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The horrors

This YouTube video is worth a thousand words: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. The man talking before the documentary looks brain damaged... from the drug.

Antidepressants aren't to lift your mood; it's insulin to make you weak, quiet and docile. You end up obese because you’re forced to store everything you eat into fat before you get the chance to use it… Hypoglycemia is so painful it’s worst than dead so it causes suicidal ideation, hunger rage that can turn violent, confusion from lack of enough fuel to think (psychosis) and without enough blood sugar... you can drop dead. And antidepressants do all that. On purpose. Because they’re not serotonin, they’re insulin. Their name is a lie… so you’d willingly accept their chemical straight jacket and swallow their bullets. It’s not for your own good. It never is. If you want that you’ll have to do it yourself.

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary)

The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER

Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance Here is the PROOF !! Pharmaceuticl Conspiracy !!

Before You Take That Antidepressant, Visit SSRIstories

They CAUSE depression, suicide ideation and violence. They cause babies to be born with missing limbs or organs growing outside the body. It doesn’t get any worse than this. Greens can make anybody stronger. I had severe depression relapse from an event and I cured my adrenal fatigue in 3 days with lots of greens and as much vitamin C as I could hold and therefore needed.

If you want to kill yourself, take antidepressants, they WILL kill you slowly and painfully. If you want to live, be healthy and happy, eat greens and vitamin C; and enjoy simple things with gratitude. Balancing your life is more complex but it’s a great start!

Low blood sugar and low thyroid causes fatigue and depression; but when someone complains of depression they aren’t tested for them, they’re given antidepressants. But to add insult to injury, those who complain of FATIGUE are given antidepressants without ever testing their body!??? WTF! Profits hungry pushers exploiting normal human emotions, that's what it is.

Control yourself, take responsibility and figure things out… or someone will gladly take over your life if you wish to surrender it... they will enslave and control you with drugs, restraints and torturous pains such as electroshocks… not to help you, to exploit you! And every step of the way they will pretend that it’s for your own good and will name brain damaging drugs that will shut down your kidneys with happy misleading names like “EternalOrgasmicBliss” but nothing could be further from the truth. No one has ever been happier on antidepressants. So unless you’d be happy to be turned into an obese zombie, nah just forget it you’d be too numbed to even appreciate it. You’d be better of dead. Don’t fall for false hope and broken promises. You’d be better off keeping your despair and sadness; at least you’d still have human emotions proving that you’re still alive. You'd still be able to think about a way out eventually.

Here’s an anecdote from an episode of House M.D. that illustrates the approach of psychiatry: a man goes to the hospital with a cockroach in his ear, after some hours he can’t bear the crawling horror silently anymore. He starts shrieking for help, running around in a panic. Dr House injects him something and he falls on the ground, paralyzed, not even able to blink. His boss is outraged, saying that he’s still suffering and Dr House replied “Yes, but quietly~

Psychiatry does even worst: Not only they won't even bother to try to understand and find the cause of your suffering (they can't, they don't have the knowledge anyway) but they'll make you even less able to do it yourself. They cash in the more you suffer, so they will gladly worsen you to keep you dependent, and blame you for the deterioration.

Those criminal pushers even killed people, chemicals are poisons!

They used to hammer your brain with an ice pick to keep you subservient (Dictionary: excessively submissive, serving as a means to an end), now they do the same damage with drugs. The methods are different but their goals are still the same.

They didn’t evolve with science, even medicine dismiss facts from research when it threatens profits. The body and mind is the same thing, they never should have separated the professions because they both fail to see the big picture.

There’s a clear link between nourishment, health and mind; everyone knows that! “You are what you eat” and "A healthy mind in a healthy body". Both medicine and psychiatry turned their backs on nutrition and even ridicule it; those people believe that they’re above nature by worshiping man made toxins. The side effects are often worst than what they’re supposed to treat, or even cause it!

Antidepressants cause hypoglycemia, which cause depression in the first place! Low blood sugar also causes psychosis and death, known side effects of the drug! They worsen you!!! If you eat too much sugar and refined junk, getting too highs and too lows, balance your diet instead! On the drug, you end up with only lows, the deadliest.

You pay for their arrogance, as they indulge and exploit your own lack of knowledge, with your money, health and very life. You can learn better than their outdated degree that they memorized like a parrot without experiencing it themselves. The internet is broader, freshly updated, scientific pioneers will gladly share and people post useful feedback; but theories become even clearer facts when tested on yourself. "Knowledge is power."

Make sure to research what you're getting into first, never trust anyone blindly. "Hell was paved with good intentions." Even kind caring people can be wrong; they can inflict the most atrocious harm, in denial even of the obvious, by being so sure to be right, full of themselves with the cruelest arrogance, they merely look down on you by pretending to be able to help in your stead. Live your own life.

Psychiatry is filled with ignorant; they are still barbaric and even brutal.

They lock innocent people up without a fair trial, tie them up and deny them even the freedom to think and feel! They even give torturous seizures and put people in comas. Murderers are treated better; those working for psychiatry are even glorified. Mass murders tend to be, especially when endorsed by the government, whom is happy with the billions of dollars that they make off your agony; just like Hitler did, but now people are pressured to volunteer "for their own good". Ha! The scam.

My sister suffered by their hand. She was denied water, told that she doesn't deserve it. With no toilet in her cell, she ended up drinking her urine out of desperation. Her crime? She saw her lover drown... She defended herself when a man tried to take advantage of her weakened state to rape her; the asshole called the police and pretended to be the victim. He claimed that she was mad, just because she was on antidepressant for her mourning. Because of prejudices against the label, her opinion, thoughts and feelings became discredited blindly; even by the psychiatric "professionals" who locked her up for months without a trial, and abused her even more.

That would damage the mind of anyone. But worst, they drugged her so hard that she regressed into a little child, barely able to remember who she was; it damaged her brain so much that she could never finish her last year of medicine study, or work ever again. She wanted to become a psychiatrist and care for people... She was deceived by a cruel industry. It's sickening to destroy people and call it helpful.

I suffered too, but I always refused to be drugged and did my best to keep my composure. When I got my diagnostic of hypoglycemia (which I figured out myself, it explained all my symptoms, and went away on a natural diet) I tried to have the wrong label removed with a new psychiatric evaluation. I brought my documentation hoping to dialogue between two intelligent adults, showing with facts why it doesn't fit me.

But expecting to be treated as an equal and questioning them insulted her ego, so she tried to crush who I am into submission by saying: "You are right, but I still think that you have another personality disorder, no one will ever want you, not even in therapy. You probably have a quality, but honestly, I can't find you any." I am obviously, and undeniably, extremely intelligent. She knew she was wrong but did it anyway: it was meant to hurt. She even said that I have to learn to listen and do what I'm told. She couldn't care less about my needs and safety! Her goal was blind admiration to get status, and the power trip of obedience, she even tried to invalidate and destroy my identity completely to gain it! RED FLAG!

I kept my cool self control, but later I cried like a baby, mourning my illusions, then let go. I reported her with an official written complain, to protect others from such psychological violence and abuse, but they dismissed it saying that her report was irreproachable; forms are all they cared about, hurting patients with more psychological damage didn’t matter even to this most reputed hospital. Useless harmful services.

I embraced the fact that I can only rely on myself, which terrified me, but then I moved on to discover the joys of this absolute freedom. Now I don't give a shit about the opinion of fools! But I do care about the people they prey on... yet I can only offer knowledge and options. I can't stand the idea of my pointless torment being repeated; especially not by making people falsely believe that it's their only hope, dooming them to despair... when the answer is as simple as balancing your needs, nourishing yourself, resting and getting rid of what poisons your life.

People have the free will to choose: to help themselves, or to throw their freedom away along with the responsibilities... Be careful what you wish for.

If I had obeyed mindlessly and taken the antidepressants, contributing to their billions of profits, when I clearly didn't faint in the streets because I was sad but suffering from severe Adrenal fatigue; those chemicals would have worsened my hypoglycemia, damaged my liver and caused damaging imbalances in my brain! Ha! I would still be sick and miserable. I'm not! My body is over nourished with compressed vitamins and minerals, so he can catch up to deficiencies and heal. I'd even believe in miracles if I didn't know the science behind it. I granted my own prayers.

I feel empowered and proud to manage myself freely and independently. If everyone did that their industry would go bankrupt. DO IT! Vegetables are much more filling and colorful than refined cardboard. Almonds are way tastier than candy! I'm so happy with the natural lifestyle; I sure don't miss the chemical industries of death!

Psychiatrists are extremely devastating and unprofessional. They have to disappear!!! Deny them power, keep it to yourself! Save yourself, no matter how long it takes, never give up your own life in the hands of someone else!!! Protect yourself! A therapist even told me to be polite and to never hit someone who assaults me sexually. BULLSHIT! Believing that only make you an easier victim! He laughed until I got angry, firm and was ready to fight for my safety. Those cowards hunting the vulnerable, too pathetic to seduce, ran for their lives at the second I glared showing my teeth!

You have the LEGAL and vital right to defend yourself! Read the police's site about self defense, it cheered me up and I slept peacefully. You're not powerless and you don't have to be! Allowing abuse is disrespectful to yourself! You're important too!

Psychiatric drugs don't improve life, health and mood: they destroy it even more! It's about dominating what they don't understand which intimidates them, by force not kindness. The hospital I went to didn't even know what Post Traumatic Stress was! Info at helpguide. But it's actually Adrenal fatigue; make sure to read my section on the biological impacts of stress so you can heal the root cause.

It's easier to blame the victim, because then you can believe that the world is just and that it can't happen to you. But shit just happens! Bad luck doesn't make people bad. Just do your best; but sometimes you won't be able to do anything, you can't control anyone but yourself, then just avoid, ignore and forget.

Labeling makes psychiatrists feel in control of the world, but it's meaningless: calling people names is insulting, claiming that emotions and personalities are diseases is cruel, it's often a vital adaptation to abnormal situations; they do bullying not healing!

Psychiatrists even more scared and clueless than you are!
They'd probably do worst than you in your situation.

Take care of your health with your own hands. Only you have your own best interest at heart. You can figure out your needs better than anyone.


Such simple word is one of the secrets to happiness. Vitamin C as well~

Lisa Of Shades
26 September 2013
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What a psy told me:

When I went to get the label removed after a real doctor found I'm actually hypoglycemic, she told me that I was right, but that she still think that I have a personality disorder(wow my identity is a disease, nice) because she can't find me any qualities (how professional) and n o one will ever want me not even in therapy (she can see the future too!!!)

Well, she's right but it's still freaking unprofessional and mean!!! XD

I cried like a baby, and then moved on turning my back on it completely.


Lisa Of Shades
26 September 2013

Psychiatry medication is POISON


Phenothiazine (dictionary):

1. Chemistry. a grayish-green to greenish-yellow, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C 1 2 H 9 NS, used chiefly as an insecticide and vermifuge, and in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.

2. Pharmacology. any of a class of medications used principally to treat psychotic symptoms, as delusions or hallucinations, and excessive excitability.

Because when you're brain damaged even worst than half way to oblivion you can't bother people. Psychotics aren't insects!!! Their brain is just missing oxygen or glucose to function!!! Give them eggs and broccoli and take away ALL chemicals and they'll be as cudly as kittens!

WTF! People WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't use something to KILL and then claim it's a cure when you use it on people that you have prejudices against!!!

THAT'S psychi9atry, THIS is who you want to take care of your well being, and put the life of your loved ones in their murderous hands. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

Steroid medication cause psychosis. Antidepressants made it worst for EVERYONE. Quote from ncbi: "Of particular note was the fact that tricyclic antidepressants produced an exacerbation or worsening of the clinical state in all patients to whom they were administered."

In the YouTube video Australia's Teen Suicide Epidemic the parents KNEW that antidepressants worsened the suicide impulse, especially the first MONTH, and they poisoned the poor kid anyway saying that it’s a small side effect and risk. SMALL!? It’s DEATH, if that’s small then WTF is big!? How could you do this to her. You didn't want to be inconvenienced and threw the responsibility in the hands of strangers who couldn't possibly care, when it was YOUR job as a parent. Well, the poor girl killed herself. She granted your wish. She got her unpleasant existence out of your perfect little way~ That’s how much she loved you. I think she should have lived, moved out as soon as possible and ignored you back for the rest of your life, not visiting you even once in the hospice… But she preferred to die, so I guess she was a good child deserving your tender care after all. I hope you’re happy.

Be careful what you wish for and what you do. Good intentions isn’t enough. Take ACTION… YOURSELF!!! If you want something done right, do it yourself… Even, and especially, love and care.

Seriously hat did you expect locking your little girl up and loading her with drugs, that she’s come back home all loving and giggling all blossomed and happy like a perfect little doll!!!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you really HAVE to do that, then lock her up in her own room, not some strange unknown scary place, and load the room with kittens!!! And make her smoke pot, as much as I hate body damaging crap and ignoring important issues, maybe she’ll giggle after THAT. Stupid parents. You’re monsters; you should be locked up for real bad nurturing.

If you stop loading your kids with sugar and caffeine (cola and junk) they won’t bounce off the ceiling hysterically like monkeys on speed, which is exactly what you did to them. If I eat too much sugar and crash (reactive hypoglycemia), or not enough B12, C or iron (anemia), I can have murderous cannibalistic rages when my body suffers like hell; but I’m perfectly lucid and cuddly if I am well fed, just like any animal, and we all are. Dogs die if we give them chocolate… but some people eat little more than that, and then they wonder why they don’t feel so happy, hell it’s a miracle that your body is still alive!!! The society needs to wake up. Eat to live. It’s the basic of pure logic! Life forms are made of life… not chemicals. EAT LIFE ALREADY!!!

