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Health ~ Conspiracies ~ Capitalism VS Health

How much can you trust a health care system in a society that cares more about personal profit than its community?

In an ideal world, professionals who become doctors and work in the health care industry should care about their official function and make it their first goal: healing people.

But nobody’s paychecks are guaranteed equally, they have to work to make money to feed themselves and fill the greed encouraged by materialism.

If you lived in a socialism or communist society, it might be reasonable to expect "one for all, and all for one" type of mentality. But capitalism prone individualism... and that means to put selfish profit before the well being of the majority or of anyone... yes even if the very definition of your title is to give to others.

Charities are scams too, volunteers might do it for free, but the people who created it sure consider paying themselves as another normal expense of the process. How much money do you think reach the people? If you remove the word charity, the workers could be considered slaves and clearly exploited. It's just hypocrite words to convince people, and nothing sells better than guilt and pity.

So you can't expect health care to go to great length to dig out the cause and truly cure you. Especially since the majority of illnesses are due to self neglect and abuse. You don't want to hear that smoking can kill you, that you should eat your vegetables instead. You want a magic pill that will reverse years of accumulated consequences quickly, or cover it up; and diets of milkshakes that will make you lose weight by eating cake for breakfast... Medicine is just another business that give a product for a demand, for profit, for a living.

So you end up in a capitalism society with medicine that only covers up your symptoms and causes much more side effects and diseases, hooking you for life since you won't take responsibility; and also for blaming your health for how sicker the drugs make you, until it kills you and they kill many. So medicine becomes an industry of sick care and death, instead of health care. To make profit. Not because of cruelty and evil, but because those people just want to feed themselves, their family and live comfortably in the race of being on top of others... and you happen to be just another cow to milk, eat and burry. Causing cruelty and evil in the process.

As long as we won't ask to be truly healthy but as doctors to cover up the effects of our bad living, we'll reap what we sow in ourselves, and we'll receive what we ask for.

The day you will decide to give your body what he needs to be healthy, you won't need pills anymore, nor a doctor or even a dentist anymore!

Perhaps this is why some countries hate and go to great length to punish and destroy such societies... not because they like terror... but because they feel terrified by it themselves.

I am a Caucasian from Canada, and their views on women disturb, terrify and anger me... I don't think violence in this case is the way to get the message across, but I understand their feeling of revolt, sadness and terror.

There is good and bad in everything, perhaps individualism became selfishness, perhaps capitalism put money before people, perhaps it went too far... but one thing for sure: for everything gained, something of equal value is lost. You might not be able to choose the society you live in, even politics is usually the sum of the beliefs and desires of their citizens... but you can choose how you live.

Definitions (with comments) :
Capitalism, materialism, individualism, socialism, communism.

An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

(Wealth, wealth wealth... not health, not people, not caring... just cold hard cash.)

Word story
It is easy to forget that capitalism was coined not so long ago, in the mid-19th century, when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, and individual entrepreneurs were creating new industries and amassing wealth. Terms for the other two major competing economic systems of the past two centuries — socialism and communism — were also coined around the same time. Also, about the same time it became common to designate all such coinages as “isms”: terms formed by adding the suffix -ism to a root word in order to expand its meaning to encompass a related system, theory, or practice. Thus from a fairly old word, capital, the relatively newer word, capitalism, was formed to describe the then emerging economies of the West. (Another towering ism coined later in the 19th century was, of course, Darwinism. )

On the surface, the meaning of capitalism seems straightforward, referring to an economic system in which private individuals, rather than governments, own property and businesses. But beneath the surface, strong currents of opinion and theory swirl about the term. Many people fiercely espouse capitalism as an economic freedom inseparable from democracy, as reflected in several books considered classics and still avidly read today: for example, Capitalism and Freedom by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman (first published in 1962), and Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy by Joseph A. Schumpeter (first published in 1943). So it may be a challenge to use the term without triggering a discussion of its broader political context.

World English Dictionary for Capitalism:

Compare socialism free enterprise, also called: private enterprise an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, characterized by the freedom of capitalists to operate or manage their property for profit in competitive conditions.

Preoccupation with or emphasis on material objects, comforts, and considerations, with a disinterest in or rejection of spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values.

