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Simpsons doctorOf all the stupid bullshit around that really make the world a painful and depressing place to live in, the medical profession did the worst, because it was done with the ignorant claim that it's good for us. I think that even psychopaths can agree that when it kills children and babies, it's getting hard core... Well, doctors did and still do that claiming that it's "for their own good". Maybe it's best to die in a world like this... but that choice should be up to us.

I found a page so precious that I'm just going to put it here in case it goes offline. I'll activate the links since the length break my site, and remove the stupid capital letters for every words in the title, damn dumb tradition. I couldn't help but add comments in the middle, my hatred isn't against them, its a fantastic site and they seem to have a lot of nice pages. I only add special sites to my collection. What's worthless isn't worth taking. True about medicine too.

Whole page from vaccineriskawareness:

Stupid medical advice which has been consigned to history books

'Fashions in medicine are on a par with fashions in dress' - William White, 1885.
Radio broadcaster Jeni Barnett recently admitted on live radio that she did not give her children the MMR vaccine and she proceded to have a 45 minute discussion about why not.

Immediately afterwards, angry medical professionals telephoned her, she had people posting on her blog about what a bad mother she was and she's even had the threat of legal action, simply for saying why she didn't get the MMR. Whatever happened to free speech? The DOH are constantly putting out articles and TV appeals about how great MMR is, and predicting how many people are going to die if they don't line up for the vaccine, yet not one of the people who have chosen not to vaccinate have ever threatened them with legal action for withholding information from the public or scaring them with fatality predictions! If they are allowed to publically state their case for MMR, then so should people who question the vaccines, including medical professionals like Andrew Wakefield and Jayne Donegan.

So where is this going? And what has it to do with stupid medical advice?

Since the inception of medical practices, there have been many treatments which were thought to be as vital and necessary as vaccination, which were subsequently found to be harmful. Any person questioning the treatment would first be ridiculed, then there would be fierce opposition to him and a string of medical studies to back up the treatment. Finally, after many years, the medical profession would concede that in fact, it was harmful.

Examples of medical practices which were scientifically 'proven', which were later abandoned

Blood letting has to be the most obvious one.

Blood letting began in 1,000 BC. Doctors of that time thought that sickness was caused by evil spirits and that to expell the spirit from the body and get rid of the illness, you had to release the spirit by bleeding.

The practice was continued right up until the late 19th century to help people recover from illnesses. Doctors of the 19th century thought a lot of conditions were caused by emotional problems and thought blood letting would strengthen a person's psychological outlook.

Despite it's 3,000 history it was debunked as rubbish by the very people who had been practicing it for years.

The instrument used to perform blood letting was called the Lancet, which is what the UK's famous medical journal is named after. (More info on blood letting at org).

Vaccination has been around about 300 years, which is a tiny blip in time compared with the 3,000 year history of blood letting.

Stupid doctor smokingAnother example of stupid medical advice is smoking.

Tabacco leaves were first discovered in 1492. By 1518 it was documented that native Americans were smoking it and by 1531 it began to be commerically farmed.

In 1930's, medical journals actually advertised cigarette smoking with slogans like:

'“We advertise KOOL cigarettes simply as a pleasant combination of fine tobaccos made even more pleasant by the cooling sensation of menthol. They won’t cure anything. They won’t harm anybody. They will prove enjoyable.”

In addition to medical journals of the time stating that cigarettes won't harm you, the companies that made cigarettes, made amazing claims such as cigarette smoking will ease a sore throat and doctors choose our cigarettes so they must be good for you. It seems similar to the aggressive advertising for MMR vaccine and the pronouncement by the drug companies and doctor's that it'll protect your child's health.

(I'll add this YouTube video about mouth cancer: Smoking kills, but smoking ads? "Quiting is hard, not quitting is harder" I worship Asians so it was particularly hurtful for me but there are other versions. She doesn't need more chemicals, she needs antioxidants like vitamin C to do tissue repair... a lot of it... and fast... that's why not everyone get cancer or as fast. This buried life saving knowledge when there's plenty of medical proof that vitamin C works is another proof of medicine’s stubborn stupidity. They make more cash with chemicals and suffering, even if the client dies. Smoking is used to cover up the hunger of hypoglycemia, a handful of nuts is more effective then a prescription of antidepressants... it won't make you fat, sugar like grains and corn does. A nutty breath is more kissable and the minerals are good for your life and sex drive.)