Enjoy greens~


Lisa Of Shades
18 September 2013

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The facts of biology will set you free

Pain and sadness are guides to true health and happiness, don't deny them. Listen.

You can't talk your way out of nutritional deficiencies, exhaustion and toxins in therapy.

Read my Adrenal fatigue ~ Gift of knowledge. It's never "just in your head", the Root cause is the adrenal glands; if they handle too much stress for their limit and what you nourish them. They have hundreds of vital functions and their exhaustion affects your entire body.

Psychiatry isn’t based on any science, it should be based on biology, but they vote! Their judgments are based on ignorance and discrimination. They abuse and mock the legitimately sick, the heart broken and the vulnerable like children. For power and profit.

But here are scientific facts for you:

There are no ways to test for serotonin.

But you need magnesium to make neurotransmitters, if you have a nutritional deficiency; it’s perfectly natural that your brain won’t be able to function optimally.

Your fatty brain needs 2 basic things: steady fuel and oxygen

Reactive hypoglycemia

It's caused in reaction to a crash from a too high amount of sugar or being too long without eating. With the standard American diet of refined and sugar laden junk, everyone experience this at different degree, with different reactions and ways to cope.

The problem is the food, we need healthy fats and the fiber of vegetables to have a stable fuel, if we do, and our emotions will be too. You can die from hypoglycemia; your heart will race from the adrenalin as you try to get your storage out. This isn’t anxiety; it’s just a reaction to hunger and is perfectly natural. But if your brain doesn’t have enough fuel to function, he’s going to make errors analyzing what he sees; you can also get epileptic seizures. The brain can be semi-conscious, fall in a protective coma… and die. So the fear is perfectly reasonable. Just eat real food and you’ll be fine.


You need vitamin B12 and vitamin C to absorb the iron necessary for red blood cells. They carry oxygen and if you don’t have enough, your brain won’t be able to function. How's that for brain imbalance!? You’ll suffocate no matter how much you breathe. Again, the heart can speed up to compensate, carrying the workers faster to do the same job, but working harder. This will be stressful and unpleasant. Dying is a good reason to be anxious depressed. Just eat healthy foods and you’ll be healthy.

Schizophrenia is just making bad guesses

When the brain is lacking its 2 basic needs, he won’t be able to interpret what he perceives accurately and can associate it with the wrong memory. If there’s not enough fuel and oxygen for all, some of your brain will be in a coma; you won't be able to be fully awake so you'll be partially dreaming. That’s what hallucinations and psychosis are. As simple as that. Your survival instinct can take over to defend you as well.

Your brain can become permanently damaged if he doesn’t have what he needs, you're dying, so it's perfectly natural to panic and feel unhappy about it. Look and listen inside, don’t worry those voices are just thoughts: your body will try to tell you how to save yourself, among your bad memories, fears and repressed anger. Listen to your reason, its wisdom will guide you, so you can reassure and satisfy constructively the other parts of you.

Just take care of your needs, above your wants, and you'll be fine.

Electrocuting people is torture not a therapy

Electrocuting the brain randomly will only cause brain damage!!! It's from the idea that you can't have epilepsy at the same time as schizophrenia, so giving you another disease imitation should kick the other out of your brain! It's absurd from every angle! And the reason why you don't see it both is because they are 2 different reactions of hypoglycemia! Your brain is still starving! Forcing you to run left instead of right when your body is in fire won't change shit!!! Just take care of the problem instead of adding more damage!

It might be life saving on a CORPSE, but paramedics don’t electrocute the brain, it's to restart the heart! You don't do that to the living! The idea that a pacemaker is good is WRONG! A deficiency of magnesium, potassium, sodium and other electrolytes causes irregular heartbeat! Lack of vitamin C can cause sudden death! Its deficiency leads to scurvy: left untreated, it can enlarge the muscles in your heart and cause bleeding inside your heart, both of which can result in sudden death. Why putting a machine that will resurrect you when you can simply build a strong heart with proper foods! The machine is like whipping a slave to keep working beyond what is bearable... just feed him! Make him strong! The psychiatrist’s idea to insert metal rods in your brain and shock you randomly is even more twisted and sick!!! Of course you'll have seizures if you starve and are suffocating!!! The last thing you need is artificial seizures!!! It hurts like HELL!

Do you really want to put your life and vital body parts in the hands of stupid people like that? You'd be better off with yourself even if you don't do anything at all!!! They won't let you escape if you figure out that they're making it worst!

People won't dare to complain anymore, and their bad break up will seem silly compared to sheer torture, but they'll still be suffering. Vitamin C will allow your adrenal glands to handle any stress.

Psychiatrists know nothing, NOTHING about basic biology!!!

You have to EAT to LIVE!!!
Not cardboard, not sweet rocks, not paint, not toxins... LIVING FOODS!!! You need to consume life to be alive!

Brain allergies

The brain doesn’t need chemicals: the mercury in vaccines and tooth filling cause brain damage. Preservatives are toxins to kill fungus, they damage us too. It’s known that food colorant cause problem behavior in children.

It’s believed that an allergy can only affect the lungs or skin, but it can affect any part of the body. Brain allergies affect the brain. Basically your brain swell and it gets crushed against your very skull. It doesn’t feel good, you won’t be able to concentrate then either and won’t be happy, obviously.

Drugging starving and poisoned children, or anyone, is a crime!

Deficiencies that have depression as symptoms

B vitamins complex: B1, B3 (too little or too much), B5, B6, B12, H (Biotin), Folic Acid, and others.

C leads to scurvy: Prostration (extreme mental or emotional depression or dejection, extreme physical weakness or exhaustion.)

D (too little or much too, necessary to absorb calcium)

Calcium, Magnesium (Possible side effect at high dose: Euphoria), Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Potassium...

Essential fatty acids because your brain and every cell membrane are made of fats (Omega-3, Omega-6), Protein.

Endocrine illnesses with depression as symptom

Hypoglycemia, (Glucose intolerance. Do not threat it with sugar, its intensity will worsen the crashes)

Hypothyroidism (Wise and necessary if you are exhausted and need a rest.)

Adrenal fatigue (Stress isn't even in your head. They handle it with vitamin C. If they are fatigued take 2000mg-4000mg and more!)

Depression isn’t an illness, it’s not even a symptom, it’s your body asking you to fill your needs.

They don’t even test for any of this!!! Even when I begged, they just laughed and dismissed me saying that it’s all in my head. Insisting for me to take antidepressants and anti anxiety, even though I only complained of exhaustion and fainting!!!

And what's with the "only my head" hell, I can’t live without my brain!!!

They can't test for most of it: Even if they test, the blood isn’t everything and they can’t test every cell.

Stop trying to force your body and understand what he’s doing. LISTEN inside! They’re not scary voices, they’re just THOUGHTS!

Reassure your fears, you'll do something about it. Calm your rage, you'll find a constructive way to survive. Listen to reason!

Take care of yourself yourself!

When a baby’s diaper is full, he cries. Do we give him antidepressants?
No, we clean up his shit. Then clean up yours!

When a baby is hungry, he cries, do we give him antidepressants?
No, we feed him, real food or he’ll die! Stop the junk and feed on living vegetables and real meat! We all know that we are what we eat and a healthy mind in a healthy body. Stop being fooled by companies tricking your brain with chemical flavors. Sweetness means a nutritious and ripe vegetable or fruit full of vitamin C, not cardboard full of toxins. Give yourself the true sugariness that you truly want: Vitamin C!!!

When a baby is tired and over stimulated, he cries. Do we give him antidepressants?
No! We take him to a safe and quiet place and let him rest! Put what you need before what you want! Sometimes you have to rest you’re just human!

When a baby is lonely, he cries. Do we give him antidepressants?
NO! We rub his back, talk to him and smile. You have no power over what other people do, but you don't have to wait for anyone: smile in adversity, protect, comfort and love yourself!

You’re not a baby anymore! No one is coming to save you. Anyone pretending to is out to get you and take advantage of you! We don't treat babies this way (yet) so why should you allow anyone to treat you with drugs and ignore your needs! DON'T! It's monstrous!

Antidepressant’s purpose isn't to make you happy!

Antidepressants aren't anti-depressing: it’s insulin! I learn the horrifying goals behind this terrible fact in this video: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. The man talking before the documentary looks brain damaged... from the drug.

Antidepressants force you to store your reserves of fuel, that’s why people get obese on it! It’s to make you weak, so you’ll be docile, compliant and won’t even have the energy to complain anymore. It makes the psychiatrists feel good and happy to see you become easy to dominate; they get a power trip out of your demise, so they consider that you’re cured!

It's pure ignorance and cruelty, they don't even bother to wonder if you have a good reason to be depressed or why! That should raise a red flag… It's pure absurdity, people looking at you like that can't possibly make you feel better, because they don't care! You can't expect them to help you heal your wounded heart, they sure as hell won't hug you, they have nothing but disdain for you.

If you want a hug, Hug yourself!

Don't fall for their magic pill, there's no such thing!

Don't demand a treatment where your very dignity will be spat on!

Face the pain and take care of yourself. If you try to run away and put your life in the hands of someone else, your suffering will worsen more than you can imagine. You'll be abused and crushed with a smile while they say it's "for your own good". Everyone's needs are different. We can only know about OUR OWN! So it will only be in their best interest, even if they think they're sincere.

Only you can know what you need. You can't run away from this, you'd be denying the very existence of that need! It won't make the pain go away, it will only throw away all the possibilities to find the solution for your pain! You can find it, just rest, feed well, take care, it will come to you when you will be ready. Give yourself the nutrients and time to heal. You will.

If you sacrifice yourself for the needs of others, knowingly or by being tricked, you'll be devoured. Psychiatry is no exception, it's even the worst. They want status and power. They are ready to crush fragile and easy targets even lower to get it. It's the new church. They want domination, control, and mindless obedience. The church burned people and scared them with threats of hell. Psychiatry electrocutes, lock up innocents without a trial, tie up and drug people. They both claim that you can't possibly save yourself on your own and need them.

No one need their crap, and they know it.
Stop listening to deceiving propaganda, they don't have your best interest at heart, all ads only want to exploit you by pretending to be there to make your life easier, they often poison you. Literally. There are toxic heavy metals in make up, the skin absorbs it and it can damage your brain. Not so pretty, uh~ Don't cover sickness up, don't drug the plea for self care away...

You can save yourself. Do it.

Don't trust antidepressants, their name is misleading, learn what it truly does to you! Always search for the side effects before taking any drugs. The side effects of antidepressants (not what they cure, but what they CAUSE) are anxiety, DEPRESSION, psychosis, suicide and sudden death.

Anyone who thinks that it should be given to anyone knowing this is a criminal. But I bet even psychiatrists are kept in the dark by pharmaceutical companies. It's merely wishful thinking, instead to buy prayers at the church, you buy poison. Hell, even the church would be less worst! And they're encouraging pedophiles by keeping them... RED FLAG!

In a healthy body, insulin from the pancreas stores fuel, then the adrenal glands will release only what's needed with adrenalin... unless they are fatigued, and they need a whole lot of vitamin C to do it. A stressful trauma will require more vitamin C and the glands will get damaged... the trauma is PHYSICAL even if the cause is emotional, and it's not even in the head!!!

Just rebuild your precious glands with vitamin C and a B complex, and other nutritive wonders.

But the insulin in those drugs forces you to store even the fuel that you need on the moment, your brain won’t have enough to think; that’s why people on it often look like zombies!

That’s why the drug CAUSES schizophrenia! Denying fuel to the brain causes brain damage!!!

The psychiatrists will tell you that you became more insane and need more, but it's a lie to make more profit! The drug damaged your brain more!!! You need to stop slowly to prevent a shock! It sure had a massive effect on the brain, but not a good one: it's a poison that enslaved your brain. You only became dependent: instead to fill your needs you created a dangerous new one. It only makes those pushers happy, as they make you believe that you need more the worst it makes you feel. Scam!

The insulin might seem positive if you’re eating too much sugar and are berserk from the overdose of fuel, but your pancreas still gets fried from the abuse, and when you’ll crash into hypoglycemia, it will make you WORST! People told me "I don't get highs anymore, I only feel low... I'm now depressed all the time."

Those false healers think that one size fits all. So if the problem isn't eating too much sugar, if it's hypoglycemia in the first place from not eating enough at all, you'll just get plain sicker!

Antidepressants are insulin, so they cause hypoglycemia. Period.

So if you're depressed because of a sluggish metabolism, like low thyroid, (which actually happens to protect you when you starve, like bears hibernate when the food is scarce in winter) you'll end up with hypoglycemia even if you had the chance to be spared that agony. Antidepressants cause it either way, so it will add it to your real problem!

Hypoglycemia is a painful and slow death, it’s starvation, it's natural to wish to be put out of a dying misery. That’s why people have suicide ideation on antidepressants. Does it sound like an improvement to you? They make huge profit off your suffering, so it is an improvement to them! Even when people died… not even from suicide, gasping for one last breath, from this poison.

Do eating broccoli, quitting cookies and managing your own life still sounds like a hassle? Would you really rather be abused, tortured, enslaved and denied freedom? Do you really think that it will improve your situation and well being to have a label that declares that your emotions, your personality, your very identity as a person, are a disease?

