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Health ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Symptoms

Adrenal fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome by James L. WilsonIt's self explanatory: fatigue, duh!

But there are so much more that will shows that it's not laziness nor in your head.

It's derogatory to call it depression and will mislead you for the cure, the true name is EXHAUSTION!

Yes, it can be caused by depressing stressful events, and having your internal vital organs crash is depressing. But it is NOT in your head!

If you can't take it anymore, it's because your body just can't! It's perfectly normal.

In this society, with how we are pressured to live by ads and greedy people, being healthy and happy would actually be what's abnormal.

Don't throw your very life away; throw all that superficial empty garbage away! If you feel empty inside, the food you've been putting in probably was empty of nutrition.

Your body speaks to you with metaphors but it's often literally true. Just listen, try to understand and respect it with compassion.

It's a burn out. A fatigue that isn't alleviated by sleep, because you need to eat the proper building blocks to rebuild and heal the body. You're just human with a limit... pushing it will accumulate a exhaustion debt that will eventually make you crash.

You were never meant to be a limitless perfect god, and even your god isn't. He can't save you from yourself and the consequences of your actions. Use your free will to improve your quality of life. Give yourself a break before you break.

Because your body has needs to live at its best and happiest. Survival in misery isn't the best that you can offer to yourself.

If you are exhausted and don't have the nutrients necessary for body functions, your very vital organs will slowly shut down, hoping to preserve your life with the limited resources, for as long as possible until better becomes available. But it always is now, you only have to make the right choice and put health as a priority. It's the greatest wealth that you can hope for.

The adrenals have hundreds of functions, which influence other glands and organs with hundreds of functions, and the functions have hundreds of sub-functions... so basically if you feel bad, stressed out, out of your mind... nurture your adrenals. It will also cause an effect for everything else.

There is no one set of symptoms that can fit all, and there's no one size cure either. Because the needs and causes can be as varied as people, lives and bodies can be different. And it's perfectly okay, that's how life is supposed to be.

To do soon.

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Lisa Of Shades
25 February 2014
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