(There are other definitions but it already couldn't be more clear. Material things are all they care about, morality and people's lives... they just plain reject it... That's how we live. That's how medicine treats us as well. You can only count on yourself and take your well being in your own hands. In such society, you're on your own. This is what you wished for. The price to pay to not have to share, have the possibilities to be above others and enjoy greed... Many of us will be used as carpets and ladders, as life stock, and will die alone in the gutter... Be careful what you wish for...)

  • A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
  • Procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.
  • (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.
Compare utopian socialism: an economic system based on the premise that if capital voluntarily surrendered its ownership of the means of production to the state or the workers, unemployment and poverty would be abolished.

(So basically it means "By the people, for the people, to the people" Instead of working to exhaustion and depression for the minimum salary, not even able to feed your kids properly, while the products bring millions to a handful of people.)

World English Dictionary for Socialism:
  • Compare capitalism an economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state. It is characterized by production for use rather than profit, by equality of individual wealth, by the absence of competitive economic activity, and, usually, by government determination of investment, prices, and production levels
  • Any of various social or political theories or movements in which the common welfare is to be achieved through the establishment of a socialist economic system
  • (in Leninist theory) a transitional stage after the proletarian revolution in the development of a society from capitalism to communism: characterized by the distribution of income according to work rather than need

  • A theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.
  • (often initial capital letter) A system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.
  • (initial capital letter) The principles and practices of the Communist party.
  • Communalism. (Definition futher down)
World English Dictionary for Communism:
  • Advocacy of a classless society in which private ownership has been abolished and the means of production and subsistence belong to the community.
  • Any social, economic, or political movement or doctrine aimed at achieving such a society.
  • (usually capital) Marxism Marxism-Leninism See also socialism a political movement based upon the writings of Marx that considers history in terms of class conflict and revolutionary struggle, resulting eventually in the victory of the proletariat and the establishment of a socialist order based on public ownership of the means of production.
  • (usually capital) a social order or system of government established by a ruling Communist Party, esp in the former Soviet Union.
  • chiefly (US) (often capital) any leftist political activity or thought, esp when considered to be subversive
  • Communal living; communalism
(If you want the "All for one, and one for all, caring and making sure that no one is forgotten, suffer and die for the selfish amusement of others... In all objectivity, I don't know about the practice, but they seem to have the closest ideology.

Oh no but that's what Hitler used and that's evil!!! Did anyone ever stopped to ask themselves what can push an emo painter to start a massacre? Let's look at the targets... Jews, gypsy and gays... Now I'm not saying that those people deserve to die, I don't, but let's think about why Hitler thought that killing them was worth the bother and effort.

I think the problem might be because there can be very different ways to do communalism, one is to see the whole society as our community and work together, the other is to only care for our own ethnic group and reject or use the rest of society as tools and objects only for the well being or our immediate community... and for the rest of the country, it means a threat, especially because it's unfair competition when your ideology is generous devotion instead. A whole country can go down in poverty, abuse and suffering if those people are not stopped... And it happened to Germany, the people became at the mercy of the merciless. The only way to save them... was for someone to become that way and fight on equal principles... and win... even if it meant doing the very suffering that he condemned, quicker and worst, to eliminate the threat before his people are eliminated.

  • A theory or system of government according to which each commune is virtually an independent state and the nation is merely a federation of such states.
  • The principles or practices of communal ownership.
  • Strong allegiance to one's own ethnic group rather than to society as a whole.
World English Dictionary for Communism:
  • A system or theory of government in which the state is seen as a loose federation of self-governing communities.
  • An electoral system in which ethnic groups vote separately for their own representatives.
  • Loyalty to the interests of one's own ethnic group rather than to society as a whole.
  • The practice or advocacy of communal living or ownership.
We all know that Jews are amazing businessmen because they are ready to do everything necessary for profit. They think like capitalists and they thrive very well in such societies. But in a communist society, buying the same type of businesses so have no competition and be free to raise the prices very high, while paying the workers less than nothing until some people just starved in the streets... it might be the greatest idea from a profit point of view, and normal in a capitalist society... but in a communist society, where the well being of the community as a whole is more important than any THING... it can be seen as a massacre, a crime against all people, a serious threat to the very life of the people.

The Jews believe that they are chosen by god, and therefore more important than the others. So they have great loyalty and solidarity with each other, in part because they've been persecuted in so many countries... but it also mean that they see any other people as inferior, and therefore have no problem using them for their own benefit, even if it means hurting them. They might even think that god made them for their well being, the way we see animals and look how inhumanly we treat them...