Psychiatrists’ opinions are massive bullshit. They're mere opinions, not facts, OPINIONS! Of flawed humans. Worthless. In your situation they'd probably do worst and be even more clueless than you are! It's even truer if you have a high IQ but they found a way to label that as a disease too!!! Asperger's syndrome. (I’d be so proud to have it) Hell they're dumb. So scared of everything different than them, all they can do is mock it like bullies, put it in boxes, put a label on it, and feel relieved and in control. Pathetic and sad. It never helped anyone. Being judged isn't constructive, blaming victims to think that we're better so it can't happen to us can only drown people in even more despair.

If it sounds like a good idea to you, you most likely really need to eat some vegetables and eggs for the B12... and supplements of compressed nutriments too. Not all pills are poisonous drugs. Calcium+D3 and magnesium helps me sleep like a baby. Sometimes it's okay to cry like one to free the build up negative feelings too. If you feel more exhausted than depressed, if you feel depressed all over, then it's Adrenal Fatigue (see my section for more).

If you're a psychiatrist, stop masturbating your ego with people's suffering. If you ever tried to understand, you wouldn't have the arrogance to think that you can save them. We can only save ourselves; at best we can offer perspective and possibilities to try. But drugging, locking up and torturing people... that can only cause more damage.

There are NO SUCH THING as craziness, madness or mental diseases. They're all just ignorant insults. The body always do what he does for a REASON, find it, find the cause, take care of the need and you won't suffer anymore.

People who judge aren't trying to understand.
An ignorant who calls himself a professional or an expert is still a clueless fool.

I don't have a degree but I lived it. I have both hypoglycemia and anemia. I know how it feels to lack the 2 basic needs to the brain: fuel and oxygen. You never know how the brain will react, what he'll have to sacrifice to compensate. It's very probable that I've tasted every single mental illness. That's how I can tell you that they are pure bullshit! If I eat right, I feel right.

I know what works, because I used the theories on myself while my very life was on the line, that's a way better teacher than some old dusty books memorized like a parrot. I know that drugs only numbs me to make me feel worst later, I saw what happened to loved ones on antidepressants: it destroyed them. I know the real cure: that taking care of my needs above my wants is how I truly healed and found real happiness. I got an immense fulfillment and dignity, because I accomplished this myself.

Only you can listen inside and figure out your needs from your body's direct feedback:

Thanks to pain and sadness, you can find out the proper direction for true health and happiness. Don't deny this chance to yourself. Change if you want changes.

"Take responsibility. It’s the only way out."
(From the movie Food Matters)

It’s easier than you think and so rewarding!

Lisa Of Shades
19 September 2013

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Previous intro

There is a lot of madness going on about psychiatry and it's not in the patient's head, but in the methods used to treat people.

I fully understood why when I saw this video: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.
The documentary is introduced by someone who isn't intellectually deficient but most likely have brain damage from their drugs.

It's very painful to watch, even I cried. But if you are considering asking them for help, you have to watch it before you put your mental and physical well being into their hands.

Their goal isn't to make you feel better and certainly not comfort you from your traumas. It's not even there to understand you... but to control you. It's from the idea that the problem is cured when you don't annoy them with complains or strange behaviors, but that can be perfectly natural in an abnormal situation.

They used lobotomy, electroshocks and restraints to coerce patients into docile and quiet obedience. When that became frown upon by the general public, they used powerful drugs to achieve the same things. One of them is insulin; they used it to put people into "therapeutic" comas.

I have hypoglycemia, I can tell you about insulin: It's secreted by your pancreas to store excess sugar so it won't poison your blood or fry your brain. If you eat more than it can handle at once from refined products, it can kick it too hard, make it secrete too much, and you end up with not enough fuel in your blood. If your brain doesn't have enough to function, well, it can't fully function and doesn't do it with precision, so it can make mistakes. Like the wrong interpretations of shapes and colors that we call hallucinations. Hypoglycemia can cause coma and death, and if you are still aware when it's happening, your brain is in great distress. There's no way you can feel happy while you get brain damaged.

Hypoglycemia makes people confused and weak... with suffering... but psychiatry used insulin on people because then they were easy to dominate, they didn't care about what it did to their body.

I believe that insulin is used in antidepressants. Because people go obese on them. If insulin forces them to store their fuel, ending up with not enough to function, their body will make them eat more and more to compensate in a race against death.

Antidepressants can cause sudden death.

They are hypoglycemia, meaning that they cause hypoglycemia. They cause depression, bursts of rage, psychosis, and suicide ideation... because that's how much distress and dysfunction you feel when your body doesn't have enough glucose to function, and insulin robs it from you.

If someone believe that antidepressants are helping them, it’s not because they were indeed crazy in the first place, but because they were eating too much sugar for their pancreas to be able to secrete insulin for... and when you have too much fuel in the blood, and can't store it, or excrete it by failing to drink enough water... the body will find very creative ways to spend it... repetitive obsessive manic ways.

Repetition, like rocking a baby, can be very soothing when your brain is overloaded with painful information and need a break on an infinite loop. That doesn't make you an insane person, but an exhausted and over stimulated one.

There are many vitamins and minerals that cause psychosis, like lacking B12 and iron, because your body needs them to renew your red blood cells which carry oxygen to your brain... And there is no way that you can feel relaxed, happy, and see things clearly suffocating as if you had a plastic bag on your head.

Antidepressants, whatever is in it, might make you more compliant in face of adversity, but it sure as hell won't take the problem away.

You need to do it yourself by changing the situation, adapting yourself to the situation, or taking yourself out of the situation.

Something can have positive, like the sweet taste of sugar, but if the negative is devastating, like destroying your internal organs and brain... you might want to reconsider.

Taking insulin or antidepressants so that you can keep eating muffin cakes for breakfast is a choice... but you might want to find more options than the ones by habit or those presented to you by people wanting to make money or a power trip off you...

There are several physical conditions that rightfully cause depression, and I have 2 of them. But even when I begged for their tests, after going to see the doctor because I was so exhausted that I was fainting in the streets, they only wanted to send me to a psychiatrist. I did research to know what I'd get myself into when they harassed me to take antidepressants, even though I wasn't even depressed.

I even saw it be recommended for illnesses and problems that had nothing to do with moods at all. Of course you'll feel lousy when you are sick! It's more profitable to treat symptoms than cure the cause; but this has gone too far! Especially by making patient so much sicker and distressed... that they don't even need to suicide because the drug kills them!

Here are few examples of the many side effects from webmd:


Anxiety, nervousness...
I am not a professional, but... isn't the medicine precisely supposed to improve that, and not make you feel worst!? With that alone, it already sounds like it's not going to improve how you feel, but even give you more reasons to feel miserable and depressed. If you weren't really sick you sure will be now! Way to go to keep customers hooked for life. Make them crazier, blame them, and sell them more pills. Good for business, bad for your happiness. Once you get in their hooks, it can be difficult to escape. Read more, that nightmare will soon turn to hell.

Involuntary tremors.
Sign of hypoglycemia already, even if they put it in the rare symptoms. A deficiency of B12 and magnesium can cause and cure tremors as well; they also have depression in their symptoms. It could even be the problem in the first place. And the real cure. How about giving it a try? The only side effect that I ever had from B12 is feeling warmer, and from magnesium: rare brief euphoria. Yes, laughing irresistibly with silly reasons for a few minutes; as if my brain was rewarding me with unbelievable joy from the relief of fixing that need. Usually I just feel deep liberation and inner peace. I never hear or read that about antidepressants.

Chronic trouble sleeping, diarrhea, weakness...
We all instinctively know that the cure of everything is eating and sleeping well; the drug clearly makes it impossible and therefore is a threat to recovery. That sounds like very bad news already, but those are only the common side effects! Magnesium, in almonds or supplements, makes me sleep like a baby rock. Seriously, give it a try. The only downside of magnesium is that I don't know in advance when I'm going to have my period anymore... because I don't have PMS anymore!!! But I sure don't miss the agony. Antidepressants make you bleed more and abnormally from the uterus... Hm... what to choose... the one that feeds you or the one that poisons you... dilemma~~~ *laughter* THE MAGNESIUM!!!

Infrequent: (so they say)

Trouble breathing, hyperactive behavior, vision and earring problems (pains but i bet that if you didn't hallucinate, you sure will now), hair loss, joint pain, abnormal heart rhythm (palpitations, throbbing or pounding, chest PAIN), confused, sexual problems (lowered interest, inability to have an erection and ejaculation), excessive thirst, frequent urination...

Hum... Unless you don't like to breathe and enjoy being in pain (hey to each his own) you're going to be more depressed on it. Especially when you won't be able to have sex anymore! If you manage to find the interest, you can't get physically able, and if you do, you can't get pleasure... now isn't that a good reason for depression!

Dehydration is thought to be a sign of diabetes, but it's actually the adrenal glands, with their aldosterone, that tells the kidneys under them to recycle the salt and water. Adrenal fatigue can be caused by too much stress, since they produce the adrenalin to deal with any forms: physical, nutritional, emotional, fun action movies or games... Your body doesn't see a difference; it's all as real to him. Adrenal fatigue can be your real problem in the first place, and it can happen or worsen with toxins like drugs. And the side effects of antidepressants get gruesome:

Rare: (Most likely because the company rarely wants to admit it)

Liver damage (nothing says poison like an "abnormal liver function tests"), abnormally low blood pressure and low amount of sodium in the Blood (see, dehydration alone can kill you).

Bleeding of the stomach or intestines, increased risk of bleeding, abnormal bleeding from the uterus (and that sure helps make vampires happy, unless you're human and want to be a mother, or not bleed to death.)

(it sure does change the brain, but not necessarily for the better!), loss of memory (if you don't remember why you're sad, you're not cured!)

Low blood sugar (THERE! you have it! Hypoglycemia!!! But from the common symptom tremors, it's not rare. Hypoglycemia causes depression, psychosis, coma and death too!!! Guess what, antidepressants do! Antidepressants cause depression, how effective as a medicine is that!?), mood changes (Such as depression! THERE! They admit it! If the change was for the better, they wouldn't put it in side effects. It does bad things to your mood, the very thing that it should help or at least SHOULD NOT DO.)

Mania, loss of one's own sense of reality or identity (if you weren't insane, you sure will become on antidepressants!)

Life threatening allergic reaction (everyone is "allergic" to poison, it's not always an allergy when it shuts down your lungs, makes you bleed, and damage your brain...)

Thoughts of suicide... (Who wouldn't want to be put out of their misery with the side effects alone!? But you don't need to use a permanent solution like death to a temporary problem. Just get rid of the cause instead of your whole life. And a medicine that kills you doesn't make you better, it's a problem. A deadly danger to your very life! It will push you down the cliff.)

Give antidepressant to a healthy and happy person, and with all those side effects, any rational person would want to be put out of their misery, as the drug slowly poisons them until the "side effect" of death...

They don't mention it, but wiki does: Suicide and violence. There's sudden death too. With so many symptoms meaning difficulty breathing and the heart beating like it wants to explode... of course...

Does that sound like a happy time to you?

It's not because they are called antidepressants that they stop you from being depressed. They don't make people happy. At best they make you too lethargic to find the energy to cry, so you sure don't have enough to face your challenges and overcome them either, that can't possibly be a solution! They even CAUSE DEPRESSION!!! And that's the least of the problems that they inflict, so you might as well stay depressed only, and find a concrete solution for your concrete problem. If you are well rested and well fed, the answer will come to you.

I have this to say to pharmaceutical companies: While making customers dependents and caring more about profit can be a great idea from a business point of view, it's best not to make them sicker or they'll figure out soon or later that you're a scam. And dead people don't pay very well. Why don't you take something that actually works with little to no side effects, like magnesium, and make the pill look fancy; selling it for a very high price when it costs almost nothing, making huge profits... but without making the society a shittier place to be in for you as well. You even have some satisfaction to have done the medical aspect of your job right. Uh! How about that! I guess nothing says profit like turning some heart broken person into a psychotic, so you have an excuse to lock them up, and get cash from our taxes to care for them all the time in their little toilet-less cell… you repulse me. I wish you to taste your own medicine. You damn psychos, no wonder you’re specialists, you’re freaking insane yourselves, especially if you actually think that your methods helps anyone but your own pathetic ego! FUCK YOU! Find a personality disorder for THAT! Jerks. No amounts of pills will ever make the unacceptable tolerable, even if you turn someone into a zombie with an ice pic hammered in their brain... you'll still be fucking ass holes. Mal nutrition and toxins can cause brain dysfunction, damage and weird behaviors; more toxins and brain damage isn't the cure!!! STOP IT!!! It was wrong then, and it's still wrong now! STOP DOING IT! If comes the glorious day that ends the existence of psychiatry, and if we put that wasted money into feeding people's needs and not exhaust them by working too much to waste their labor money to pay for such disservices to society... no one will be depressed. Maybe sad sometimes, but not in utter despair.

For 10 years of therapy, I begged to be told what I did wrong to get abused in every possible ways, how I can avoid it in the future and improve myself and my life; or at least tools to cope. But all they could do was listen to me complain, not as liberating as you might think; writing feels better because you don't hold back and no one can judge you. Unless you like to dump your load of garbage on people so you can throw yourself in more shit, they are useless.

I never deserved any abuse, I was always worthy of better, and always had the moral and legal right to defend myself or at least walk away! You don't ask or earn respect, you demand it and don't tolerate anything less!

Because all you need to do is find something truly positive that you can handle and say no to what demean you. Therapy is all the more pointless if your distress is caused by a physical medical condition, many physical illnesses can make you feel depressed. But doctors give you antidepressants without testing you for those real physical problems!!! Robbing you of your dignity and letting your health wither away!