In the 1940's, the first studies on smoking and lung cancer began to emerge and there were a rush of journal articles, some showing a link and then other's rushing to the defense of cigarettes, by proclaiming that cigarettes DID NOT cause lung cancer.

This same yo-yo effect is seen with MMR. You have a study showing that there are ASD's after vaccination, followed by another three or four saying MMR is safe, and dire predictions of what will happen to our children if we don't vaccinate, all sponsored by the industry that make them.

See the TV advert for Camels at YouTube!: More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette. (Rich people buy more expensive stuff but it doesn't mean they're better and it sure as hell doesn’t make them more intelligent! Just like brand clothes have crappy design and quality. It's just to fool the foolish. It still happen everyday. Even by doctors. Don't be duped by their white coat.)

Do You Know Where The Term 'Cutting Teeth' Comes From?

It may surprise you to learn that in centuries past, doctors would actually cut the gum of a baby to allow the teeth to come through. They called this process 'teething' and that is where the term cutting teeth originated from.

Many babies died from this procedure. In the year 1842, a staggering 4.8% of all babies under 1 year of age died from 'teething', according to the British Registrar General's office. An additional 7.1% of toddlers aged between 1 and 3 years also died - usually because of secondary infections associated with cutting the gums.

Despite its high death rate, the practice had persisted for centuries.

It was begun by French surgeon Ambriose Pare, in 1575, after he examined a dead child. He said

"When we diligently sought for the cause of his death, we could impute it to nothing else than the contumacious hardness of the gums...when we cut the gums with a knife we found all the teeth appearing...if it had been done when he lived, doubtless he would have been preserved.'

By 1850 the medical profession believed so strongly in the practice of 'teething' that they referenced it in books such as Diseases of Children.

Just like with vaccination, there were many medical professionals who disagreed with cutting teeth and at a Medical Society of London meeting held in 1884, surgeon Edmund Owen from the Hospital for Sick Children, said that the practice of cutting teeth should 'lie in a tomb alongside leaching'. Other doctors at the meeting vehmently disagreed with him, and a doctor Samuel Gross complained that younger generation doctors were not using their lancets.

The practice was also performed in the USA, and deaths from 'teething' are recorded in the United States Census, 1850-1870. A newborn, ONE MONTH old baby boy, George, was sadly listed as dying from 'teething'.

Cutting teeth was not abandoned until the beginning of the 20th century.

Sources: British Dental Journal 191, 4 - 8 (2001), Utah Education Network lesson plan, a death record: 1860.

Dish out those cough and cold medicines....Except don't!

For years and years, the advise was if your child has a cough or cold, treat it with cough and cold medicines. My mother was lightening fast at dishing out the disgusting tasting pharmaceutical goo every time we so much as sneezed....then....the FDA wanted to ban them for under 3 year old's and the UK MHRA reported that the Commission on Human Medicines had banned them for under 6 year old's, stating:

'Over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicines for children have been under review in the UK.

The Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) has advised on a package of measures to improve safe use of cough and cold medicines for children under 12.

The new advice is that parents and carers should no longer use over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medicines in children under 6. There is no evidence that they work and can cause side effects, such as allergic reactions, effects on sleep or hallucinations.'

The summary of research stated:

'The symptoms of cold are the body’s natural defense against the virus. In some
circumstances treatment of symptoms, even if effective, may not be desirable, since this
could reduce the body’s capacity to deal with the virus.'

This is something enlightened doctors, holistic practitioners and naturally minded parents have been telling the medical profession for YEARS but we got scoffed at and called 'quacks'.

Children's over-the-counter cough and cold medicines: New advice
(They also give a pdf but those things bug all the time and are slow, they're not welcome in my site. Refer to the original article if you want it.)

High carb, low fat diet keeps you slim - or does it?

(I told you it doesn't. The carbs of greens and almonds aren’t the same as the carbs in wheat products such as Twinkie and high fructose corn syrup! Also artificial sugars cause brain damage and erratic cravings. Want sweets? Eat freaking vegetables and fruits! The body didn't evolve to crave paint, varnish and rocks... look at the ingredients of processed food, that's what it is. Toxins are sealed in fat, hence the need to become fatter, and they also give you cancer. Chemotherapy is the dumbest idea.)

For decades the governments of the world have said that eating a high carb, no fat diet is good for you and that it will keep you thin and prevent heart disease and obesity. I have to admit, I fell for their advice here. Being a health conscious vegetarian it seemed obvious that you would be slim if you ate less fat.

