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cloak swirl universeI always discover wonders when I read the dictionary. To me coping mechanism is a way to find inner peace and heal to move on, but there are more steps towards that result.

Coping (at dictionary.reference) can mean so many different things!
  • struggle or deal, with responsibilities, problems, or difficulties, especially successfully or in a calm or adequate manner.
  • to deal successfully with or handle a situation; manage
  • Medical dictionary: To contend with difficulties with the intent to overcome them.
  • to contend (against) = to struggle in opposition, strive in rivalry; compete, strive in debate; dispute earnestly: to contend against falsehood.
  • to deal with, to meet in battle
  • to come into contact; meet (usually followed by with ).
  • a long mantle, especially of silk
  • the sky.
  • Metallurgy. the upper half of a flask.
  • to furnish with or as if with a cope or coping.
  • Building Trades: to cut away (a flange of a metal member) so that it may be joined to another member at an angle.
Word origin & History:
  • Cope
    1350: "hit, punch," from colp "a blow" (see coup). Meaning of "come to blows with".
  • Coping
    1600: as an architectural term, from cope, the cape-like vestment worn by priests, a variant of cape.
All the definitions make sense about an ordeal and they inspired me this:

Cloak yourself with the sky: open your mind to endless possibilities, embrace novelty. It will protect you from despair and helplessness.

Prepare to meet your destiny; because this isn't the end but a new beginning.

Cut off
what pains you so you can join something better.

It's time to fight for your life and well being, so you can grow stronger and find peace.

You will see it if you look for it.

Because it's already there, you only need to accept it.

You can do it because you've done it before and you can do it again.

That's life.


I always learn something unexpected when I search for images

I'm curious so I enjoy the "bother" of learning.

The image's cloak is a photoshop montage by me, you can't buy one with that pattern, but you can use the Universe as a shield in spirit!

I used 3 pictures: The Universe

Top 10 space facts at onlytoptens is a very interesting article. Under the picture I took, they didn't write that the universe is in expansion, instead they wrote: "The Universe is Expansion". Inspiring~

"Space is the final frontier as they say, a horizon of opportunity and discovery that is fascinating and mind-boggling in equal measures."

Everything is the Universe, even you.

If you hit a wall, it means that it's time to expand your universe in new directions.

As annoying as it can be at first... embrace it end have fun with it.

"The Universe gives off radio waves"

Maybe it's alive and they're its thoughts or it speaks. You're never alone, you're part of something infinite. Existing and awareness is a purpose all by itself.

"The stars show us a glimpse into the past. We are actually looking ‘back in time’ because of the time it takes for light to reach us; even the light coming from the sun took 30 thousand years to reach us from its core. The stars we see at night are of course even further away and sometimes the light is millions of years old. In some cases the stars have long since died but we still see their light."

Even death isn't the end. It's always possible to shine, even if no one notices it.

"A black hole is any collapsed star of a size 10-15 as our sun. In a black hole all of the matter from the star has become compacted to zero volume to create a single point of infinite density."

The volume is zero, and yet it's density is infinite at the same time... in balance. Because nothing is lost or created, everything changes.

"There is no time in a black hole. Time would cease to exist as we know it inside."

When your life gets dark, it seems to last forever. But everything constantly changes, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better, most of the time you might not even notice.

"They are black, because anything within would need to be travelling at the speed of light to escape. Thus light cannot escape, making them completely invisible from outside (presumably very bright from within though?)."

There is light even when everything seems to be as dark as it can possibly get. And that's when it's possible to shine the most... because a problem is simply an unwelcome opportunity.

Open your mind to unexpected meanings.

This is how I could notice all those links, where there seemed to be none, between two completely unrelated topic, and understand both better.

This is how I find solutions and meaning in life. I open my mind.

Quantum physics: everything is made of infinite possibilities

In the movie What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole. part 1
they explain something inspiring about quantum physics in Part 4 (at 3 minutes) :

When you send a wave through two vertical slits, the pattern is many radiating lines as the waves interact with each other. But when you send in particles, you get 2 clear lines. They sent electrons, very tiny particles, one by one, but they still reacted as a wave, as if there was more... because all the possibilities happened at once as "a wave of potential". Until someone looked at it... then it behaved as a particle, doing one possibility at a time. So in an infinitely small level, everything is made of possibilities... and that's what you're made of.

The power to simply observe... can change the Universe.

So stay aware, don't be in denial. It will give you the power to change your world.

You're never out of options and you're never powerless.

But abandon all hopes that it will get better on its own, even if it could... make it happen yourself, when you're ready.

Get into the habit to shape your world to your liking, and it will feel natural… because it is. It might actually be the purpose of life... to lead the Universe with conscious minds, so that it can expand infinitely... so that absolutely everything possible... can be.

That’s how powerful the mind and will can be. Being well nourished and rested sure makes a huge difference.

The meaning of the existence and life is not to be in perpetual bliss and have everything you want easily. That'd be hellishly boring. You wouldn't have a point of comparison to know what's good and precious to you. Everything and every moment would seem the same, it'd feel like there is nothing, and even if it was filled with extreme bliss, it'd feel dull from lack of novelty and challenges... everything would feel like utter emptiness.

The meaning of the existence is simply to exist.

The purpose of life is simply to live.

You don't have to be perfect, and everything is perfect because it's not.

Enjoy blowing your mind~~~ Knowledge and the art of imagination is infinite.

Lisa Of Shades
3 August 2014
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!