Many illnesses can be cured with simple life changes. Like anemia which can cause psychosis, from B12 or iron+C deficiency, it's a purely nutritional disease, caused only by a deficiency and cured only by feeding that need.

But once you're labeled as crazy, no other doctors will take you seriously, even when the symptoms are awfully oblivious. Unless you get lucky. They told me that it was in my head and a personality disorder... I didn't faint because I was lazy!!! Thankfully I found a doctor who agreed to test me before judging me as a person, and it proved everything that I'm trying to make you understand now:

You're depressed for a concrete reason, find it, and fix it!

Take responsibility, or you could fall victim to the worst mistakes, neglect and abuses if you entrust the power over your life to someone else... even from a lover, a parent or a professional... You can only count on yourself... but you CAN count on yourself, if you choose to. Why believe in drugs when you can believe in your body's ability to fight for its life when given the proper means to do so, like simple nutrition and rest. YES! It IS that SIMPLE! Stop treating yourself like shit and you'll stop feeling that way.

You, your mind and your body have so much more power than you think. But of course you still have needs.

Do you really want to risk your life in a gamble of such deadly odds, in case it might makes you happier without the effort of changing how you live, treat yourself and let in your life and self?

There is no such thing as a magic pill that makes everything better.

How are pharmaceutical companies different than street pushers, perhaps the law, but the goal of altering your emotions, perceptions by screwing up your brain chemistry... it's the same.

And when those antidepressants turn merely depressed people into violent and suicidal psychotics, they don't stop giving you that poison, it's written that the procedure is to lock you up and continue to drug you under supervision...

They destroyed my sister, gave her aldol that is so powerful that she acted like a 5 years old, and told her that she didn't deserve to drink water even though it causes dehydration and intense thirst and frequent urination... She had to drink her urine in her cell... when criminals in jails, child rapists killers get a toilet and sink next to their bed.

My sister's crime? She saw her lover drown in front of her eyes... she was a medical student, in her last year, to become a psychiatrist herself because she had the biggest heart I've ever seen and wanted to help people go through their suffering... But she attacked someone when he tried to rape her, when she was weakened by the drug. The law allow self defense, but the man pretended that he did nothing wrong and that she was crazy, she looked confused so they locked her up instead, without a trial. She never displayed a single sign of the side effects before the drug, except normal mourning sadness and exhaustion.

So it's either caused by the drug, or they really accept the worst nuts to become psychiatrists... She became so confused and invalid, unable to keep her eyes open and becoming obese, she couldn't study, or work, even became homeless...

Does that seem like an improvement to you!?

She only needed the time to mourn a loved one and rest, what could possibly be more sane. Those people who were supposed to help, but didn't try to understand her once, they gave her drugs that stopped the natural process from grief to acceptance... a drug that destroyed her life.

When they wanted to drug me too, instead to pass tests to see that I have physical chronic illnesses, I refused... but thankfully I didn't get the appropriated poisons for my real problem either. I tried with vitamins (especially B and C, the 2 vitamins that we can't store in our fat) and grey Celtic sea salt, which were used with success for even Addison disease before they invented hydrocortisone that atrophy the glands even more... No, I just fed my body what it needed, with supplements to catch up of deficiencies, and my depression went away~

If you want to refuse the responsibility for your life and put it in the hands of those people, maybe being losing your freedom and be electrocuted will put your bad break up into perspective, making it seem more meaningless so it will be easier for you to move on... But I really think that you should try taking care of your body's needs first. The thousands of chemical reactions in our body and brain needs to come from somewhere... from the vitamins and minerals that we're supposed to eat... so if you have an imbalance, don't poke holes in your brain with an ice pic (and yes they did that), look at your diet and put junk in the garbage where it belongs, so you won't feel like junk anymore.

2 handfuls of nuts have the same therapeutic effect of antidepressants. Most likely because your brain is made of fat, and need good ones to function... so if you want to starve it to be skinny, it's a choice, but don't expect it to be happy about it.

Fat won't make you fat... but toxins and taking insulin when you don't need to, will store the bad and good stuff in fat... So eat what you can use, eat what you need to use. And that includes fat.

You can't force your brain to be happy... you should trust that he has a good reason when he's not, and fix that.

Take responsibility, it's the only way out. (From the movie "Food matters".)


Mens sana in corpore sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Lisa Of Shades
8 April 2013

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The state of the mind tells the state of the body

Any vital need deprivation have mental consequences, and some impairs the brain more than others, for every organs demand specific materials to function... Healing such suffering simply requires filling those natural needs with the natural sources...

When you look at the approach of using chemicals to force results on physical illnesses, turning a blind eye to the cause and denying what is required, it's foolish to deny the logic of vital needs and saddening to see people suffer in vain.

But when it's about emotional and mental consequences, which couldn't be more normal when any part of the body is suffering, it makes this approach all the more cruel and heartbreaking... Because it mocks their very suffering as the problem and not a natural communication of the body, deprive them further of their needs by ignoring them as the real cause, and damage their dignity, which obviously has emotional and mental consequences...

The folly of psychiatry isn't in the patient's heads... Slaves were legally bound and forced to obey their owners, and psychiatrists has the same approach: domination on a group of people that they didn’t understand, nor respected, judged inferior, and expected absolute obedience from at the cost of their dignity and freedom. Treatment and improvements were judged good under that goal, not the person’s well being. How else can you possibly justify hammering an ice pic in someone's brain randomly...

Thinking that making someone too brain damaged to complain makes the suffering better is pure madness. Obviously it's for the doctor's peace of mind, not for the well being of the patient's mind. We didn't even do it to criminals, and they are locked up after a trial. Treating people who are in need and pain this sadictic way are daring to call torture therapeutic... It's revolting. I feel for anyone thinking those people can offer them help.

Like I once did, for trauma from sexual abuse as a child, only to be told that it was my personality's fault!!! That who I am as a person is an illness. As if I wasn't untitled to be me and have coping mechanisms perfectly natural in an abnormal situation. Like wanting to be a humorist and having a goofy attitude.

They hated it; they couldn't enslave me with antidepressants for life, but they sure tried hard anyway... I told them that if it gave me a supportive family, a good job and love, that I'll take a bucket straight in the veins, but that if the pills just numb me into a zombie, I'll pass. They harassed me until I mentioned that one of the side effects is violent psychotic rages (from the hypoglycemia that it causes, and in my case would worsen) that it happened to my sister. They told me to risk it!??? That it could make me happier (yeah right... as if the pills were made of fairy dust). I replied that they would end up sitting in front of me!!! I asked them if they were ready to bet their life on it! They sure shut the hell up with their bullshit after that! Hahaha! Priceless.

For years I asked therapists to give me concrete solutions to a concrete problems. Or at least coping tools. But they were completely clueless, they couldn't even imagine and understand what I've been through, even less find solutions.

The problem was exhaustion from all the stressful crap that I allowed people to put me through to be "polite" and hoping to "deserve better", when respect has little do with worth, but on how hard you are ready to fight for it. Making my body stronger by feeding it and keeping my energy for myself and not let people feed of it... or use me as a dumping ground for their bullshit... sure did help me heal.

Especially since I know that I can punch threatening people’s throat, and legally! That sure can turn someone off. It sure discouraged my mother from using me as a punching bag for her frustration of being dumped by some guy. And here I thought that if I had perfect grades and be the sweetest quiet child she would see how much I deserve to be loved... ha! I was crazy... I sure do the loving by myself now! I never felt better!!!

There are many ways to reach a goal, and not allowing patients alternatives or the freedom to choose is criminal.

Sometimes the best thing to do is punch people in the face... it's called legitimate defense. Being in a state of confusion and shock after someone hurt you don't change that reasonable fact. And they will think you are crazy even without the punching, so you might as well defend yourself and make the asshole get the nightmares.

But when possible it's best to just walk away, forget, and nurture yourself~

Prisoners have toilets in their rooms though... not psychiatric patients... doesn't that make you think~? Society might value criminals more than their victims... but actually it's because they fear them more... they are organised, calm, calculated… It helps them plan the hurt more. So fight for what you want! And stay calm! You’ll aim better.

*chuckles* The crazy thing is... it's true!

My sister got on antidepressants, hoping to get help to cope with the death of a loved one. They triggered psychosis and obesity, because they cause hypoglycemia, and it causes depression, so she actually got worst on them. She got locked up, humiliated, became homeless, abused but had no credibility so she got punished for defending herself... I am not a doctor, but I wouldn't wish this medicine to the worst people, not after the pain that I saw cause. If you feel better on them, since they lower blood sugar, then you're eating too much of it and are not insane but diabetic. If you'd rather take them and continue to eat cake (muffins are cakes) for breakfast and such... well, that's your life, your choice, your consequences to live with. I find the choice crazy but you're not crazy.

Toximolecular vs Orthomolecular psychiatry:

Sample from the book extract: Coercion as Cure: A Critical History of Psychiatry:

Although psychiatric illness is a fiction, psychiatric coercion is not. (...)
Toximolecular advocates the use of sublethal doses of agents not normally found in the body. Their use had not scientifically improved patient recovery rate over that occurring naturally, and demands a terrible price from the patient in the form of incapacity to work and irreversible toxicity… In this approach, a drug is required for the patient’s maintenance. Modern psychiatry generally depends on this system of drug use. Orthomolecular psychiatry, on the other hand, emphasizes a system of treatment, not any one drug or chemical. The (patient) is given optimal amounts of materials that are necessary for good nutrition and optimal functioning: vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and amino acids. This program requires full patient participation in changing lifestyle and discontinuing faulty eating habits. Thus, sound principles of good nutrition are inherent in the program, and they include adhering to a diet that provides high nutritional value for the individual and avoiding foods to which one is allergic. In many cases, mega doses of essential factors are required, and patients are eventually maintained in a normal state by nutritional therapy alone. Such patients relapse much less frequently than those maintained on drugs alone. (...) When psychiatrists encounter schizophrenics, they find most of them suffer from anosognosia, a brain lesion that makes them refuse psychiatric treatment. In contrast, when orthomolecular psychiatrists meet schizophrenics, they find them willing to fully participate in treatment.

Psychiatry is concerned with social control of behavior (straight jackets, incarceration, chemical straight jackets like Thorazine, electroshocks, insulin shock (provoked hypoglycemic coma, I’m hypoglycemic, this is agony and cause brain damage) not the medical treatment of disease. (And the medical field is also concerned more about hiding symptoms than finding the causes, calling you insane for the shortcomings of medicine.)

Anosognosia: Real or feigned ignorance of the presence of disease, especially of paralysis. (So ignorance or not agreeing to a psy is a mental illness to them. Did you know that there are no tests, not even for the low serotonin theory… they vote on what illnesses exist or not... it's not based on biology, only speculations. Now who's imagining things?!)

(Search the vitamin and mineral page and you'll see that schizophrenia has causes like anemia, also hypoglycemia. I have both and I know that when your brain doesn't have enough fuel or oxygen, it sure freaks out as it gets damaged before it dies... I'm fine with proper nutrition, but if I was branded with the S label, I'd rather be burnt alive like they used to do to witches, than be poisoned into a zombie, locked up without a crime and tortured with electroshocks without a say "for my own good" when all I need is food and maybe a hug or at least to spare me more bullshit. But I gave up sugar, preservatives, and the food I thought I couldn't live without. Now I sure wouldn't live any other way than naturally and I'm amazed that I survived with how I treated my body, with stuff considered normal. The effort of cooking for myself was hard at first, but with quick results. It rewarded me with pride, dignity and freedom. Oh and a delight that I couldn't even imagine too!)

Also more interesting info at lightparty:

Tranquilizers, like sedatives, are nonspecific. Obviously, no schizophrenic suffers from a deficiency of any tranquilizer. But for example, vitamin B3-deficient patients develop pellagra: a disease caused by a deficiency of niacin in the diet, characterized by skin changes, severe nerve dysfunction, mental symptoms, and diarrhea.

In nature, food does not exist as the proteins, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals described by chemists. Food is a complex of living material. When digested, the basic nutritional components in food are released. The most nutritionally valuable foods are the least processed ones. Unfortunately, 80% of the food consumed today is processed. "Nonfoods" have been stripped of all essential nutrients. To be metabolized, they must "steal" accessory nutrients - proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals - from other foods. (Or from your organs... especially to restore PH from acidic chemicals, sucking the alkalin calcium from your bones and teeth...)

When I read doctors mention things like that, I have some hope for our body and mind... which is one and the same.


Mens sana in corpore sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Lisa Of Shades
4 April 2013

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Psychiatry causes brain damage

I've found a new article to read:
Psychiatric and Anti-Psychotic Drugs: Psychiatry damages people

Open your mind~

Lisa Of Shades
6 September 2013

This one made me start to cry uncontrollably, like a baby... after just a few lines... It’s just too much...

Psychiatry damages your brain, Electroconvulsive therapy

I have both hypoglycemia and anemia... so I understand all too well a distressed brain. If he doesn't have enough fuel or oxygen, anything weird can happen, with the greatest distress. Schizophrenia and epileptic seizures are not diseases by themselves but consequences of this... I have tasted the agony of both, and everything considered a mental illness... and I am safe from everything if I nurture my body kindly with good foods and not chemical poisons...

