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Health ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Root cause of ills

Adrenal glands above the kidneys The effects of exhausted adrenals can affect every aspect of your body, mind and entire life... Just as they all can affect the glands; because absolutely everything is a whole and should be healed as such.

No pill will make you super human, so no pill can cure you from self neglect and abuse. No operation and no transplant either; because if you continue without change, the natural consequences will be the same. You'll notice the accumulated agony sooner or later again. You can’t cheat life.

"When we want we can". Thanks to the adrenal glands that produces adrenalin to free your energy reserves. They can allow you to accomplish superhuman things. Like a woman who got in a car accident: she rescued her baby by lifting her vehicle with only one arm, because the other one was broken. Thanks to a surge of adrenalin, from the adrenal glands.

In fact the truth is “When we can we want”. If everything feels like having to climb a hill, then you very probably have Adrenal Fatigue. The cause is self abuse and neglect, of your limits and needs, and it has many consequences.

But once those glands crash from exhaustion, you can't do anything anymore, not even the things you love or need... like walking and even breathing.

They are your spirit, the source of energy for your will power.

Like your heart, they can become broken... but like your heart, they can heal!

Their crisis can be caused by an infinite number of events, including pleasant ones, any demand for energy tire them just the same. They have hundreds of functions and influence the action of many other organs, so there's an unlimited amount of ways that it can affect you. Since everyone is different, no one cope the same way, so it can produce a boundless range of behaviors.

They are the cause and effect of all things.

This is probably why it's so hard to find that they are the root cause. By learning how to respect their limit and nurture them, you'll know how to take care of yourself to be healthy and very happy~

The adrenal glands are the triangles of life, above your kidneys. They handle any forms of stress:
  • Physical from any kind of movements.
  • Toxins. Food additives: preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring and especially sugars... or the brain damaging mercury in vaccines and tooth filling. Even the perfume that you breathe is a useless chemical that burdens your body: poison.
  • Mental strain like doing intellectual work.
  • Emotional or psychological from loneliness to criminal abuse. Emotional thoughts processes require energy just like everything else. Women usually specialize in that part of the brain. The idea that emotional stress isn't real, or important enough to cause physical damage worthy of attention; is a narrow minded opinion, probably based on sexism, and not a biological fact. We all have this part of the brain and it can be over stimulated too. This stress drains the adrenals just as badly.
  • Fictitious like games and movies. Every stress is real to the adrenals, even the possible scenarios that you worry about the unknown future, when it might never be. Thought processes, whether they are theories or facts, burn a lot of energy. If they are fearsome, the body will be on high alert; burning even more fuel to have extra strength facing the threat, even if it’s a fun game. What you love also requires energy to enjoy, and can wear you out too. That's why people can't even do their beloved passion when the adrenals are exhausted. It's depressing but that feeling isn't the problem. If you try to cover up a natural emotion, you will never solve the cause; but if you acknowledge the plea and nurture the needs that are amiss, the feeling will improve along with your health.
  • Spiritual, for believing a church that threatens you with hell, if you're the unique and different person that you are, instead of their mindless slave.
    Or if you neglect to trust yourself and life.
  • Any kind of stimulation that goes over your limit. It varies according to your situation, health, innate specialization (because things at the opposite of our skills are harder to handle) and resources: the NUTRITION of food not the calories, rest, coping mechanisms... knowledge is power.

The adrenal glands handle hundreds of functions in your body. When they become exhausted, they lack the energy to properly handle everything else...

They are part of the endocrine system, with the thyroid, pancreas, gonads (ovaries/testes) and others. They work in harmony, if one suffers so will the others.

Endocrine glands & their function at yahoo answers. More at wikipedia.

The impacts

I’m going to explain you concepts with metaphors from memory. It won’t sound as professional as if I was able to name body parts in Latin; but anyone who ask the right questions and is open to the answers can understand the body and people.

