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While it will be obvious to you according to your feelings, it's not as easy to detect in a lab, so don't look down on your mind if your doctor can't figure it out.

You can take the Adrenal Fatigue quiz at adrenalfatigue.

Tests that you can do at home

From Dr Wilson's book "Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome" (Buy it at eBay. It's the best book I've ever read. I love it!)

Iris contraction test

You cannot control those muscles at will, so it will give you a real idea of your level of exhaustion.

Your doctor will test your eyes by putting a light in front of them, but instead use a flashlight and put it on the side, flashing it across your eyes.

Observe your pupil, the black dot in the middle.

If you are strong and healthy, the pupil will shrink to limit the amount of light and will stay contracted.

If you have hypoadreania: "after the initial contraction, the pupil starts to dilate slowly. It then alternatively contracts and dilates, after which, it remains dilated.

I do this everyday to see my limit and level of required care.

Blood pressure test

I don't have the equipment, but if you feel dizzy upon standing it's a good clue.

1. "Lie down for 3 to 5 minutes rest. Take blood pressure while lying down"

2. "Stand and take blood pressure again. Blood pressure should rise 10 to 20mmHg or at least stay the same. In Adrenal Fatigue, the blood pressure will drop when standing from a lying position."

Some people can have high blood pressure with Adrenal Fatigue.

Doctors kept saying that my blood pressure was a bit low but that they weren't worried, even though my heart had to palpitate quickly to compensate. The adrenals tell the kidneys to recycle salt, if they're too tired or malnourished to have the ingredients to make the juicy message, you'll waste salt, pee your blood and feel weak. That's not anxiety (it never is) it's dehydration and trying to compensate for survival. Water isn't enough; you need good real salt to hold on to it. Doctors kept seeing blood in my urine; they weren't worried about that either, saying that if I feel bad it’s all in my head anyway, even though it's a sign of kidney failure and scurvy. Nice uh~ Trust your body. Science is limited, especially when they dismiss facts, hiding them and laughing at them, only praising what they can use to justify making a fortune off your suffering. *sigh* It's a business after all, not a charity or salvation.

Sergent's White Line

"Simply take the dull end of a ballpoint pen and lightly stroke the skin of your abdomen, making a mark about 6'' long. Within a few seconds a line will appear.

In a healthy reaction, the mark is initially white but reddens within a few seconds. If you have hypoadrenia, the line will stay white for about 2 minutes and will also widen.

It happens in only about 40% of people with adrenal fatigue, but if it occurs it's a sure sign that you have Adrenal Fatigue."

I had very severe adrenal fatigue, even had a life threatening adrenal crisis after taking hydrocortisone, but I still didn't have that sign. My favorite is the iris contraction test. It works even without a flashlight for me.

It reminds me of the opposite reaction seen in chronic hives, the most common being Dermatographic urticaria (wiki) "in which the skin becomes raised and inflamed when stroked, scratched, rubbed, and sometimes even slapped." They don't know the causes but I can speculate easily after seeing the movie Fat, sick and nearly dead.

We have 2 pounds of bacteria that helps us digest, make vitamins for us and are part of our immune system. We spread them around and can catch the ones from other life forms. Our way to fight their invasion is with white blood cells, but they need vitamin C as ammunition.

Another thing that helps is limiting the entry way by making breakage swell, it's said to be a histamine reaction, and that's produced by the adrenal glands. So when it over react, then you probably don't have enough vitamin C to fight intruders and your body tries to avoid letting them in at all cost. And when your adrenals are so malnourished and exhausted from it that your body can't even swell up anymore... you're in trouble...

Just eat greens, you want a magic miracle, there it is! Yup, they grow on trees. Humans have to be stupid then to end up sick. Yup, very. Well, when you think that you're above nature and can do better with chemicals, that's what you get.

You’re countless cells, mini life forms with their own needs and processes; you need to renew them by taking them from the outside. Welcome the green little guys into the community that is your whole being.

Take the stress quiz

At adrenalfatigue by James L. Wilson, DC, ND, PhD

Laboratory tests

"Saliva Hormone testing instead of in your blood and urine. Best and more accurate than the other tests. But it has to be taken at different times of the day."

One sign of adrenal fatigue is when you become a night owl. If your cortisol output is reversed, you'll feel more tired in the morning for being unable to produce enough, and will feel at your best at night.

I read in Adrenal burnout syndrome by Lawrence Wilson, MD; that the best is a correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis, which also helps to figure out which need is amiss.

Medical tests are limited

The body is very complex and medicine is limited. They can only detect full blown disease and dismiss less than optimal health. In a way, it's cruel, but in a way, it's necessary. Because their medicine is dangerous. Hydrocortisone, the artificial steroid to replace the cortisol made by the adrenal glands, won't help you heal. They replace, so the glands stops doing exercise, become lazy, and atrophy! You end up worse and I almost died from an acute adrenal crisis when I stopped a simple hemorrhoid cream! Because it doesn't matter how you put it in your body, you ca even inhale it for asthma. It goes through your whole body and replaces your adrenals, making you sicker.

But even Addison's disease, the deadliest form of adrenal insufficiency, responds well to nutrition. Before hydrocortisone was discovered, the cure was high doses of vitamin C and real salt. Rebalancing the life and the body's need for water soluble vitamins and electrolytes minerals. Because just like scurvy, once you fulfill a vital need, you stop degenerating towards death and can even rebuild what was damaged. But of course it doesn't give a magical relief like sniffing cocaine, fixing the problem for real takes time and efforts, but at least it doesn't make it worse.

So the best test is merely to look at how you feel, if you feel tired and depressed, you sure could use better self care. Even if you have nothing, even if you have cancer, the approach will help you. Everyone can benefit from getting rid of everything toxic, substances or relationship and even thoughts. All bodies need to be properly nourished. What is wonderful with mega nutrition with high doses of water soluble vitamins and minerals is that if you take too much, it will go right through you as diarrhea, so you instantly know how much you need. It's not true with metals and fat soluble vitamins, so of course you need to be careful. But if we can take 50g of refined sugar a day, pounds every weeks, then taking a few grams of vitamin C to balance it is far from ridiculous... But taking that much sugar while getting rid of the nourishing vitamins and detoxifying fiber is a disaster!

Enjoy better~

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24 February 2014
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