Hitler counter-attacked by saying that the superior ones are from the Aryan race, the blond and blue eyed people that Hitler ironically didn't correspond to either. Saying that a race was superior to the other was against the communism ideology, but he was desperate to put Jews back in their place: among the people, not above them walking on them. He tried many things until he ended up believing that it wasn't a choice of living but was deep in their genetics. He had his doctor try to make experiments of them, to cure them and make them caring member of the community.

But that didn't work, so he isolated them and ordered castrations to stop what he saw as a threat for his country from multiplying... and he ended up exterminating them. He wouldn't have gone so such great length and troubles if they were respectful of their community and part of the country. He treated them like criminals because they committed crimes against the society. Maybe not against a capitalist society where profit is above well being and cruel selfishness is admired as being successful... But in communism where the well being of the people in the whole community is more important than any individual, whoever cause them to starve and die in the street is as threat, as much as putting bombs and killing many people... even if it come from the inside it must be stopped.

Nothing is black and white, angelic and evil... He saw the agony of his people and did what he felt had to... We are tempted to think that he did it to rob the riches from the Jews and give them to German people... but again, it wasn't a capitalist society, he didn't do it for profit, but to spread justice and equality...

What about the Jews? Well, when you refuse to be part of the communist community and go against the state and whole community, refusing the "one for all and all for one", you are acknowledged as the outsider that you claim to be... and also the threat that you represent by your actions... Not because you are Jew, but because you are starving and killing people for profit... It might not be as direct as killing people with guns, but it still wouldn't happen without your actions... Hitler noticed that; and since they didn't want to be part of the society as equals... they would indeed not be treated as such. What was he supposed to do... give them everything that his country had, even their homes, food, blood and lives? He couldn't let that continue...

There are things that you shouldn't morally do for profit... limits not to cross to avoid spreading misery to the people around you... Jews are great businessmen because they don't have that ideology... They're not Christians; they were thought something else from birth! That they are chosen by god and more important than others... and they acted on it back then... And unlike the Jews when they were used for slavery, praying and waiting for god to save them, their victims revolted with violence. Or maybe god sent them a savior too, like Moses led them to safety against those who abused and oppressed them, giving plagues to the wicked and killing their children... How is that different from what Hitler did for his people?

The oppressed can become the oppressor, it's about actions and point of view.

The gypsies have a similar way to think, except that they have a humble artistic and free existence, but they still reject society. So when Hitler got mad with despair and grief and decided to save his country from any possible threats, they got the ax too...

The most beautiful painting that I like by Hitler is "Mother Mary And The Holy Child", see others at iamachild:

Painting by Hitler: Mother mary and the holy child

That painting is full of warmth, love, life and hope... there is a lot of emotions like kindness in that painting... We remember Hitler as the antichrist, the worst monster that was ever born... without asking ourselves why, without trying to understand how he felt... Perhaps he's the person with the most resolve to put an end to people's suffering... by any means necessary. In movies and games we often hear "I've decided to become a demon to fight demons, to surrender to my darkness to fight darkness..." and we shiver with admiration. And those characters do extreme acts of violence to the "bad guys" and we beg for more... feeling a bit liberated and hopeful in our own injustices... and I believe that's how the German people felt and why they adored their leader so much. Because, yes, the country got better.

From the Virgin Mary painting, we can see that Hitler was influenced by the Catholic Church, believed to be a beacon of light and morality. I'm sure the churched burned and murdered more people than Hitler ever did. But my point is to explain the gays... While I think that it makes sense logically to chose a mate with the same priorities to have pleasure, at that time sex was seen as a method to create new lives only... so sterile unions were seen as a threat as life itself... a disease that could bring the end of the human race... or at least less people to get donations from. Anything abnormal, even epileptic seizures from starvation, was seen as the devil... So they were persecuted as well...

Tragedies... but again, for the good of the community and to preserve life... sometimes it takes sacrifices, you have to kill to eat... and I'm sure that he tried very hard to teach them the virtues of sharing and protecting life, that everyone matter... but when he couldn't... he surrendered to their way of thinking... and we saw the results...

Everything that we cherish in our society is actually communism... free health care (I'm Canadian, but its goal is profit even if we pay indirectly with taxes, it isn't actually free, but still better than being thrown in the streets with a broken unattended leg...), firemen, police... and all the stuff that you think make you a better person were created thanks to the hard work of many people! Even the food you eat... The only way to have true capitalism, materialism and individualism would be to live in a shack in the woods all alone, without even a TV or music to keep you company.

