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Health ~ Depression ~ Antidepressants are a deadly lie!

Antidepressants are only good to kill yourself! (Pill are bullets)Antidepressants don't deserve their name. Far from it. They CAUSE depression and death!

Because antidepressants are NOT serotonin!

(The feel good neurotransmitter.)

They're INSULIN!!!
(What lowers your blood sugar and stores it into fat.)

They cause hypoglycemia which may be the problem in the first place.

The hypoglycemia symptoms are the same as antidepressants AND mental problems!

If you don't nourish yourself with the nutrients that your body requires to survive, of course your brain won't reward you with serotonin to make you feel good! It requires magnesium and is produced IN THE GUT!

You also need to avoid toxins, allergens and be safe. Spending energy have to be balanced with rest well. Otherwise you get sick and die. Your brain will warn you of illness before doctors can even detect it! If you learn to understand pain and take care of yourself, you'll notice that it's a precious ally to respect your limits, and you have to or you "burn out", and that's what depression should be called.

Psychiatry use insulin to force you to store your blood sugar not to make you happy, but to make you weak, compliant and easy to control... while they exploit you. They take you away from the true cure because they're even more clueless than you about the cause.

Do you really want to give you your well being and very life in the hands of people who believe that hammering an ice pick in people brains make them better? The techniques changed, but the goal is the same. Insulin induced hypoglycemia cause brain damage and psychiatry used it instead of electroshocks "therapy" and to put people in a "therapeutic" coma. There's nothing therapeutic about torture and deadly procedures! Maybe for the sadist inflicting it, but not for the patient, even if it discourage them from complaining ever again, the suffering will just get worse, even if they're too brain damaged to notice it.

Doing nothing at all would be better. At least you wouldn't get worse from the drug... with "side effects" such as kidney damage and sudden death...

If you want to be happy, do what your body needs to be healthy, your brain will thank you.


Antidepressants don't have an effect on neurotransmitters

The claim that antidepressants have an effect on serotonin is just marketing out of nowhere, not based on facts.

There’s no way to test patient’s brains to know if they really have a serotonin problem, that’s why they don’t test before prescribing the drug. It also means that there’s no way to test if the drug works by having an effect on serotonin!

Antidepressants don’t work like that. And they know it. Making you happy isn't their goal, it's to keep you quiet and addicted, for their own convenience and profit.

If only antidepressants were animal tranquilizers... or even rat poison (See wikipedia about warfarin, it's used as rat poison and as a blood thinner. It's so absurd to damage your organs when you can use garlic and other foods instead, see Medicine is death not healing.) But taking insulin is even deadlier than poison!

Psychiatry used insulin since a long time to deliberately cause brain damage and comas, so that patients would be compliant for their convenience. It seems less barbaric than hammering the brain with an ice pick and electrocuting people, but it has the same goal: destruction. That can't possibly be what your brain needs to function.

Calling insulin "antidepressants" won't make anyone happier! Just like calling shit a rose won't make it smell any better!

Taking insulin and depriving your body of energy is extremely dangerous, it's even risky for diabetics. You can drop dead. And psychiatric clients do.

Because it doesn't give your brain one of its need, it takes one away: blood sugar fuel!

You die when you don't have enough, death isn't a cure!

Too much insulin causes hypoglycemia, which can causes brain damage, psychosis and even sudden death, that's deadlier than toxins! Your brain can acting up with hungry rage, as your body tries to fight for its very survival, confused and scared while being at death's doors. It sure causes anxiety and depression, and for a damn good reason!

The cruel irony is that: Antidepressants CAUSE anxiety and depression!!!

Psychiatry is counting on it to keep the customer for life and sell even more drug. Using this aberrant effect to blame their victim and justify their wrong doings. It's destructive and invalidating, physically and mentally. They ARE out to get you. All business does but pushers are especially cunning and destructive.

They wanted to make people nice and quiet... well, I guess they have succeeded because zombies and corpses can't complain!

A simple no can save your life. Say no to drugs, say yes to healthy choices.

Your life is the direct results of choices, and they are as endless as possibilities.

If you want different results, then welcome change. There is no such thing as a magic pill that will bend the laws of causalities. But they can kill.

There’s no escape from the consequences of how you treat yourself. But there can be even easier alternatives to a bad choice.

Choose better.

Make the effort to enjoy~

The brain needs fuel, specific nutrients and oxygen to function, just like the rest of your body.

I've never seen anyone laugh on antidepressants. Ever.

But taking enough magnesium can cause a brief euphoria... it can make you feel good all the time, take care of PMS cramps, and sleep like a baby~ Incredible right? Not as much as how healthy I get by taking several grams of vitamin C and how much energy I have with the B complex.

Side effect of taking too much: taking a shit, before it can rot too long along with your colon, which prevents cancer. Win-win.

Why don't you try those first, magnesium is vital to be even able to make neurotransmitters, vitamin C to regulate its fuel, and the B complex to carry oxygen. Maybe you have an imbalance of nutrients in the brain. *chuckles* But an antidepressant deficiency, there's no such thing. Neurotransmitters aren't made out of sheer will, you need the proper recipe and it sure isn't junk food and cola.

Good nutrition is the basic of life. Just like breathing.

If you breathe farts all day, you won't feel the same as being in a garden of roses... but at least it won't poison you, even to the point of asthma and cancer, the way chemical perfumes do. If you ask for a pill that will magically make farts smell good, someone will sell it to you, but it won't mean that it will work or that you should accept to eat farts. Sometimes it's better to kick someone's ass, walk away, or wait patiently with the stench to remind you to run at the first opportunity.

Don’t get cozy in shit. Be grateful to your brain, senses, feeling and emotions to know the difference with what's really good for you, and to punish you until you treat yourself right!

Your body loves you unconditionally, forever. Stop trying to find that outside, you won't. The cries that you feel, longing for cares, are your body's requests to YOU! He will never give up on you or abandon you, he'll always do its best to protect you, even against yourself... The least you can do is to give your body what you need! You're not a helpless baby anymore. You can do it. Don't worry, if you make a mistake, your body will tell you, and all you have to do is try something else. It’s all part of the fun of living!

Respect your body, and then you'll feel self respect and self love, and you'll shine with happiness even in adversity, because you'll know that your body will help you figure it out, no matter how long or what it takes, and you'll feel as safe as your will to do it.

It starts with the basics. Just like you were as a baby, you need nutrition, rest, safety, and the right level of stimulation... not too little to avoid being bored, but not too much either or you'll get exhausted.

Balance your life, and you'll be balanced.

One of the most crucial needs to balance is blood sugar. The quicker the raise with refined grains and sugar, the quicker and harder the crash.

It's nutrition that counts not calories.

You need vitamin C more than you need sugar.

Imbalances affect the brain and they can be the problem in the first place. They are the logical and unavoidable consequence of eating too much sugar and refined grains. No wonder depression is so wide spread. Swallowing insulin will only make your sugar crash in an even lower hypoglycemia, harder and deadlier! Stopping the junk is the only way to escape both the diseases and the distress.

Neurotransmitters are made from the B complex, magnesium... and any nutrient deficiency causes distress. Especially vitamin C and the B complex, which are used by the adrenal glands to free energy in times of stress.