(Except that every cells and the brain is made of fat. Omega 3 somebody? Wild salmon isn't the same as McDonald's super size garbage!!!)

But actually doctors are only now realizing that if you are lacking in fats and proteins your brain will cry out for them, making you want to snack more, eat junk food and have bigger portion sizes. Protein helps you feel 'full' for longer. So if you eat more good fats and more protein you'll be less hungry and stay slimmer.

(Actually it's fiber... eating a huge steak is hard to digest, but eating greens and carrots is the best to prevent my hypoglycemic sugar crashes.)

One would imagine that prior to giving us the high carb, low fat advice and implementing it on a mass scale, the governments would actually have some evidence behind their recommendation? Turns out they don't.

(Actually it's based on an incomplete study where there was more than one variable that could explain this, and they blamed the wrong one, it's sugar and processed grains are the same, as Dr Lustig explained at YouTube "Sugar: The Bitter Truth".)

According to the journal Nutrition:

'Concerns that were raised with the first dietary recommendations 30 years ago have yet to be adequately addressed. The initial Dietary Goals for Americans (1977) proposed increases in carbohydrate intake and decreases in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt consumption that are carried further in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) Report. Important aspects of these recommendations remain unproven, yet a dietary shift in this direction has already taken place even as overweight/obesity and diabetes have increased.'

(Actually I almost died from those stupid guidelines. When stress is higher than vitamin C, you get adrenal fatigue. You end up unable to handle blood sugar and to hold on to salt... cholesterol is vital for the adrenal glands to make hormones, but you have to make your own with a vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B5... Eating grains destroy the gut and cause intense shifts in blood sugar that is hard for both the pancreas and the adrenals... So it's really a bag idea... Maybe good for some people... but it sure as hell almost killed me! And made my life a living agonizing hell... Not being able to stand up and fainting in the middle of the street... never again. I'll listen to my body not fads.)

So much for science based medicine, then. (Hahaha! What a joke, medicine isn't based on science but how much profit you can make from a drug and how much you can bend the truth with exceptions as "proof")

Although this diet hasn't been consigned to the history books yet, more and more evidence is surfacing to show it isn't actually good for us so I believe it will be scrapped one day.

(Maybe when the corn, wheat and soy industry will get tired to get rich off our rotting living corpses. Don't hold your breath...)

(Another pdf link... DELETED!!! I don't know who did that reference link, but if you don't know how to make a web page and force people to use a program that is a lagging pain, don't put it online... Even kids can do a more usable WEB page! Stop insulting my eyes, how I waste my time is up to me, it sure won't be on a damn pdf.)

Sunlight makes you have cancer

Another totally stupid piece of medical advice (I love you, whoever wrote that) is the teaching that sunlight will cause you to have skin cancer and you must plaster yourself in sun screen every time you go out.

(Actually since I eat healthy living fats instead of already too burned ones, take vitamin C which make elastic collagen and healing, probably also thanks to the B complex and other minerals I take… I don't burn like hell anymore.)

Trying to get a sun tan, lying for hours in the sun and allowing yourself to get sunburn causes skin cancer, not merely absorbing sunlight.

(And those horrible neon beds are probably closer to a radioactive microwave than the sun of life... Not sounds or lights are the same... or those artificial tan sprays... dear lord in hell; can we stop with the poisons already? We're worst than snakes... at least they make it to kill not to seduce… Dumb fried asses.)

After decades of promoting the use of sun screens, it has now been found that children are once again being diagnosed with the malnutrition disease rickets and people are getting fractures and brittle bones on an epidemic level. Why? Because the sun screen blocks out vitamin D absorption. Since the main source of vitamin D is from the sun, this is a disaster. (HAHAHAHAHA! I love you. It's worst than I thought!) Now they, actually you should go outside for 20 minutes a day with no sun screen. Duh!! This is something many practitioners in holistic circles have known for years. (I don't know how you people cope seeing all this... I use sarcasm... it helps... *sniffles*)

Need not apply: Get 20 minutes of sun a day (without lotion) 'to help beat brittle bones'
(I take a whole lot of D3 since I can't really go out... it helps my mood actually. I take it to absorb my calcium. I have much stronger nails probably from that and my B complex. But nooo~ just use toxic brain damaging floor varnish, it's probably better than industrial toxins if it's candy colored. Good luck applying that to your bones! Dumb misinformed bitches. I bet you think I’m a low life for not applying it all over my face. Ah~ crazy world~)

The Telegraph reported:
'The disease, caused by low levels of vitamin D generated in the body from sunshine and certain foods, had died out around 80 years ago but is now coming back.