So it's a hypocrite ideology... what we want isn't to be independent, it to abuse and rob others unpunished by legal loopholes.

Talking about criminals and how wrong murder is... if someone raped and killed your child, would you really want your taxes to pay for his cable in jail, when we could use that money to feed starving children? Does child molesters, and with how much it can shatter their minds for life, really deserve another chance, or should we protect the other children for the risk and kill the threat, or at least castrate the person...

I don't want to promote murder and I am not a Nazi. I don't find blind racism very rational... for every races evolved to adapt to their environment and therefore is the best that nature can offer in that particular environment. But I wouldn't put an African in Alaska and expect him to thrive if he stubbornly refuses to adjust his culture and habits... at least to wear warmer clothes...

It's not only about who Hitler wanted to hurt, but who he wanted to save. And it wasn't himself; he was a powerful dictator... It was his people.

I don't condone murder... but if you have the choice between being killed, watch die... or kill. I feel sorry yet I understand murder. I understand Hitler, as much as I understand the Jews... but my sympathy goes to their workers starving in the streets... but I know that they didn't do that because they were Jewish... but because they put profit before human life, and any races can do that, in any country, in any line of work... even health care... especially health care... because people are all the more desperate to give their money away and not take the time to think the positive and negative aspects through... when they are suffering and dying... I think people who take advantage of that with cures that makes them sicker and kills them... deserves to die as much as any other type of mass murderers.

If you look at the pharmaceutical industry... they sell us drugs with worst side effects than what they are supposed to cure, including organ failure and death ... and we allow this... because it benefit a few people with billions, from the hands of the governments and the people... killing hundred of thousands of people each year... by normal expected side effects... (See the movie Food matters)

No one come to save us, to kill those businessmen that are more hypocrite and devious than dictators... using publicity as their propaganda... well, maybe terrorists try but they hit the people so that's a failure.

This is the world we live in... if we're killed slow enough, by preservatives and other toxins, it goes unpunished... and we even thank them thinking that they make our lives better... how sick is that.

Save yourselves... there are worst people than Hitler in this world.
  • Agriculture companies spray all kinds of poison on crops because they are too lazy to care for them properly.
  • Animals are fed cheap inappropriate things that make them sick, and then they are given medicine and other poisons to make them grow bigger and faster, even arsenic!
  • Poison is deliberately added to your food to kill the small organism that would decompose them, to fool you into thinking that they aren't spoiled; but they are not fresh and not as nutritive anymore. They use radiation that mutates them and can cause cancer.
  • All those poisons that you absorb make you sick, and that's receive the fact that you don't receive proper nutrition, needed for proper body functions... so organs can start to shut down...
  • Then other companies sell you drugs to mask your symptoms, poisons that damage your organs, causing more side effects and even diseases.
  • Even the cancer treatments are toxic, and cause cancer.
  • All that having to work harder and faster than a human can, drugging yourself with stimulants like coffee.
  • Companies don't offer more than part time jobs to avoid having to offer benefits, so people either live in poverty, or are forced to juggle two jobs.
  • And when your body screams in agony, unable to take more abuse, neglect and poison... you feel anxious and depressed. Because you are dying.
  • Then psychiatry mocks you and invalid you, giving you more drugs, yet more poison to shut you up so you can continue to be abused like a good little slave.
  • The organisations that are supposed to protect you also take the bribes to look the other way, approve their methods as safe, or to state that it is necessary and good for the population when it's dangerous!
  • The politicians receive "contributions" from corporations that help them make the publicities for their election in exchange of favors, so your votes are actually meaningless. The companies vote by making the publicity possible, and that's what convinced you. They are the true rulers.
All that for profit. At the peril of your health, because they have studies that show that it kills you, they don't care. But you should because you're the one to pay for it. And that's how we end up with companies that make our children obese and having chronic disease... when they are still babies! Nestle convinced mothers that it would be better to buy their chemical baby formula than feed their child with their own natural body fluids... and many babies died... They killed babies for profit. Oh they knew it was less good than mother's milk and couldn't possibly compare and give the same. When you look at the ingredients, it's just sugar, a baby milkshake... cheap crap. There was another scandal about crushed porcelain to trick the nutritional value into having more calcium, how could it not cause death! The risk alone was obvious. You don't feed crushed dishes to anyone... Especially not newborn who need massive doses of nutrition for growth sprouts and building their organs and brain... and have tiny kidneys and liver to filter the poisons... But that was like feeding them cement... that probably clogged their poor little insides... Killing babies... For profit. This is what a capitalist, materialistic and individualistic values and that's the consequence.

