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Health ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Save yourself

Buoy duckWhen the norm's results are sickness and distress... discover a new way to live.

Aim for health!

This should be the norm, this is true beauty!

If you want changes, change~

Restore the balance in your life
; between nourishing, acting and resting; according to your own limits and needs.

When you want to improve your life, you have several options:
  • You can keep doing everything exactly the same and wonder why nothing changes.
  • You can try to escape the consequences of your mistakes with sedatives, stimulants or pain killers, legal or not. But this only makes it worst for your already burdened body; they do nothing for your needs and add more to the harmful causes.
  • Or you can discover a new way to live:
    A new way to be, feed, rest, act, think, see, feel... LIVE! And a new perspective on life. Use pain and sadness as the guides that they are; so you can finally get better results.
Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2013

Admitting a mistake and revolting against wrongs is the first step to improvement

Venting can be a very therapeutic coping mechanism as long as it's constructive. See my coping section for more. So I'll be blunt to wake you up and keep myself awake.

I'm as angry at myself as I am at others. I intend to use it as a fuel to admit what's wrong and move forward. Complaining without actions is pointless and futile.

At myself for expecting others to save me, and having the arrogance to think that I can help others, allowing myself to be drained into sickness in the process. When I just can't save people from themselves, I'm having a hard time enough trying to save myself.

I am angry at people for neglecting themselves and demanding care to others. They expect others to do the efforts to fix their mess; so they can keep shitting all over themselves again. We owe them NOTHING, yet they try to dump all their wants, needs and whims on someone else's shoulders. Claiming to be cared about, when they're the ones denying themselves self care. Wanting to be loved when they won’t even live to their own expectations. Wanting respect but they’re disrespecting their own body. They only want to take and give nothing in return since they won’t even give it to themselves. Abusing others dry instead to fight properly for their own damn life! Unworthy disgusting worms.

But I only have power over myself. Still, I can share the power of knowledge and the strength of my convictions:

You want love, love yourself.
You want respect, respcet yourself.
You want to be cared about, care for yourself!!!

You want to be healthy, make healthy choices!!!

The logic couldn't be more plain and simple! And you know it! You reap what you sow. You want to reap, sow. You don't want to sow, then shut the fuck up, starve and die! That’s life for you~

Take responsibility, but don't waste precious energy blaming yourself, use it to find solutions to improve your quality of life. Only you can do it, but you CAN do it. All you have to do is to choose change with conviction; you'll instinctively know what you have to do. Just forget the ads trying to trick and exploit you. Listen to your body.

Make the effort to prepare your own meals from scratch, if you don't have energy to do so, it's because the convenient processed chemicals that you eat doesn't nourish you. Break the vicious cycles!

You're not a helpless baby anymore; don't wait for someone to do it for you! The people who'll pretend that they can only want to enslave and exploit you, as they indulge your laziness and insecurities. Just rest, nourish and trust yourself. You'll figure it out, you'll make it through, no matter how long it takes. Just make the first small step: choose to.

Lisa Of Shades
25 February 2014
Buoy duck image from darkwoman.centerblog

Take care of yourself, yourself.

If you refuse to learn from your mistakes, pains and sadness; you'll be doomed to prolong and repeat them. They're not the problems; they're just messages to help you find the path to health and happiness. Don't deny yourself this precious information, listen.

If you don't want to make the efforts to figure out how to fulfill your needs, and want to surrender the control of your life in the hands of someone else, you'll be exploited and even tortured. Read: Folly of psychiatry and Corporations are out to get you.

If you believe that you can put the down side of what you want on the shoulders of someone else, and suck the life force of another to cheat your own limit, this won't raise what you can handle. It will backfire; because no one can endure this abuse for long, it's already hard enough to take care of ourselves. It will result in dependency, low self esteem, and being always at the end of your limit with no reserves for the unexpected; those vulnerabilities are easily abused. You end up disrespected, even hated, because that's how you treat yourself. Love yourself unconditionally by doing your best with what you do have, appreciate, take care, enjoy; then you'll shine and have something good to live and share.

If you think that a lover is the solution, think again: Sexual education ~ Health risks. It's one more thing to deal with that will bring both joys and sadness, positive and negative side, like everything else. You're not a helpless baby anymore; you can take care of yourself: it's your duty, the only law of life. If you are alive by the end of the day, your life was a success. You need magnesium to make neurotransmitters. Being in love can briefly mask the deficiency, and being heart broken makes people crave chocolate because there is a little magnesium in it. Go for natural raw almonds, they have more, and they also contain good fat for your brain, the fiber will clean you and your blood sugar will be stable along with your mood. Don't feed on people's hearts, share yours. With enough vitamin C, it will be healthy.

