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Supplements aren’t drugs. They are compressed food. If you choose them without allergen, preservative and chemicals, it’s unlikely that even high doses will hurt you. But not all nutrients are the same. While iron can kill a small child, just like swallowing a fork could, others are necessary in big quantities when you are going through something exceptionally demanding.

Vitamin C and the B complex are water soluble, you can’t accumulate them to toxic levels the way you can with fat soluble vitamins. But it also means that their deficiency is easier to get and that cause sickness. Taking too much water would be riskier than taking too much vitamin C because with bowel tolerance, it’s just go through you.

Drinking water isn’t enough to be hydrated; you need the proper electrolytes minerals. All this need to be kept in balance and you can need one nutrient to be able to absorb another. It’s difficult to be able to find harmony on your own, the ideal would be to regularly pass tests and be guided by an expert. But the best is you, your body, and you can still figure it out on your own, as long as you accept your limit and don’t make the mistake to take and do too much too soon, which is the attitude that made you crash with Adrenal Fatigue in the first place!

Supplements aren’t drugs; don’t expect to get high on them. The only way to have seemingly magical relief is to cover up symptoms and cries from the body. The goal of supplements is to provide nutrition to promote healing, and that takes time… weeks, months, years… as long as it takes to catch up to how much abuse and neglect you inflicted to yourself.

My useful pages from other sections:
  • Vitamins and minerals is one huge page to allow you to search for symptoms with your browser. Know their food sources and much more, so you can fill your needs. Some compilations: Classed by symptoms.

  • My vitamins and minerals will give you an idea of how much I took to get better, and still take to keep feeling great! Because the recommendations are way too low, and with all the empty processed junk, people don't even get them! Needs varies and every body are different, your feelings will guide you.
Even the strictest diet wasn't enough for me to get enough improvement, so I took supplements TOO! But they can’t replace good food, that's why they're called supplements. Some people improved even the worst by juicing green vegetables instead and even fasting on it. Juicing is most likely so much better if you can afford it, but more complicated... Yet cheaper than medicine and less complicated than living with pointless suffering, diseases and drugs with worse side effects than what they're supposed to help. I think supplements are a good compromise between the easy pill and the effective nutrition.

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25 February 2014
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