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Health ~ Brains ~ The pain of sensitive intelligent introverts

Nervous system, nerves, your brain is all over your bodyWe are different, with different specialties, because it's more useful to have specialties and help each other than be a little good at everything... even if it means that we lack the opposite skill.

Everything comes with an upside and downside, and the bigger the upside, the bigger the downside as well.

Extraordinary geniuses are no exceptions.

It's like a role playing game, we all have the same amount of points that we can give to different stats and skills. We can choose to be balanced and average, but if we put everything we have in one skill, the other stats will suffer. The overall stats are equal yet the different possibilities are endless.

The difference between introverts and extroverts is the nervous system. We're all made of the same things, even male and females, but not in the same quantities.

Some people have naturally strong muscles, probably thanks to producing more testosterone. Others have a more sensitive nervous system.

It's common knowledge that someone training to build muscles and therefore using them more should eat more protein to have materials for growth and repairs...

The same is true with people with a hyperactive nervous system. They might not seem to be moving, but it takes a huge amount of energy internally. The nerves must be build, wear down and need to be renewed. Nerves are made of the B complex and need vitamin C too.

But when a hypersensitive person runs out, instead to be told to eat more materials for maintenance and repairs because they have a higher use and therefore a higher need for it than average... They are seen as weak minded, even defective. They're told by "professionals" to take drugs to "correct" them, making them continue to ignore their needs, not encouraging them to figure them out, even invalidating their rational ability to do so. That's criminal.

Emotions are the result of nerves impulses being stimulated. Someone with a very sensitive nervous system will therefore be more emotional... but more intelligent too! Because the brain is a ball of nerves and thoughts are nerve impulses. So someone able to take in more information faster will be able to analyze information better, therefore having a more powerful intellect. But the rest of the body struggles to keep up with the demands for energy production and nutrients for repairs. A passionate person can achieve something great and quickly, but will burn out faster and will need more rest, which can be frustrating. But without it distress, diseases and even death will follow.

That's why introverts need time alone to "digest", analyze and understand all the information they get... and recharge.

Receiving too much stimulation too fast means having more to cope with... and needing more support. Unfortunately, those people are seen as a weak minded and ill willed burden and shunned... receiving less support than average while needing more. Being perceived as weak and isolated means looking like a weak prey and attracting the worst... increasing the distress in a vicious cycle... as people think that we must do something to deserve it and shun us even more, seeing us as part of the problem and wanting to avoid trouble... worsening the problem... Introverts need to learn to handle themselves on their own whether they want to or not. They can be wonderful when they give a lot, but the water in their well isn't endless, they're even thirstier than most people even if they will be less inclined to express or even acknowledge their needs.

Extroverts don't have a hypersensitive nervous system, so their brains can crave stimulation. They like loud places with lots of people, so they always have someone available to avoid being alone. They like big flashy explosions in movies. It takes a lot for them to be excited, and they're more easily bored than over stimulated. But that hyper stimulation can be sheer agony for the hyper sensitive nerves of introverts, so they prefer to invest deeper emotions with a few friends, and don't feel lonely in quiet places like nature.

People who have naturally strong muscles probably have a protective shield that numb their nerves, enabling them to have a high pain tolerance as they build things and enjoy sports. But some people are mostly nerves.

"Myelin is a fatty white substance that surrounds the axon of some nerve cells, forming an electrically insulating layer. It is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system."

Nerves have a sort of skin that makes them less sensitive and protect them... but without eating enough nutrients such as B vitamins... it breaks...

Imagine scraping the skin of your finger and touching salt. It burns as hell. Now imagine if you were slowly skinned, all your protective layer slowly eroded and cut off, then thrown in salt. Some people go through that on a nervous system level...

That's why very intelligent people tend to go insane.

It takes so much energy just to think, and big thinkers tend to have big exhausting projects... mixed with having lots of emotions to cope with... mixed with needing more support but having less and more abuse... mixed with having higher needs for nutrients while society doesn't fulfill the basics as it is... it's no wonder that many people are depressed.

The adrenal glands are responsible for handling stress and energy production. They need the B complex, lots of C and minerals to do that, and orchestrate the functions of other vital organs... Sugar alone isn't enough because we're one of the rare animals that can't convert it to vitamin C, but we still crave it when we need more vitamin C, because what is naturally sweet is usually full of it... But processed food such as grains and candy tricks the brain into thinking that it has the best vitamin C, but it's been refined out to concentrate the taste... so we waste away unable to burn energy... Storing the sugar as fat is saving our lives, because it's so high that it becomes toxic, but that's not the only problem.

The B complex and vitamin C are necessary to burn energy and keep the blood sugar stable. Lack of vitamin B and hypoglycemia make people crave alcohol, because it's very high in sugar. Van Gogh had emotional distress and often drank alcohol to excess. He hallucinated, cut off his ear, passed out and couldn't remember doing it.

Lack of B3 is called pellagra and causes the 4 Ds: diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and death.