It would probably have been harder for me if I had afforded a medical degree; there are a lot of misconceptions and errors in our always evolving science. But retracing the logic relevant only to my own problem allowed me a clearer mind, since I wasn't distracted by overwhelming information about other things, or false ones based on discriminating judgments and profit... Also, the medical approach is wrong; treating the illness instead of curing the person makes more profit, unless you're the suffering patient.

Being sick allowed me an insight superior than any old theory, because my very life depended on what worked. So I won't bullshit you; because I have nothing to gain from it. But I can't stand the thought of anyone else being as mistreated as I've been: by the medical professions... and by our own hands.

Major problems that causes a lot more.
Links to the articles below and a brief resume:

  • Lack of vitamin C
    Your adrenal needs a huge amount to handle stress and do their hundreds of functions. Your whole body need it to regen itself constantly. It's a water soluble vitamin so you can't store it in fat; you need to consume it constantly, along with the B complex.

  • Hypoglycemia
    The pancreas stores fuel, the adrenal glands take it out. But if they're too tired you can't use your storage, so resist the famine reflex of eating more: eat less but more often instead. Don't go for refined products, their sugar is too intense, you'll only hurt your pancreas and you'll crash lower than if you didn't eat at all. This shock is worst than starvation: it doesn't allow your body to gently slow down your metabolism in accordance with the resources, the abrupt stop can kill you faster, and it's even more distressing for your brain. Provide a steady supply of energy with the fiber of nutritious vegetables and the healthy fats of almonds as snacks, your fatty brain will be so happy~

  • Thyroid
    If you're too exhausted and malnourished, the adrenals will ask the thyroid to slow down your metabolism. It's to preserve your life as long a possible, with the miserable resources that you provide, and force you to finally rest.

  • Dehydration
    The adrenal glands tell the kidneys to recycle salt. They get rid of it by default, if the adrenals are too tired or don't have the nutriments to make their liquid message. You need salt to hold on to water, so it follows too, which means your blood, so you get low blood pressure and heart palpitations to try to compensate, which is stressful.

    You need electrolytes minerals to be properly hydrated. They regulate our nerve and muscle function, our body's hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, the rebuilding of damaged tissue: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate. Phosphorus.

More consequences and wrong ways to try to improve the situation

Links to the articles below and a brief resume:
  • Anemia
    Lack of B12, or vitamin C to absorb iron. Cause weakness...

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
    If you're malnourished and accumulated deep nutritional deficiencies, resting won't be enough and trying to use stimulants will only worsen the problem.

  • Fibromyalgia
    You need proper nutrition to renew every part of you constantly, otherwise even moving is going to hurt.

  • Cold extremities
    Without proper and usable fuel, your body will concentrate on protecting the most important: your vital organs in your center.

  • Diabetes
    This is what happens when you use an unnatural amount of sugar trying to get energy, you fry your pancreas. The B complex is much more efficient, and necessary to use fuel. It's the vitamin C that you actually crave by seeking sweetness. Eat vegetables.

  • Obesity
    What matters aren't the calories but the nutrition. If you go for worthless food, you'll need to eat more to compensate, but you'll never find nutrition in junk anyway!

  • Anorexia & Bulimia
    There are many ways to react to the crashing shock of hypoglycemia, you can eat too much constantly until you become obese, or you can end up afraid to eat at all and turn into a pile of frail bones. Reactions in total opposition can make the root cause difficult to find. But it's not the behaviors that are the problems, they’re just an adaptation to survive, it’s the reason behind them. Learn a more efficient way to take care of it, and the behavior will improve with your health.

  • Alcoholism
    It's more intense than eating sugar with a spoon. It's the worst possible way to manage adrenal exhaustion, malnutrition and the hypoglycemic crash of glucose intolerance. It's a poison all by itself.