Now imagine that being done in a communist society where everyone is precious. Where we know that the lowly dirty farmer is just as important as the doctor, because he'd starve to death without him and couldn't be able to help anyone. Imagine the leader who, instead to take bribes to allow poison to be added directly to our drinking water "for the good of our children" as excuse so we won't revolt... then instead of using your taxes money to fund cancer research, rewarding that kind of people, when the answer is freaking obvious... Imagine if instead the leader acknowledges them as criminals, take away their companies that they use like guns against citizens, and execute them as the murderers that they are. I would kiss his feet. It's not about racism... it's about not allowing people to exploit like slaves, make sick and miserable and kill people... no matter how long their agony last and make it harder to trace it to the guilty...

But even those are not greedy monsters... what choice do they have... if their company fails to be the best, to be the most successful, and that's evaluated about who makes the most profit not the greatest good for citizens... they could end up starving in the streets... and no one will help them. Even if they always treated their customers with utmost respect and gave them the best products, people want will give their money to whoever give them the most for less, oblivious to quality, and will laugh at the kinder company for being a failure... Because they can't count on any of you either, since it's every man for himself, that can make even the richest men feel very insecure and commit acts of desperation...

Just like Hitler, companies do what they think is right... but unlike Hitler who did it to protect his poeople... those corporations only care about themselves and their share holders... they want to make more money than anyone can possibly spend in a life time... even if it means starving you and your children, exhausting you, making you fall sick... and they even kill you... They will put on a smile and pretend that it's for your own good. Then they will add more chemicals to fool your brain and addict you, even if they know full well that it will poison you and turn your life into a miserable agony, now that's worst than death.

But it's your fault too... because no matter how hard it is to avoid all those poisons... you can do your best possible to avoid them and make better choices. When you are hammered by publicities, do the same as the people who should protect you, look the other way... for your own benefit.

Those companies will vanish if we all stop giving them your money and power over your lives!!! And it starts with YOU!

Individualism benefit them, not you, because together we are strong! We turn their wheel. Without us, there isn't even a wheel to turn. So we deserve a fair share. Or at least not have to pay to get poisoned.

It's like those web sites that put a virus on your computer with publicity for anti-virus, which often contain more. Probably often on porn sites, you wanted to get fucked, well you sure got fucked all right. You wanted to eat junk, you look and feel like junk all right.

You cannot escape the laws of the universe... the cause to effect... certainly not with a freaking pill after years of abuse! Even cutting tumors out don't work... because you need what you need! You can't live by feeding on death. You can't be happy by treating yourself sadly. But you always have a choice, always have power, to say no, to resist, even if it's to die laughing at the grim reaper's face! Don't blame your will power for not being able to resist, blame those companies for selling you things that make you feel ugly and sick, you won't want that product anymore. You'll find an alternative much quicker.

Take responsibility for your health... or your sickness will become a mean for others to make profit... and they sure as hell wouldn't gain anything by making you healthy... in the ideology of our society.

And please try not to become a mass murderer, even if the laws and the ideology of society are on your side... there's enough bullshit and pain as it is.

How about addicting people to spas and massage as if their life depended on them? With enough publicity, we can do anything. If we can make people believe that poisons are making their life better, and more poison is the cure, they really can believe anything. Asian people have or had public baths... paying every time you wash... the filthy could go just to meet women instead to go to noisy places... instead to sell alcohol we can sell overpriced vegetable and fruits arrangements... massages with algae… eating of sushi on the stomach of women… couples welcome! Researchers would study more ways to achieve the orgasm more fully and longer… How about using billions of our taxes for all that instead… Cash is cash… and you’ll walk around with a lot of smiles around… Surely the scenery would be better than making huge profit with junk food and making people morbidly obese… Just make people believe that they want more vegetables. You can eat huge amounts and not get fat, to succeed to get therapeutic doses of vitamins with fresh vegetables you'd have to graze all day (like we're probably supposed to), so you can manipulate people to do it compulsively... instead to shut down their organs... you addict them to being pampered... To do your organized travels... to your sports... Nah selling sugar coated toxic pebbles is easier...