Those water soluble vitamins are not stored in fat, which can rapidly cause a painful and life threatening deficiencies. It's such agony that they were recognized by the medical industry as causing diseases, even though they seem to have forgotten it and found fancier names for their symptoms nowadays, selling expensive drugs that never provides a cure but only tries to mask symptoms, often causing more harm and diseases in the process, even causing and worsening what it’s supposed to prevent.

But the only way to cure Scurvy (lack of C), pellagra (niacin B3) beriberi (B1) and anemia (B12 & C to absorb iron, make the red blood cells that carry oxygen) is to provide the appropriate vitamins... They all cause depression and mental distress to the point of dementia... and death. That's how vital they are for normal body functions.

Taking drugs to deny the natural and normal emotions of living beings, denying the reasonable warning that is depression... won't save you from the agony and death.

Only nutrition will heal you.

Choices will set you free, your feelings will guide you

Drugs don't free you from your problems, they're still there becoming worse while you ignore them in denial. Drugs don't give you the ability to think of a solution, they take your reason away even more! Without emotions as information, especially the painful ones, your rational brain can't do its wonderful job: figure out what's best for you. Then without aim, your survival instinct can't properly protect you from harm, and can even lash out at the wrong target. It's true for medicine, and its especially true for mind altering drugs.

If your body and brain has its needs fulfilled optimally he'll function optimally.

Give yourself what you need and get rid of what harms you.

The negative feelings are only there to help you figure out the difference, to motivate you, to teach you how to better your life, to find safety, to fulfill your needs. And when you succeed that... when your whole body has its needs and let go of harm, only then your brain tells you that you're happy. It's the natural and normal way, the way it's supposed to be, if it isn't... then it's not just in your head. Find which aspect of your life is wrong and fix it, sometimes all you need to do is simply to accept it.

Don't deny yourself the basics of life that are feelings. You're a person because you're a sentient being, and there's only beauty in that.

There's nothing wrong with you, your reason, or who you are. It's the worst bullshit that psychiatry has ever claimed.

There's simply something amiss in your life and the body reacts accordingly. Change the circumstances, the nutrition, the company, even the priority and convictions... and everything can change. Even the fate from your genes, even cancer, and even despair. Possibilities are as endless as choices.

Don't try to run away from your emotions, run towards what your whole being needs to feel good. Beyond what you think you want and what the people out to get you tell you to believe.

Only you can figure it out and choose for yourself. That responsibility is freedom itself.


Doing nothing would be better than taking antidepressants

Run for your very life! Doing nothing is better than antidepressants.

Even suicide would be better as long as it's a free informed decision. On your terms, not murdered with false hope. But try a good healthy meal, a hot bath, a scream in a pillow, telling people to fuck off, and a good night sleep first.

The simplest things can be the most effective. Because if you don't have the basics, the unessential will never compensate for what's truly vital.

What you want will never replace what you need.

It's especially true about drugs. If you want to run away... then instead to take drugs: just walk away telling yourself "I don't need this shit". But make efforts for what's precious to you. Life isn't supposed to be easy, share with gratitude and make compromises, but respect your limit.

Often, all you have to do is express your needs with convictions. But if you refuse to fill them yourself, don't expect others to be able to do twice the work for you and themselves... they'll either claws your very life from you in your back, or you'll suck life out of them until they have to run away.

Take care of your own life, and sometimes all you can do, before you figure out what to do, is to feel.

The facts and science... this will happen to you if you surrender to antidepressant drugs

Because insulin causes several consequences, which aren't actually "side" effects of antidepressants, they ARE the effects, it's what insulin DOES. It stores glucose into fat, and it causes hypoglycemia... which CAUSES depression, psychosis, suicidal ideation, and sudden death.

Antidepressants cause all that, because that's what they actually do. Deliberately.

They deny fuel to your whole body and brain to keep you weak and docile... So you'd be easy to control, dominate and exploit.

Psychiatry used electroshocks and an ice pick to cause brain damage, and now they use insulin because they don't make them look as barbaric as they actually are! Their methods are different, but their goal is the same. You're nothing but a mindless animal to be tamed to them, like a golden goose. Control yourself and your own life, or yes, someone will do it for you, but it won't be for your own good, we all act for our own best interest.

People ARE out to get you and your money. Just say NO.

Whoever holds the responsibility holds the power. Don't give it away. It's your freedom and dignity.

If you want to live, never surrender your own life.

Otherwise you literally become a slave.

They tell you to endure even though the drug makes you feel worst. Pretending that your body is adjusting to it and that it will eventually make you feel happier... when in fact what is happening is that your pancreas is slowly shutting down, it's work being replaced by an external chemical, impairing one of your very vital organs... in agony until you get used to feeling even shittier...

A daily dose of insulin can't possibly do the many subtle variations through the day that your pancreas does... so making it atrophy and replacing it by toxic chemicals, denying the try of another alternative on someone who's sick (like eating less sugar and grains) is criminal, especially when the pancreas was healthy in the first place!!!

And after they shut down a perfectly good organ... you end up unable to stop the drugs! Enslaved.

The drugs are never a solution in the first place but one more burden on your body!

And when your life gets better, as water passes under the bridge of your grief and bring something better... after you rest, eat well, and do all the things that you have to do in the first place anyway... you are forced to keep taking the drugs... or having to face a hardship even harder than what you were trying to escape with the drugs, to become free of them.

Enjoy better and you'll feel better~

You can't choose your life but you can choose how you live it

Psychiatry won't save you. Look at its history with their methods, goal and results: it's hell itself, it's doom, it's death. They never cured anyone. But they killed so many.

If you want serotonin, make sure that your body has the right materials, by eating healthy, and that your life situation is a happy one. Appreciate, enjoy, and make sure that you're safe from harm, no matter what you have to let go of, or fight against, by standing up for yourself with respect and love. If you want it, then feel it for yourself.

What you deserve is irrelevant, life can be unfair but it's always the result of actions. Accept that you can't control others and providence itself. Do your best, with what's available to you at the time, to make the choices that will be in your favor. According to the results, not what you think the results should be. Mistakes are there to teach you. Don't be affraid of finding them out and you'll be able to correct them.

Don't fall for the trap of immediate gratification; keep your mind open to long term effects. Not all pleasures are worth the price. Everything has a positive and negative side, look at both before you choose, because the only escape from the bad is let go of the good too. Sometimes the gain is no worth the pain, and when it’s all loss anyway, then quit to save yourself.

Simplify your life and you'll simplify your problems. Sometimes less is more. Don't be affraid of loss, sometimes it's actually a gain and nothing's more valuable than safety and freedom.

There is no escape from the consequences of your actions, how you treat yourself and allow people to treat you, but you can make different choices anytime. You don't have power upon everything and everyone, but changing your priorities, denying something value, denies it power and effect on you.

Your mind and your convictions have power. The power to torment or free you.


Psychiatry is out to get you... and all of us

It's not for your own good. When people try to claim it so loudly, by spending so much money on ads, trying to pass mere opinions as facts with no science to back them up, giving bribes to doctors to prescribe their poisons without even doing tests to find physical conditions (there always is a physical cause of a mental symptom and not even in the brain), and even falsifying the deaths that their drug caused even in their studies with healthy volunteers... obviously... they ARE out to get you. All of us.

