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Michael LamJames L. WilsonI don’t think I can give this vital topic justice, so make sure to read, as I did, from the experts and their web site on adrenal fatigue: More info and experts in my page Healers.
To easily learn more about self care: Movies.

Book: Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndromeDr Wilson's book "Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome" (eBay) saved my life, in every possible ways. This is the most precious knowledge that I’ve ever had the chance to learn in my whole gifted life! It's well written and entertaining too! It's important even if you don't suffer from it; because you always win when you learn how to take care of your needs, respect yourself and your limit.

Dr Lam addressed the different gentler approach needed for severe adrenal fatigue; learn precious information at his site: Four Stages of Adrenal Fatigue.

Dr Lam's book "Adrenal fatigue syndrome". I didn't have the chance to read it yet, but his site is amazing. Here's a very true comment from a reader: "His book has helped me understand that I was tiring my adrenal glands even further by my use of adaptogenic herbs and glandulars. (...) Dr. Lam is very adamant about recognizing not just the nutritional and lifestyle mistakes that lead to fatigue/exhaustion, but the mind/body/spirit connection to the problem, as well. This book will help you understand that finding healing is not about taking a few supplements and getting a little more sleep. It will help you understand that adrenal fatigue arises from deeper issues of how we approach other people, our attitude about life in general, and our views of self."

Also Adrenal burnout syndrome by Lawrence Wilson, MD.

To me there are only 2 types of healing practices: the one that heals and the one that doesn't. Any pusher can make you feel a little better temporarily, by ignoring the problem and enslave you with drugs. But a real healer cures and frees you.

I found liberation in naturopathy and orthomolecular medicine before I even knew what it was.

I was shocked that naturopaths were called quacks, because in my entire life, their methods are the only ones that produced results with real healing, not just masking the symptoms and emotions, which are the body's warnings that your life is in danger and you have to do something about it.

But pioneers among Medical Doctors also recognize adrenal fatigue and that the best cure is nutrition.Just like Hippocrates taught when he founded medicine, with the patient's health at heart instead of pharmaceutical companies' profits.

After all, the only cure for scurvy is vitamin C! And the adrenals burn a whole lot in time of stress. But your body need so much more, in balance and harmony.

Your body will be healthy and heal you if you give him what he needs to do so.

Take care because no one else will.

Enjoy, because having even the best in the world is worthless unless you appreciate it~

Lisa Of Shades
25 February 2014

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Informative web sites

The western medicine that is advertised everywhere are a very narrow approach for profits, that's why corporations invest money to advertise it. I'm still waiting for a publicity that will encourage me to eat greens of any brand. The information forced down your throat isn't good for you. But there are other ways and far more information in the world. Here's 2 websites that I often end up on when I search in google, they offer free information that makes a lot of sense and is actually helpful for a change:
  • Natural News
    "The world's top news source on natural health." From the Health Ranger.
    "Take control of your own health. Since 1997"
I agree with their slogan, they're awesome. I agree that you have to heal yourself, otherwise someone will take control of your wallet and very life. If your only goal is health instead of money, and that your own life depends on finding the truth, you'll be more likely to survive. Corporations dismiss healing practices because they where not profitable enough. They even made illegal to threat cancer with nutrition, even though it's proven to work better, because it threatened their control, power and billions of profits. That's as scary as murder.

Learn how to take care of yourself. Ads lied to you. They tried to bury the truth to exploit you. Dig it out.

For more see my Recommendations subsection.

Food Matters (2008) and Hungry for change (2012) are very good movies that resumed most of what I learned about self care in a decade of searches, trials and errors. Try your own~ Find your own truth~

Lisa Of Shades
29 March 2016

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