Thankfully I don't need to wait for society to get a brain and a heart to start living this way.

Enjoy yourself~
By yourself~
For yourself~

In such society, counting on yourself alone, being careful trusting anything or anyone... it’s not an antisocial or paranoid disorder… it’s using realist wisdom. That’s the best option that society offers you, even the very definition of its ideology…

Don't let someone abuse and sell you drugs trying to make you doubt yourself... when you're actually onto their schemes... while they might not be aware themselves of the reality of the system they're in and sincerely wrongly believe that it's for your own good, even if that's the worst bullshit around...

But even if you really are crazy, the best thing you can do it...

Take care of yourself~

Be careful what you wish for.

Lisa Of Shades
10 April 2013

Health care. It’s about money and they don’t care.

So much lies in those 2 simple words. In Canada we have it for free, but apparently people who can’t pay get kicked out in the street in their hospital gown in the USA.

The land of the free… Well people are, as slaves. But health care? Hmmm… not at all.

But in Canada it might be free but it’s all bout money too. You just pay it indirectly through your taxes. So it might be worst since you are forced to pay for a business that doesn’t do you any good, even when you’re actually sick. Chemical pills with side effects that covers symptoms at best, instead to urge you to change the stupid shit that you do to yourself, and even makes you sicker with worst side effects: causing even the very thing they’re supposed to threat!

The pharmaceutical approach is treating the body like a defective enemy, instead to reinforce its healing mechanisms and fill its needs; that’s really missing the goal. But burning witches at the stake wasn’t so long ago, so what do you expect from monkeys. They did as bad to epileptics. Now the doctrines are pills instead of dogma; but they’re still not in reality, they’re not looking at nature. But nothing’s above it. Except ghosts. And pills sure make a lot of them. Damn poison.

The companies gave bribes to the regulators to lower the real need for cholesterol so they could sell statin drugs to people who didn’t need them. Putting their needed substances dangerously low, causing more diseases and they are too happy to sell pills for that too.

If you pay directly, indirectly, when you need them, of when you actually don’t… it’s still just to get your cash out… and if you get sicker in the process… if you freaking die, well they were glad to have had you as a life long client, making your sickness last as long as possible towards death is way more profitable than curing you and let you have a happy life. Either way you’re out of theirs, so they might as well choose what’s better for their pockets.

Ah~ the beauty of capitalism… It’s not as blatant as what Hitler did… but it’s still killing people. I bet pills even kill more people each year than Hitler did in his entire life… If you think his very name is taboo... then you really should think twice about taking those pills.

There's way worst than what he did going on right now with your very "food." They just lie with better propaganda, hiding the truth from you, in plain sight, laughing about it, about your health, until you follow like docile sheep to the slaughter.

It's not for your own good. And you actually know it!

Wake up.
Do something about it.
Choose better for yourself.
You deserve to.
There are options.
Sometimes nothing is better.

Back then, sins were so not really because it makes you a bad person, but because as good as they feel, they can backfire on you and bring you hell on earth with their consequences. They were a warning for your own safety.

Like the fables for children not to play in the woods at night. The dark is good to sleep, but ignorance is not bliss.

What hurts you, hurts you now, even if you don't notice, ignore it, or force your body to silence with drugs, legal or not. At least pot is natural, but after you over-kill those greens into ashes, there's no life left to sustain you.

Enjoy fresh greens! They're the best healers~

And they can be free if you have a lawn. That sure would be more nutritive than processed food, as silly as that sound...

Cows do nothing but relax chewing under the sun all day... are we really the superior creatures?

I think fishes are better off. Dauphins are more intelligent than us. It would cost us a fortune to have their life just for a week… heck even an hour of scuba diving…

We should have stayed in the water. You can’t sell pills to mermaids. I’d rather be a jelly fish.

(I took an extra dose of magnesium to help me sleep. I think I just got the rare euphoria side effect. All that from condensed nutrition! I REALLY feel gooooood~ But I'm like that on cue most of the time. The most important time to smile isn't when everything is going well... After some practice, it becomes more natural.)

Being random is free. I save a fortune on mood altering drugs!

Just let the inner happy out of you.
It takes a whole lot of bad jokes to make a good one, but it's worth it. You can still laugh at yourself, it's bullying only if you do it to others but otherwise it's humility and a rewarding outlook on life.