They only want to make you shut up and be a quiet little addict. When that works they're happy, even if you feel worse, because they make loads of cash, even if it cripples your ability to live even more and even kill you… and it does. On purpose.

Don't trust ads. Be terrified of psychiatry. Don't put chemicals in your body. Don’t destroy yourself with drugs.

Being tortured with electrocution might make your problems look insignificant by comparison, making you seem to help you get over it… but you can learn something to better your future from painful memories… you can’t from brain damage.

Just make healthier choices and you’ll have healthier results.

We have the power over psychiatry, over our lives, not the other way around!

They don't know about science, but they know that their drug doesn't make people happy and even kill people. They see it, but they don't stop, because they make so much money... because people would rather buy their false hope than do the simplest thing:

Just make healthier choices and you’ll have healthier results.
Change your life and your life will change.

Everybody knows it. As ineffective and even barbaric psychiatry is... it can only exist because there is a credulity and demand.

Take control of your own life. Control yourself. Make the right choices. Only you can figure them out. But for that you need a clean head, clean of poisons. Well fed and well rested. Then the answer will come, and it's often the answer itself.

Life forms didn't need antidepressants to live through all this evolution, and we don't do now either. But we still need to eat real living foods.

Humanity wouldn't have survived this far if we weren't able to bear hell itself without antidepressants.

There was a time that we didn't even have the internet *gasps* of cell phones... or even running water and no flushing toilet. People even stabbed each other on a daily basis. And people laughed anyway. You can find a reason to smile if you choose to, or smile for the pure sake of enjoying it. You can decide to feel ungrateful and miserable while you have everything by looking at the one thing that you don't or thinking that it's never enough... or you can appreciate what you have, and still thrive for improvement, without forgetting to enjoy the present. It's called a gift for a reason.

At least it's not even worse.


Thoughts and emotions have power, and not just on the brain

Discover the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

In my healers page of his site at masaru-emoto.

With positive energy from positive thoughts and intent, with gratitude and love "the water in these bottles, when frozen, created complete crystals that were lovely to behold." But with negative energy from despise and hatred "unpleasant, imcomplete, and malformed crystals were created." From music as well.

"It becomes clear when we remember that the adult human body is approximately 70% water and infant bodies are about 90% water.

That's one of the reasons why I tell you to enjoy all the time!


All my thoughts. It takes a lot of ideas to find the right one, and I have more

(Written at first, I'll just keep all the different versions and let you choose which one empowers you the most)

Do you really wish for the path of psychiatry after everything horrid that they've done and still do? Because there's no way that it's an improvement. Unless you're the one making cash from the drugs.

You'll worsen your agony and be too brain damaged to notice at best, or you'll die.

Make your own mistakes, don't let people impose them on you.

Make an informed decision. Look it up, people tried before you. The dead can't talk but they still have a lesson to teach.

Denial is never a solution!

Pain isn't there to hurt you; it's there to tell you to stop hurting yourself!!!

If you want serotonin make sure that you consume enough of the B complex, C, magnesium and other nutrients to be able to make them. They're not made out of water and good will.

If your reality is misery, then it's perfectly sane to feel misery. It will pass. Keep your mind alert and you'll figure it out, no matter how long or what it takes.

If you keep your mind open you'll be able to find new and better solutions. Possibilities will become accessible to you, for being able to see them instead to deny them, and become able to gain more than you thought possible.

If you accept to let go, if you accept loss (many crap are better gone) and if you accept change... you'll be able to accept better.

If you accept that you are alive and life itself for what it is: a variety of everything... and you'll be able to live. No matter what it takes.

If you accept your needs and limits as a living being, accepting yourself and putting yourself first, all the crap will matter less, and you'll easily know what you have to do.

Do what you feel that you need, not what you're told that you need by some ads.

Make mistakes... but I hope that you won't make the one of taking antidepressants. But I still respect free will. Because the choice isn't up to me. It's up to you.

Pills only teach you to give up, surrender and resign yourself to despair!

Keep your mind clean and well fed, so you can figure things out and find a solution. But sometimes all you can do, all you need, is to simply allow yourself the time to digest the bad feelings, and not stay stuck in this natural phase of grief by trying to run away from this normal process! Find coping mechanisms instead to blow your mind away, do that to problems. You are not the problem!!! Lack of knowledge often is. You can learn from other's experiences or by your own. But either way you can.

You already know better, so just do it. Choose better.

Don't let chemicals trick your brain. Not from "food", and not from drugs. And that's often the problem in the first place.

Get real by eating real and you'll feel real good! You'll have the materials needed for your body to function appropriately and be able to use energy in a stable way, so you'll be able to deal with whatever life throws at you... and one method includes walking away.

You don't need this shit! Psychiatry needs you. But you don't need them! You can figure way better solutions than so called self proclaimed specialists who falsify facts and invent them out of no where.

Trust nature, your own, and life. Don’t let people poison your mind metaphorically and especially not literally. Don’t do this to yourself. You have so many better things and possibilities to try.

Humanity, all life forms, got this far in evolution without antidepressants.

You can do it too.

The pancreas become too weak to pick up the extra work after expecting the insulin to come from pills, and if you try to stop them abruptly it causes severe imbalance in your blood sugar, and that causes a shock to your whole body, every cells, and your brain. That's why people can go crazy and even berserk when they try to get off them... Because hypoglycemia is pure agony.... and antidepressants cause it...

Don't start! Try nutrition first!!!

Try getting rid of the assholes who make you feel like crap, and value yourself above them even if they're right! Try to better yourself at your own pace, but of course avoid spreading bullshit around you. Don't try to pursue pleasure mindlessly or you'll end up in a bear trap! Keep your head clear.

When you have blood sugar imbalances, and lack of oxygen as well, every single of your cells are dying... and nothing could be more sane and natural than trying to fight to live... but you have to teach your survival instinct how.

Pills only teach you to give up and surrender.
Pills only teach you to embrace despair!

Abandon all hopes, make it happen... but don't close your mind to despair!!! The existence are made of infinite possibilities and you won't know what's possible for you until you live towards it!

Of course the body and mind will revolt against such an absurd thing. People died for freedom through the ages. It's not insane, it's the will to live. The will to do. The urge to act. Don't let it be taken away from you!

Pharma representatives, the salesman that are psychiatrists, tell you to endure even though you feel worst when you start taking their drugs. They say that implying that it will eventually make you happy, but nothing could be further from the truth! What they expect is for your vital organ to shut down so you end up DEPENDENT ON THEM and unable to stop even if your life gets better, even if you find a better solution, but they make sure that you can't find your way out of misery by starving your brain into a dumb zombie state... unable to think, feel, live... Only existing to give them money. The consequences of drugs are a sadder fate than any mistakes that you can possibly do on your own trying to improve your life constructively.

The pills CAUSE an imbalance in YOUR WHOLE BODY! It screws up your blood sugar, which is often the problem in the first place. Because of all the refine grains that publicity tries to force feed us. Processed junk have zero nutrition when it's what counts, but a huge amount of calories and profit!

