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Health ~ Cleaning ~ Safe products without perfumes

My friend asked me how I banned perfumes from my life, since they're in everything.

"I do not like perfume because I sneeze everytime I inhale them, any scent."

They hurt me like being punched in the face. It became especially clear after being a long time without any and opening the locker where I stored them all... I trashed them, I didn't want to go back to living in a toxic fog. I'd rather smell the roses~ Or smell like sweat than reek like cancer, if cancer had a smell... It'd smell like the alcohol and formaldehyde your beloved perfumes.


The short answer is bicarbonate. If it can get rid of the bad smell in your refrigerator and make food stay fresh longer, if it can clean china dishes, it can clean mostly everything without making you sick, because it's also a food, a vital electrolyte.

Perfumes are toxic and many people can feel the pain immediately. Bicarbonate can clean and absorb bad smells instead to cover them up with more bad smells.

If you think that artificial chemicals smells good, you bathed in death fumes for too long and forgot or real scents smell like, or you never had the chance to smell nature.

I also use other healthier alternatives.

If you can eat it, you can put it on your skin.
But many approved foods shouldn't even be on your skin.

I completely removed perfumes from my life by replacing the products by other stuff:
Dish soap: bicarbonate, I don't need industrial cleaner with perfume and fake color to clean carrot juice. Even when chicken grease film is left, I reuse the pan so quickly, I can always rinse it, that it doesn't matter. It even protects the pan. I get sick from toxic chemicals, but not from re-boiling chicken bones for weeks... even though the bones would mold if left in the air after a week... If I'm desperate, using olive oil mix with animal fat and then I can wash the olive oil away. Hand soap for the bathroom: Bicarbonate.

At first I put it in a spice shaker, like a Tupperware salt shaker but bigger and with bigger holes on one half on the cover, and a big opening on the other. Now I use a squirt bottle to die hairs. I cut the small pointy opening to make it flow more. I mix a few spoons of bicarbonate with water. Just enough to make my hands feel silky when I pour it on my hands. Bicarbonate make stuff stay fresh in the refrigerator, so the water stays okay. No need for preservative... salt is one.

Body wash: bicarbonate


I have a huge container on the side of my bath full of bicarbonate. I used a small shaker but it's tall with a thin base so I kept wasting powder by hitting it in my bath. I take a big pinch and put it on my washcloth, then rub it on myself. It feels like sandpaper, but it will exfoliate without expensive creams instead to leave residue. It's a vital electrolyte so my skin sucks it right into my bloodstream. It's relaxing... it helps to detox. I felt awful drinking it, because my gut bacteria produce acid when fermenting food, like my fermented vegetables in a jar.

So I absorb bicarbonate with my external membrane instead of my internal one... Lots of grey skin flakes end up floating as I shed old skin. My acne got better, I heal faster. I don't want to suck in perfume and colorants through my skin and send that to my organs. But bicarbonate was used successfully to detox... to the point that it even cured cancer... When dies in body wash might be pleasant to apply... but they are known to cause cancer... Hmmm~ Dilemma~ Washing myself with cancer or cleaning it away? Bicarbonate is for me XD

Hairs: bicarbonate + Apple cider vinegar + Coconut oil spray

Now that's a hard one because I want extremely long hairs (more than my elbow) while having a hypothyroid condition that causes brittle dry hairs (but I think nutritional deficiencies cause both the bad hairs and bad thyroid)... Using bicarbonate can dry the hairs. I miss a little with water and massage my scalp. My hairs aren't greasy, I can wash them once every 5 days, 7 was too long but doable. Washing hairs everyday would be too drying with anything. I try not to pour it on my ends, with the cut squirt bottle mixed with bicarbonate. I have one near every faucets. I even let my hairs into my bath water to make sure to only pour it on top. Apple cider vinegar closes the hair scales to make it silkier, but I avoid it on my scalp, even though it could restore its PH, because it makes my head look oily. My hairs broke a lot, so now I spray water mixed with a little coconut oil. It also stay fresh because that's an anti bacterial substance, and is a good kind of fat that the body can use to build cells and burn energy. It can be hard to avoid spraying to much and end up greasy... Oil must trap water inside, so oil alone made a mess.

