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Soy is the cause, not the cure!

Eating meat may be murder, but eating soy could kill YOU. And vegetables are alive and sentient being anyway, so you might as well fill your own needs. If people fought to have animals cared for properly, grass fed and roam free, so that they would at least taste better; killing them wouldn't be such a problem if they had a good life.

But this soy conspiracy is purely about profit; to use YOU as cattle. Soy is the food of the poor, but with the new hype, soy "milk", which is actually bean soup, sells for twice as much as real milk. KACHING!$$$

I found that in such an interesting article which concludes with:

"At first they told the public that the toxins were removed by processing. When it became apparent that processing could not get rid of them, they claimed that these substances were beneficial. Your government granted a health claim to a substance that is poisonous, and the industry lied to the public to sell more soy."

Read about the horrors that it does to your baby. Eat greens, you'll make your own milk and won't need a formula.

It also causes thyroid and other endocrine conditions... low thyroid causes depression...

Soy cause cancer too, it doesn't prevent any; it just doesn't cause the same one as other stuff. They told women that it prevented breast cancer only to discover that it causes it... yay~

"The claim that soy prevents osteoporosis is extraordinary, given that soy foods block calcium and cause vitamin D deficiencies." Calcium is necessary for bones, and vitamin D is necessary to absorb calcium! Since we regenerate constantly, because we live longer than our cells, we need it all the time. So obviously soy causes osteoporosis!!!

Butter has vitamin D in it. Yum~

"Soybeans are high in phytic acid, present in the bran or hulls of all seeds. It's a substance that can block the uptake of essential minerals in the intestinal tract: calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc."

It has a GRAS safe status only to be used for CARDBOARD!

So not only it's not even a food, it stops you from being able to absorb food! Like grains destroy your very gut too! It's worst than eating cardboard, it steals food from you! You end up worst off!

Soy deserves such a special place in my Anti-Bullshit site. In case you haven't read the site's intro; that's the meaning of its name.


Lisa Of Shades
1 September 2013
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