And when you get worst on antidepressants from the hypoglycemia that it causes, and when you try to stop them because your weakened pancreas can't pick up the work and a rapid change in blood sugar cause shock... They use that agony, CAUSED by the drug, to justify its use and to give you even more of it!!!

Blaming it on you when THEY screwed your brain up! On purpose! They deny you the very right to find any other solutions, destroying your self esteem and sense of self by invalidating who you are, by calling your very personality, your very emotions, your sensations as a living being, a disease to be cured. That's as absurd as it's absolutely damaging and sadistic!

Don't believe that bullshit. Especially if it's true. If you're a stupid piece of shit you'll have a hard enough time figuring out life without people briging you down. It doesn't matter what you deserve, it doesn't even matter what you think you want (the ads twist it)... only care about your vital needs; and only your own body can tell you what is is.

But teach yourself right. For example, it's better to get calcium from greens than a whole bucket of ice cream. Calcium is needed to relax, but it won't if you ingest a pound of sugar along with it!

The information is all out there, just open your mind to everything, the more choices, the freer you'll feel, so don't doom yourself to just one. Why surrender to psychiatry when you can embrace nutrition. Believe in living things and eat them, all of them. There are way more vegetables than animals. Welcome variety, welcome the world, welcome life!

Psychiatry make profit out of your misery, which they happily inflict on you with a condescending smile... they take you away from real solutions with false hope, until the pills kill you.

Since they look so down on you, it's win-win for them. But loose-loose for you.

If you want to feel better and be happy, avoid the bear traps with a nice bait in them, avoid ALL DRUGS! Hunt your own needs yourself. On your own. Free~ And with dignity.

Dignity is free. You only have to choose it. Open your mind to new possibilities. If you want health, make healthy choices. You get the consequences of your choices. Everything has a positive and negative side, and it even depends on how you look at it. If you only like one aspect but suffer from another, the only way is to let go entirely and choose something else.

You cannot bend the very laws of the universe, and certainly not with a pill.

Depression is merely a sign of exhaustion.
Let go of what hurts you and embrace what heals you.

It's that simple... once you choose right and allow it to become an habit, it's not even an effort. Enjoy a good rest too. Fuck exercise. If you can, you'll want to. Make sure that you're NOURISHED properly and well enough and everything will be easier.

Antidepressants are only good to kill yourself with! If you want to die, take them, if you want to feel better, start making healthier choices. Because everybody knows "A healthy mind in a healthy body". Because it's one and the same! If your mind suffers and is fucked up, it's because you did or allowed something wrong that fucked your body up! And antidepressants are one of the bad stuff.

They don't make you smile. They make you worst! And they blame you saying that it justify even more of their use when they only added more problems on your already exhausted being.

That's how they enslave you for life mentally... but you don't need them, you only need to let go and find acceptance. Not resign yourself to misery, but only accept that you're human, with needs, that they simply aren't met... then your mind will open to what you need to do... You just need to listen to the voice of reason. Yup~

The crime doesn't just end there... Not only they don't cure an imbalance in the brain, because they never could prove that, because it,s a lie... but their dugs CAUSE imbalances in your whole body! ON PURPOSE! They enslave you physically too.

Because when you artificially provide something produced by one of the endocrine glands, the organ has to stop working to compensate. If you take artificial cortisol (hydrocortisone) instead to eat enough vitamin C and B to make your own, your glands will atrophy just like unused muscles. Adaptation takes time, so if you stop the drug abruptly, your body won't be able to pick up the slack instantly and you'll crash. That's why hydrocortisone can cause a life threatening acute adrenal crisis. There's also the common knowledge that steroids used by body builders shrinks their testicles.

It also does the same if you take insulin, it's made by the pancreas so it will become unable to do its job by regulating blood sugar (it stores it into the liver and fat, then the adrenal frees them as you need). So if you stop taking the insulin in so called antidepressants abruptly, the whole body will have unstable blood sugar and that's very bad for the brain!

Stopping antidepressants cold turkey is dangerous, but taking them too! Spare yourself that agony and don't start taking drugs. Any drugs. Ever. Life is hard enough...

The pharmaceutical companies enslave you by sabotaging your vital organs... denying their functions when noting proves that you need it... without passing any tests... forcing you to become dependent so they can make profits by exploiting and enabling your suffering to continue needlessly... after a painful adaptation when you're already suffering enough... shutting down your very vital organs...

And pretending that it will make you happy. Psychiatry is disgusting, revolting, criminal and plain insane.

I'm more caring for your own well being by telling you: get your stupid head out of your ass and stop doing bullshit to yourself. I think you're a retard compared to me, but I still believe in you, you can do things that even I can't, and you can figure it out eventually, on your own, all alone.

You can do it.

Possibilities are endless. You can choose a lesser of two evil even in hell.

The only thing that must be feared and fought against is death, not truth. Antidepressants kill. Fear them. People ARE out to get you!!!

Psychiatry is a scam. Plain and simple. They try to pretend they're doctors, but they don't have any facts, only prejudices. Even doctors turn away from the utmost basics: You need to eat, breathe and sleep properly to live, safe from attacks. They think they're above nature and embrace chemicals that only poison us... ignoring the cries of the body that try to warn us of the incoming death, when only listening to pain can make us AVOID DEATH. Silencing the warnings and rushing on the same course with your eyes closed will only lead you to a disastrous ruin!

Their pills is like tying up a healthy person in a wheelchair for months and years and denying him the right to use his legs... he won't be able to walk anymore even once freed... Especially if he believe as he's told that he's too stupid to walk, that it will be easier to keep paying them to use a wheelchair... Horrifying... Enslaved even though he never needed it... because then it gets harder than ever to get back what was taken from you...

They say to be patient until the drug becomes effective even though your body will shriek that you feel even worse every steps of the way, with reason... Your blood sugar gets even more messed up from the unneeded insulin and your pancreas is shutting down. It's like asking you to be docile while they cut off your legs... in the hope to be able to bounce happily in the sunset. Now that's some serious bullshit, but it's actually what they do!!! And I'm not even exaggerating! Maybe you still have your pancreas, but it causes brain damage when the brain is denied fuel... They did it with electroshocks, ice pick… and now they use chemicals…

They want to DESTROY YOU… because people fear and hate what they don’t understand… I have hypoglycemia and anemia at the same time, lack of fuel and oxygen can really make a brain suffer... it still took me a long time to understand even though I was living it and have a high IQ. But without daring to face the truth even geniuses are just dumb asses... and you have to find the right opportunity with the patience to look further...

But some people just plain don’t want to… They just want to control others out of fear and spite... when they can't even control themselves, when it's the best and only thing that you can do. Unless you want to exploit others and hurt them out of self glorifying sadism. Psychiatry does that a lot. They probably looked at themselves when inventing their labels. They even brainwashed doctors with bribes and false medical reports to bypass doing physical tests to see if the distress was justified and systematically prescribe antidepressants... when so many physical problems, that have nothing to do with the brain, cause it... Like hypoglycemia... which antidepressant cause... Can you see the monstrusous hypocrisy yet? It's not there to save you.