Clothes: bicarbonate unless you care about the color, eco nuts, unscented bar of soap

That was the hardest actually. Bleach is alkaline... Bicarbonate isn't as alkaline but it can have a bleach effect too. So I don't wash clothes with it if I need the colors to stay bright. I can add a handful when I do my blankets. I bought eco nuts (dry berries actually) from eBay, they free natural saponins (the stuff that cleans, companies add toxic foaming agent to fool people into thinking that more bubbles means that it will clean better... It doesn't.) But my rule of only using things that I can eat couldn't apply for that one... It breaks fat, the cell membranes are made of fat, and our brain... but at least it's natural... But it didn't clean my really dirty stuff... Like my blankets and an old Teddy that was more grey than white... But the toxic industrial soap didn't do much either... Maybe I needed to use more nuts, and boil them to get a concentrate... But I eventually give up, even though they smell very good. I found a bar of soap without perfume and phosphates (but I only cared about the perfume and no coloring). It's made of goat milk. It's probably useless for clothes instead of skin, but the fat from the milk might help clean off the fat in the fabric. But oil stains are a nightmare to clean with even the most intense chemicals... All I wanted was no perfume since I wouldn't wash myself with it. I do my laundry in the bath, but I could have grated it to help it melt in the machine. But my water became extremely grey, while old stuff that I lost hope to clean, even before I went natural, got revived!

Deodorant: Chlorophyll by eating green plants, ginger & turmeric to neutralize the bad smell of meat and make it taste way better too.

Products that stop us from sweating must never be used because that's a detox process and you don't want toxins to be pushed there and accumulate with no where to go... If we could just pee and poop, we wouldn't sweat so much under our arms. Companies claim that the toxic aluminum in it can't cross the skin... but why would they admit it if it killed a whole bunch of people, they'd go bankrupt. Why take risk with our life... to seduce? We might as well play Russian roulette. Oh you didn't get the bullet, you're lucky to be alive, let's grind our privates together to celebrate that your make up didn't kill you today! So I don't use antiperspirant. I bought a very expensive deodorant, without perfume, a sort of whites stuff... For years I had to put a thick coat under my arms right after my bath... or I would literally make myself suffocate with my stench. But when I started eating vegetables, with a raw salad... I never needed to use it again! I put nothing! I did once because I needed to do a lot of exercise, riding my bike to go meet people... But I ended up sweating all over my body so it made no difference. Chlorophyll, the stuff that makes plant green, is an internal deodorant... It won't just neutralize the stench under your arms, but inside and out your whole body. I found out by accident and heard it in details later, after I added a beautiful rainbow to my meals instead of the boring white paper that I stupidly called food. Vegetables are awesome. Of course I still eat meat, but adding ginger and turmeric doesn't make it freaking tasty in the oven... It also neutralize the foul smells... and the rots make vital organs very happy. I got it for my adrenals. So... awesome colors naturally, greater taste, better body function, and no more stench... Do you really think that I miss macaroni and cheese? Nope~ I just bite straight into fancy cheeses.

It's wonderful to be stench free! And that includes perfumes!

Perfumes always tortured me... but now that I am free of them... now that it's not constantly all over my and my nose and vital organs through my skin and lungs... I can smell how freaking bad they are... My point of comparison shifted from perfume all over to none... so I notice them way more now, I notice the pain much more now. I went downstairs to do my laundry and someone forgot their bottle of soap... I could smell it through the bottle! From far away. It was there since a long time, and the closer I got to the bottle, the harder it smelled... It wasn't from the machine. It's so toxic it goes through plastic... so yeah it will go through all of you... If you wouldn't drink it, don't put it on or anywhere near you. Because it's the same. When people walk near me, sometimes I can smell them so strongly that I can do it from far away, when they're in a different row at a shop! But not like pleasant flowers... Like toxic waste... Like alcohol... and there's actual formaldehyde in there... and a dozen of extremely toxic chemicals known to be toxic... It's added to cleaning products to mask how toxic the smell is... by making it even more toxic! Cleaning doesn't have to be with poison. Bicarbonate and vinegar can be eaten and can clean. Water alone is enough to clean most of my dishes. If it makes a fried mess in your kitchen that is impossible to remove without industrial cleaners, it will do the same inside you.