You don’t need to buy things… simply…


Lisa Of Shades
1 June 2013

I just saw a job offer “must give their 110% all the time!”
Where the hell do you think that extra 10% will come from!!!? I’d definitively be accumulating exhaustion and sooner or later, my body would just shut down. It’s exactly why my vital organs are shutting down one after the other!

And there’s no way anyone can give 100% anyway. Because at the end of your day you need energy left to cook, do your laundry, take out the dog, take care of the people in your life, and… I don’t know… have enough energy left to walk and breathe. It’s not an exaggeration, it happened to me. For years of agony and suffering that I’m finally getting better, thanks to mega dose nutrition with vitamins, after using mega dose of working without even the time to eat! Make sense if you want to catch up to that damn 10$.

So if an employer request that, either run for your life (literally!) or say “sure boss!” and then just take it easy doing the tasks a human can do, not a machine or some perfected genetically enhanced monster, and those usually end up killing everybody; maybe because of their enhanced intelligence. Who would want to be someone’s bitch when you’re capable of doing more than that person, hence the reason you’re helping. Stupid ingrates.

I work in a Mc Donald, I probably lost a lot of my sanity there, and the psychological abuse was unbelievable. I was desperate to prove my worth but the better I got, the crueler were the supervisors, to make me run faster and work harder. To crush the citrus that had juice. Eventually my mind just shattered, they told me to work faster, it unmotivated me so much that I slowed down. Then they started to encourage me nicely and be super kind to me!!!

When the time for a raise came, they said they’d give me an extra 10 cents (I’m 33, not 60, it’s freaking meaningless) but in exchange I’d have to work twice as hard!

I gave them an dubious look with a radiant smile and asked:

- Can I have 10 cent less and work twice less hard?
- No.
- 25 cents?

He just left.

After that I started to have some peace. You can’t enjoy torturing someone who doesn’t give a freaking damn, you can’t abuse someone like that either.

For me it was a temporary set back after an illness, between college inscriptions. They kept asking me what I was waiting to climb the ladder like that other person who was stressed out of her mind and worked to the bone. I said I had other plans. But turned out they paid better than my damned web design clients.

When I look back, it wasn’t worth all my dedication and efforts, even if I am damn proud of what I’ve accomplished… even if all I have to show for it now is surviving, skills, and my portfolio… and the darkest sense of humor.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I became too ill to be able to do my medicine… A healer is still in me, but with what I know about the effective ways, everybody knows them and no one wants to do them. They want a magic pill that will make all the consequences of their self neglect and abuse go away. Life doesn’t work like that, life forms either.

It is my own fault for allowing those people to ruin me; for saying yes when I should have said “go to hell”, to put insatiable jerks above my very needs and safety; for thinking that I’m less important. I don’t think that anymore. I don’t have to prove shit to anyone! If I do it will be for fun.

So the morale of the story here is this:

Nothing in existence is more valuable than your health, your body, your mind, your emotions… All of you.

So take care, to keep what you have.


Lisa Of Shades
2 June 2013

Hospitals and especially medicine is a BUSINESS

Even when it seems to be free, it only means that you’re paying indirectly.

You can't neglect yourself, until your internal organs disintegrate from toxic abuse and lack of regenerative nutrition, and then expect to magically have new body parts for free. Someone has to DIE to even make transplants possible. So it might as well be YOU for not taking care of your organs!

Take care of yourself, because there's way worse than death... there's the long agony of dying!

Hospitals and especially medicine is a BUSINESS.

Even when it seems to be free, it only means that you’re paying indirectly. And the highest price to pay this industry with… is your health and life.

And the industry depends on it, that’s why they only have poisonous drugs and butchery to offer, not cures, not even information to take care of yourself better and reverse disease, because you wouldn’t listen anyway, you wouldn’t take re4sponsibility for yourself, you wouldn’t make sacrifices, you wouldn’t do it… so doctors don’t even know that IT IS POSSIBLE.

You can cure yourself if you simply take away what you never needed and give yourself what you needed in the first place!

But they can't make a fortune off that... but they can sell you anything, even death itself in a bottle, if you're mindlessly scared of death and unwilling to take responsibility.

It's the scam that looks the kindest, and yet it's the cruelest.

Lisa Of Shades
22 July 2014

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