To see people think that the very agony I feel and try so desperately to avoid can be a cure... it's just too cruel... People who are mean I can handle... Psychopaths who kill I can handle... Pedophiles that are scared of strong willed women and go for little girls, I can understand... (It's SICK AND WRONG and if I become a psychopath you'll be my pattern, but I understand that you're a weakling seeking power trills)

Murderers, I can understand…

Bullied teens going on killing sprees to make it stop, as holding back defending yourself build up and gets unleashed to the extreme... I can understand... it's best to let it out as it comes and tell them to leave you alone and fuck off... but some people don't stop anyway until it hurts... or until they're dead.

Bullies trying to cut out the weak out of the herd... it hurts, disables and even intellectually handicapped people have a lot to offer, especially nerds... but I understand... that's all jocks are good for to feel less inadequate as they have muscles for brains and the world scares them, and similar stupid reasons... like having frustrations and finding it easier to make someone feel more miserable than better yourself... weaklings bullying the weak to feel some sort of power, I can understand... It's stupid, but I understand that not everyone is gifted.

People who look the other way because they can't even handle their tiny problems... I understand...

People who just don't care... I understand... People who want to take advantage of the weak and vulnerable, kicking a dead horse to vent frustrations, I can understand...

But I can't understand torturing people... giving them seizures... and comas... burning their skins... using methods used to execute criminals on death rows who get a fair trial and years to appeal... and calling it a therapy... calling it help... saying it’s for your own good...

That's just beyond imaginable... that's just cruel...

It's like covering up a slaughter into a birthday party so the victim would come on their own... it's fucking twisted... Playing with people’s hopes and lives… cornering them to the point of telling them that there’s nothing else for them… that this is even the best help they can get and to be grateful… SICK!!! How far do you want to masturbate your ego… to make people thank you after you torture innocents in need, mutilate and destroy them for your power trip!!! It’s worst than pedophiles…

It's more insane than any labels you jerks ever voted on, since you retards don't even base what you do on FACTS!!! It's pure discrimination, judgment and ignorance... you're exploiting wounded hearts...

And... calling it help...

What you do to them would make sick the sanest of us! You wouldn't last a second! Damned psychiatrists... So scared of the world, so stupid, that all you can do is put everything in narrow little boxes and put a label on it… Because you’re too scared to live and FEEL! You exploited the sad, the elderly, now malnourished children who can't concentrate from starvation... the people who needed the most help... you hurt them the most.

That's just too much...

I’m tough… I endured so much in my life with a smile… but not this… not this… It shouldn’t exist in the world, not even in hell…

*crying like a baby...*

After a good hot bath to relax my muscles, 5g of vitamin C to help my adrenal handle the stress, a snack of almonds and fruits to stabilize my blood sugar, and saying hello to my fishes, I feel great! I'll finish reading it with hope that exposing their treachery will stop people from trusting their lives and loved ones to those sadistic ignorant. Spread the word!

Electricity hurts so bad that it causes severe degree burns...

Many nutritional deficiencies come with mental symptoms, and they're recognized by doctors since years! Such as scurvy (lack of C), pellagra (niacin B3) and beriberi (B1) and correcting them with vitamins is the only cure!

They believed that you can’t have epilepsy at the same time as schizophrenia, so they induced epilepsy thinking it would switch diseases around! It’s is pure madness! They're both a possible result of hypoglycemia! It’s not helping the cause! And replacing a disease by another isn’t a cure! I'd much rather hallucinate than have convulsions! WTF!!!???

"In 1938, Ugo Cerletti conceived Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), while he observed how pigs at a SLAUGHTER HOUSE were shocked into unconsciousness."

"5-20 shocks over several weeks. The shock is enormous and uses 450 volts. It's a form of electric lobotomy"

"ECT has been documented to cause death, strokes and tissue damage. Skin burns or injuries from a fire! A bright flash and flames were noted on the right side of the patient's head! He got second-degree burns on one ear and first-degree burns on the forehead above one eye." I'm sure that his problems seemed very small compared to that atrocious torture! He sure didn't dare to ask for help either anymore! Like: Oh yeah I feel awesome, please stop!!! ...Horrible.

"ECT wipes out memories that make us sad and cause depression." (No, depression is actually exhaustion and caused by vital endocrine organ fatigue! Read my pages on adrenal fatigue!!! Not remembering how you broke your leg isn't going to make it heal faster!!! Fucking retards!!!

"Entire university educations were erased from people's minds." I'd rather remember my bad day even if the theory wasn't the pure bullshit that it is!

"The potency of ECT as an amnestic exceeds that of severe closed head injury with coma. After ECT it takes 5 to 10 minutes just to remember who you are. where you are. and what day it is."


"New quackery treatments that shock the brain, include Deep brain stimulation, which surgically embeds an two "meat thermometer looking" electrodes 6 inches in the middle of your brain to apply shocks. (...)"


"Shocking the brain with electricity interferes with the normal electric function of the brain, which normally runs on a voltage of 1/10th of a single volt. ECT applies up to 450 volts, which is about 4500 times higher voltage than what the brain uses. ECT to the brain, is like hooking your 120 volt big screen TV up to 540,000 volts and expecting an improved picture!"

At least someone gets it... Seriously, those "doctors" deserve to be burned alive. I'm doing the Suicide section and I thought no one could possibly deserve it... not even pedophiles... but psychiatrists who torture people like that do. See the Burning page, you deserve to feel hell, you fucked up fuckers. I don't like swearing with sex words... but hell... just... the hell with those people. I'm an empath so I can't bear to see people suffer, but I'd gladly strangle psychiatrists with my bare hands. Vote on a new mental diseases for THAT you damn fuckers. The "Anti-bullshit psychopath killer" or "Dexter syndrome". FUCK!

Revolting. If I was able to puke I'd do it right now. But my body loves the food that I give him now.

"These psychiatrists believe that depression is caused by chemical imbalances of the brain or bad brain wiring, but they use ECT to wipe out memories that are causing the depression." Yup, makes no sense! They contradict themselves, just like the bible!

"Today they are put under anesthesia so they do not feel a thing." But the brain damage occur anyway...

"Studies have proven that ECT works no better than a placebo."

I told someone once who was praising those methods this: If I tie you up to a chair and slice off your legs with a chainsaw, and then tell you that if you don't smile, I'll cut off your arms too... I guarantee that you will smile (you will cry and piss yourself, but you WILL SMILE!) but it won't mean that cutting off your legs made you feel better! Electroshocks is just another way to torture. It WAS used to torture and kill! It's to coerce obedience and compliance.

"ECT (...) was not the goal of curing but of controlling the patients for the benefits of the hospital staff"

"When it was first introduced it was only one of several methods of producing brain damage employed in psychiatry, including insulin coma (1927) camphor and Pentylenetetrazol (Metrazol) injections (1933). and prefrontal lobotomy (1935), it is the only such method from that era still used on a large scale." It has the same goal and is still fucking barbaric!!!

"It is highly unlikely that ECT, if critically examined, would be found acceptable by today's standards of safety."

"Many psychiatrists are unaware that ECT causes brain damage and memory loss because numerous authorities and a leading psychiatric textbook deny these facts."

It's the retard teaching the genius... *sigh*

"Some are beginning to give the client a truly informed choice, although state laws still allow ECT to be imposed if the doctor feels that ''good cause'' exists."

So they don't tell you that it cause brain damage, they won't even let you choose between having your brain destroyed randomly and keeping the memory of a bad rainy day... and when they do... when you refuse because the cost is way too absurd... doctors have the right to torture you by force... "for your own good" as if there was any good cause to do that to someone... when we don't even allow criminals to be tortured and interrogated when they put a bomb in a pre-school... but we torture and mutilate people with a broken heart!!!

"Assuming free and fully informed Consent" their will coerce you mocking your judgment...

"it is well to reaffirm the individual's right to pursue happiness through brain damage if he or she so chooses. But we might ask ourselves whether we, as doctors sworn to the Hippocratic Oath, should be offering it."


Even if the patient begs you... so when he doesn't want you to... WTF are you doing!!!

"Psychiatry has a long history of hurting, torturing and injuring people." Fucking hard core... and then they say that people doing BDSM are mentally ill... They’re sissies cuffing each other with Velcro with pink fur and whipping each other with silk or something! Psychiatrists are the true insane people... FUCK... At least the people who did the Texas chainsaw massacre and ate their victims or something, didn't pretend that it was to help them! They did it for fun and food!

"For hundreds of years people were put on a starvation diet, given drugs to make them nauseous for weeks on end and water tortured." That would make anybody insane! I think they just want to make sure that you'll stay mad so they can keep their jobs: Look he need me he's getting worst! True story......

"more than 200 years ago some of the greatest scientific figures of the time had no difficulty concluding that the miracle-cure they were examining—Mesmerism—was simply bogus." WTF are we waiting! Fucking scam!!! They're in denial. If they cared about you they'd wake up! Psychiatrists, go fuck a skull if you want morbid self gratification, but leave the suffering people alone!!!

"Those great minds also concluded that because healer and healed are equally deceived and self-deceived, the effectiveness of the hocus-pocus therapy appears real, at least for a while. Then, after they are debunked, they lose their effectiveness and are soon replaced by new miracle cures." Retards... take vitamins. Being able to run faster and longer, out of the blue without training, without being out of breath... you can't fake that! (I had anemia, building my blood properly with B12 and C made a huge difference)

"In the early 1900's psychiatrists invented the lobotomy which shoved a blunt knife through the eye sockets into the brain to cut nerves connecting the two frontal lobes of the brain."

*speechless... you know it's bad when I can't type...*

"Electric shock therapy was invented by Charles Wesley, the founder of Methodism in 1747 AD. The amount of electricity Wesley used was more like a static shock you would experience from rubbing your feet on the carpet."

"It wasn't till about the 1938 that they started shocking the brain with huge amounts of electricity."

If something doesn't work, don't try something new, just make a bigger mistake! Electricity isn't a need! Taking as much vitamin C as you need DOES works, it's safe because you'll run to shit it if you take too much, it won't even go into your blood. But if you take too much of the fat soluble vitamins, they can accumulate and poison you. Like the vitamin A if you eat the liver of a polar bear. Too much of the good stuff is bad... so more of atrociously awful torture isn't going to help for sure!

They set your head in fire, literally! "nurse noted burn-like lesions on the patient's earlobe and forehead; however, according to the report, clinical staff believed the lesions were pre-existing to the ECT treatment" Fucking denial... if they manage to deny obvious wounds... they sure will deny doing internal HARM instead of any good! Fucking retards...

"wide-awake patients were strapped to a table to prevent them from hurting themselves during the convulsions" How retarded do you have to be to believe that it helps... Drugs wouldn't help the depression I'd get if I ate the stuff I'm allergic or intolerant to... Like corn and sugar! It's a warning from the body... would you electrocute babies to make them stop crying instead of feeding them!??? Fucking retards.

"voltage applied to the head, as in legal electrocution, produced hemorrhage and rupture of cranial contents."

They thought that after a lobotomy, if all you could do was droll on yourself instead to complain, then you were cured because you weren't annoying anyone anymore... Repulsing...

"One does not need a medical degree to recognize the destructive potential of passing 100 to 150 volts of electricity through the human brain."

I have to stop reading, I'm tired...

The one who invented this shit was inspired by a slaughter house... The idea that any method found there could cure people is sheer madness... He stubbornly tried to find a way to avoid killing people by practicing on pigs... Instead to see the harm that it was doing to the poor animals... he kept at it blindly... until he found a way to do it by not killing the poor things... A cure isn't something that "almost kills" it's something that HEALS!!!

Use it on YOURSELF! You'll know fucking quickly if it works or not, you damn sick mad insane fuck!!!

I feel awesome with vitamin C, no side effects, everything improved.

Ugo Cerletti... I want you dead!!! 1877-1963. Awesome, you are... Too bad that your stupidity lives on in other stupid people...

There are alternative people... stop trusting pushers, especially the legal ones...

Start trusting your body... Don't push into the pain, rest.

I'm tired. I'll go do that.

Only you can truly care for your own good, because if you fail, it will hurt... so pain is there to help you discover how.

Take care YOURSELF and enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
6 September 2013

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A crime against children

Here are quotes from webmd What works to treat autism:

"Hope comes in many forms vitamins and strict diets" they admit it themselves "and powerful antipsychotic medications, intensive behavioral therapies" WTF! Torture... Hm... what to choose~ Good food or drugs with "significant side effects", which means hard, intense and horrid... Just give them cola, cookies and cake and hard core drugs. Or stop being a bad parent.

"two antipsychotic drugs, Risperdal and Abilify, decreased “challenging” behaviors like irritability, agitation, crying, hyperactivity, and noncompliance." See they admit it... the goal of those drugs isn't help, cure, it's DOMINATION. They're all symptoms of glucose intolerance (hypoglycemia). When you're starved, you get food rages before you drop dead, which can seem like just rage when you don't understand. When you get too much sugar, you need to move to burn the poison. If you're poisoned and about to fall in a coma, in pain, with seizures, you won't obey like a docile little angel. Because the poor kid is living hell!

"But there were significant side effects reported with the use of these medications, including weight gain, drowsiness, and symptoms such as tremors, involuntary movements, and rigidity."

Weight gain is the proof that the kid was trying to burn excess sugar before poisoning his body. Fat seals toxins that you can't get rid of in case of danger. Drowsiness is what happens if you don't get food rages, your brain starve and can't function. Tremors are caused by lack of magnesium; it can be used up to detoxify the drug. The rest is just plain sad... let the poor kid run happily... Just feed the kid real food... Don't take him to McDonald; the sauce is closer to paint than food! Cola is worst than eating sugar with a spoon, it has stimulating caffeine in it… he’ll become hysteric then he’ll crash.