If you want salvation... do it yourself.
Even Jesus won't come back to do it for you! We killed him, for the "good of society" and then we declared that he was born to be murdered, that doing so opened the doors of heaven... that we don't have to make any efforts to save ourselves... But Jesus preached to do good... to have heaven on earth. Your god left it in your hands when he gave you free will. You're his instrument, you carve the world... you make your own world around you... You can make it shine, or you can make it bleed... but you have to live in the middle of it... you can't run away from yourself. You can try and run off a cliff though. "Hell was paved by good intentions"... because good will isn't enough, calling poison happiness isn't enough... you need real results... and the results of antidepressants is misery and death! Even believing in fairy tales would be less insane than taking drugs, especially that one. Personally I like the red riding hood, but I respect your freedom to believe in whatever you want as long as it DOES make you happy. I've seen people on antidepressants, I can't respect people who fooling themselves into even more misery thinking that it solves the problem to ignore their very emotions.

It's because we have sensations from our senses that we know that we are alive! It's because we have feelings that we know that we exist. "I think therefore I am"...

Denying people the right to be sad is denying them the right to find happiness.

Denying people pain is denying them the right to be healed!!!!!!!!


(I'm so awesome. *takes some time to make the effort to pat her own back* Try it sometimes. It was just 2 phrases in a long flow of crap, but they made everything worth it! Mwahaha~ I'm so hungry.)

To find solutions, don't mutilate yourself, don't throw your life away, keep your mind clear:

Take a deep breath and control yourself. Don’t panic like a mindless animal or you’ll be treated like one. Acknowledge the danger and then figure out a way rationally with the limited brain resources at your disposal on the moment, which might be more limited than if you were well fed and rested… and sometimes the best thing to do is attack like a wolf… But self control will give you more power than trying to control others. A gun with a crooked aim is too hard to use… and with a fine mind you can talk your way out of anything. Lawyers do it all the time… And psychiatry got away with mass murders way longer than Hitler did.

The imbalance in the brain has never been proven, but antidepressants create one by messing with the blood sugar even further than it already is in our junk food society.

Don't believe anything, question everything. Have faith in life itself, in the consequences, that your body feels what he does for a reason... but keep your eyes open... it's the only way to see the light and find the right path… and that’s different for everyone. If you give insulin to someone with diabetes type 1, you might save his life, but if you give it to a hypoglycemic…you’ll kill him.

Only trust yourself, because only you will benefit from your own good. There' no one crueler than people pretending that they can do it for you... because they take your free will, dignity, control and very life away. It's very demeaning and degrading, because they're telling you that you're too stupid to do it yourself eventually and condemn you to stay helpless... drugging your brain into oblivion so you will never be able to figure out their abuse and the solution. But dignity is free. All you have to do is hold on to it.

If you dig deep enough to find the side effects of antidepressants, you find them all. They sure don't want you to find out, but it's still there for you to see when you choose to face the truth... and if there is one thing that you should run for your life away from... it's psychiatry! They never helped anyone but their own pockets. And you know it, but you close your eyes because you don't want to bother trying to find a solution for yourself. You want it easy, you want it to be over...

And predators are counting on it with their bait. Sometimes it's better for a fish to starve, when it means swallowing a hook and be eaten. The worm isn't there to help the fish, it's there to make the fish THINK that it will be good for him. Don't fall for it.

DOING NOTHING AT ALL is a better solution.
Eventually the answer will come if you keep your mind clean.

They're denying you energy by using insulin to force you to store it into fat ON PURPOSE!!! It's the antidepressants' GOAL. The name is just marketing so the animals will willingly swallow the leashes! It's worst than denial and wishful thinking, do that alone, don't swallow poison! Don't mess with an already fragile body chemistry!

But of course they won't let you know the side effects easily... just look at home they called their poison... They mislead you on purpose. To exploit and control you, because they think you're defective...

But you're NOT defective... that's how a body is SUPPOSED to react to misery! To motivate you to do something about it and change for the better!

Pain isn't there to hurt you; it's there to tell you to stop hurting yourself!!!

Take your hand out of the fire already and stop eating needles!

Your body and brain won't function right if you don't provide their vital needs by eating the right materials... and nothing could possibly be more natural and normal than that! Than not feeling good when you're starving for nutrients, sleep deprived, exhausted, poisoned, sometimes by being allergic to even natural things, abused... You're not crazy for knowing that something doesn't feel good... but it would be insane to deny you the very awareness and right to do something to improve your life.

Psychiatry is insane! It's not sane... it is NOT!

They're not just similar to street pushers; they started the trade in the first place!!! They sold heroin and cocaine to people who were ready to throw their life away in other people's hands in the false hope that they could do better... but they had no interests in accomplishing that result... but all profit to be made in keeping you sick, miserable and dependant on their false hope... even though it sent people straight to a living hell and even killed them.

Abandon all hopes! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Pharmaceutical companies serve psychiatry, not you! And they don't want to make you happy, they want to make you weak, docile, and easy to control and dominate. They don't give a shit if you suffer, as long as you don't have the energy to cry out and inconvenience people, they ignore your problems just as much as you actually want to by putting your very life in the hands of drug pushers!

People who want to improve their lives find the causes and solutions; they try to better their situation and themselves. If you really wanted change, you'd change! Even if it's a small thing. You have to make a sacrifice to have a gain! Even when it's a change for the better, you still have to let go of the crap and the habits. You have to accept to be lost so you can find yourself in a new and better place!

  • You'd stop eating what you KNOW is bad for you and start eating more of what you KNOW your body needs to function.
  • You'd absolutely refuse to fall from lying ads and be enslaved by poisons.
  • You'd let go of poisonous relationships instead to cling to false love out of fear of loneliness. You'd take care of yourself, yourself.
  • You'd respect your limits instead to try to act like wonder woman or superman, but just ending up like an exhausted squid.
  • You'd tell the people who want to abuse you by using guilt and insults such as laziness when you need to rest, and tell those slave drivers a simple no.
  • You'd at least try. One small step at a time. Instead to think that you can outrun the cause to effects... the CONSEQUENCES of what YOU do. As if humans could undo the very laws of the universe, or time and space... and with a simple pill! Absurd. Wanting that makes you vulnerable to the worst abuse, and people will gladly indulge you in your own stupidity, with a kind smile, letting you put a gun into your mouth after putting it in a bottle for your convenience.

Psychiatry lied to you. They know that antidepressants won't make you happy. It's like putting a dog on a leash by calling it a toy or a reward. Absurd. Names don't make things what they are, RESULTS do. Antidepressants make people more miserable and killed many.

On purpose.

They look down on you as weaklings. To them you're not someone with anemia who need to eat some good eggs and maybe take some supplements... you're just some crazy piece of shit, who need to be controlled... put in a cage like an animal, subdued, dominated, destroyed... and if the law allowed it... killed... Those pills would be recalled if it happened because it was a bad formula. No, they keep going... because they want you DEAD!

Watch the YouTube video: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. The man talking before the documentary looks brain damaged... from the drug.

Look at the results! NO ONE have ever smiled on antidepressants, but they lost the energy to even complain! Many DIED!

More in my page Folly of psychiatry. Understanding the past helps understand the present and where the future leads.

Or just trust my words... nah... trust the RESULTS! Have you EVER seen anyone with a smile on antidepressants? Smiling is a choice. DO IT. If you want every cells of your body and mind to rejoice as well, then give them what they want. You have billions of microscopic mouths to feed. Stop eating poisons, shit would actually be an upgrade.