Hair dyes can make you die

There re people who died from using hair dye. The companies claimed that it was a very rare allergic reaction... but it's like saying that they where allergic to poison. My kidneys are weakened so they can't filter toxins in such an efficient way that I don't notice the torture. It's probably labeled as having "multiple chemical sensitivities" by the medical industry... as if chemicals where good and I'm just the defective one for reacting to something harmless. But no, we all react to it... you just don't notice it.. you never made the connection for the bad feelings that you have. Preposterous! It can't possibly be man made toxins, we're above nature! Think again...

So the way hair dye work... there's a chemical that BINDS WITH OXYGEN to create a bright color. So since we're just thin walking bags of water absorbing everything from anywhere... we absorb that into he blood... and it builds up in our bodies over time... Especially if we chose to color our hairs and use make up to mask how sickly we look from eating junk, instead to eat healthy and have real colors on our face. Vegetables can help detox from toxins, but eating toxic junk will just add to the problem.

So what happened to some women is that the chemical build up in their brain after being absorbed through their scalp, and probably breathing it, and it was probably everywhere... But what it did to the brain is that it blinded with the oxygen from the blood... Eventually the woman, after dying her hairs once more, shrieked her head off, like a schizophrenic, which is an ignorant way of saying that her brain was deprived of something vital to function...

Lack of oxygen... how's that for an imbalance in the brain... If you think serotonin is the most important because boosting your mood is all you need... think again.

Your brain needs:

  • oxygen
  • STABLE fuel and that sure isn't from pure refined sugar without nutrients
  • Proper building blocks to renew the cells, like healthy (not friend) fats and the B complex to renew that hugs ball of nerves.
  • to AVOID TOXINS including unknown allergies
  • proper sleep to transfer memories into fresher cells, perceived as dreams. Just like a computer operating system, you can't make a backup copy while you're using it.
Lack of sleep kills in 11 days, and makes you really crazy after a day or two, but a slow accumulation of sleep deprivation, just an hour a day, can take its tool. There's nothing more important than renewing your brain and not being in confused agony, dropping dead is the least of your problems.

The same is true about toxin build ups. There are NO safe level. You can get away with it for a while if your detoxification is better than the toxic input... But you'd feel so much better without that extra burden stealing energy from you. You could use that energy to do things that you love, instead of that weird anxious feeling of dread that you seem to have for no reason. Well, your body has plenty of reasons if you put chemicals all over the place that destroy life instead of promoting it.

People can't stay calm and happy while they are being put a plastic bag over their head, unable to remove it, and suffocate slowly towards death... It's exactly what happened but from the inside and with a prettyyyyy chemical. Well, it didn't make her pretty, it made her ct up like a desperate crazy person, and then she dropped dead. I guess her hairs will be pretty when she'll go get incinerated...

But I'd rather have boring natural hairs and live... But hey, that's just me and my craaaazy life choices~ I just had to learn to love myself with brown and grey hairs. I love my grey hairs actually. Rarity makes something special and precious. I like how they're as white as snow and shiny~ Not like blond straws, especially not bleached... They're even shinier. So there's beauty in everything if we wish to see it that way and draw confidence from it, and that's attractive.

Natural hairs can shine when healthy. There's water moving inside of them... they look dead but they're like veins! So coating veins with a chemical that binds to oxygen to look pretty... It can lead to disaster... and it did. Sure so many women won't notice a thing... they'll just feel depressed, lock of energy (you need oxygen to burn it), cancer, or dropping dead of a heart attack (it needs vitamin C to be build, and will run out if it's used to detox instead)...

So... when I didn't know what was going on with me, all I knew is that I was dying... blood was coming out of all my orifices so it wasn't in my head after all, and the doctors are real assholes for not taking my body's warning seriously even when I was at death's door... But my whole body was shooting down so it was hard to tell... You can't possibly be in that much pain! It must be in your head! You still have all your limbs! So your vital organs must be fiiine~ Oups, why are you dropping dead out of the blue? Oh~ if only we had warnings! NO. If only the doctors didn't dismiss the emotional warnings as a personality flaw!!!

When babies are neglected needs, they cry.
When kids hurt themselves, they cry.
So why the hell do we see depression as a mental illness!!! For profits that's why.
But you need to take better care of your needs and limits!!!