It's a disaster...

There's a huge difference between an autistic child who got brain damaged from the mercury in vaccine, and one who just keep to himself because he was born to be an introverted thinker...

Asperger's syndrome symptoms: "heightened sensitivity, be preoccupied with only one or few interests, which he or she may be very knowledgeable about, talk a lot" It's all a sign of high IQ. "delayed motor development" very fancy way to say a simple nerd instead of a jock.

We gathered as a society to polish different special skills and share. Being different doesn't mean we're insane, just meant for something else. Instead to drug intellectuals, until they care more about how they look and social clues and are better at sports, than analyze knowledge... we should let them flourish their own way and allow them to bring their special and unique talent to us all.

Assholes who treat gifted people like that, I wouldn't want to make eye contact or listen to what they have to say either!!! I'm basically a living computer, no I don't paint my nails with toxic floor varnish, my lips either, no I can't throw a ball... no I can't go dance in clubs without my brain fainting from the over stimulation and take drugs to calm myself or booze to boost myself...

But I know better.

Choosing dinosaurs or some star trek make up language might not be as useful as my choice of nutrition related to biology and psychology... but it still makes them geniuses. We all have the same amount of talents, if you put all your skill at the same place, other areas will go under. Stop looking at the downside, the upside might not be normal either, but it's far above anything you can ever hope to be, and can be helpful to you.

So I do medical research while you do random sexual encounters. Who's really in the wrong~ You can benefit from my knowledge, but I can't catch your STDs. Ha!

I don't know if I have Asperger, I'm somewhat in the middle between an introvert and an extrovert. So I can explore my inner mind and speak out what I know.

But either way, it would be a honnor, those people are awesome. At least they are not carbon copies of something boring. They have something to say~

Normal people infuriate me. I can deal with mentally handicapped people, at least they know they're stupid. It's the key to absolute knowledge so it makes them okay. But average people think they know everything and are the best just because they are more common, in greater number. Well, I'd still prefer the diamond them a big bowl of turd!

The average normal person is a freaking moron, it doesn't make them right.

Having a high IQ and knowing things that you don't understand doesn't make me insane.

But it can improve my chances of being right.

In our society we want everyone to like everyone and be kind to everyone. But it's not possible. The only way to achieve this is to be an hypocrite. But animals communicate with micro expressions. It's raw and honest. Why would we want to play in the bullshit and lies when all we care about is the search for real facts and knowledge! If people dropped the act, stopped caring about what other think... If they used that energy to find the truth about themselves instead to try to imitate someone to please... If we were sincerely good with a few instead to fake it with everyone... then maybe we'd get real kindness in this world!

I don't want to waste my energy with lies. I don't even want to look at people like that. It just makes me feel sad. I'm not a fool. I know what they're truly feeling... why would I want to look at someone who despise and judge me before even knowing me... I'm so intelligent and alert that I can feel people's pain as my own... of course I'll end up tired and will wish to look away to protect my heart... Not because I don't care, but because I can't stop to care and it hurts so much... to see you all cry in the fire, yet stay there, jump in it... then complain more... Just stop. But I can't stop you. I can only tell you why you're an idiot and hope that you'll save yourself.

There's no way I can be interested in your stupid shit or laugh at fart jokes...

And if you find it weird and abnormal that I smile when you bully me, in adversity... when I should give you the pleasure and satisfaction of crying...

Then you don't know what true strength is.

In my world, there is a cure for the common cold, a cure for cancer, it's been proven by medical doctors but buried because then we'd have to admit that the way the government encourages us to live is killing us, the way doctors treat us is only for profit...

I am in the underground. In darkness I found real goodness, in your trash I found gems. In your truths I found lies. I am more connected to reality than this society will ever be.

If you knew what I know, you'd probably become insane.

But if you knew everything that I know, you would know how to heal it.

To quote the show doctor who "I have the 2 things required to know the absolute truth. I am highly intelligent... and unloved~"

But being intelligent isn't enough... you have to have the courage to bear the pain and face the truth, even if it destroys the very foundation where you stand and is the core of your very identity...

The price for absolute freedom is absolute loneliness. But in it I could free myself from misconceptions, I had no social peer pressure, no one else to please but my urgent desire to save my own life.

People don't want to hear the truth, you all already know what causes cancer and therefore the cure: poisons and to stop poisons.

But you gladly believe whoever tells you that it's good for you. Now who's crazy.

To fit in, to do as you're told, you'll fall for any lies, any orders... to be loved instead to put your insecurities aside and love yourself anyway. Of course no one can possibly hope to see you do that for them... so the kindness of this world is just hypocritical...there's no way you can love someone if you don't love yourself, no matter how much you sacrifice yourself or try to copy them... you'll always be a stranger to yourself, ignoring your needs, feeling alone in a crowd... because you just won't be there for yourself... so you'll try to accomplish more than you can to prove yourself, trying to steal the energy of others instead to respect the limit of your own... making yourself sick to feel alive... burning the candle of your life at both ends then feeling trapped...

Just take care.

It's as simple as that.


I wrote for 5h without eating and here’s how I feel: cranky, irritable, loud noise hurts me, obsessed with what I’m doing… I need to eat and rest, badly. If someone tried to drag me by force to a mall instead to let me lay down for a while, I’d probably shriek my head out and maybe even become violent, especially if they harassed me with incessant, useless and unreasonable demands…

Like cleaning my impeccable room just because some stuff I use daily are visible. My mother became hysteric when she could see a piece of paper and a pen! There was no pleasing her because she had hypoglycemia herself. But instead to look at her own behavior, she denied the horrors that she did to me (like clawing my flash off with her nails and shaking me) saying that I'm insane and invent things (very damaging but at least I had the scars to remind me that she's the bitch. It was still terrifying and damaging like hell though) she blamed everything on me… No one deserve this, especially not a child… and not a people pleaser like she turned me into in the false hope to survive… it only made it worst! I should have just shut down and refused to communicate or look at her. Autistic children are cleverer than I was. Well, at least I tried, but I only got hurt more... Your kid is probably like that for a good reason too.

SHE had the total control of what I ate and my behavior was a direct result of that. But she preferred to feed me garbage than cook; she could buy herself more dresses than if she gave me proper nourishment. You people deserve tantrums, I was too weak to be able to do any… but if you give your kid cola… you deserve the hell that you’re causing to their poor little bodies…

My mother liked to use me as a punching bag when she was dumped by a man too. She invented any reasons to unleash her frustrations at me. Even though I was so malnourished I could barely move from the couch. She came to tell me to go to bed at like 5pm, obviously I said no, then she slaped me around when I was doing nothing at all! I punched her throat; it was the best day of my life.

It’s hard to do psychological damage to a child when you can’t breathe. Thank you my survival instinct. Thank you for protecting me. I had a lame mother who effused the job. she only gave birth to me to manipulate my father to stay or at least give her a bigger check each month. I’m sure Jesus is angry at me, but I choose to be safe. Fuck you mother. Fuck you Jesus! If being nailed to a cross and used as a punching bag is being kind, if defending my life is being crazy, then get ready for hell, because I intend to be very mad!

That’s why I have fishes, they’re silent pets. I can’t stand hearing people scream. I can’t stand hypocrisy…

I can’t stand people at all… I don’t want to endure their bullshit. Or feel the pain that they inflict on themselves, thinking that it’s a good idea to enjoy bullshit, and spread it all around them…

I’m happier alone. What choice do I have. I refuse to be a mere mirror for your own ego and you’ll never accept anyone different than yourself… heck, you don’t even accept yourself!

Who the hell is this stereotype that we’re all told to follow anyway! Who choose this!? I know that Hitler said that blond people with blue eyes, the Arian race, were superior… but as much as I admire his determination and angry motivating speeches… he said a lot of bullshit too.

Oh god I need to eat, I'm about to faint~ Still, writing made me happy~~~

I have nightmares every nights, it's my hypoglycemia trying to wake me up... Using the people who hurt me is always very effective to shake me awake... I wish I could let those thoughts buried in the past, but not enough to delete years of knowledge with electroshocks and drugs hoping to catch those memories doing random brain damage...

I lived through it, I can live with it.

The things declared as sane are really over rated anyway.

I have fun exploring my mind. It's way more fun than watching some pop idol video, "funny" home videos of dumb asses hurting themselves, videos of cats, or porn. Hell, I'd much rather be autistic than follow that wave!

I'd much rather obsessed over and hunt health knowledge.

But yeah, I must be defective, especially since I'm a woman... I should stop thinking and go serve a man.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'd get so burn at the stake for this!

Maybe someday, if enough people get tired of being electrocuted, or have their brain hammered with a chemical version of their beloved ice pic... maybe someday psychiatry will look as ridiculous as believing that god is a flying spaghetti monster.

But that new religion makes a lot of sense! More about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster at venganza. It's the anti-bullshit religion. I approve of this.

I know I'm delirious from the hypoglycemia right now, but read how it started: Open Letter To Kansas School Board.

It's to protect science. Religion should keep their hands off it... and psychiatry, which is also a pseudo science based on nothing real, should just plain go to hell since they like to do it to people so much.


(I'm so hungry I could eat someone! Thankfully I cooked something MUCH better than this crap, or regular junk.)

Lisa Of Shades
19 September 2013

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Absurd like penis electrocution for impotence or sterility

Thankfully for you it doesn't exist (yet), but my misanthropic side would really enjoy doing that. The healer part of me is utterly outraged though.

Electrocuting starved, tired or poisoned brains, and hearts missing on vitamin C and magnesium; is just as absurd as trying to cure impotence and infertility by electrocuting the penis or the balls.

Imagine the scene:

Doctor: “Don’t worry, it’s for your own good”

Ball electrocution: Dzzzt!

Patient “AAARRRRG!!!”

Doctor: “Nurse, put something in his mouth, so he won’t bite his tongue or something…”

Ball electrocution: Dzzzt!

Patient “Hmmmmm!”

Doctor: “Ah~ much better” (Not for the patient, quieter for him. Drugs are used for the staff benefits, they cause damage to the patients; as if their brain wasn't having a hard time enough thinking properly without more poisons.)

The electrocuting continues.

Nurse: “Congratulation doctor, you’re improving the technique, his penis didn’t get burns this time!” (People really get severe burns from electro-convulsion therapy. 2 horrible words that shouldn’t precede the word therapy, especially not together)

Doctor out loud: “Thank you nurse.”
Doctor’s thoughts: “Ah damn I wanted to see his dick get set in fire, that’s what you get for not trimming your pubes.”

Doing that to people is closer to satisfying your own morbid curiosity than anything scientific. It’s more to see what would happen. It’s completely random, so even if it was beneficial, it causes way too much damage. And it’s not useful, all it does is damage. Inserting metal rods will electrocute the whole thing anyway AND destroy tissue as you insert them in… Those so called pro are crazier than anyone they’ll ever meet and can’t possibly cure insanity, because it’s a way to say that you’re clueless about the reason why someone acts up… There’s always a good one. It’s always related to nutrition and can be improved by it. If you were well fed, a bad break up would be much easier to handle. You wouldn’t ask someone to burn the memory out of your brain; you’d cherish the good times, mourn the loss, and go towards better days when you are ready.

I think farmers really do it to their bull to force them to mate. I don’t know if it’s the ball, up the ass to get the prostate, or just the ass… and I don’t feel like doing that research… But it’s not enough to cause burns, unlike that criminal “therapy”. Now they use chemicals that will do it all the time, even when at home, since it got a bad press. But their goal is the same: to shut you up, make you docile and obedient… by destroying your brain. They don’t use a ice pick anymore… But their sick ambitions never evolved.

Well, that's what you get for throwing your life away in the hands of other people, when your only best interest is your own. Doing that to loved ones... when all they need is a hug and a good meal, and maybe talk a little... How DARE you pretend to care! People can try to suck the life fore out of others to gain more than they can handle and avoid dealing with their problems, putting their shit on other people's shoulders... Well, I guess this is what you get for not relying on yourself.

You’re all as bad, your loved ones for not making an effort when it matters, yourself for failing at self care and respect, also the doctors for not asking the right questions and making it worst. This is why I’m a sarcastic misanthrope. It’s pointless to be an idealist in a word like this. All I can do is slap facts in people’s faces and hope for the best. But I'm realistic; I'm doing this site for my own fun.

Lisa Of Shades
25 September 2013

GAPS diet: Gut and psychology syndrome. Your brain can’t function adequately when malnourished, tired or poisoned; for this you need proper gut bacteria.

The movie Food matters said it, but when I read about the GAPS diet, they brought an interesting point.

Learn about the GAPS diet: Gut and psychology syndrome at gaps.

You indeed need proper gut bacteria to properly digest and absorb your food. You get it from breast milk, from the mother. But with years of antibiotics and using the pill, there’s not much left.

Patient in psychiatry are all severely PHYSICALLY ill.

This is the real cause that needs to be addressed: malnutrition. You can't put people in boxes, no one fits, everything overlaps! Because we're made of billions of cells that are all a life form on their own, but the whole body is one!

We eat junk that promotes diseases and the wrong kind of bacteria. But we don’t need anti-biology, we’re biology too! We need to feed ourselves properly and our protective bacteria, THEY will fight the invaders for us, they will protect their home. They are us.

