad for a reason. Find it. Fix it.


Lisa Of Shades
20 March 2014

Fill your needs and get rid of what's harmful.

That's what is required for your body to function. You can't overcome deficiencies and poison with sheer will alone. But you can figure out how to fix the problem and make the adequate changes..

Allergens, food intolerances, sleep deprivation, poisons... any needs that isn't fulfilled or anything harmufl will hinder the brain's functions... and not just in your head, in your whole body... and every aspects of your life.

Brain allergies

Read about: What are Brain Allergies at suite. Suffocating to death, the typical recognised symptom (because that's how much it has to be flashy for doctors to acknowledge the obvious) feels less scarier to me than many other possible symptoms that are harder to confirm and be taken seriously. Because feelings are underrated, eventhough sensations is what makes you alive.

The symptoms of brain allergies can be mild:
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
Or severe:
  • Debilitating anxiety or fatigue
  • Depression
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • Learning disorders
  • Insomnia and chronic sleep disorders
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
If you think having inflammation in your throat and wheezing is bad... then having your brain inflamed and crushed against your skull can't possibly enable you to think clearly and feel happy.

Not knowing so little and prescribing the equivalent of a recreational street drug, to be deluded with euphoric happiness, is really sheer incompetence. Especially since the drugs actually cause more depression, psychosis and sudden death.

Because they're actually insulin to make you store your blood sugar into fat, and hypoglycemia can be the cause all those symptoms in the first place. If your depression wasn't from reactive hypoglycemia, you'll get it from the antidepressants for sure.

Disguising insulin into happy pills until you're too deprived of fuel to be able to even notice how bad you feel isn't solving the causes. Lack of proper fuel can make you drop dead, and the drugs caused so many to die... After a hysterical and torturous call for help that psychiatrists are too judgmental and ignorant to understand.

Don’t surrender your life to fear mongers with profits as only focus. Use nutrition to nourish yourself, then you’ll be too happy to need comfort junk that merely satisfy your taste buds by tricking them with chemicals. Provide real nutrients and you will heal, you will feel better than you ever thought possible.

Nutrition can save you. But you have to put the good things in your mouth, chew and swallow.

As you'll forget artificial tastes, you'll discover true delight in the richness of natural flavors. It will enrich your whole life.


Lisa Of Shades
2 December 2014

Seretonin syndrome

Seretonin syndrome, can be caused by antidepressants. Info at webmd. The symptoms are way worse than being depressed... Apparently too much serotonin is bad too; antidepressants CAUSE an imbalance in the brain. But the symptoms can most likely be attributed to being poisoned… because you can’t make serotonin out of no where and will. Serotonin requires MAGNESIUM to form and is created in THE GUT!

If you're not convinced that psychiatry is a deadly bullshit, read this and watch the video: Health ~ Conspiracies ~ Folly of psychiatry


Mens sana in corpore sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Antidepressants. Useless: they cause depression. Dangerous: they cause death!

Here's a quote from mcvitamins about neuropathy.

"Cymbalta is an anti-depressant which is used [for nerve damage pain] because it lowers a person's awareness and thus their awareness of the pain."

There you go, unless you have a fetish for zombie and like pain, because it won't make you feel happier, don't take them. Vitamin C is great for all sorts of pain, and a B complex has the B12 that prevents both nerve damage and psychosis, even though they can have other causes, start with nutrients and see.

"Cymbalta as an anti-depressant can very often be difficult to get off with out side effects."

At worst if you stop vitamin C or a B complex you'll just stop the benefits and get back the deficiency symptoms.

And also from mcvitamins Taking Cymbalta for Neuropathy?: "The first antidepressant to be introduced since FDA investigations into suicide/antidepressant links, Cymbalta itself was marred with suicides before it was approved. Five (deaths) occurred during Cymbalta clinical trials." The FDA approved it anyway~ Because they care... about themselves and bribes from the corporation's right to make huge profits off your suffering. Why be depressed when you can be cured... by death. All that to avoid some life and diet changes... well, the choice will be forced on you and damn radical. So you might as well live or die on your terms, not trusting some poison with a fake deliberately misleading name.

Worst, trials are usually done on healthy people...

"Including previously healthy volunteer, Traci Johnson who hung herself in Lilly's Indiana University Medical School lab in 2004."

What if depression was a natural cause to effect reaction, not an imbalance of the brain... and they never been able to prove it, it's just speculations... so forcing the brain with chemicals cause imbalances... But actually it's because it's insulin to keep you weak and docile and hypoglycemia is the second worst agony I ever felt, after an infection exploded my eardrum, a man died of that… Many died of hypoglycemia… and antidepressants. You might as well bear it until you want to suicide in your own terms… not because a antidepressant poison tortures your brain and kicks you in a catapult that throws you over the edge. (*chuckles* Best metaphor for antidepressants I ever came up with!) A rose by any other names still smells the same... A poison by any reassuring other names, it still kills you!

Here is a quote from Lilly's Cymbalta web site:

"Patients on antidepressants and their families or caregivers should watch for worsening depression symptoms (Making you worst is a great marketting tactics to keep you as a loyal customer~), unusual changes in behavior, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity, restlessness, or extreme hyperactivity. Call your healthcare provider right away if you have thoughts of suicide or if any of these symptoms are severe or occur suddenly. Be especially observant within the first few months (When you actually need them...) of antidepressant treatment or whenever there is a change in dose."