  • Smoking
    The horrible taste might cut your appetite, but not only it won’t feed you the needed vitamin C, but it will destroy it to detoxify the poison and heal the damage to the lungs. Feeling frantic from the poisonous assault and despair isn't what real energy is about, health feels much more energetic. If it numbs and relaxes you, it's the actually hypoglycemic shock kicking your brain. True serenity doesn't feel comatose.
  • Cancer
    Vitamin C is needed to detoxify toxins. When they accumulate, the body tries to seal them in fat and then tumors to prolong your life. But you don’t die from them, you die from the poisons. The cure: stop pushing toxins in. Water, fiber from greens and vitamin C will flush them out; if you let them.

  • Hyperactivity
    If you ingest an unnatural amount of sugar, you'll have to store it... or burn it. Don't drug children with then stimulating caffeine in cola and you won't need to drug them with medicine either! Ripping them apart in 2 directions, it's cruel. And let kids be kids. It's healthy to move, you should do the same.

  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
    When someone is about to fall into a hypoglycemic coma, from starvation or a crash from refined sugar, you can't possibly demand them to stare at you with admiration for hours. It's unnatural even for the healthiest among us, especially if you're boring...

  • Epilepsy
    Without enough vitamin C, your adrenals can’t regulate your blood sugar properly, with shortages of fuel, the electric impulses freezes or misfire into seizures or convulsions. Lack of oxygen can’t possibly make it work accurately either.

  • Recurrent respiratory infections (colds)
    You need vitamin C for strong veins and elastic flesh that resists to sudden shocks like temperature changes.

  • Asthma
    If you're malnourished, you won't even have the strength to breathe. Your adrenals won't be able to make anti-inflammatory and you'll suffer at the slightest irritation. It doesn't matter how you ingest steroids, they will never replace nutrition, but they shut down your glands even more.

  • Back pain
    You need vitamin C to make cartilage, muscles and everything. Your adrenals need a whole lot, especially in times of over stimulating stress. If you don’t ingest enough for all of you, the adrenals will even suck it out of your flesh, especially where they are: the lower back.

  • Arthritis
    Your joints are made of vitamin C, time can accumulate a deficiency. You also need cholesterol, preferably made with B5, it's good for you! That's what your adrenal use to make their hormones, so cholesterol lowering drugs are bad… you feel that truth in your joints.

  • Low blood pressure
    Your adrenals need vitamin C and a B complex to tell the kidneys to recycle salt, to keep water and blood in your veins. If everything go, you get tired and your heart wear out faster as he has to beat harder to compensate.

  • High blood pressure
    You need water and foods with electrolytes; salt is especially useful to retain water, you need even more if your adrenals are too fatigued to recycle it. If instead to fill your vital requirements, you force your body with stimulants, the heart will be kicked into a panic and over compensate, in an unnatural way impossible to regulate accurately. Salt must be balanced with enough potassium from greens or too much can cause problems too.

  • Heart attack, sudden death
    Your heart needs balance, too much blood pressure is as bad as not enough. He is a muscle with cartilage made of vitamin C, your adrenals need it to do their hundreds of vital function and they will even devour your heart if they have to, because they’re even more important. Make sure you take enough vitamin C; you’ll be able to rebuild exhausted adrenals and even a diseased heart that doctors gave up hope for. Yup~

  • Depression
    A feeling isn’t a disease, nor even a symptom, it’s information. It’s your body telling you that a need is amiss and pleading for you to take care of it. Just like pain, it’s useful. You can’t possibly expect to feel happy when your vital organs are all shutting down and that you get brain damaged from starvation or poisons. Forcing yourself to feel happy and relaxed in a time of crisis won’t change the deadly agony that’s truly occurring inside. Figure the cause out and change it for the better, your feelings will guide you. You're just exhausted, feed and rest, if you do it properly it will pass.

