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Health ~ Cancer ~ Chemotherapy is a scam

Chemotherapy is a scam. Cancer is caused by chemicals. They cause mutations and the body desperately tries to seal the toxins in fat and tumors. Just look at tobacco causing lung cancer! We all know it!

Then why only allowing even more chemicals as the only therapy. They’re not the cure! They’re the problem!!!

For billions of profits.

If we were to fully admit that chemicals are killing us, and there's more than enough proof out there, we’d riot against all the companies that pretend to make our life easier, our life style would collapse, billions would be spent elsewhere.

Because there’s no better way to extort money from people than making them terrified at dying… AND pretend that the gun is the cure.

Where would it be spend? We'd buy vegetables, relax at the beach, get massages, dance lessons... Self evolving hobbies that would make us happy. It would amazing~

I never been happier!

I was searching “cyanide good for you”, it’s in my vitamin B12 and in bitter almonds, I think some are in my sweet ones too, and it’s in apple seeds. I found an article about B17-Laetrile, from apricot seeds. Good & Bad Cyanide? at b17. It says that cyanide kills cancer cells.

I don’t like the word "kill" because when you want to promote health and survival, it’s a very self sabotaging mind set.

Well, of course, refined cyanide would kill me. But apparently, if I read that right, its natural form is less toxic than refined sugar and salt. If I read it wrong, it still makes perfect sense. The natural sugars in a green apple and the natural unrefined coarse GREY Celtic Sea salt… it’s not the same either. So natural cyanide can have its good purpose, iron is toxic in high doses too but you still need it to live.

But I read about the cells having a programmed death, or receiving messages to tell them when it’s time to die to protect the integrity of the structure that is your body. If the message is made with cyanide, that would explain a lot. It would explain why this deadly substance is made by nature… unlike those made by humans, they have a purpose; those living substances can respect the integrity of living creatures because they COME FROM living creatures… Unlike artificial chemicals which are worse than poisons.

I explored their site more and found a priceless article about why natural substances aren't used when they're safer than artificial ones and produce better results:

Then WHY is B17 illegal? The Answer: Money $$ at b17.

Not prescribing or recommending it is one thing, but making it illegal when it's proven to save people... denying people's their informed choice and free will... that's not right and suspicious... damn cruel and actually criminal. Learn why it's in their best interest to let you die with false hope and even make you sicker.

They protect themselves from any accusations by pretending that the problem is the cure! That's sick... they're the cancer of society. Literally!!!

Chemotherapy cause cancer, because it's toxic, and toxins cause cancer; even doctors know that!

Here's the article:

Then WHY is B17 illegal? The Answer: Money $$

Because the pharmaceutical multinationals are unable to patent or claim exclusive rights to the vitamin B17, as it is derived from a natural source (The Prunus Amygdalis Rosacea family), the multinational pharmaceuticals launched and have continued to launch attacks of unprecedented vicious propaganda against B17 despite the hard proof of its effectiveness in controlling all forms of cancer which is available in overwhelming abundance.

The cancer industry is a $200 Billion a year industry. That's right not $200 million but $200 BILLION !!!

Now if you had a large interest in such a huge market wouldn't you try to protect your industry and market share? Of course you would. And that's exactly what has happened and is happening today. Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a time where lies and deceit have been and are being used by government national bodies and foundations which were designed to research cures and treatments for cancer, not to focus on protecting their significant financial interest.

Did you know the wealthiest non profit institution on this planet is the American Cancer Society ?

Did you know the worlds largest private cancer center Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital (SKMH) was established by Wall Streets top Banks and Corporations including a large interest from the Rockefellers. In today's society do the major corporations and banks place people before profit? Of course not!! Every day our newspapers in Australia tell us a story where our Banks and major corporations are putting profit before people.

Did you know that the major generous donators and financial contributors to the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital include all the major chemical companies that actually supply the chemotherapy and drugs used to treat patients at the hospital !

Companies such as Bristol Myers spend over $1 billion dollars annually on cancer research to improve or introduce new chemo drugs. Bristol Myers supplies over half the worlds chemotherapy drugs. So they have a significant interest in the cancer industry. So significant is their interest that the board members that chair the largest cancer drug and chemical companies also chair or are board members of all the major cancer institutes. Funny that, one would think there is a conflict of interest here. They get around this simply by either not taking a salary or making it a voluntary position with the cancer centres. After all, the chemical companies pay them more than enough for being board members of the chemical companies themselves. For example Paul A Marks who is president and CEO of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital and is also Director of Pfizer which manufactures chemotherapy and cancer related drugs.

Also James Robinson is a board member of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital and also a Director of Bristol Myers one of the largest suppliers of cancer chemotherapy and other cancer drugs. You will find most of the executives that chair or are board members of all the top cancer organizations also chair or are affiliated with one or more of the major cancer drug multinationals. As mentioned, they get around this conflict of interest most of the time by not taking a salary from either the research center or the drug company. Either way its a huge conflict of interest in my view.