"The most common deficiencies, recorded in these patients, are in magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, calcium, manganese, sulphur, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vanadium, boron, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, A, D, folic acid, pantothenic acid, omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids, taurine, alpha-ketoglutaric acid, glutathione and many other amino-acids. This usual list of nutritional deficiencies includes some most important nutrients for normal development and function of the child’s brain, immune system and the rest of the body." (B complex and vitamin C are a good start)

"Apart of normal digestion and absorption of food healthy gut flora actively synthesises various nutrients: vitamin K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), ciancobalamine (vitamin B12), various amino-acids and proteins. Indeed, when tested people with gut dysbiosis always present with deficiencies of these nutrients. Clinical experience shows that restoring the beneficial bacteria in their gut is the best way to deal with these deficiencies."

"The majority of children and adults with neurological and psychiatric conditions look pale and pasty. When tested they show various stages of anaemia, which is not surprising. To have a healthy blood we require many different nutrients: vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, K, A, D, etc), minerals (Fe, Ca, Mg, Zn, Co, Se, boron, etc.), essential amino-acids and fats. These patients not only cannot absorb these nutrients from food, but their own production of many of them in the body is damaged. On top of that people with damaged gut flora often have particular groups of pathogenic bacteria (...)"

If you are anemic, it means that you don't have the building blocks to make red blood cells, they carry oxygen, and you suffocate to death. Of course you won’t be able to concentrate and analyze what you see properly; of course you’ll feel depressed about it: you’re literally dying! You don’t need tranquilizers and stimulants, you need nutrition! Bacteria aren’t our enemies, they protect us. If we catch one that is for another creature and doesn’t belong in us, if we have a strong and healthy population of appropriate bacteria, occupying the entire place, the improper ones will be kicked out. Nuking your whole country with antibiotics because it’s being destabilized by a few lost tourists… it will worsen the problem, you’ll become weaker.

"A baby is born with an immature immune system. Establishment of healthy balanced gut flora in the first few days of life plays a crucial role in appropriate maturation of the immune system. If the baby does not acquire appropriate gut flora then the baby is left immune compromised. The result is lots of infections followed by lots of courses of antibiotics, which damage the child’s gut flora and immune system even further. (...) In most cases vaccines deepen the damage to the immune system and provide a source of chronic persistent viral infections and autoimmune problems in these children."

"(...) Brain damage (...)" (from toxins, not an unbalance in the brain! An imbalance in the gut flora and diet! Which the brain requires to function.)

"Acetaldehyde is considered to be the most toxic of alcohol by-products (created by yeast). It is the chemical, which gives us the feeling of hangover. Anybody who experienced a hangover would tell you how dreadful he or she felt. Children, who acquire abnormal gut flora with a lot of yeast from the start, may never know any other feeling." (The poor children; drugging them on top of that is an even worst crime than I thought...) (...) "Broad-spectrum antibiotics do not touch yeasts and Clostridia while killing the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which are supposed to control them."

You have 2 pounds of healthy bacteria in your gut, when healthy.

Ah medicine, you sure like to make people sicker to make more profit.

"As a result of misdigestion gluten (grains) and casein (milk) turn into substances with similar chemical structure of opiates, like morphine and heroin. (...) block certain areas of the brain (...) causing various neurological and psychiatric symptoms."

"Native people used to dip their darts into (...) deltorphin and dermorphin (produced by the fungus growing on frogs) to paralyze their enemy, because they are extremely potent neurotoxins... They're found in autistic children..."

Fungus feed on corpses and sugar... refined flours are the same white powder... as is cocaine.

"The toxicity, which is produced by the abnormal microbial mass in these people, establishes a link between the gut and the brain. That is why I have grouped these disorders together and gave them a name: the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome). The GAPS children and adults can present with symptoms of autism, ADHD, ADD, OCD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, schizophrenia, depression, sleep disorders, allergies, asthma and eczema in any possible combination."

"Re-establishing normal gut flora and treating the digestive system of the patient has to be the number one treatment for these disorders, before considering any other treatments with drugs or otherwise."

"This connection has been known by medics for a very long time. The father of modern psychiatry French psychiatrist Phillipe Pinel (1745–1828), after working with mental patients for many years, concluded in 1807: “The primary seat of insanity generally is in the region of the stomach and intestines.” Long before him Hippocrates (460-370 BC), the father of modern medicine has said: “All diseases begin in the gut!” The more we learn with our modern scientific tools, the more we realise just how right they were!"

FINALLY! Someone speaking sense! I love that site. Learn so much more details about GAPS diet: Gut and psychology syndrome at gaps. It's a gold mine of knowledge. Read it! They tell about the treatments, diets, allergies, supplements and more.

GAPS Diet first stage:

Basically, everything processed is full of chemicals and hurt you. Stock made of meat or fish will help the gut heal. Chicken bone soup is wonderful, with natural Grey celtic sea salt.

"Chicken stock is particularly gentle on the stomach and is very good to start from. To make good meat stock you need joints, bones, a piece of meat on the bone, a whole chicken (...) It is essential to use bones and joints, as they provide the healing substances, not so much the muscle meats. (...) Bring to boil, cover and simmer on a low heat for 2,5 - 3 hours."

"The gelatinous soft tissues around the bones and the bone marrow provide some of the best healing remedies for the gut lining and the immune system; your patient needs to consume them with every meal."

"(...) will keep well in the fridge for at least 7 days or it can be frozen. (...) Do not use microwaves for warming up the stock, use conventional stove (microwaves destroy food). It is very important for your patient to consume all the fat in the stock and off the bones as these fats are essential for the healing process."

"add chopped or sliced vegetables: onions, carrots, broccoli, leeks, cauliflower, courgettes, marrow, squash, pumpkin, etc. and simmer for 25-35 minutes. You can choose any combination of available vegetables avoiding very fibrous ones, such as all varieties of cabbage and celery. All particularly fibrous parts of vegetables need to be removed, such as skin and seeds on pumpkins, marrows and squashes, stock of broccoli and cauliflower and any other parts that look too fibrous. Cook the vegetables well, so they are really soft. When vegetables are well cooked, add 1-2 tablespoons of chopped garlic, bring to boil and turn the heat off."

"Your patient should eat these soups with boiled meat and other soft tissues off the bones as often as he/she wants to all day."

"Probiotic foods are essential (...) To avoid any reactions introduce probiotic foods gradually, starting from 1-2 teaspoons a day for 2-5 days, then 3-4 teaspoons a day for 2-5 days and so on"

"Ginger tea, mint or camomile tea (...) between meals. (...) To make ginger tea, grate some fresh ginger root (about a teaspoonful) into your teapot and pour some boiling water over it, cover and leave for 3 - 5 min. Pour through a small sieve." (I add it to my stock.)

"consider adding raw egg yolks gradually. Do not introduce vegetables until the diarrhoea starts settling down. When the gut wall is severely inflamed, no amount of fibre can be tolerated. That is why you do not rush to introduce vegetables (even very well-cooked)."

For the 2 to 6 stages and more read the GAPS Diet. There's too much good information for me to bring it all here.

But it's very similar to my Recipes for happiness.

I eat it all the time and never get tired of feeling soooo~~~ goood~~~~~

What you do is making you wish you were dead, do something new!

Medicine is wrong, psychiatry is dead wrong! And they have the knowledge to know it!

You can't get wrong with nature: consume probiotic plain bio yogurt, without sugar. And greens!

The way nature intended to, the way you are meant to be: healthy and happy.

Lisa Of Shades
2 October 2013

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Mental illness labels stigmatize normal people living unusual situations. It has gone too far from the start!

Have Mental Illness Labels Gone Too Far? article at sodahead.

My favorite quote:

"First they came for the weak and vulnerable
- our children -
and we said nothing; in fact, we helped them.
Now that they've been thoroughly labeled & drugged, the medical industry is searching for new customers. That means us.

Psychiatrist pushers want even more billions, so they widened the range of their accusations, considering a "risk" of psychosis as a disease itself... it's a witch hunt for the pure pleasure of cashing in as they burn people's brains. But maybe it's good, if they keep labeling something absurd and we all end up considered crazy, then it will become the new normal and maybe we’ll see that it was normal from the start… but many people will die from the side effects of their drugs… and with what we allowed them to do to children, I think we already there and we didn’t notice. Everyone is in depression, which is actually exhaustion! It shows a society that is doing something fundamentally wrong to its people! A wrong way to live, eat, think, feel, love… Feeling awful and empty, after encouraging shallow things such as porn over tenderness, is completely natural. Now the majority is in depression. It’s the new normal. Does that mean that happy people should be drugged with “Euphoria syndrome” or smiling people be labeled as “Abnormal facial muscle contraction”… If a little get gets raped day after day, beaten, insulted, threatened… for years… and she’s shaken, scared of people and depressed… Why is it HER that is labeled as having a personality disorder, when she’s having a NORMAL reaction to an abnormal event!!!? We have many brains: the emotional, the rational and the primal… Psychiatrists only use their rational one, to make money… so don’t expect them to feel any emotions such as empathy, care, and compassion… to understand that your attitude and coping mechanisms… are perfectly healthy and even keeping you alive.

There’s nothing wrong with you, but maybe something wrong happened to you beyond your personal power, and maybe there’s something wrong in your life, in the way your basic survival needs are satisfied or not. Find it, fulfill it. Happiness and health is as simple as that. And there is something so very wrong about psychiatry.

Lisa Of Shades
21 December 2013

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I found this at yahoo answers, question "What's your favorite cheesy joke?" Socorro 43 replied this:

Psychiatric Hot line

Hello, Welcome to the Psychiatric Hot line.

If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.

If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.

If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5 and 6.

If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want.
Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you what number to press.

If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press.
No one will answer

Lisa Of Shades
21 December 2013

The reasonable truth

Desilusionned Psychiatrist and author Colin Ross finally say something reasonable about mental illness.

YouTube: Cause of Mental Health Disorders: Chemical or Trauma? Psychiatrist Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth

I finally found a psychiatrist who takes the time and heart to ask and think about the real causes. In the video he states that there is nothing wrong with the person, that he/she is having a normal reaction to external events, after being kicked too much by life. Some people are more resistant to physical diseases, some less, just like some people can run faster or slower, but that’s what the genetic causes end: in a minor role. You aren’t stuck to take medication for life. It’s only temporary, and that is the best way to give people hope and destroy the stigma.

I found the video after that one: Is Psychiatry A Scam? Truth About Mental Disorders, Psychiatrists Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth

Science proved that the chemical brain imbalance justification for mass drugging is a lie. They sucked out brain juices and compared them!

Video: The DSM: Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam. They compare psychiatry to a deck of cards, just frail lies above another. It’s funny but very instructive on the roots of the scam.

The DSM even has a mental illness for spending too much time on the computer, China gave electroshocks to teenagers!

But psychiatrists also say that if you don’t use facebook then you must be a psychopath… They have to be to worse than that to drug babies...

My best argument against psychiatry is that babies cry for their needs. It’s perfectly natural and normal. If it’s ok once then it’s still of later in life. Well psychiatry must have heard it, because they drug babies now. Not even from mentally ill parents. Who the hell bring a baby to a psychiatrist… they should have drugged the parent! Or even better... nobody! All those billions would have been more effective for depression, which is actually exhaustion, on a baby sitter and a day at the spa!

Adrenal fatigue is building up an exhaustion debt. For example compared with money: if I use my rent money for 4 months, I’d be able to afford a trip to Japan. But then I’d come back homeless with nothing to eat. I’d loose everything in sad despair. Not respecting the limit of what you can take on and endure is the same. You can only keep it up for so long before the whole body breaks in agony.

Depression is a symptom of all nutritional deficiencies… and even cancer. When you trust a pusher instead to cure the cause, you take the hope and solution away!

This huge deadly scam is because psychiatrists want the same status, respect and money than doctors, masquerading as them with false science. Also for money. But the reason why it can work in the first place is because people would rather become junkies than clean up their lifestyle and find a different way to live and outlook in life. When you give up your own life in the hands of someone else… you give up on living… and that’s how they are allowed to kill so many with their toxic brain damaging chemicals. Because you let them.

But they also coerce people, kidnap children and drug them by force to have more clients… just because the parent didn’t believe that it would help… saying that the parent is a danger for the child… and they even have a mental disorder for being a non compliant patient if you refuse to take the drugs, once you notice that it doesn’t improve you and the side effects are worse than any possible diseases.

Lisa Of Shades
11 April 2014

Electroshocks for internet addictions. Computer geniuses like Asians, nerds and people working with computers better watch out! Bill Gates better watch his back!

Here's an article that backs up the video The DSM: Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam:

Case study: Electric shock therapy in China for internet 'addiction'

If that gorgeous youth is crazy, an intellectual skilled with technologies… Then people working on a computer better watch out, and everyone too. Because if all that it takes to convince a mother that you’re crazy is some publicity… hell if you believe everything that you see on TV, there’s something wrong with your individuality, heart and soul. Seriously wrong if it makes you torture your child for using a new hobby of this era. But electroshocks won’t help anyone. I’d like to electrocute the balls of pedophiles, but I know it won’t help anyone either. I just hate them and want them to suffer. Well, apparently psychiatry hates nerds and geeks. If they were one of them they wouldn’t do stupid shit like that! Especially not to Asian people who brought the best technology to the world and are entitled to use it! Maybe if society wasn’t so heartless, sadistic and judgmental people wouldn’t have to flee online. I sure can’t get out of my home. I’m already sick enough I don’t need the bullshit. But give me my own land and horse and I’ll go out all right!

