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crooked nailPedophiles aren't just strangers, or family... they are the very people who are supposed to protect children from such an atrocity... The only sane option they have left to be safe is to defend themselves with the same or even greater violence than the one inflicted on them, whatever it takes to make this sexual slavery stop!

From worldnews (It's in Canada, we're usually nicer than many other places... so it gets way worst):"Nearly 400 children have been rescued and 348 adults arrested following an expansive and “extraordinary” international child pornography investigation, Canadian police announced Thursday."

"Among those arrested were 40 school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, six law enforcement personnel, nine pastors and priests and three foster parents..."

Your protectors... The very people supposed to protect you, who swore to protect you, who are paid to protect you... their very existence and purpose in society is to protect you... but they do the worst abuses you... REVOLT AGAINST THEM! It's the alternative that's insane: submitting in despair, giving up your safety and free will. This sheer terror and agony is worst than death.

But Self defense is an option and legal even if it kills them.

"...“very graphic images” of child sexual abuse " ... Investigators catalogued hundreds of thousands of images and videos of “horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst they have ever viewed”..."

It's not even done on strangers "sexually abusing a child relative"... even in their own family.

So when you call for help... remember this. It's not because you're not good enough or worthy of love, it,s because they are rotten themselves.

And when you see a kid go crazy on a murder spree at school, killing teachers, or in a gang killing cops... maybe he's be even crazier not to.

You people horrify me... nothing would make me happier than to peel your skin, cut your limbs off with a chainsaw, rape your ass with it and burn you alive. But you've done worst to thousands of children... You destroyed their very freedom, mind and identity... you shattered their very soul.

Priests... even hell is too good for you.

I am unusually at a loss of word... to express my disdain, rage... and deep sorrow.

Thank you to those who caught them... I hope they won't get a mere slap on the hand or a few mere days in jail... I hope someone 3 times your size will rape you every night and beat the life out of you, while you're defenseless and crying for mercy... with the guards looking the other way with a sigh of relief.

I've been mentally abused by health care personnel too, so don't expect those sickos to help the poor kids magically with drugs. Even doctors did this to them! When psychiatrists do it, if the child complains, they laugh saying he's crazy and no one listens... but they do it too...

Self defense from a cop site sure helped me. The throat punch is my favorite. It’s even legal to stab their eyes with pens... Try to grab a child, film, watch and upload child pornography without your eyes, you turd!

Psychiatrists think that pedophilia is normal! Read it at thelastpsychiatrist. They acknowledge that it's criminal, but they think it's okay. Yes teen have a libido and have sex together, but being raped by an old man is completely different!!!

They justify it saying that sex with young teens (not very young children!) used to be legal until recently, slavery too, does that makes it okay!? Or other barbaric primitive shit that we used to do before we EVOLVED... such as picking people's brain with an ice pick to help mental health... crazy fucks.

As far as I know, the Greeks gave sexual education, to know how to do it properly in their future couple and pass on their knowledge, under the consent of parents. Not for their own selfish pleasure at the peril of the child's well being. They didn't RAPE in UTTERLY SHAMEFUL secret! The only thing that the pedophiles want to teach children is to shut up and do what they’re told; even if they don’t want to, don’t like it, and if it hurts too! It’s sexual SLAVERY! Denying free will. That’s what’s so wrong with it. The age, with its innocence and lack of body strength, only makes it easier…. And crushes them even more completely. It's not the look that attracts them, it's the power and self gratification that they can gain from making someone humiliated and powerless. It's not love, or mutual sexual pleasure, it's masturbating with a doll, worst a corpse, and that's what the mind of those children turns into...

There are limits to BDSM. It's worst than bestiality. We eat animals, to some extent they’re supposed to be preys, but not our own babies!!! Yes, some pedophiles abuse babies too... Are you going to say that the baby knew what was going on and wanted to!!!?

"The American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) decision to once again reclassify pedophilia has led to further concerns that the professional organization is attempting to legitimize the disorder, paving the way for its defense and the recommendation of removal of age-of-consent laws." at breitbart.