The link between emotional problems (anxiety, depression, being bat shit insane when stressed) and dropping dead from a heart attack is vitamin C. It's used by your body to detox, build tissues such as a strong heart and helps the adrenal cope with stress. So when you are poisoned it robbed you of the vitamin C needed to regenerate your heart with new cells, you end up unable to cope with stress, get depressed and exhausted from scurvy, as your vital organs break apart and shut down, and the you drop dead. Antidepressants and make up won't do you any good. Even if you get happier (I doubt it with "depression" as side effect) and looked healthier, it's still going to kill you no matter how hard you try to deny it and cover it up...

The most effective thing to do is less poison and more nutrients.

It's pure logic. But test it for yourself. It worked for me and I was doom, I just wanted to die and get it over with. True healing with the natural materials that you needed in the first place will take more time than using dope to mask symptoms... but the results won't dupe you into a deadly lie.

So what I did is to ban every single burden from my life that could possibly stress my body, and mind, since my brain is my body too. Emotions are nerve impulses, not imaginary fairies that you just need to believe in hard enough to be happy. If your nerves are breaking part... It won' just hurt physically, but emotionally too, and our capacity to reason coherently will be impaired. Lack of vitamin B does that, because the nerves aren't build or renewed with sugar cubes. In the end... when I cleaned up my food... I noticed that bread was making me feel awful... corn and soy too... not just the obvious sugar and chemicals.

Grains can destroy the kidneys (which explain why I can't handle chemicals), gut and the brain! And everything else. Did I continue to eat white bread sandwiches with cold cut meats but choosing gluten free? HELL NO! The damn grains make me shit blood! Why would I ever trust any part of it again!? Well, I stupidly kept eating it until I found a quote saying that we can't cheat with allergies the way we can do to lose weight... Well... I did... but my health kept going up and down...

Now that I have zero tolerance for everything that hurt me at some point... even if my body seems to be winning the struggle without my notice, I don't want that either. Not noticing in an unpleasant manner won't change the fact that it's killing me from the inside! My health is slowly getting higher, and higher, more than I thought possible. Because the damage can take days to become obvious, losing the connection with the original cause... And it can take weeks to repair the damage... It's just not worth it, I enjoy other stuff. There are plenty in the world.

Once you stop thinking that products can only be made with chemicals and food can only be made with grains... You can discover a whole new world... Maybe harder to produce than the most worthless garbage, but oh so rewarding and more enjoyable. Going back to crap is so unthinkable for me now. But it was a very slow transition over years of stubborn denial... I'm not perfect either. Change isn't just scary... You need to rip apart connections in your brain and build new nerves... It hurts... I was too malnourished to do it. But the more I made changes the easier it became to make them.

And I stopped going back to what I believed was convenient, helpful, good and enjoyable... By trying better I ended up seeing in an undeniable manner that it's inflicting pure hellish torture worse than death on me... No cravings are worth that. I don' have cravings. I'm always well nourished and well taken care of. I can eat whatever I want without crap, because I don't want to feel shitty anymore. If it's possible with food, it's possible with perfumes. You won't crave spraying yourself with these toxins, but you might notice less head aches.

Sure I still freak out from time to times; it takes a long way to heal. But I don't wish to die anymore. I'm able to have fun again because I'm not wasting my energy trying to battle harmful substances, while lacking the nutrition to do it! Disaster, how I survive for years from so much abuse and neglect show how wonderful my body actually is, I'm not being defective now, I'm having a natural reaction to a sick way of living. My adrenals got so damaged trying to handle all that stress that I can crash easily, if I get too stressed out, even by silly issues... but I'm not at death's door anymore.

I recover quickly with good food and supplements. It used to take me months to recover, not because healing takes time, but that's how long it took for me to get the nutrients for repair with my bad diet. With supplements I can heal really bad problems in a few days... I can feel much better in minutes. The vitamin C is safe to megadose with, and the B complex too if you take even more vitamin C, but it's better to start slow. And no amount of supplements can compensate for toxins in the food and air.

So... if something is hurting you... don't wait until you end unable to walk and breathe without big conscious efforts... Like I did... I was lucky to wake up just in time and change my ways... but not everyone get an extension on life or an improvement of its quality... Because not everyone take care of themselves properly and is open to new ideas... But you can die from small things that accumulate, not just big events. It's like a death by a thousand needles... even the smallest things can kill up if they add up faster than our healing abilities and resources.