  • Postpartum depression
    If you failed to eat for one properly, the chances of doing it for two will be even harder. The shock of childbirth alone can damage you. But the umbilical cord goes both ways, if you fail to give enough, if you don’t respect your own limit and try to do more than you can; you’ll burn out the baby’s vital organs too. You’ll feel the difference once they’re gone and the child will be born with adrenal fatigue, frail and prone to illness, with nutritional deficiencies to catch up to. See how important it is to fill your needs properly. If you denied your fetus food fearing to gain his weight, you’re a bad mother. Don’t just eat, nourish yourselves.

  • No libido or infertility
    Sex’s purpose isn’t for fun, it’s to perpetuate life. If you fail to take care of your own, your body will save his energy for immediate survival. It’s especially true for females since the child feed off their body, but even males won’t risk adding more life to take care of; they’ll preserve important body fluids full of nutriments if they don’t have enough to spare.

  • Anxiety
    When the heart speed up to compensate low red blood cells, low blood pressure from dehydration, or when the adrenals using adrenalin to take our reserves when hungry for too long... It's unpleasant and not optimal, but you’d get brain damaged if the heart didn’t do that. That feeling is only warning you of external or internal dangers. It's good. Just take care. Avoid over stimulating situations if you’re too exhausted to handle them. It’s not fear, it’s wisdom. Forcing yourself will only harm you, making yourself stronger with proper nutrition is even better, it will become easy.

  • Obsessive compulsive behavior
    If you don't have enough fuel to make all your brain function, you'll either fall in a coma or your emotions and reason might shut down; only the most vital primal brain will remain. It takes cares of repetitive functions like breathing, walking, or one of your choice. It's like rocking a baby, it's very relaxing. But feeding properly so that everything is alert, apt to face challenges and happy is better.

  • Social phobias
    If your adrenals are too tired to make adrenalin to handle stress, avoiding them to prevent being over stimulated and exhausted even further is wisdom. Fear is just a message of danger; ignoring it won’t make the damage go away, but being strong and prepared can, when you are ready. Nothing is more stimulating in very ways and senses than social interactions. If your need is to rest quietly, then do it.

    Social anxiety (I wrote it twice) When you have Adrenal Fatigue, you don’t have enough nutrients to function so the body will have to shut down some. He’ll have to warn and dissuade you from exhausting yourself further with over stimulation. There is nothing more stimulating and exhausting than dealing with people. Just do what you need to do. People will be the mean assholes that they are no matter what you do, it's pointless to try to please ungrateful people who feel bad in their own skin, so you might as well stop giving a damn and enjoy yourself!
  • Violence
    A hunger rage can come out as just rage. Especially if you’re in a half coma, that your reason and emotions are asleep, if you didn’t train your primal side how to behave with basic rules. If you harass with demands a wounded and starved animal, expect to be bitten. Someone easy to bully can bottle up and loose control in a weakened state. It’s best to tell people to go to hell in smaller doses as they piss you off, and to carry almonds, people wouldn't taste very good with all the junk they eat, they're full of poison. Treat yourself better.

  • Schizophrenia
    When your brain is too tired, starved or poisoned to analyze hat his senses perceive properly, he can make bad guesses and memories will be jumbled up with facts. Basically you’re half asleep and dreaming awake. Don’t jump to conclusions nor surrender to terror; give your brain a little more time to figure out a better guess. Nourish yourself, rest and get rid of poisons. Hypoglycemia and anemia can do this because when the brain lacks the 2 basic needs, fuel and oxygen, you can’t function accurately, it’s amazing that you’re not in a coma so give yourself a break. It’s not drugs that you need, its trying to understand what your body is trying to tell you and feeding your needs.

  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    Adrenal fatigue can occur after overworking yourself for too long, but it can also happen after a big traumatic event. It doesn’t actually matter what it was, if you heal the PHYSICAL damage that it did to the body, you’ll have the energy to both cope with the memories and to move forward.