This is why the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital(SKMH), National Cancer Institute(NCI), American Cancer Society(ACS), Food and Drug Administration(FDA) & the AMA are involved together to ensure they persecute and squeeze out any threats to their market. Even if it costs millions of lives and even if the therapy works, if its a threat they will stamp it out..

It is scary to know that the very government regulatory agencies themselves, such as the US Food & Drug Administration and Britain's Medicines Control Agency, which are supposed to protect the public from potentially dangerous products coming onto the market are horribly compromised because of ties with the chemical/drug industries that make cancer drugs. A USA TODAY analysis of financial conflicts at 159 FDA advisory committee meetings from 1st January - 30th June 2000 found that at 55% of their meetings, more than half of the FDA advisors had conflicts of interest!!! Click here for full story

These cancer organizations are run by business leaders, bankers and board members of the cancer drug companies that supply chemotherapy drugs to the market. Because many of today's known carcinogens are by-products of profitable industries of which these same board members have financial interests in, their aim is to prevent cancer preventions and prevent any natural or non chemical therapy from entering the market. Its a perfect Cartel between these giants of big business. John Reed a director of SKMH is also a director of tobacco giant Philip Morris.

For example... The way the current system is setup thanks to the FDA and AMA, did you know it now costs over $100 million to develop a new drug in America. They have literally setup a monopoly situation. Its a poker game and the ante is $100 million if you want to play.

In 1982 Dr Richard Crout of the FDA made his agency's position very clear:

"I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances".

The problem here is the processing of Laetrile cannot be patented. Its a natural product. you can't make millions or huge profits like cancer drugs generate. As Edward G Griffin puts it "So no substance from nature will ever be legally available for cancer unless its source can be monopolized. No matter how safe and effective it may be, and no matter how many people may have benefited, it will forever be regulated to the category of unproven therapies making them illegal to prescribe, to promote and to use".

Laetrile and all other natural products used in treating cancer are a threat to their profits.

This is why laetrile is Illegal. (and all natural, safe and effective cures)

Don't believe it? Research it for yourself - visit the (their) references area.

(End of article)

It's illegal to cure people because then the companies that made you sick would loose billions... so they convince you that not only it's harmless to welcome their toxin in your life, but it will also save you. That's insulting as hell! But people put their life on it... because change is scarier than death... Because they're scared to die. THEN CHANGE!

They exploit people's fears. Their profits, 200 billions, looks like this: 200,000,000,000.

Do you think your life, happiness, smile and thank you is worth that much to them? It doesn't.

They even disguise themselves as a charity. We have health care in Canada but we pay for it with our forcefully taken taxes. Then we can’t choose the brand of the medicine we want, so certainly not a natural vitamin approach, not even when we have anemia or other illness that are known to be caused by a vitamin deficiency and known to be only curable with vitamins. Even charity are business, they demand donations, manipulating people's fears, but it's the same: for cash. The publicity to get it use more terrorism, but they still prey on your insecurities and indulge your unwillingness to change your lifestyle.

It's the only hope and cure: get rid of the cause, get rid of the problem. Stop putting your life in the hands of the people who only want to exploit you to death!

Also this article: Big Pharma Syndrome. "An angry insider says drug giants put profit ahead of public health - and seduce doctors into helping them"

Many doctors choose this profession for the profit and social status, looking down on you. Accepting a big bribe to kill you indirectly, safe of all reproach... what do they care; they're not there for you! You're just a golden goose to them! The sicker you get the better for them. And often the pills CAUSE what they're supposed to treat and many others!!!

Psychiatry especially does it. But they all do. It’s not for your own good; they ARE out to get you!!! The proofs are everywhere! Those depressed people… maybe it’s the cry of the body as cancer is being developed, but it’s always for a reason. It’s never out of the blue. Your body has needs and a limit!

You think that cancer can’t happen to you?

Cancer is the result of a prolong exposure to chemicals.

Cancer is happening to you, RIGHT NOW!

The cure is to stop the cause. Live differently. Have a better quality of life before you die.

If you're scared of cyanide then don't take chemotherapy, if you want to live, because it's worse!!! You'd be better of doing nothing. The people who miraculously survive the 5 years to be declared survivors would probably have been cured sooner or at least died longer than 6 months after. (See the movie: Hungry for change)

You don't need anything fancy. Just take all those poisons out of your food, away from your skin, and no where near your lungs! It's not because it tastes and smell good that it's good for you!!! Not anymore, they developed very fancy ways to trick and damage your brain. We're overpopulated with not enough resources and too little preys... we now prey on each other... Be the best person and turn your back on chemical corporations, not the life from nature! Chemicals aren’t above it. You’re born of nature, you ARE nature! Don’t let those soulless and heartless corporations deny you your very life!

Ironically the people who work for them are their victims as well... because no matter how rich you are... you can't buy yourself health. You can only make healthy choices... and they're often cheaper than... trying to bargain with death dealers.


Lisa Of Shades
20 March 2014
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