Even the FDA says so: "Persons taking Cymbalta may be more likely to think about killing themselves or actually try to do so..." The FDA thinks that suicide is generally considered safe then; and an improvement to feeling depressed since they approved the drug... Too bad the hypoglycemia also causes rage and murder, which sounds very sane to me with assholes like that in the world. When the very people supposed to protect you approve a cure that makes you worst... KNOWINGLY... allowing doctors to pressure people to do so as they last and only option telling people their brain is defective... then it's a damn depressing world. If there wasn't any rain, and only sun, we'd burn and die, but we'd starve even faster. Pain sends you to a better direction. Otherwise we'd all set ourselves in fire thinking it's warm and cozy. Pain is vital, getting away from it is logical... antidepressants are a huge lie!

"And in October Lilly was told [by the FDA] to "immediately cease" its Cymbalta campaign for diabetic nerve pain --an approved use-- which promises "significantly less pain interference with overall functioning." In a letter, the FDA says the claim "has not been demonstrated by substantial evidence or ... clinical experience" nor do the Cymbalta marketing pieces give precautions about liver toxicity or reveal risks for patients with certain conditions." There you go, false promises, and nothing says poison like liver toxicity. And they don't dumb the pain, they numb the brain so you're too out of it to notice... do you like driving and noticing when you crash into an electric pole? Vitamin B12 can cause and cure nerve damage... so they take people away from the real cure with lies... With something that cause depression and suicide even in happy healthy people... Well, more customers for them. Do you care about killing cattle when you eat a steak? They don't either. For them the livestock is YOU! They'll milk you with false promises and hopes until it kills you then they move to the next easy victim in a weakened state.

So they make you worst~~~ Better than nothing? Really~~~? I'd rather nothing than be electrocuted and having my brain picked with a sharp pointy object until I'm too lobotomized to express distress... I bet back them psychiatrists said "He's cured, look how much he's drooling on his shoulder happily!" patting each others on the back all proud. Thinking "There, now he can't annoy anyone complaining and we can go jerking off our own ego and crotch." (The humor is to keep me sane from murderous outraged rage... and now they do it chemically to children who are so malnourished and loaded with sugar... *sigh* Of course they bounce of walls, it's called a sugar high, and the sugar crash can't make anyone concentrate... I hate whoever thinks it's a good thing to drug children with extremely dangerous chemicals, and then we scorn them when they smoke little leaves to get the same effect, with the same denial of causes approach, but with less side effects... at least I've seen some people laugh on pot... but they both cause psychosis...)

It's one brand name among many, they're all the same crap, no... crap would be an improvement, at least it's organic. Prozac destroyed my sister completely, she saw her lover drown while being in her last year of university to become a doctor, and all of sudden her brain was defective? It sure was after that hell in a pill.

No matter how bad it is, someone will gladly make it worst with a condescending smile... exploit your weakness for their own benefit… and then expect a thank you. People don’t see beyond their own needs and think that as long as they’re pleased, you should be or you’re defective. But everyone needs and reality are different, to not know so little and accuse people of being imbalanced, you’re really discriminating, judging, ignorant and plain retarded… Psychiatrists are all psychopaths. Psychiatry made them so, even without their knowledge, which is the problem in the first place. It makes even their workers insane.

If you stupidly demand a magical pill to make all the bad stuff go away without actually making the bad stuff go away, someone will gladly sell you some snake oil, but it doesn’t mean that it will work!

Have you ever seen anyone laugh and be all energetic and cheerful on antidepressants? I sure haven't, I've seen a lot of zombies and miserable people not even having the energy to cry or complain though... But I sure feel energetic on too much vitamin B complex and cheerfully relaxed with an overdose of magnesium... and everything I could possibly wish for on many grams of vitamin C.

But hey, it must be too good to be true to feel good when you feed your body's needs right, preposterous, we only need sugar to function... so just trust a magical pill. We don't need vitamins, just drugs... *eye twitch* Now that's pure insanity. Well, more like intense stupidity from misinformation and deliberate lies. Insanity doesn't exist, it's just what we say when we can't or won't understand. The only thing those manufacturers do understand is that you'll give any amount of money for anything with a happy promise; no matter how obviously deadly it is... Ah~ Hope... If you weren’t false we wouldn't even need you! We'd get results! Vitamins and minerals do. They create life and maintain it. Drugs tries to force things, imbalance the body, denies needs, enable to ignore dangers and damage... drugs are candy for the stupid. I know sheer agony, only a huge amount of vitamin C helped. Because that's what my body wanted in the first place!!! To be able to handle stress, getting rid of them was even better... Well, what I wanted wasn't worth losing what I needed... like the ability to walk and breathe...

But feel free to trust psychiatry and just electrocute your brain until your head gets in fire, and hammer a ice pic into your brain and see if it works for you. I wouldn't want to take your precious junk food away. If a calorie is a calorie, then eating nothing but Twinkies is as good for physical and mental well being as eating a vegetable stew, and all those fancy vitamins were made by nature so that quacks can get rich selling real food, like broccoli, a mere few bucks at a time. Hey McDonald's is good for kids, they said so, they wouldn't be lying now would they~ Clowns never lie. They just kill you in your sleep.

Or you can just rest, junky clown free, tell people to fuck off, and finally eat real food~

I love being truthfully cynically random, it cheers me up~


Lisa Of Shades
9 April 2013
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