(I've seen a doctor for rickets, he never figured it out... but it's very obvious. So maybe it's the belief that we are above the ignorance of the past that is slowly vanishing... Oh I wish... Everyone has symptoms of scurvy... Lack of vitamin C causes heart problems, inability to handle stress and severe exhaustion and mental distress... Treating it separately with chemical drugs makes more profit... but it's a disaster.)

Cases of rickets in children have occurred in northern England and Scotland where there are fewer months of the year with sufficient sunshine to obtain enough vitamin D but now doctors are seeing it on the South coast as well.

It is thought extensive use of sunscreen, children playing more time on computer games and TV rather than playing outside and a poor diet are to blame.'
Middle class children suffering rickets

(Yeah, no matter how rich you are, if you don't take the time to cook because you use it to make extra cash, and feed them junk and cola... They won't get calcium from GREENS. No species ever stole the milk of another creature to thrive except us... but they all eat greens or the half-digested greens in the gut in the case of carnivores... Thinking that we need milk to get calcium… and thinking that cola is cool… it’s a miracle that we don’t crumble on the floor and die. No wonder kids self mutilate, kill themselves, and take illegal drugs when legal ones don’t come to the “rescue” of their agony… Stupid life style.)

Because of their fear of the sun, the UK DOH have now started supplementing all under 5 year olds and pregnant mothers with vitamin D.

Stupid medical advice continued

Dictionary: "an incision into the perineum (skin between the anus) and vagina to allow sufficient clearance for birth." (When this happens it's tragic, so doing it all the time is just stupid... Stop making women push too hard too fast with painkillers that make them ignore the trauma. Hospitals are to pregnant women what McDonald's is to cows.)

In the 1970's when I was born, all women having a hospital birth were given episiotomies. My mother had one despite her first born being a month premature, as it was thought that a cut was 'less painful' than a natural tear. Studies proved this not to be the case and the practice of cutting all women was abandoned. See danger of episiotomy page (also in the vaccineriskawareness site). I hope to live long enough to see the whole barbaric practice abandoned. (I hope to see women wake up and demand that their body be treated the way they want to with no compromise to their safety, in all areas of their lives, or at least fail fighting. Heck men too.)

2. Pregnant women were told to drink stout for 'the iron'. Now they are told not to drink at all, or 'only one or two glasses a week'. (Why not red meat instead... I was told to take supplements of iron, but it's dangerous. It's actually a lack of vitamin C, necessary for the absorption of iron, elastic tissues and body repairs that was the real cause of many of my problems. You find that in greens along with iron and even protein, meat is actually what's incomplete.)

3. After childbirth, women were told to stay in bed for two weeks. Now they are told to get up immediately to avoid blood clots.

4. Women were told to wean their babies onto solid food when they weighed 14lbs. By 1996 when I had my daughter, this advice was changed to 4 months of age. A couple of years ago, they changed the weaning advice to 6 months.

5. For decades they said co-sleeping with your baby was dangerous. When my son was born in 2007 I was given a leaflet by the health visitor, saying co-sleeping improves breast feeding outcomes and so you SHOULD co-sleep unless you smoke, take drugs or are on medication. (American Journal of Nursing:
January 2005 - Volume 105 - Issue 1 - pp 40-50 - and other studies similar).

6. My mother was told to put us to sleep on our front's in the 'recovery' position to prevent cot death. Now they say put your baby to sleep on his back.

7. In the 1960's they switched to using oral polio vaccine because of a rise in childhood cancer, associated with IPV. Recently, this was stopped and IPV reintroduced because the only polio since 1979 was caused by the vaccine.

(Then, according to doctors... Death is good for your health~ Another stupid horror is that Nestle convinced women to pay for their baby formula instead to use their own body fluids for free, as if thousands of years of evolution could be replaced by sheer sugar, water and toxic chemicals... then we got epidemics of obese babies... the lazy gluttonous bastards! Many died. Too lazy to breathe I guess. Malnourished? Noooo~ Poisoned, of curse not!)

'The last case of poliomyelitis in the United States due to indigenously acquired wild poliovirus occurred in 1979; however, as a consequence of oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) use that began in 1961, an average of 9 cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) were confirmed each year from 1961 through 1989. To reduce the VAPP burden, national vaccination policy changed in 1997 from reliance on OPV to options for a sequential schedule of inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) followed by OPV. In 2000, an exclusive IPV schedule was adopted.'

