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Three brains: rational, emotional, primal. Computer logic, artistic abstract painting, animal wolf instincts for survivalWe have a set of two eyes, hands, feet, lungs, kidneys... only one heart, liver, pancreas... but we actually have three brains.
There's the left and sight side, but also the cerebellum behind and under them.

"The cerebellum is located behind the top part of the brain stem (where the spinal cord meets the brain) and is made of two hemispheres (halves). The cerebellum receives information from the sensory systems, the spinal cord, and other parts of the brain and then regulates motor movements."

The primal brain's role is to handle vital functions. It's the animalistic instincts and can be wisest about survival. Without controlling its impulses with reason and compassion, it could seem evil... But that's what allows you to walk and breathe. It handles repetitive functions, so doesn't need to memorize everything that it does, the way that we can remember memories that we feel strongly about or new knowledge. What the primal brain learn are ways to survive, so phobias can be hard to overcome, and we can crave the wrong things, but we can learn proper self care if we use the other brains to guide it.

It's said that the left brain is rational and the right brain is emotional... but it's a simplified way to understand a complicated concept. Some areas can be specialized in some functions, but others require both sides to work together.

"There is no doubt that there are differences in brain structure and function between the two hemispheres. Handedness is the best known example: the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa, and humans are typically more dexterous with one hand than the other, so we say that one side of the brain is “dominant”."

But the preference and mastering of a side isn't only true for hand coordination, but also for perspective and way of thinking.

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The influence of hormones

Females and males start as the same embryo, but hormones make body parts grow differently. The female hormone estrogen will grow breasts, but men still have nipples and can grow breasts if their food and products is high in estrogen. The male hormone will make the gonads work differently, producing many spermatozoids every day instead of just one ovum a month, and will be pushed out as testicles to cool off this intensive process, while ovaries can stay inside for the woman. Male hormones stimulate the creation of muscles and body hairs, but women also have them in smaller quantities. The clitoris will grow into a penis.

The gonads produce different hormones according to the gender defined by the chromosomes: ovaries will be specialized in secreting estrogen in women, and testicles will produce testosterone in men. But the adrenal glands secrete both hormones in both genders.

It's never all estrogen or all testosterone, it's actually a spectrum. So some people can be born with a third sex, a blend of male and female genitals. While others will feel like they are both without visual proof, or the opposite gender, or neither... or with a sexual attraction that is the opposite of what their gender usually desire. But the only thing that is wrong is forcing people into binary roles while nature isn't. People shouldn't need to have dangerous operations to change sex to be seen and accepted as who they are. We should open our mind to the colorful zone between the radical black and white ways of thinking.

Estrogen and testosterone also influence how the brain is used. Estrogen will stimulate the emotional part of the brain, which is useful for mothers to understand subtle cues from a baby that can't speak clearly yet, and provide vital cares. Testosterone will stimulate the rational part of the brain, which is useful for men to build tool to hunt and provide for the family. Long ago, those distinct roles were important, but becoming a big society helping each other and creating technology allowed us to have many more roles. So people born with unusual traits can shine at what they're best at, even if it's the opposite of their gender stereotype.

Some men can be more sensitive and effeminate than some women, while some women can have a higher intellect than some men. Denying them the right to use their true talent wouldn't just condemn them to live a miserable life doing something against their nature and overly difficult for them... but it would also make society miss out on the specialty that they can bring to help us all.

Women use their emotional brain above the rational, so their point of view is based on what's most reassuring. Men use their rational brain more, so their point of view is based on what's the most practical. Men can't understand women because they are oblivious to the fact that they don't need the same thing, they should open their mind to their perspective. Together they are two specialists able to see the big picture, complete each other and find balance.

The risk is when one thinks that only their point of view is the truth and their way is the only way, they deny the other people's worth and miss out on what they have to offer, creating imbalances.

Control can make insecure women feel safer... but it hurts, angers and pushes the people who are there for them away, so it backfires.

The opposite of love isn't hatred but indifference, so ignoring someone's emotions can be the fastest way to hurt them, even if it's involuntary. That's probably why men can make women so mad, if they put all their focus on reason, the thing they're the best at. They can end up forgetting or even dismissing the other side... the emotions... and therefore not taking into consideration the person feeling them. If our own unique mind, point of view, feelings and different needs are not just denied but not even acknowledged... Being so invalidated as a person would drive anybody crazy.