If you don't even want to try by at least resting, allowing time to heal your wounds and eventually put better opportunities on your path... if you'd rather die, then it's an option too: How to suicide ~ Verify the goal. But it won't be an easy way out, or poetic, and it could handicap your life with a worst hardship than you endured in your entire existence. Hell is for the living. Don't make it worst.

If you want to live, then make taking care of it a priority and stop what endangers you.

Learn how to protect yourself, you'll feel safer and more confident: Self defense at the hubbardtwppd police site is legal. You don't need much energy to do a Throat strike.

But if you feel exhausted it's wiser to avoid over stimulation, crowds are especially intense for stimulating all your senses and parts of your brain: movements, language (often in contradiction with body language), emotions, memories... Rest quietly on your own when you want to; especially if your body request it by warning you with fears, because then you need and have to.

Coping mechanisms aren't to blame, don't trust ignorant who only want to judge rather than try to understand. Government approved pushers have the same approach than illegal ones: to make money off your misery. If they really wanted to help you, they'd try to find the cause. But only you can do that by looking at every aspects of your life. No pill can take away the consequences of your wrong self care; it only masks symptoms, the cries and warning of your body, as you willingly ignore that you get sicker from what you do to yourself. That's just too sad. Fulfill your needs and stop poisoning yourself.

Your body knows best, but help him by exploring ways that could be even more effective to reach your goal. Trust the long term results and keep an open mind.

If you want change, change. Abandon all hopes, make it happen.

Take responsibility for your own well being and life, "it's the only way out". Said in the movie: "Food matters". "Hungry for change" is great too and many others in my section Recommendations ~ Movies.

For more experienced people who inspired me and confirmed my observations, see Healers.

Qualifications and diplomas aren't everything, especially when based on wrong preconceptions. Everybody knows "You are what you eat" and "A healthy mind in a healthy body" but most of the medical and psychiatric industry ignore it completely. They make more money keeping the customer sick, ignorant and dependant...

You can know even better than experts! Search in google, pioneers gladly share their discoveries before the education can possibly keep up and accept change, and patients share what they go through with what they try. Always check the side effects of drugs, they often make it worst. Sometimes nothing is better, despair for an easy way out isn't the end. It can motivate you to embrace healthier choices, and that's the true easy way with no string attached, no catch and all side effects feel great!

I'm so grateful that I got sick; I was really missing out on delicious things. I was miserable with what I thought I wanted. I almost died but living as an invalid was way worst. Now I am so in love with life and with myself. I don't torture myself anymore.

To heal, I used my own judgment and experiences, while my very life depended on finding the right answers; I bled if I got it wrong. My lungs even shut down from medicine: corticosteroids atrophied my adrenal glands and almost killed me. Because they replaced them. Now I feed them what they need to heal and become strong, like vitamin C saved my life! That precious nutrient is the previous protocol to manage Addison's disease, the deadliest form of adrenal insufficiency. Chemicals can't improve nature because it's already at its best! Work with it, not against it, because you're part of nature.

Pills killed many others; they're even a leading cause of death! Using antidepressants, instead to find the reason of the distress, only let the danger continue until it kills you! Medicine is deadly, unlike vegetables. Chew your broccoli well and you won't choke on it. Hahaha!

But vegetables aren't enough to catch up to deficiencies and rebuild organs, but they're a great start because they won't poison you or destroy your gut like processed chemicals and grains. The RDA's recommendations for vitamins and minerals are never enough. Vitamin C is extremely safe because it's water soluble and you can't accumulate it in fat, hence the absolute importance to consume it all the time. Most animals can make their own; we can't. They make the equivalent of many thousands, so claiming that we only need less than a hundred is a theory that caused horrible results for our health and well being.

Nutrition is the key to health. Not toxic chemicals.

No matter if your trauma was physical or emotional, it's all the same to your adrenal glands. You need enough rest and a fitting dose of vitamin C either way.

Once you help your body heal, your mind will thank you happily.