Oh god it's horrifying. His mother tricked him to go to the hospital pretending that his father was ill... and they electrocuted him for hours until he agreed to stay! Or anytime he did something that the doctors didn't like, such as trying to escape, to terrify him into mindless obedience... The kid has never been violent. It wasn't to cure him (it can't) but torture to subdue him... Hell, just lock or tie him up! That's SICK!!! And he wasn't even addicted he played basketball without going online at all too!!!!!! They don't even do that to meth addicts or people addicted to rape babies... wtf... WTF!!!!?? Get your priorities straight you sick fucks!????????

At least the kid isn't stealing, getting teen pregnant, drugging himself... NO! He's quietly at home where you can know everything that he's doing... Why torture THOSE kids!? He should have trashed the computer in front of his parents ad told them that he’s going to a party of underage booze, drug, sex and rock & roll. HA! That’d teach those “caring” parents to appreciate what they have!

Why didn’t the parents calmly told the child to spend less time online first, or at least that they think there’s something wrong with him and took him to the doctors… Telling him that his father was in danger was cruel! (I should would never care again.) The con fraudulent asses told them to do this… RED FLAG! Of course the kid was in a panic and anxious… out of the goodness of his hearth for his father’s well being… Hell, I wouldn’t go to his dying bed for this. I stopped talking to mine for way less. The kid has really reasonable reasons to have trust issues and paranoia now. You don’t mess with people’s head with trickery when you want to make them face what’s real and sane!!! That only works for scams!

The older generations don’t understand the new ways that their kids live and they do complain… but damn… if Internet technology is dangerous when it's completely pain free, then don't torture your kid with brain damaging electroshocks "technology"!!! They had to drug the kid so he wouldn’t cry!!! How is that not completely way more insane!!!

"Teng Fei's parents spent about 14,000 yuan (£1,250) for his treatment: a 7,000 yuan monthly fee, a 2,000 yuan fine for running away and a 5,000 penalty payment for ending treatment early."

WHAT!? They punish the parents for his running away and for being "cured" early!? Just make your kid stick a fork in the toaster it will be just as effective. And how about throwing the computer away!? Lock it in a room, change the password for the session everyday and monitor how long... Pay a computer wiz to do it for you, someone who learn by spending as much time on the internet as your son and more. Even stab the kid's hands with chopsticks. That'd be less painful than electroshocks that are so WAT TOO POWERFUL that they can set people's skin on fire!!! Do the parenting yourself!

How about paying him martial art lessons instead!??? Take him to freaking Disney land! At least tell him: son you've been on the internet to long. Stop. NOOOOOW!!!

"The treatment should last four months, but my father started to think it was all a con," he said. "He realised that in the classes no one could express opinions contrary to what they were told. Also, when I told him how painful the shocks were (just like a needle piercing through my brain) and he saw himself how young people grimaced before they went into that room, his heart ached for me."

Of course it’s a con!!!!!

You shouldn’t have to pay a extra to quit something early, you should get reimbursed if you’re not satisfied, or at least just walk away. They get the money without spending energy on a kid that isn’t there anymore… but they wanted EXTRA! Obvious con. Frustrated to loose their cash cow. They couldn’t mess his brain enough to make him a cripple dependent on their drugs for life.

Even if it was an addiction it was completely harmless, even criminals that raped and murdered little girls and boys, even war criminals, aren’t treated like this!!!? WTF!!!!!!

He was given antidepressants… why… just take your torture away! Then you wonder why those pitiful kids murder their whole family!

Just force the kid to throw the computer through the window!!! The simplest solution is often the best. That's what happens when you throw your responsibility and life away in the hands of other people. You are conned, tortured... and thankfully he didn't die. But he most probably has brain damage now. Thanks mom. See you in hell.

Enjoy the internet! Just don't take drugs and don't rape kids! Don't murder either... but sometimes people deserve to... save your own life. People ARE out to get you!

Why the electroshocks!!!???? Why not take the money and treat the kid with respect and have him participate in classes and say his opinion and destroy his arguments with pure logic!!!? They have to be mentally ill with a narcissist and sadistic personality… really insecure to do that… It disgusts me… If I was a dictator, I’d treat those rotten cancers of society that psychiatrists are the way Hitler treated the Jews of his time. That’s what they are. Cancer. And good nutrition and no toxins won’t cure those. Just kill psychiatrists. Burn them at the stake. Damn mad rats.

The only way to condition someone with shocks is to electrocute a keyboard and get a shock every time he tries to go on the internet. Make him associate the internet with something scary and painful to stay away from. A very VERY low current works just as well. One split second, not many half an hour long!!! I wouldn’t even electrocute pedophiles that long!!! It’s pure cruelty by some seriously fucked up people who feel lousy in their lives and want a power trip! Maybe their mommy never loved them enough to pay thousands of dollars on therapy, so now they torture kids who do.

Torture is never for your own good.

Because they are too feared to subdue them by force! So don’t cry, don’t beg, fucking bite their head off. I’d probably just play along if I couldn’t reason them. But one thing for sure… people who commit such crimes, to the children, to the best on the freaking planet!!! Asian nerds! They deserve that pain… and they even deserve to die.

Then you wonder why kids kill themselves and get into drugs after you tortured them with “care” and forced drugs down their throat as a solution for anything. Fucking dumb asses. You deserve to be killed with an axe, and not even in your sleep! I’m outraged! Absolutely outraged!

Next time I’ll see a mass murder… good for you, kid. Good for you. You died fighting.

Aggression is a side effect of antidepressants. It’s also a side effect of being aggressed.

I refuse to be a docile victim while people torture me for vanity. I’ll protect myself against a slow and painful death by any means necessary, even broccoli or killing people. If that makes me insane… So be it. There is no cure for wanting to be safe; it’s the very basis of life.

Lisa Of Shades
12 April 2014

Everything is relative

Someone told me that they knew a person who got electroshocks and that it did her good. I replied:

If I tie you up and cut off your legs with a rusty saw, and then told you to smile otherwise I’m going to cut off your arms… I guarantee you that you’re going to smile, even laugh, loudly… but not because having your legs cut did you any good.

Einstein said it himself. Put your hand on the hot stove and a minute will seem like an eternity; but spend eternity with a beloved person and it will feel like a minute.

The torture of electroshocks, being tied up, locked up and drugged with painful effects might make your bad break up seem insignificant… in comparison with sheer torture… but it solves nothing. It only gave you a new comparison point and shifted your perspective. It’s as morbid and sick as the movies Saw, which is exactly the goal of the serial killer… when people can’t save themselves… too bad. That’s exactly the same methods that psychiatry uses with electroshocks.

My brain isn’t a freaking car battery! And if it is, use the right voltage! Guess what… for eons the brain’s electricity was produced by FOOD… not by machines. That's how life needs it to be! Actually it's also true for the heart, pace makers are freaking morbid, but at least they're not used as a punishment on people that aren't liked for some dumb justification. Mind your own fucking life!

Just appreciate your life before someone make it worse.
If someone or something do… avoid, ignore, forget.

I’d much rather kill my enemy with pure hatred and vengeance and end up in jail, executed like a rabid dog with a bullet in my head… than be treated like a mindless object after taking my very mind away with drugs and mutilations. I’d rather have a dead body than live on with a dead mind… If I ever end up brain dead in a coma… pull the plug. Psychiatry puts you there, in a “therapeutic” coma with insulin… literally at death’s door… How can you possibly believe their claim that it’s a cure… Maybe their goal is to cure life with death… that would explain why they put so many labels on normal and natural human emotions, thoughts and behavior. Don’t let them torture, destroy and kill you… for control, power, pure ego and their own metal diseases of narcissist and sadistic personalities.

Enjoy your own insanity and don't let others poison your life with theirs.

Lisa Of Shades
12 April 2014

Psychiatrists are mentally ill. Psychiatry is the new religion. But in that one you don't have free will.

Psychiatrists are people too, they can be mentally ill too, and they sure are! Psychiatrists are mentally ill.

Nice thread in a forum Mental illness is exaggerated at boards.straightdope, they made a nice comparison with Alzheimer not being a mental problem but a biological one... I had to stop reading all the painful comments full of hate and blindly convinced by the propaganda... keep in mind that even schizophrenia is a symptom of both low blood sugar and anemia! They both have depression and many other effects too! I personally know how excruciatingly distressing and painful both nutritional problems feel!

When your brain doesn’t have enough fuel or oxygen to function, from lack of precise nutrients to make the process stable, the brain have to compensate… it does mistakes, alert you with unpleasant feelings and you can have many coping mechanisms. I tasted all mental illnesses at some point or the other as my brain tried different things to survive, I even hallucinated insects (mistaking a crumb or dust for one) for 5 days… until I told myself “that’s enough! They are more afraid of you and the all mighty shoe than you are of them!” I keep home spiders as pets. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. There, problem solved! No need for toxic chemicals. I just don’t jump to conclusions, blink, and wait. If it’s indeed an insect, I smash it, or throw it outside, or grab a Kleenex and flush it away~~~ It works on assholes that make your life miserable too. Don't do drugs~ Life is full of non toxic options.

People pay a fortune on hallucinogen drugs… and those who end up succeeding or do naturally pay a fortune on trying to make hallucinations stop. Just eat natural wholesome foods and stop messing with your brain, for any reasons. At least don’t make it worse.

People who take hallucinogen end up peeing, and water filtration isn’t all that efficient… so those who drink the resulting water and are susceptible from sleep deprivation and improper nutrition end up having a free bad trip from pee. Nice euh~ If estrogen pills can make fishes get both sexual organs in water… anything is rational, with a rational explanation. Calling people insane because you're too stupid to figure out the rational cause is preposterous!

I liked that quote from the forum:

"I believe psychiatry tries to take every little human quirk that makes humans, humans and tries to call it a mental illnesses. They do this because most psychiatrists are mentally ill themselves and it makes them feel better to believe everyone else is. For example Sigmund Freud was deeply mentally ill and thought everyone was as sick as he was, therefore he projected his thoughts onto other people."

People hate everything that’s different from them, out of fear… from their discrimination and fear to become minority, lose their powers and be replaced. So they try to stay on top by crushing everything under… and their fear happen because they made it happen into the world… What they feared and hated… was themselves.

Also to make profit and get worshipers out of fear. The church did it for years. They killed people too while preaching "thou shall not kill" just like antidepressants make people even more depressed. Pure nonsense based on blind faith. Amen~

Christianity (to only name the one that I know best among many others ) terrorized people into distress, neediness, submission and blind faith with stories of eternal fire… and even burn people… psychiatrist too, they give you hell in life, and they set your head in fire LITERALLY with electroshocks. It’s the same. They’re both unscientific, mad and seriously barbaric… and fucked up!!!! Priests rape little children… psychiatrist has sex with their patients AND billed them for it as “therapy”… way to eat the cake and not just keep the money… make people pay you to eat it too… That’s sick. People have to be out of their mind to fall for it… eat broccoli instead of chemical laded processed sugar… it will pass.

Any sect members patting each other’s back for their mad beliefs. It doesn’t make them right. Only impressing and terrifyingly organized and everywhere… that doesn’t make them gods. Heck, believe in Jesus instead if you have to be a mindless follower, at least he’s not trying to deny you free will by drugging and incarcerating you… oh and the brain damage… they sure love that. Sick fucks making kid’s brains shrink with Ritalin… Who the hell thought that giving speed to kids would make them calm and attentive has a very low IQ!

Enjoy~ Your own mind, your way... just don't hurt someone. And you're someone.

Become your own god. Your body is your temple. It's probably why the body part on each side of your head is called this way. To honor how precious your brain is. Don't let those false prophets electrocute your temples.

Lisa Of Shades
12 April 2014

Don't believe in being cared for in a capitalist society

We all fraud ach other hoping to get money to live out of it… but why? The money is all there… why can’t we help each other out voluntarily and use those resources for great things. Because this isn’t a communist country e=where everyone have to be equals and share equally. We can trick each other and exploit each other so one person can have everything, while the people who work to make their company happen end up with nothing, even more destitute than slaves.

Before you decide to believe someone claiming that he can make your life better than you can yourself (freaking arrogance RED FLAG!) remember what kind of society that you live in.

Hitler is no longer there to take the people who exploit you into starvation, homelessness or/and even death to lock them up, castrate them, use them to do experiments for the good advancement of society (Nazis did useful stuff actually), and they won’t kill them either. Here they have the liberty to exploit your gullibility and destroy your life in all impunity~

That’s probably why some people are ready to kill and die hoping to stop capitalism, not because they don’t like having stuff. Just like the people who killed and died for freedom didn’t do it because they didn’t enjoy being whipped and spanked. Free will… don’t surrender it to psychiatry.

Realizing that no matter what you do, how much you make yourself sick to death trying to work to please, to be loved and accepted… that you’ll never be because of your personality, of who you are… just for being different… for being you… and called insane for it… when you harm no one and the only pain you ever felt was from this harsh bullying, psychological violence and discrimination… Then… when you finally realize… that no matter what you do… they’ll always think you’re insane… no matter how good and devoted you are… the veil of despair can open into pure freedom… because it also mean that you can do whatever the hell you want… and if someone try to complain… just say “Nope, not my fault, I’m insane, DEAL WITH IT!” The leash breaks, you end up untouchable… because they already destroyed your humanity, everything that made you bow down… they denied you dignity and human rights… like an animal… a defective machine… and once you become feral… you end up seeing the true world… nature… life… beyond their lies, chains… fears and despair… from the underground you actually see the sunset better… and after everything you lost… you notice that you were only clinging to pain… to false love… to death… and now face to face with sheer life… all alone… cast out… you are finally… free~


Lisa Of Shades
12 April 2014

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