It’s not for your own good. It never is. If you want that you’ll have to do it yourself.

So you want to give up, you're depressed, you just want to shove cookies and icecream down your throat until you explode, and fuck vegetables, and when you'll get sick and feel miserable, let someone else make it all okay with magic~ Cutting you open to do a bypass, or hammering your brain with an ice pick... oh right, they found a way to damage the brain without looking barbaric... they deprive it of fuel... with insulin... and they call that happy pills.

So next time you want to neglect and abuse yourself... in denial... wanting drugs... grab a freaking broccoli and shove it down your throat!

But if you want to die... truly die and not just a feeling from the agony of a sugar crash, because hypoglycemia is worst than death... If you truly want to die and not get better... then go ahead, take antidepressants, they'll will KILL you. They will kill who you are by not having enough fuel to make your brain functions enough to be able to have thoughts, feelings, a personality and make your own choices... and then they will kill your body by pushing your hypoglycemia farther over the edge.

Or you can start listening to the voices in your head. The voice of reason. If they tell you that you're a piece of shit, then stop eating shit. Get better food and tell people to fuck off. You don't need to kill to get rid of people. You can simply ignore them, it's more powerful and hurtful than hate, because you deny them any power over you. Put yourself above them. Dignity is free.

You can live. Or you can kill yourself. But once you surrender the power over your own life over to someone else... you're as good as dead. Because they have no interest in your well being, only in theirs at your peril. And without freedom, the freedom to make mistakes as much as the freedom to make things better... without the responsibility of clinging on to life... you'd have no reason to feel happy anyway. So enjoy yourself, people will hate you no matter what you do. Out of envy, frustrated that you didn't lick their asses, or because they hate themselves for neglecting themselves so bad too.

So stop the bullshit and cling to life if you want to live. Life itself. Not lies in a bottle.


  • Serotonin:

    It's the happy brain juices that tells you that you took care of yourself right and are okay.

    Dictionary: a neurotransmitter, derived from tryptophan, that is involved in sleep, depression, memory, and other neurological processes.
  • Insulin:

    It's the pancreas juices that stores excess sugar.


    Biochemistry: a polypeptide hormone, produced by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas, that regulates the metabolism of glucose and other nutrients.

    Pharmacology: any of several commercial preparations of this substance, each of which allows a particular rate of absorption into the system: genetically engineered or obtained from the pig or ox pancreas, and used in the treatment of diabetes to restore the normal ability of the body to utilize sugars and other carbohydrates.
To even be able to make neurotransmitters like serotonin, you need materials like the vitamin B complex and magnesium, but your brain won't tell you that you feel good if ANY of your NEEDS isn't fulfilled. Scurvy from lack of vitamin C is particularly distressing and a deficiency of the B complex can cause psychosis, because you need them to be able to carry oxygen to your brain.

There is no such thing as an antidepressant deficiency
, but there's such a thing as self neglect and denial. But that never made anyone feel better. Just look at any junkies. They feel way worse after.

Insulin might be good for people with diabetes type 1, who have a damaged pancreas and can't store the energy from their food. But people who have type 2 eat too much sugar for any pancreas to process and would better benefit from balancing energy with nutrition, because many symptoms of diabetes, especially the worst like amputation and blindness, are actually from nutritional deficiencies.

If you are manic like a child on a sugar high (which is actually what they are version adult) giving you the insulin in antidepressants might seem to calm you down into a docile little thing, but when the sugar crash is going to come, it will hit you even harder.

If you have unstable blood sugar from eating too many grains, sugar, and the horrifying High Fructose Corn Syrup, with adrenal glands unable to free your energy reserves from a lack of vitamin B and C... of course you'll have unable emotions and mood!

You want to be happy? The live happy. Make happy choices. But don't fall for the false pleasures. Look at the results not immediate ratification.

A friend of mine told me that she doesn't chew her food because it starts tasting horrible if she does. That's the real taste once the sugar coating melts off! The more I chew my almonds and carrots, the better it tastes.

If you want to treat yourself like a garbage can and look like one, suit yourself... as long as it's your own choice and freedom. But if you end up feeling like garbage and not happy about it, don't throw your freedom, mind and dignity away... change the CAUSES!!!

No you can't have everything consequence free. If you ignore the pain... you'll just die. And die faster.

If you think it's good enough and too good to give up... think about how much better awaits you once you let go of crap.

Stop bullshitting yourself. Stop letting people bullshit you.

Antidepressants should be called insulin-denial-killers. But that wouldn't be very enticing on ads.

Don't believe everything you're told!

Heck don't even believe me!

Look for yourself. Search for side effects, try alternatives...

The side effect of broccoli is taking a shit... but don't you want it to be out of you?

Just make an informed decision.

But if you want to choose denial and throw your life away in anybody's hands, strangers out to get you, your health, sanity, dignity, power and money...

Then go to hell, because hell is for the living, and it's the consequence of that choice.

Or do something about it, with your own hands... like sitting on your ass and enjoying yourself in a warm bath, with a handful of almonds.

And if you really want to take pills... try vitamin C first, that too only has shitting as a side effects.

Shit would be an improvement compared to what you chose for yourself.

Think differently, act differently, feel differently.


More stuff because I FEEL like it

You’re not supposed to feel happy in every situations including misery and life threatening events. How else are you going to figure it out unless you feel THE misery and slow agony towards death? Just do something about it already!

Plants are what nature did best. They’re among the very few organisms that can change death back to life, shit into blossom. Fungus is a plant too, bacteria worms and bugs like flies also renew the cycle of life. They do much better for it than humans ever did! Yup. They are better than you! But even plants would die without light and nutrients. So don’t you dare think that you are above it, can live without them, and can live off man made chemicals, because that’s why you get sick and sicker in the first place!!!

Deny life and life will deny you!

Psychiatry is worse than Hitler

I won’t make a cent if you buy broccoli and vitamin C instead of antidepressants. I have nothing to gain from making you feel better, or worse, I have nothing to loose either way no matter what you choose.

I am a misanthrope and I should rejoice by seeing the psychiatric industry kill so many people that they consider as undesirable weaklings. I can even respect Hitler for killing so many, but I do because he was always honest about it… he never tried to make the Jews believe that it was for their own good… it wasn’t even for profit but for the social values that Hitler believed in and he saw the Jews as a menace to the well being of society… as wrong as he could have been… he never tried to hide that he was a killer… as far as I know (and I do know little about that actually) he never denied the facts that Jews were killed in the process, that it was the goal. That’s why I can respect that man.

But psychiatry pretend that it’s to make you happy, they falsified reports, they denied the obvious, they spat in people’s intelligence… and that’s what I absolutely can’t tolerate… Locking a criminal up and killing people that you hate… I can understand… but refusing to admit that your so called cure worsen the very symptoms that it’s supposed to treat, cause way worse and kill people… I can’t possibly accept that.

I can respect it if you want to commit suicide with antidepressants or any forms of insulin, or any pills, or any deadly crap… I have an utmost respect for free will. But not for an industry that mislead and fool the most vulnerable… that push them deeper in the mud by invalidating their very existence, identity and capacity to reason and find solutions for themselves… No one is that stupid, even retards, they’re just a bit slower.