Pain and sadness are guides:
  • Improve your life
    When society's norm is disease and distress, it's time to explore a new way to live. If you want changes, change~ Restore the balance in your life; between nourishing, acting and resting; according to your own limits and needs. Dr Wilson's book "Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome" (eBay) helped me improve every aspects of my life as I took care of my core: the adrenal glands. Read my favorite parts of the book.
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Lack of vitamin C

We all know that body builders need protein to make muscles. But anyone who use them at all need protein too! It would be absurd to think that athletes don’t need to eat protein, that they can just eat sugar to perform, cookies and cola~~~ And if it doesn’t work they just need to eat them even more… You know it’s preposterously absurd!

Sugar and refined junk is a deadly mistake for everybody!!! There is no bigger marathon than life itself: trying to juggle a career, a house, kids and personal development. Running with a bunch of people is a walk in the park compared to this! People might have better things to do and no time to just sculpt their body, but they work much harder! And they have much more results to show for it!

So why the heck are they relying on sugar and junk to accomplish all those trials… And it turns out; while protein is good for muscles… vitamin C is vital for them and everything! Especially your adrenal glands!

When you crave sugar, you actually crave vitamin C because that’s what it tastes like in nature! It's balanced together: glucose for energy, and vitamin C and others to heal from being used up! If all you get is the refined energy half, without the healing half… you’ll build up a debt of exhaustion and decay! You get SICK! You can't possibly expect to feel happy about it! And forcing your brain to be happy anyway with drugs, legal or not, won't do SHIT about the problem: you're starving with a belly full of sand! You're rotting!

Vitamin C isn’t only in citrus, but in green vegetables too, which is even better because you get more C and less sugar. VEGETABLES are vital for you.

Your needs should come before your wants.

You should want to be healthy first!

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Your brain is a part of your body, your mind is just an action of your brain… so you can’t possibly expect your brain to send you anything better than distress and sadness messages, if you starve and poison him!!!

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, like the B complex, that can’t be stored in fat and needs to be consumed everyday, several times! It’s believed that the adrenal glands are the only organs able to store it, but the evidence shows otherwise. It’s an illusion because the adrenal glands need to use a huge amount of vitamin C constantly!

The only way that you keep vitamin C in your body... is by making your body out of it!!! You need it to constantly regen flesh… cartilages… collagen… cells... everything. Wrinkles and arthritis aren't natural old age; it's an accumulated vitamin C deficiency! Injecting collagen to your face instead to eat vitamin C is freaking absurd! Because your heart is also made of cartilage and collagen... if the thing that you inject isn’t sheer poison but usable, your body is going to suck it out of your face and send it to the heart... you shallow moron!

It's what's inside that count! Healthy vital organs!!!

If your adrenal glands don’t have enough vitamin C… they will have to suck it out of your flesh and vital organs: your joints, muscles, spine, even from your vital organs… your heart! It won't be only because they're not enough vitamin C for them; they will be cannibalized because that's how much you actually starve in spite of all that junk and sugar!

The adrenal glands have hundreds of functions; they regulate other organs and handle energy. They will eat your heart if they have to, because your heart wouldn’t be able to beat anyway without the adrenals handling energy for him, and your brain wouldn’t be able to function either. Two major things that you know are vital. Well, those tiny triangles, your adrenals, are even more necessary, they deserve even more care, and first!

Can you understand now how ignorant it is to tell someone "it's all in your head" just because you can't see the wounds... Such high level of bullshit angers me.

The adrenal glands are your spirit, the source of energy for your will power.

You're not being lazy... when you are sick. If you were healthy, well fed and had energy you wouldn't even be able to sit still! But they invented drugs to force kids to sit on chairs non stop without a word... which is as unnatural as it is unhealthy. Do you really want to trust that cruel industry to take care of you instead of your rightful place? If we stopped feeding on raw sugar and junk, maybe we’d be able to concentrate and think. But maybe someone high up prefer it that way~ Slaves are easier to control when starved and drugged.

You have the choice now. Eat better. Consume better. Don't be fooled.