Men are taught that they should dismiss their own emotions to be stronger, that their emotional needs don't matter. They were made to believe that it's natural to threat themselves this badly, so we shouldn't always take it personal when they do it to others. But ignorance is a weakness, bottling up in denial makes people explode without control or aim, and they can end up destroying what they love most... So that mentality causes problems, but a life long brainwashing is hard to undo. Men need to welcome their own emotions as a strength, they're important information to make a wiser decision. It's not a weakness even if it can feel that way, because it takes strength to admit it to ourselves.

Women are generally encouraged to feel, but not to think for themselves or be independent. Relying on a man and serving them means that they have useful strengths too, so they can also live for themselves. Women shouldn't assume that everyone can guess their emotions just because they can for others, not everyone is an Empaths and everyone can be wrong. They should express themselves more and balance their emotions with reason, by patiently verifying the facts before jumping to conclusions. Incertitude can be uncomfortable before finding the right choice for ourselves, but it's only temporary. Don't try to make things stay the same forever by force and control, life is meant to flow in new directions, sometimes it takes people closer, sometimes apart... It's the impermanence that makes every moment so precious, we can only enjoy it while we still can and grieve once it has followed its course. Find security in knowing that you can solve any problems sooner or later... and wounds can heal with time if our needs are provided. So don't forget to take care of yourself too.

Having the open mind to see from someone else's perspective, or at least welcome its possibilities, enriches our lives.

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The importance of the differences inside us and among people

If we were all the same, we wouldn't have come this far. Even rocks are different, with different purposes, some are pretty, and some can build houses. Everything can have a purpose, even what seems like a flaw. Even violence can be good if it's to save a life. There is a purpose, time and place for everything.

We get internal struggles because the primal, rational and emotional sides have different needs and point of view. The truth is like a diamond with many faces... and having such complex brain allows us to see the big picture... if we open our mind, not just to other people's point of views, but our own. Open your mind... to your own mind. You can end up finding better ways to get what you need and want.

We are like many people in one body. By understanding ourselves, we can understand others. By respecting ourselves first we can spread respect and not allow disrespect. By taking care of ourselves, we become more independent, strong, secure, can think more clearly when our vital needs are fulfilled... and can even find extra to take care of others.

That's why we should put ourselves first, but not only. We became a society to help each other, to polish our specialty even if it meant to lack experience with other things, because others could help us.

But not everyone would. Because it's easier to look down or crush someone than try and fail until you improve... but focusing on mediocrity can only spread it inside and around you... and then you have to live among idiots that you stopped from growing, being the king of idiots isn't much of an accomplishment.

A good leader will find the talent in people and make it shine, using others to compensate for their shortcomings, creating the perfect productive puzzle in harmony, taking everyone and all their facets into consideration.

Don't compare the best with the worst; everything has an advantage and downside. Everything can have a purpose when used wisely.

Focus on being the best that you can be. If you want control, learn to control yourself. If you want understanding, learn to have compassion for yourself. If you want love, cares and respect... take better care of yourself and everything else will be influenced by your new attitude.

Learn to find compromise with the pros and cons of your rational, emotional and primal brain. Don't fall for immediate gratifications; they can come with a heavy price... But the choice that you can live with long term is often the best one.

There's a positive and negative in everything.

There's no one better between a jock and a nerd, they're meant for different things. A strong muscular person will be able to build a house, but won't have the delicate hands to do an operation. A surgeon will be able to study anatomy to save lives, but his dexterous hands won't be strong enough to lift heavy things. You either do bodybuilding or study, if you do half you'll only master half of both. If you master one to your full potential, the other skill will be neglected and atrophy. But if we were a little good at everything we wouldn't have created so many things to enjoy comfortably.

We all benefit from being different, it's a good thing. We shouldn't try to force others to be like us thinking that we're the best, not even if we're the best in the world at our own specialty. Anyone can step on an ant, even a kitten. Crushing someone weaker doesn't make us stronger. But surpassing ourselves does. If someone is bad, insults won't encourage them to persevere; they need the opportunity to find what they are capable of, show it, and better themselves.

Albert Einstein wrote: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

We should appreciate the best in what people can offer, not hate them for being different. Thankfully that variety is there to enrich our lives, not replace it. Don't be fear the unknown, don't fear knowledge, embrace it. Then you can have an opinion to choose what you prefer, and let others do the same.

Find harmony and balance within yourself, welcome your different sides and find them a constructive purpose, then you'll see how useful differences can be.

Lisa Of Shades
8 January 2017
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