In extremely plain and oversimplified logic, that any child could understand, you can find the very foundations of existence and the cure for everything. You are what you eat, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Everybody knows that. Don't fall for artificial flavors; they just trick your brain to believe that you're getting nutrition. And even the most intelligent person can fall for the worse foolishness if he chooses to… by putting you trust in the wrong information and people... out of wishful thinking and not being properly informed. Don’t be so vulnerable. Make sure you’re aware of what you choose and do.

I can’t stand bullshit. I can’t stand the very existence of lies, hypocrisy… of psychiatry… that damn industry of misery… feeding of it and willingly spreading it. There’s already too much stupidity in this world. I guess some people decided to exploit it, maybe that’s how they cope with it, but Einstein was more honest when he made the atomic bomb…

Psychiatrists hate you… they want you dead. They’re no savior. They’re worse than Hitler. They’re Death. They’re poison, the 5th horseman of the apocalypse and so on, I hope you get the idea through the metaphors… Yeah I wish I was crazy but unfortunately they're that bad... The point is...

"Hell was paved with good intentions"… but their only intention is control and profit. Good only for them, deadly for you.

If you don't want to find a solution to your problems, then sit on your ass and do NOTHING. You don't need a pill to have false hope and be in denial, pray to Jesus or something, that will be pointless to improve your situation, but if you can use your god as a proxy to have faith in life and let go instead to try to be god and control everything... then okay. But don't make an industry your god, find it yourself, in all things, including yourself... and yup, broccoli!

Save yourself… because no one will. Especially not psychiatry. They wouldn’t know how to heal you, even if they wanted to, they don’t know the science behind your body chemistry, they have no tests, you’d be better of playing Russian roulette with a blindfold.

A placebo is a sugar pill and that will seem to give better results if you suffer from hypoglycemia, but it’s also called a glucose intolerance, so you’ll crash soon after. The best thing to do… is nothing… then the right thing: rest, nourish yourself, and free yourself from useless burdens… and pills are one of them.

You have perfect legs, don’t let them cut them off and put you in a wheelchair… and if you don’t have legs, you can crawl. And if you can’t crawl, just lay there and enjoy the sun. You can always bite. Use your mouth to eat.

If you're truly in a situation that you can't get out of, or at least for now, at least make sure to have proper nourishment so you can handle and cope with the stress. Not calories, but nutrition! How else are you going to have the energy to run for your life or fight.

Life isn't supposed to be a long orgasmic bliss. Everything of value that I have I had to suffer for it, that's precisely why it has so much priceless value... such as knowledge.

There's nothing wrong with you, only with what you do to yourself. Do better. Not more. Just more balanced according to your limits and needs.

You can do it. If you choose it. It will take time, but that's what makes life fun: going through the ride aware that you’re living it, not mindlessly oblivious…

Don’t let psychiatry turn you into a vegetable. Eat them instead!


They don't know. Those who do can't or don't want to tell you.

Psychiatry is an industry. Medicine is an industry. Junk food are an industry. And industries don’t have the right to bitch each other the way politicians do, even when it’s true.

Pepsi can’t say that Diet Coca cola cause obesity and brain damage and to buy their products instead, because they’re the same crap, and also because they’d get sued.

Doctors can’t tell you to stop eating refined grains, because it would make the industry and even society collapse, doctors would loose their jobs if everyone was eating healthy and what they need instead to ruin their budget on expensive drugs and surgery…

They won’t tell you. But they know. Oh yes. They know.

Maybe not all of them, maybe not your doctor, but the people pulling his string, the pharmaceutical industry… they made sure that he wouldn’t know any better.

But you can. If you choose to know. You will. You just did. Now you have to accept that this world is ugly... that it's just what it is... that it's a part of life... predators hunt preys... some dominate and others submit...

Do you want knowledge or do you want oblivion?

Do you want freedom or slavery?

Do you want responsibility or powerlessness as others impose you their beliefs, decisions and deadly mistakes?

Do you want to live or die?

Life is about choices, make sure you make your own yourself, because you’re the one who’ll have to live with the inescapable consequences!

But don't worry, you can always choose again later. But you might as well start with the safest option: nutrition!

It's better to shit than to swallow bullshit.

Choose and enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
14 March 2014
Edited 17 March 2014
Added a lot 18 March 2014
Edited intro 9 December 2014

Antidepressants cause diabetes

Because antidepressants cause hypoglycemia, also called glucose intolerance and pre-diabetes… that there’s so many people taking them and also having diabetes…

Perhaps diabetes is not just eating sugar until your pancreas gets fried unable to make enough insulin for unnatural demands.

Knowing that taking steroids destroy the organ that’s supposed to make them, since antidepressant is insulin (since psychiatry used it before ad the drugs causes the exact same consequences) then the epidemic of obesity and diabetes might be caused by the drug too… in a vicious cycle of eating crap making you feel depressed and frying your pancreas and other endocrine glands (the adrenal glands play a vital role in stress management and energy utilization) and then instead to edit your diet into something life promoting, you blindly continue by thinking that a drug that worsen the process will save you, but it will only sabotage your body further…

Giving insulin from the approach that the person feel depressed from bad diet, or from noticing that the pancreas can’t possibly handle that much sugar on its own… it’s both wrong, unnatural, and should be declared abnormal to eat this way no matter the statistics of how many people do it, and how much it’s socially accepted… what is normal shouldn’t be based on a narrow minded view of what the majority does, but on what gives good result on a case by case basis.

If an action makes you feel like shit, the only option is to stop liking shit.
You'll naturally do something else.

There’s way better to love. Learn to love and enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
20 March 2014

Tranquilizers are deadlier than bullets

I was researching “Why don't police use tranquilizer darts instead of real bullets?” and found interesting revelations from cops at yahoo answers.

Unlike movies, it takes too long to work and a dose that might be enough to sedate a big guy would kill a small girl… they do it for animals because they have no lawyers to sue if it kills them anyway. A comment made me realize how much drugs are deadly.

Leslie S, retired cop, have researched and helped test all kinds of less than lethal control methods. M.Sci-Law Enforcement Administration:

"Unlike on TV they do not stop and aggressor fast enough. Secondly more people would actually die from the drugs and their reaction to the drugs than die from police shootings. No way can an officer stop and ask a dangerous aggressor their medical history and change the drugs to suit. Very few actually die or a permanently disabled by getting shot, especially in urban areas with decent medical services. The reason police shoot is to stop aggression."

There you have it, drugs are deadlier than bullets. No matter where you inject or apply it, it goes into your blood and all over your body. You can repair being poked… but if the whole integrity of your body is compromised… you die. So comparing pills to bullet wasn’t an exaggeration, it was an under statement!

If you want to live, make healthy choices.


Lisa Of Shades
20 March 2014


I read a wonderful article about ADHD being a scam. Psychiatry and drugs is one huge scam. It's true for depression too. It's normal human behavior. Life isn't one long orgasm. Kids are supposed to move, even sunflowers do!

The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren (Transcript)

Lisa Of Shades
31 March 2014

Father wonders if Paxil caused two holes in daughter's Heart
at lawyersandsettlements.