Yound children can't give an informed conscent! They don't know all the risks and responsibilities associated with sex, teen don't even know! Being pressured by "I'm an adult you have to obey me I know best what's good for you" this isn't respecting free will, it's coercion!!!

"Very young children" means that they're not even blossoming or have a libido or even know what sex is! Tribes used to protect all children against predators who wanted to eat them! They didn't do morbid hard core orgies with them!!! If it was so beautiful, no one would find it disturbing, it wouldn't have been described as "“horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst they have ever viewed”..." It would have been wrong with full grown women or your wife (valid for any genders), the issue isn't to allow kids to play doctors, it's to stop rape and abuse of power!!!

Especially against the most pure, vulnerable, naive and defenseless... Which is their target because they're too lame to convince an equal!!! So insecure and weak that they need to crush completely the most fragile beings they can get their craws on... It's not about the firm young body of teenagers in their reproductive prime... and they deserve each other, not some old rotten repulsive not-fresh shabby creep in his mid-life crisis! Get the other feet in your grave already and DIE!

But yeah, I believe that they know what they are doing, they know it hurts children, that's what is turning them on!!! Saying that pedophilia is a valid sexual orientation is like saying that murder is one! Age isn't a gender, it's an easy prey and abuse of power for people who want to have their ways and are too pathetic to get it without utter force and destroying someone. Because no one in their right mind would agree to the horrors they do, otherwise those people would commit those sexual atrocities TO EACH OTHER!!!

But I also believe that psychiatric institutions are much crueler than prisons, they don't even have running water or toilets in their cells, and no fair trial either! They even send people there who didn't even do a crime... If anyone deserves to be electrocuted and chemically lobotomized, it's pedophiles! But it's usually done to depressed people instead...

The victims suffered enough, leave them be. Kill pedophiles!!!

Kill them. KILL THEM ALL!!!

I don't care if you enjoy doing it, JUST KILL THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lia Of Shades
1 December 2013

Intro moved after article:

I've been abused in every possible ways (I wasn't raped but being dragged into a dark empty area, while I was begging and crying, and having scars done on my body while I was struggling, was still traumatizing as hell), by every type of people... Teachers looked the other ways, cops mocked me saying that I was lying to get attention (then I was an easy prey if I was indeed not getting enough), insane or on drugs... which would be understandable, but I'm extremely lucid, because being out of your mind on even legal drugs only makes you an easier victim. The only way out is to FIGHT! And flee. But be ready to fight, if you die, at least it's giving back some of the hurt... The nicer alternatives are more insane and don’t work, being nice only makes you an easier victim, those cowards run away at the slightest sign of trouble, that’s why they go after the most fragiles and defenseless: children.

Doctors called me insane when I tried to get help to heal from the abuse, as my body's vital organs were literally shutting down from the exhaustion... from the adrenal fatigue, to thyroid, to everything else... it took a decade to be taken seriously enough to be even tested.

Sure, I am insane, but for a damn good reason, and I am a very good person, much better than the people who only spend their efforts trying to look that way, and are rotten inside, and out too when they think that no one is watching... at least no one who can defend themselves, retaliate and punish them... but even the weakest little girl can stab your eye with a color pen when she revolts against abuse, because the very people supposed to protect and save her… is doing the worst to her.

Your very protectors are out to get you

But now I discovered by accident that this world is rotten beyond reason... to reach children they get into a position close to them, a position of power, and to be sure to look beyond reproach or suspicion, to also win their trust and obedience... in a position where they are supposed to protect them...

And we wonder why teens are depressed... Why, in such a beautiful, kind and happy world like this. They must have a prescription drug deficiency... Tch. That just a way to ignore their pleas, look the other way and make them even more defenseless. Eat vegetables and nuts, it will make you stronger to kick people in the crotch.