You can't talk your way out of exhaustion and lack of proper nutrition in therapy. You can't outrun toxins stored in fat with exercise either, you need the watery living fiber of fresh vegetables and antioxidants like vitamin C for that... and stopping to push the poisons in!

Everything that you were told by the mainstream heal care is wrong, often deliberately! There is a blue sky above those ads, and wonders growing under. There's way more to life than the misery that you were told to endure in silence so that a few could profit from it; they made you believe into false needs that you don't even want!

Free yourself and seek the answers inside you.

Your body will guide you. All those awful illnesses that seem to come from nowhere, your body cried a warning for years!!! You are not to blame, chemicals are! They're not making our life easier; they're taking it away, making you wither slowly with small doses of poison. If preservatives really did that, we'd drink bottles everyday. They're toxins to small organisms, and they kill us slowly but surely.

Use your own judgment. Make experiences, the bad ones will help you find the bests.

Think about the long term, you only eat for a few hours during the day. So eating junk that seem to taste good if you swallow it quickly, but then make you feel miserable and hate yourself isn't worth it. Instead eat vegetables that you might not like since they can't compete with artificial flavors, but they will provide you real nutrition and make you feel awesome the rest of the day! Broccoli taste awesome if you don't kill the mini trees by over cooking them. You can learn better than what you were told. Going for cake and drugs to comfort yourself won't seem appealing after getting so much more from the calcium and vitamin C in greens and the magnesium of almonds. The more you chew them the tastier they get, it reveals their true flavor. If you can't stand the taste of putrid puke once you chew your junk, then stop because that's what it truly is, without the sugary coat to fool you.

You crave sugar because that’s what vitamin C tastes like in nature, and that's what you truly need when your adrenal glands have to handle stress; all of them, even the stimulations that you love. Don't over do it, or the exhaustion and deficiencies will pile up and sooner or later, you'll have to balance it.

Food needs to be balanced:
  • Glucose for energy, anything can be transformed into it. The slower the better, so sugar is the most dangerous.
  • Vitamins and minerals for functions and healing
  • Fiber for cleaning waste and toxins.
If you only provide the energy with refined sugar, your body won't be able to have the materials to execute its functions (messages like neurotransmitters and hormones), you'll decay into sickness, and will have to seal toxins in fat or tumors because you won't be able to excrete them. Taking refined vitamins on the other hand will allow you to rest by preventing over stimulation from too much fuel, and provide materials to heal while you rest. Juicing vegetables is great too and probably even better but more demanding.

The more abused your body is, the harder and longer it will be to find balance again: you will need more rest, vitamins and minerals to catch up. If you worked your body more than humanly possible, that's the kind of dose of nutrients that you'll have to take to compensate, or heal accumulated damage.

It's simply natural, that's how life works best. Nothing is lost or created, everything changes. Plants help renew life and can give it back to you. They turn the CO2 that you exhale back into oxygen, and they can give you back living cells as well, if you eat some raw. Live enzymes that you cannot make will join your body and take care of it. Helping you digest and absorb nutrients. Gut bacteria are part of your immune system. Life is on your side, not anti-bio chemicals.

Make an alliance with your body, because you are one. Love your whole being because it's that way for a reason. If you don't like something, heal the causes with compassion.

Knowledge is power and nature will set you free.

Lisa Of Shades
26 September 2013
Edited: 28 September 2013
Edited: 19 October 2013

The illusion and horror of wanting the health care business to take care of you in your stead

giving the finger by anarkyI’ve seen a documentary about the health care in the USA, they threw a sick woman who couldn’t pay into the streets and I was mortified. But as I have free “sick care” in Canada, I could see its complete failure in actually providing a cure. Because the problem is self care and lifestyle! And only you can do something about that!!!

So the illusion and horror that I actually want to address here is what you do to yourself, others and even society!

Yes publicities and peer pressure is compelling, but in the end, you make your own choice. You could turn away from the mainstream and make your own world around you. You could stop doing mindlessly as you’re told, or the immature whims of wanting and greed, and do as you need instead. You can even invent a whole new way, and that’s how humanity evolved, every single step forward was thanks to a weirdo who thought differently than the masses. But it feels save to just follow the herd, well, it’s NOT when they’re headed to a cliff!

So people indulge in 2 big pizza, a dozon of doughnuts for breakfast, they smoke even though there’s picture of horrific diseases on the package, they drink even though ethanol is a poison that destroy the liver and so many people die or kill driving drunk… they know, because so many people did it before them, because in spite of all the publicity there’s knowledge around screaming not to fall for it! But people do it anyway… because they wanna.