That sound like something to cry about, heartbroken, not feel happier about. And that’s a side effect of the antidepressant. When it can harm a baby, not from prolong exposure in the womb over several months, but by screwing up the father’s sperm in his brief contribution… It has to be extremely bad. It's possible if the toxic pill damages the fragile DNA, making the genes that are the blueprint of a future body miss parts...

Making your child suffer at death’s door all their life is a too high price to pay to avoid dealing with whatever is causing your distress... and it's probable that they'll transmit the bad "body map" in all the next generations too! Now that's depressing, but taking even more of the problem won't help. There are plenty of natural ways to avoid mental distress. Banning all chemicals that your body was never meant to process to survive is a great one.

Face the fact that you have damn good reasons to be depressed, exhausted, needing to nurture yourself back to health with food and rest… the psychiatric industry spend billions on ads to take your real effective options away, and enslave you in perpetual agony with lies… They destroy your life and your very ability to give it… and the heart of your children… What make you think that they’re helpful again? Their LIES. Stop believing in something that can't save you. You might as well pray… to the flying spaghetti monster. But stop eating grains and get nutritional dense vegetables instead.

Or do nothing at all. You'll improve faster without swallowing poison that can destroy your vital organs and balls. If I eat allergens I'm in such distress that I can seem to belong in a psychiatric ward... But being locked up, tied, electrocuted and drugged into oblivion isn't going to help the inflammation in my brain, detox from the bad stuff I ate and nourish myself better... not with awful cheap hospital meals, that's for sure.

The claim that antidepressants are “needed” to reestablish a broken balance in the brain is already utterly absurd. But knowing that it has side effects causing birth defects, how can it possibly claim that it put the body back the way it’s supposed to be when small doses destroy vital organs, like kidneys, or a fetus’s heart.

But claiming that sadness is an imbalance in the brain, when it’s a perfectly normal reaction to any imbalanced relationships, exercise/rest balance and nutritional nutrients balanced with needs…

Psychiatry has to be really narrow minded to believe that the emotion of sadness has no purpose of its own and is only the result of an unbalanced chemical in the brain… when that chemical MUSN’T be produced in a sad situation… because otherwise…how the hell are you supposed to know that it’s bad and deadly for you…

It’s only by feeling sad about stabbing holes in unborn babies with chemicals that one can see how much antidepressants are a bad idea… but I guess they’re too happy about billions of profits to care about your dead babies. With claims purely based on your own wishful thinking, when all the scientific facts say that you should be scared to death at the idea to take their deadly poisons.

They make Hitler seem like a nice man to me by comparison... where's the outrage? We're hoodwinked by claims that it's for our own good and the patients who try to say that this miracle cure of pure joy straight from heaven in a pill is death and hell... well, they're just crazy and speaking gibberish. After all, they're not specialists, what do they know. What do you know? Not much. But your body knows everything, and if you could listen to your emotions instead to try to muffle them with drugs, you'd hear pure divine wisdom.

You feel sad... because something sad is going on, in out outside of your body. What’s so hard to understand!!! Your brain couldn't be better balanced about that! But your nutrition and other situations in your life could be.

If you hammer a nail through your thumb, you’ll cry and panic. But you don’t take antidepressants and anti anxiety, you remove the freaking nail!!! If a starving baby cries to be fed, you feed, him, you don’t give him antidepressants. WTF people… seriously… What the fuck!!!

If your sadness is as deep and black as the pitch blackness of hell, then you did something wrong for yourself for way too long and you’re AT DEATH’S DOOR! That’s why you don’t have the energy to dance in the rain singing, because with how you treated yourself, or hw you enabled others to treat you, you don’t deserve happy brain juices!!! SO figure out how to earn them, and it sure isn’t by swallowing poison after throwing your money at corporations that are even more clueless than you’ll ever be!!!

Enjoy waking up from LIES!!! You're ignorant, but that's no excuse to throw your life away in the hands of the first person who claim to know the answer... if his idea of good is taking everything from you and enslaving you... then paranoia is actually lucidity! Because there's NOTHING for you there... it's worse than a dead end... it,s DEATH! It will take away your drive to struggle to survive, your dignity, your sanity, your identity, your very emotions... HOW CAN YOU AGREE TO SURRENDER YOUR VERY EMOTIONS!!!

The pain is a guide, not the problem.

Save yourself. Because no one will... wishing for you isn't enough... you have to live your own life.

Enjoy it~ And rejoice, feeling bad at least means that you're still alive, you can still figure out what you did wrong to end up like this... and it’s not having a brain, it’s not having human emotions! It’s trusting the wrong person, the wrong way to care and nourish yourself... It’s exhausting yourself trying to be more than you are, more than you should be... you’re limited by the resources at your disposal and that you choose to offer to your body. Sometimes less is more. Sometime little is good enough. Sometimes nothing is better than deadly false hope.

If you want serotonin, take magnesium, it's a vital ingredient of the recipe, and it's made in your gut. There's nothing wrong with your brain. Vitamin C can cause euphoria too, and can heal absolutely anything, even cancer. So it's a nice place to start... instead to rush faster to your death with toxic drugs that never belonged in a life form... and never will!

We survived thousands of years of evolution without them. People laughed, people cried, many times in their lives. And they will again. Unless too many birth defects from drugs cause the extinction of our species.

Wake up and enjoy~ It's nice to rest and feast on fresh products. I’m glad I got sick until I got it right. What I need to eat tastes way better than what I wanted to eat. Now that I know better, the balance between my needs and wants is more harmonious.

Everything in the brain starts in the mouth. Enjoy living foods... if you want to live.

Lisa Of Shades
2 Decembere 2014

Lies sell better


Antidepressants aren’t the feel good serotonin or the relaxing endorphins; they’re insulin, the fat producing hormone. They make you store your blood sugar fuel into fat so you’ll be weak and docile, even if that makes you even more depressed.

Because psychiatry is afraid that you'll go ballistic, with all the good reasons that we have to be depressed in our overcrowded, overworked, undernourished, overly-materialistic and judgmental society.

They only care about controlling you for their own sake, not your well being. People had seizures and comas from their over use of insulin, ON PURPOSE, they called that therapeutic, even when people dropped dead.

The methods and brand name may vary, but that horrid careless and sadistic goal is always the same, and so are the devastating result. False hope isn't a cure.

The methods and brand name may vary, but that horrid careless and sadistic goal is always the same, and so are the devastating results.

Blind faith and false hope aren't a cure.

The drug will rob you of energy and make you impotent. It doesn’t sound like a cure, now does it!

If you want to give up and throw your life away, then mindlessly obey your survival instinct and do what you need instead of what you want, or much worse, what hypocrites want to exploit you!

It's a drug, just like heroin and cocaine on the streets, to force the brain to feel pleasure instead to earn it by taking care of yourself and your own life the way you need it. And guess what, psychiatry were the first to use those drugs and claiming they're harmless and helpful for a happy and fulfilled life.


It only serves to addict people so THEY can profit and be happy from it.

So yes, there's someone happier from antidepressants... but it won't be the patient.

Enjoy nuts and greens~ You'll be surprised how happy your body will be about it.

Lisa Of Shades
27 Decembere 2014
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