If you don’t feed your adrenal glands enough vitamin C, a whole lot of body parts will go to hell, your mind too!

There are things far worst than death, but you don't need to die to stop them.

But the good new is… that once you take enough vitamin C you can even rebuild organs. It can be a huge amount when you need to catch up to neglect, way above the ridiculously low recommendations by the RDA, that many don't even give themselves!

But once you fill your needs, you can heal; you can truly heal… because the cause would be well taken cared of…

Simplify your life, open your mind, the solution is here… ridiculously and unbelievably simple…

We need to step back from our high pedestal of science… and Pharma… and profit… We need to start trusting our bodies, to listen when they have a bad and sad new to tell us!

Just take a long look at the basics: we need to eat to live!!! We’re made of nature, not chemicals, not drugs, and it’s nature that we need, not refined, but balanced substances, the way nature intended to!

Life is this way for a reason beyond our reason; it's arrogant to think that we can do better in our lifetime than billions of years of evolution! It's absurd to think that we can accomplish that with toxins!!! If we can’t understand nature, then we should respect it anyway and not mess with it.

We need to eat to live!

Here’s the cause, and here’s the cure!

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said so himself:

"First, do no harm."

"Let thy food be thy medicine
and thy medicine be thy food."

"The body has an innate capacity for self-healing."

Fill your needs, you'll be healthy, you'll be happy. But don't turn to ads to know, turn inside, to your body. You're the best healer than you can ever hope to find.

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For symptoms and more, see my Hypoglycemia section.

So much is caused by this. When you eat, food stays in your stomach as long as the fiber content will slows down digestion and helps you poop toxins, so it's win-win! Or loose-loose if you don't eat enough, you get constantly hungry and can't excrete your poisons so they get stored in fat. But worst, a unnaturally high sugar content will it hits your whole body like a gun shot. Shooters drinks are called this way for a reason.

After the digestion, the pancreas produces insulin to store the fuel in the liver and in fat cells, especially if it’s useless toxins if you don’t eat enough fiber, antioxidants (vitamin C) and water to flush them out. But they can store vitamins too.

Then the adrenal glands take the glucose out of the liver, sending a liquid message: adrenalin.

So the pancreas stores the fuel and the adrenal glands take out the energy.

If you are in danger, from an attack, or starvation, it will feel the same, because it's the same processes. The adrenalin message will also speed up your heart to send the energy across your whole body faster. This is what actually happens when people think they’re having a panic attack. They’re just in a situation when we need extra energy to handle, nothing is more demanding and stimulating than social interactions. If they can't handle it, they're just tired and hungry! It's perfectly okay to retire and take care of yourself until you heal. Not everyone require the same level of stimulation to be content, follow your own rhythm.

Because if you push it too hard, if you don't respect your own limit, your adrenals will burn out... and once they're fatigued, they can’t get the fuel out. So you can't do anything at all, not even what you love.

You end up starving no matter how much you eat, because you can’t use it. The body can't leave fuel in the stomach unless you slow it down with fiber, it will digest because it's his purpose. Then the pancreas will store the extra fuel, because otherwise it would hit your whole body too hard, it would poison and clog your arteries. So you HAVE to make sure that the adrenal glands are able to take out the fuel, in small steady doses, even more than having the fuel itself!!! Hitting yourself with sugar will only make it harder on them and your whole body!

When people are in a period of famine, their reflex is to make reserves. To eat and store as much food as possible… but the problem comes from within, so it will only put a tiring burden on the body! But it gets worst: The brain does need glucose for energy, but injecting raw sugar straight into your brain would harm it!!! You mustn’t eat like that! While it’s true that it’s the brain’s fuel, the preferred fuel will be a slow and steady one: fat! Good living ones, not fried and burn until it’s as black as death.

Anything can be converted to glucose by the body.

A slow and steady delivery of fuel will be easier on the vital organs and the brain. It will actually give you more energy because it will prevent crashes. Sugar is the problem, not the solution!

