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Health ~ Coping ~ Other options than cutting to shift the pain

Cutters were mentioned in the TV series "Nip / Tuck" and it gave me perspective. They said that cutters want to shift emotional pain to physical because it’s more manageable.

But you'll still have pain... and wounds. They can get infected and give you internal problems. There are more constructive and effective ways to reach that goal.

Physical pain releases endorphins once the danger is passed, to calm you down and say "it's okay now"... but not for emotional pain because they're complex issues to process mentally. Forcing your body to tell you that it's okay won't resolve your issues... and will cause more.

But sometimes emotions can be too overwhelming, and you might need a break until your circumstances allow you to do something about it.

You basically have 3 brains: the emotional, rational and primal one. They work together but since energy is limited, using one might impair the other.

That means that if you use your rational brain, to do a hobby, learn something or even look at funny pictures like demotivational posters... your rational brain will take over and give your emotional brain a rest.

That's why the technique in this YouTube video can work, by stimulating your rational brain so it will take over:
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Introduction

The game Tetris is even used to treat PTSD (Post traumatic stress). It works because it's purely intellectual. It won't trigger your fight and flight response like a violent game would, which can worsen emotional distress, because your primal brain thinks that the enemies are a real threat. It's fun though... but exhausting. So enjoy in moderation and only when you feel good enough to have energy to spare. Even Tetris can drain you mentally.

So anything that calls another part of your brain than the emotional one will lower the emotional pain. The possibilities are endless, so there's no need to choose yet more pain, it's illogical if you want pain to go away.

If you want to drug your brain into feeling pleasure when your reality inspires another emotion... Try vitamin C, it has a sedative effect at high doses. Magnesium can cause euphoria because serotonin is created in the gut with it.

Pot will damage your lungs but at least it won't destroy your kidneys like antidepressants and anti-anxiety... which cause depression and anxiety as a side effect!

Focus on what your body needs in a natural way, with respect and compassion, and you'll find what you truly need.

If you really want to cut yourself, then use your muscles: go for a walk or run with everything that you've got. You'll cause billions of small cuts in your muscles. But instead to have nasty scars and show the world that they don't need to respect you since you have none for yourself... you'll actually become stronger.

If you are exhausted, then the stress may have exhausted your adrenals. Even what you love requires energy and can give you Adrenal Fatigue.

The water soluble vitamins, B complex and C, will give them the strength to help you cope physically, so you'll be able to mentally. The brain also needs a lot of vitamin C and is made of fat. Eat for healing, not taste.

If you still want pleasure from pain, you don't need to bleed. Find a sexual partner to enjoy masochism, get a piercing, tattoo or even scarification from a professional. It will be a constructive way to express yourself on your body.

What you do to yourself, you'll invite others to do... If you want respect and love, give it to yourself. Being confident will make people take you more seriously, and smiling will make you more attractive.

If you hurt yourself to shift the pain, you'll still have pain.

End it and the vicious cycle by achieving the same results, and even better, with other means.

I first started the page Vent anger for balance & inner peace to give cutters other options until I figured out that everyone needs ways to cope. Find a liberating one that will give you respect and dignity. Don’t wait for others to dictate and validate your worth, everyone can be wrong, so give it to yourself no matter what you deserve.

The only absolute law in life is to protect your own life.


Lisa Of Shades
6 February 2015

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