And then when they get sick, they don’t quit smoking with lung cancer, they keep eating the junk even though they can’t even get up to go to the toilet, whip their own ass or even pass through the door! But they expect someone else to make it all better for them… to take the burden on their shoulders… to do an operation, a magical pill to lower their blood sugar and enhance their mood as the body screams “NO more, please, I’m in pain, stop poisoning me!!!”… and they expect people to do that for free… and even when they’re cure, they go right back… because they never stop! They expect people to die so instead to rebuild their organs with nutrition, they can steal someone else’s heart and kidney and keep destroying themselves… robbing organs from the dead… and keep at it… all that for free. While some children, often their own, don’t even have food to eat, but they drug them too so they’d pay attention and shut the hell up.

So no… I don’t feel bad anymore that hospitals throw people out of the streets. Because you did this to yourself, because you refuse to stop, you refuse to take responsibility, you want a magical pill, you want to steal other people’s organs, and all hat for free. The world doesn’t owe you ANYTHING! If you won’t even care for yourself then you sure don’t for others, and we don’t either!!!

So if you don’t want to heal yourself, if you want to force your body to feel good, some people will gladly indulge you and sell you drugs, use your suffering like a cash cow and milk your illusions as you allow your health to whiter away. If you fry your pancreas by eating more sugar than any living thing can process in a whole life in one day, everyday, for years, don’t expect a magical pill to enable you to continue! If you don’t eat greens full of vitamin C, you’ll get scurvy, you’ll go blind, your limbs will rot off you… not because of the diabetes, not even because of eating too much sugar, but because you never bothered giving your body what he needs… because of YOU! Destroying a perfectly good body, just because you wanna. Then expecting someone else to work, suffer and even die to make it all okay~ So you can keep at it, without a care in the world, with magical pills that will never do anything but enable you to delude yourself and ignore the problem.

I have no compassion for people like that. I tried to help people, at least tell them how I help myself so they could try, but when they crashed from their obvious abuse, they even blamed ME for stressing they out! When I saw it coming and only tried to prevent it. I even tried to help people who cut themselves and were crying for help… JUST STOP!!!

JUST STOP OR DIE!!!!!!!! Even with the best intentions of the world, even driving myself exhausted and sick, even the people who died to give you organs to spare… NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF!!! JUST STOP!!! JUST OPEN YOUR EYES! If you want to be healthy choose healthy! If you don’t give a shit, then shut the fuck up and rot away and die away from me! Without inconveniencing anyone! Because why should we care if you don’t! Just shut up! Just shut the hell up! AND SAVE YOURSELF ALREADY!!!!!!

If I could do this all alone while everyone got in the way, so can you!

The world owes you nothing, and you owe NOTHING to anyone except yourself!

Either give yourself a better quality of life by taking care of it, or turn your existence into a slow and agonizing death.

CHOOSE then make sure all the other choices respect this goal and have health as a consequence. Because you can't escape from the laws of causality! You can't escape from yourself and the survival laws of life! The only other choice is to suffer and die!

But even suicide will probably make it worse; many survive even the deadliest attempts. THAT'S how hard your body fights to protect you even though you're against him! Even death won't save you!!! There's no escape, only punishment to teach you what's right from failure.




Enjoy whatever you choose, with all its consequences~

Because I sure as hell won't allow you to dump the bad side on my shoulders!!!

I suffered enough! I choose life, safety, health and happiness. Whatever it takes, whatever I have to sacrifice, whatever I have to do, whatever I have to give up and deny myself to preserve energy and avoid damages.

Your life is in your hands, enjoy it however you will and live with the consequences. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES!!!

You already know. You already know everything. What hurts you, how to heal. FACE IT! LET GO! Stop being in denial, face the pain so you can stop it!!!

Choose better, enjoy better, live better, feel better.

It couldn't be more simple and easy. Once you decide to welcome change, change will welcome you. But you can't do exactly the same and expect a different outcome. There is no such thing as a magical healing pill, but there is such a thing as poisonous chemicals. But that's up to what you wish to put in your body and nurture in your mind, choose wisely, you'll have to live in it.


Lisa Of Shades
25 February 2014
Death image from darkwoman.centerblog
Done by anarky. Amazing.
I apologize for not knowing how to ask permission
but I wanted to cherish it always~

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