(Injecting even dead viruses into babies brain never sounds like a good idea... but hey, I'm insane, what do I know~ Oh~ the blood barrier will protect them, riiight, because a paper thin skin can't be crossed by toxic heavy metals like a knife through butter... that's probably why we find mercury in the brain of people who have mercury "silver" tooth filling. Probably a coincidence or some genetic defects, like being made of porous FLESH. Or an intervention from aliens or Jesus. I told you he hates you. Don’t worry if you’re right I’ll go in hell for this. It probably would be an improvement from this society. HAHAHA!)

JAMA. 2004;292:1696-1701.

8. When measles vaccine and then MMR were introduced, we were told one shot was for life. Just a few years later they introduced a booster and now they are discussing whether we need three doses of MMR. (It's not about what we need, but about how much profit they can shove up their asses without feeling guilty to poison your kids, I'm safely and lovingly keeping mine up my uterus, thank you.)

9. In 1978 my mother was told that a single measles shot would protect me from measles, so I had my vaccine. Now the DOH say that single measles jabs aren't effective. Does that mean that they lied to my mother? She was following 'proven science' at the time.

(Some people prove that Jesus exist because they see his face printed on a piece of toast: 22 people who found Jesus in their food at buzzfeed. Sometimes proof is just a coincidence with the twisted interpretation of wishful thinking. Being paid a whole lot tends to do that.)

My point being that all scientific hypothesis is just that: hypothesis. It is simply a popular idea which is thought to be true at the time. Many scientific ideas are later amended or changed, even after a study has 'proven' that they are safe, or the best method.

(Psychiatry is even worst; it's not even based on erroneous biology or pseudo-science at all. They vote… against people they have no desire to understand and freak them out... on how to control those crazy people… Because why the hell would you cry and freak out when you're severely malnourished and have poison shot into your brain… babies don’t… they die, but they don’t. You must be weak… your personality must be a disease… worst bullshit I’ve ever heard. Really worthy of going berserk.)

A 1963 advertising poster for oral polio vaccine (img) by the cdc. In 2000, they stopped using oral polio vaccine because it was causing polio.

This is a late 1960's notice from the Office of the Surgeon General (img scaring you to buy their drug with threat of blinding your kid and being responsible for a full scale epidemic... effective marketing to fight against free will.), William H. Stewart, M.D, stating that one vaccination is all that is required for 'life-long' protection. Then They Introduced A Booster. Now They Say Antibodies Wear Off After 5 Years
(Elesvier Science LTD, Volume 13, Issue 16, 1995, Pages 1611-1616.). Now, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Is Questioning Whether We Need 3 MMR's

(I seriously question needing one... if there's a slim chance to get polio from a polio vaccine, or depression from antidepressants... then put it in the garbage where it belongs!!!


I moved the extra intro after since I got carried away~~~

The Simpsons doctor image is from respiratorytherapycave blog, in the page "If the stupid read this blog, they don't stay stupid long." They seem to have the same goal as me but probably doing a better job. Feel free to visit. But I disagree because I saw that even doctors can be stupid (like the one who wanted to feel my boobs when I went for pneumonia...). Degrees are for parrots. Digging out the truth, daring to face it as your whole foundations crumbles as idiotic lies under your lost feet, now that's genius! But they're bullied and buried. So yes, doctors can be stupid too, they're human too. I have a very high IQ but I keep doing typos. There’s never a guarantee of being right, but if you’re sure that you can’t be wrong, it will be way more likely that you are for having your head up your ass.

So here's medical stupidity, historical glorified mistakes that cost lives of even babies... At least Hitler did it on purpose. Now who are the worst monsters~ I think it's people pretending that it's for your own good, and not their own profit and blind ego, claiming that you're wrong if you try to stop them from mutilating your babies. Doctors are just sick. Doctors are just sick. Well, if they were so right, they never would be! I'm not kind, not anymore. I don't want to look the other way and smile... while people suffer and die. Which is stupid of me, I'm a misanthrope, it should make me laugh... but when doctors do this... it's just too fucked up even for me. The ego gets in the way of the truth for we can't admit that we're stupid, so we keep doing dangerous stuff. Doctors have the biggest ones for being the most glorified after Jesus for saving us all... do the math. They're the most unlikely to be able to admit when their profession is dead wrong, no matter how many deads are proving it to their ego, the corpses just look like dollar bills to them. Those who wake up are crushed by the majority who are convinced, or who know, but like the cash way better than your babies. Don't be blind. Don't worship chemicals.

from respiratorytherapycave: "By stating the truth we may be eating the hands that feed us. When a doctor or nurse is mad, they write variances. They will tell your boss you have a bad attitude. You will risk being reprimanded or even fired. And that, my friends, is why we don't see improvements in the medical profession. That's why the field of RT continues to stay in the dark ages. That's why 80 percent of what we do is either a waste of time or delays time. We are afraid to tell doctors the truth for fear of bursting their egos."