Lack of vitamin C is called scurvy, the acute version is quickly falling apart, rotting and dying. But it can happen slowly, giving an intense physical and mental distress and suffering.

So to keep our needs in balance, we can provide more nutrients, or avoid wasting energy. When crossing our limits for too long, we need to catch up to the damage by consuming much more nutrients while avoiding spending energy. It's not being lazy, or antisocial, it's self care and necessary for survival.

Someone who does more will also need more. Life stays balance whether you want it or not. So make sure that your needs and limits are balanced... if you want to stay alive.

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When you have a very sensitive nervous system, you can pick up slighter stimuli, and more subtle energies. So people can notice micro facial expressions, behavior, or even feel a difference in the bio electrical energy of another person.
Some people can feel other people's emotions as their own. It can be overwhelming to feel everybody's pains and not be able to see the difference with our own. Empaths tend to take the world's well being on their shoulders because they feel as one with it. They can't make others suffer because they would indirectly make themselves suffer. But when someone takes advantage of that and are willing to abuse you until you break... it will be less painful and more educative to stop that bad behavior instead to enable it.

Animals are drawn to empaths because they don't need words to communicate either, so they listen to animals and take their feelings into considerations. Anyone would prefer and appreciate that.

Their only shield is often solitude; witch can be a vital breath of fresh air in an ocean of negativity and conflicts.

Let others handle their own responsibilities and needs.

Thoughts are emotions translated into words by our conscious mind. If empaths can feel other emotions, then it's a form of telepathy even if they interpret it differently, or translate it into a different language.

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Supernatural psychic powers

This article was inspired by the anime " The Disastrous Life of Saiki K - Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan TV". It's an extremely powerful psychic trying to look average to avoid disaster and have a powerful life. It's interesting to see him handle the suffering brought by his powers and how greater power can have disadvantages and cause limitations. He seems antisocial, but when you can hear the thoughts of thousands of people constantly, you crave some peace and quiet.

Superpowers in the media are shows as its extreme form, so it seems like science fiction. But I had some experiences before that couldn't be dismissed as a coincidence, and proved to me that it is possible. The mind might seem less powerful than muscles, but muscles would be useless without the mind.

My experiences with telepathy:

My best childhood friend was over, and we were both distracted in deep thoughts. I started signing a Christmas song, which was unusual because we were in summer, and especially against my nature because they annoy me. My friend immediately speaks out with surprise: "wow, the song is stuck in your mind too!?" I guess our mind became in sync for a moment, and I ended up picking up the emotionally nagging repetition.

Years later, I was working in customer service, it was at a McDonald's, requiring to act faster than I could think, and I was in the right mood for it. I heard a woman say "A blueberry muffin." So I repeat the order while typing it. She comes closer slowly, completely astonished, and says in the same voice that I heard: "Wow... I didn't say anything... but I was thinking it!"

My experience with premonitory dreams:

The first was a strong feeling of déjà vu. I am positive that I dreamt of it before. I was at a big store and walked down the stairs to the other area. Then I saw a child sitting in a shopping cart, alone, with no one else anywhere to be seen, not even his parents. It was very eerie and I had a strong emotion when I saw it.

The one that I am absolutely sure of is waking up from a very weird dream in high school. I was going to my physical education class and walked near the stairs. Two girls walked quickly, one with a red shirt and green shorts, the other with a green shirt and red shorts. As if they switched half of their uniforms. Red and green are opposite colors so it had a strong visual impact. They also walked exactly the same way. It was so weird that I thought about it constantly instead to forget my dream after a few minutes. Then later that day I went to PE... and I saw them in the exact same way!


I think that extremely strong emotions do an echo in time. But not just in the future... but in the past too! Everyone had a bad feeling about something, their intuition warning them. I don't think that it's only the rational brain running a simulation and warning that the probability of harm is higher than success. You can read your own mind, so you could receive telepathic messages from yourself... through time.

There was a scientific test that stimulated the brain directly, it should have reacted faster than poking a far away toe or something, since it takes time for electrical energy to travel nerve impulses... but instead the reaction was slower... as if the brain reacted constantly to perceptions from the future to be able to have a better reaction time and survive. We take away our hand from a burning iron faster than we can think... but we might actually do it faster than we can feel it.

We should listen to our intuition... because it might be a warning from a future possibility of us that actually lived it and have regrets. We can change the future.

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Quantum physics

The rules of quantum physics change when there's an observer. Without one, if we fire electrons at a surface, we get all the possible results happening all at once. But if we observe what is happening, then only one possibility happens.

Electrons are made of endless possibilities... are you are made of them.

There were tests where the will of the mind influenced random results... but they were recorded, so they also influenced it through time into the past!

In the movie the secret, it shows how powerful the law of attraction is. You can attract the fate that you want by having the right will, attitude and open mind. You'll find a way if you search for it, and you'll notice opportunities if you look for them... but the universe will also align the way towards you, matching your energy.

The purpose of life is to live. And the simple fact of being sentient and aware shapes the very universe.

Lisa Of Shades
8 January 2017
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