Knowing that protectors of children sexually abused them and helped pedophiles is the most repulsive knowledge that I ever came across, and I did a search for AIDS pictures for my page Facts of Life ~ Sexual Education ~ Health risks. Nothing's worst than pedophiles, not even cancer, internal parasites or Hitler. Robbing children of their laughter and forcing such dangers on them, giving them a deadly diseases hen their life barely started, during the one part of their life where they should be safe, when you have a JOB where the very purpose of your existence in society is to protect children, is utterly condemnable.

You don't deserve mercy or human rights, if you deny it to others especially kids, you should have metal nails hammered under your flesh nails and be burned. I'd really get off by watching a pedophile priest die by crucifixion and fire. I have some really fucked up murderous sexual fantasies myself, but I don't go do them, or encourage others to do them by buying their videos and not even by downloading their images... Hurtful fantasies have no place outside your fucked up mind! Unless I'm in mortal danger, then anything goes to protect life or the life of another, especially children. I'd rather be dead than raped. Without a doubt. Knives are less gross than old dicks.

I do believe in capital punishment for extremely atrocious crimes, and pedophiles did such a thing... Children don't deserve this, not even the worst bully! I'd execute pedophiles in public. Instant therapy! "There you go sweetie, the monster is dead, see, he won't come out from under your bed anymore." That would show your pedophile buddies not to mess with our kids! They're ours, you mess with them, you mess with all of us! And we'll get you!

In spite of all their devious plots... many were caught... If those pedophile priests are the messengers of god, then maybe there's at least a devil after all... and even Satan hates pedophiles. Well, one thing for sure is that even murderers hate pedophiles. Thankfully they'll be together in jail. There are rapes in there too. Maybe the justice system works sometimes.

Kill them!
Lisa Of Shades
1 December 2013


I chose a crooked nail to reresent their old flacid dick and mind, how much they hurt children with it, and what I'd like to use and do to their dicks... (Hammer rusted nails into them)

Crock (dictionary): "a person or thing that is old, decrepit, or broken-down." I did a surprisingly appropriate typo... "(of cloth) to give off excess surface dye when rubbed." It fits even in the disgusting way... that's just wrong...

I don't like the blur and wanted it more crooked, but I like the burned (stigma & trauma) mark and I wanted a free picture, thanks dude! I sure hope that you're not taking pictures of naked children too. But you don't look like a pedophile to me, and I can smell their stench from the other side of the planet!

I discovered the advanced search in google allowing me to search by free license. The nail picture is supposed to be free, since I don't make cash. I cut pieces to make it smaller.

So the nail picture is from flickr by mytoenailcameoff, taken the 11 novembre 2012. South Philadelphia, Philadelphie, PA, États-Unis. Here's the license at creativecommons. I wonder how people get one, but I don't really mind if you use my stuff, unless you manage to make cash when I don't!

Obviously the views of the photographer may not be the same as my own about pedophiles... the picture wasn't even about that. Saying this is supposed to make artists safer, but in this case, since I am so utterly against pedophile, it's kinda like saying that he might be one. I don't think so though, he looks like a happy hippie. And people who look dirty usually do this because they have nothing to hide.

True dirt bags try so hard not to be found out that they often look like the kindest people you've ever met, or so they seem, or so they want you to think~ To rape your children. But people will always misunderstand and put words, or dicks, into people's mouth even when it doesn't belong there.

I'm hilarious. But seriously, I want pedophiles to die.

I don't want to go to jail so I'm not planning on murdering (well, I don't know how to get rid of corpses and I'm very weak. I'm sure I can kill, but not dig a hole or carry someone.) It's even harder to legally get rid of pedophiles because of their cop buddies protecting them and laughing in denial at victims, and most likely have judge buddies setting them free so they can jerk off together watching kiddy porn... misunderstanding their jobs... and what it means to be a man...

At least I know I'm insane and I'm keeping it safe in my wicked mind where it belongs, or at least not on people... unless they ask for it hurting me first... then all bets are off.

So think what you will...

But don't touch kids or fucking die!!!

There, I threw up the article I saw... with words... maybe now... I can find peace.

Kill pedophiles!

Lia Of Shades
1 December 2013

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