And that's why I can't keep a job (besides the bedridden part), a membership in a forum and preferred to make my own website to say whatever I want. I'm always happy to collect decent information and put it here... it's so rare~ But it does happen. I know a handful of doctors who are pure geniuses. But the normal, the norm, is a math calculation of the majority, and therefore it's normal to be very stupid, even when you have a fancy degree and coat. And I so want one, I had one from school... I wish I could do research but it'd be twisted to say what big Pharma want it to say to be able to sell death... Thanks to the internet, the whole world and population is now my lab~ You don't need a degree, your body will tell you what is good or bad loud and clear with pain and depression. The drug pushers in the streets have drugs for that, I guess doctors wanted a cut from those profits too.

But when you think about it… they only supply the demands, if no one wanted to go for it, they’d have to come up with something else… so all the shit that any corporations ever did to us… was because people were stupid enough to believe them and give them money. It’s our fault, for rewarding their stupidity with our own. We have the true power. What are we waiting to choose nature and nutrition over glorified street pushers endorsed by the government… I sure do. I don't care if it makes me insane, if it's quackery, all I care about is... it works!!!

Also from that site: Is the false hope worth $120 a pop? (About asthma pumps "sympathomimetic bronchodilator"...) I really like this guy.

I don't have asthma but when my adrenals shut, I couldn't breathe anymore (well, it took all the efforts I could muster...)... those pumps actually give hydrocortisone, a fake hormone to replace the cortisol made by the adrenal glands. Those glands have hundreds of functions, therefore lacking nutrition to enable their functions cause hundreds of different possible symptoms. Asthma can be one of them, since the adrenals produce anti-inflammatory against air irritants, and the adrenals are needed to produce energy, so you can end up unable to breathe from muscular weakness... from hypoglycemia, anemia, lack of magnesium... I don't have that symptom so I didn't have to master its related knowledge, but it doesn't matter how you get artificial cortisol, it's always directed to the adrenal glands... and atrophy them... they need nutrition. (What almost killed me was in the form of a hemorrhoid cream, it goes in the blood and the blood goes everywhere. We’re basically watery sponges!!! Forget the blood brain barrier! It wasn't designed to withstand the chemical horrors that we've created.) So the more you use hydrocortisone or that asthma pump, the more they'll atrophy and the more you'll need it... but a sudden dose of chemicals will never replace the delicate balance of organic living biology and its crucial timings. So it's worst than false hope... it's like amputating the legs of someone who have a twisted ankle, and that's why they won't recognize adrenal fatigue as a problem... But you need to breathe... so take vitamin C, a B complex and magnesium, which should cover the basics of your needs. Then if you want to inhale poisons, smoke or drown in bleach or some equally stupid but less expensive damaging shit. But lease take vitamin C instead.

But read from someone who knows what he's talking about more. It's even more gruesome~~~

I really like this guy "Yet this has been a problem that has plagued the entire history of medicine, is that most medicine has no benefit other than psychological. Ventolin, like charms, amulets, prayers, and incantations of the primitive world, provides nothing more than the best remedy of all time: HOPE." Actually false hope takes you away from the real cure.

My motto is: Abandon all hope, make it happen.

"Does this 'mythical benefit' and 'false hope' justify the $120 it costs insurance companies for every treatment given. Think of it this way, you give a treatment that's not needed every four hours, that's $720 a day, and $5,040 in a week. Is that price worth hope?"

For big Pharma it sure is, the church burned the people who didn't want their false hope... they choked to death in the smoke of their burn flesh... so does it really surprise you that medicine, the new dogma for even your mood, sells you a medicine that shuts down your lugs even more every time you use it and make you even more dependent on them, so they can sell you even more?

People... people... open your eyes, ears, mind, heart, soul, adrenal glands and ass since that's where you put your head... to this absolute fact:

Medicine is a business. The only business allowed to sell you shit by putting a gun in your mouth. It's legal because you pull the trigger yourself.


Lisa Of Shades
19 November 2013
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!