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Claude Monet's painting: Weeping willow.It's natural to feel grief after a loss, allowing it to flow its course will help reach acceptance and peace.
It can be material, a loved one but also hopes, dreams and even values.

The path of the descent in hell and back to recovery is different between people because lives are all unique. The event, the coping mechanisms known, the support around, the weight of responsibilities, the other crisis adding weight and even health are among many factors that can make the impact and its consequences differ, even within the same person. Grief can accumulate if left ignored, so an event that seemed insignificant can be the last drop that makes the glass shatter.

There’s much more information about “The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief” at psychcentral. They focus on death of the body, but loosing what we cherish can still be agonizing, no metter how trivial it can seem to someone who's not concerned. Our heart choose the value of everything beyond money, even the one of our very life. It's not about worth.

While it's important to hold on and take care, sometimes the best is to let go and accept to let existence follow its natural course... so we can go on, when we are ready.

Here are the phases, the order varies:
  • Denial and Isolation
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance
Weeping willow and a river flowing toward then away from its sadness, as does life.The good news is that once you reach complete despair, this isn't the end. Soon after is the chance to rebuild your world anew, reborn to life. Sometimes even better than you ever hoped and dreamt possible. Who knows~ Maybe even in death itself.

Accept the natural flow of life~

It takes you toward sadness, but if you let go, it will also take you away from it... and into happiness again.

All you can do is enjoy it while it last.

So enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
22 August 2013

You can't heal away traumatic memories; you can only accept the past and dilute the bad with better new memories, by enjoying the present. If you learn from it you can avoid seeing the pattern repeat itself. If you welcome change within yourself, it will spread out. Sometimes to improve you need to be a less good person, for others, so you can be a better one to yourself. It's not a sin, it's self care. Mind blowing isn't it~ It's also better for others: once you truly have love and joy for yourself, you can share it genuinely, without hidden agendas to feel appreciated, because you feel it on your own at life itself. It's an amazing way to see, feel and live; even if hardship continues to rain, you'll have a constructive approach that will have a different impact on you and the results.

BUT you can heal the PHYSICAL damage that the stress did to your entire body, especially to the adrenal glands. That's where stress is handled, not in your head, but a tired and malnourished body affects your mind. Moving on will be easier with a healed body than with broken legs or damaged vital internal organs. Give yourself time, rest and usable organic green foods to heal your organs, not chemicals or dry dead grains.

Read more about the effects of stress and how to heal your vital organs in my section: Adrenal fatigue vitamin C is the greatest healing tool when you provide enough. 2-4g is a good maintenance but much more may be required to catch up to a deficiency.


Lisa Of Shades
24 October 2013

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