I still wash my hand with perfumed soap if I go in public... I should carry bicarbonate in a bag... because it feels like being sprayed with insecticide. The stench follows me... I hold my breath if I have to cross the perfume section in a store, and it still burn my eyes... Even the worst farts never did that to me. So how can toxic fumes possibly be considered an improvement is beyond me. We should seduce with our own pheromones, not spraying ourselves with horse urine, and if you think that's disgusting... at least it's a natural ingredient. There are way worse in perfumes. It's not distilled rose petals anymore. Even if you can't see the difference, your body does.

Don't worry, people complimented me on my healthy natural scent and I was like "Oh you like my perfume? Thank you~ I made it myself~ With my own body fluids~~~" You don't need to smell like a toxic waste dumpster to get attention. Try smiling. It will make you look approachable.

I love vanilla flavor, I imported real vanilla. Just to try~ Because I didn't trust artificial flavors. And fake vanilla is made from a gland produce by castors... and the gland is in their rectum. Who the hell sucked a castor's ass and though, yum, just like vanilla! Well, a whole lot of people apparently... Do you think they sell the yogurt or ice cream as ass flavored? Nope~ They even put a picture of beautiful vanilla sticks on it. Well, enjoy the picture, because that's all you get that's vanilla-like.

Beaver butt used as 'natural flavoring' in your food at naturalnews. It's called "castoreum"

And I'm the one who's considered crazy... HA! I sure am proud of it considering what being normal actually means...

That's the kind of horrible crap that is allowed by food reulators... even though no one would want castor ass juice anywhere them, not even on their skin... (unless maybe if you add a false promise of beauty and youth)... If they do that to your food...what is in perfume is inimaginably bad because that's not even regulated. There's the false belief that what is on your skin and in the air doesn't go into your body... But then why do they make medicinal creams... and we all know better from breathing tobcco smoke... So spraying yourself with perfumes is basically smoking non stop all day long.

If at leasts the products where sold as a set of the same perfume! But there's one DIFFERENT for:
  • Laundry soap
  • Softener sheets
  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditionner
  • Deodorant
  • And then people spray pure perfume to the mix
Artificial perfumes aren't flowers, and not all flowers fit together in a bouquet... It ends up becoming a cacophony for your senses, even if it was harmless (it's poison, you can't drink perfume) even if it smelled good (you smell like a frog in a jar to me, seriously)... the mix is just too much... I really pity dogs, with their superior senses... My ability to smell got better and I notice how unpleasant perfume are even more. The same way that smokers can taste better after they quit, when they don't have a strong burn garbage taste in their mouth ruining the real flavor of everything else. Taking a snack will be better for your blood sugar than cutting your appetite.

If you want to smell good, just be good to yourself by taking proper care of your vital needs.

Your body will expel happy health juices instead of toxins, and that's why we are attracted to good smells... for the health! Not for the smell. Don't be fooled by pathetic mimics, they're even more toxics and putrid than not using perfumes at all. Even on your smelliest day, which can indicate a health problem... I stink if I eat unhealthy crap that makes me sick. Burdening your body with a spray of toxins while he's trying so hard to get rid of them... Why are you so cruel to yourself... Stop it!

If you want to think that ass juice is good enough for you because you like the taste anyway (from not knowing any better because you never actually tasted real vanilla...) If you prefer to eat many buckets of ass ice cream rather than eating plain bio yogurt with probiotics (adding your own real vanilla sticks and berries)... It won't have the same effect on your body's quality, appearance, capacity and well being...

If you like the companies that are fooling you by calling ass juice vanilla... if you want to docilely be sprayed with poison and think that it smells better... that's your life. That's the way everyone does it and the way to do it? That's not my way. I wanted better for myself, to feel better, to be better. I am so sick that I'm an invalid with no job, but I didn't use being poor as excuse. I made sacrifice somewhere else... And using bicarbonate is way cheaper than expensive exfoliating creams, acne products, anti aging creams... trying to mask that you are withering and rotting inside...

Enjoy something real... or enjoy your ass juice and toxic fumes... But now you have one more options to make a choice. Hopefully you'll try for yourself and chose what's best, not follow the other exploited sheep to their death. Humans can't do better than nature, because they ARE nature. And only respecting your natural needs and limit will save you... Not trying to adapt your body to a toxic way of life... trying to force your mind to think that it's good... when it's begging for you to finally take care of yourself the way you need it.

At least the beaver ass juices are natural, but getting rid of toxins would be a good idea. Enjoy~

Lisa Of Shades
6 December 2015
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!