My blood glucose goes even lower in the danger zone if I eat refined sugary things than if I don’t eat at all! Because the pancreas gets hit with something too unnatural, too powerful, so he can’t do his job with precision… if you kick them, they will cough out too much insulin.

Even if you eat fake sugar, because the pancreas start producing insulin in advance, from the sweet taste in your mouth! The brain tells him to prepare! So those poisons trick you into even more starvation! At least refined sugar has the energy half, even if it's way too strong to be usable plus lacks the healing part, so it double harm you. But chemical replacements are nothing but useless toxins!

If you want sweetness, eat vegetables and fruits!!!
Everything is relative, if you stop tricking your brain with intense artificial sugary flavors, eventually you'll be able to taste real sweetness again. The companies do it on purpose, so anything real will taste bland in comparison, and you'll end up only enslaved to their empty junk! Craving it like crazy because they won't fill your hunger, they will stuff you like foam, but they won't nourish you! Since that's the only shit that you think about, you'll go for more.

You need the right thing, not more of the wrong things!

But if you free yourself from those lies, from that vicious cycle, and discover the truth of nature... The taste will be more rich and colorful than any artificial colorant... more delightful than you ever thought possible. You won't be hungry anymore, or in pain, or depressed... because your needs will be finally fulfilled!

Otherwise, if all you do is only eat disguised raw sugar, eventually your pancreas will get tired... I saw 20g of sugar in a mere glass of cola; it's the equivalent of 20 meters of sugar cane! Can you imagine how long it'd take you to chew, digest and handle that little sugar... To hit yourself with that much in a few seconds, no living creature, not even the healthiest pancreas, would be able to handle that much!!! You won't be able to store all that blood sugar… In diabetes, it's not the pancreas that's sick; it's the sick amount of sugar! As you try to find vitamin C for your tired and starved adrenals.

So thinking that if you are being tired, all you need is to eat more, or more intense sugar… it’s wrong! It can only hurt and tire you more… Because there’s more in the balance: you need to rest. You need to go easier on yourself, about how you eat too.

Your body isn’t a bag of water burning calories. He needs nutriments!

In nature vitamin C is in vegetables, not only citrus fruits! They taste like sugar. When we crave sugar out body actually asks for the vitamin C! Eating refined sugar, stripped of the vitamin C, tricks your brain into thinking that you’re eating a nutritious very ripe vegetable or fruit… so it’s added to junk… to trick you into believing that you’re not starving… while you are more than ever!

And anytime we use our bodies for anything, they get damaged, they burn up, cell dies; every 7 years it’s a whole new you! In nature, sugar is balanced with the healing power of vitamin C! But when you strip it out maximize the sugary taste, clueless that it's the message for the good stuff, and not the greatness that you need... you can’t really accomplish more that way, because you just decay! You get sick! THEN your body cries for help in distress. The distress call isn't the disease!!!??? The missing need, the mistreatment... the junk... that's the problem! Not the very rational sadness that comes from such a torture.

Because none of your organs was meant to process energy that quickly and without any healing blocks! It’s horrifying! So not only eating more and more sugar won’t help your adrenal glands get the fuel out, since they need vitamin C to do it... but that abuse by itself can cause adrenal fatigue!

The adrenal glands need a huge amount of vitamin C to function, not sugar.

And when you use the wrong approach to cope with the inability to take fuel out, by eating more sugar instead to finally balance it with vitamin C... it causes a whole lot of problems.

What you need is to eat less, but more often, and nutritious natural foods.

Ban refined junk and all types of sugars, don't worry about the craving, that's not what your body is asking for! I never crave sugar. Ever! Now that I taught my instincts better, my body asks me for almonds or even vitamins! It works like a charm~

I don't feel like missing out or like I have my wants denied because I am SO happy with my needs being fulfilled! It took some getting used to while I reprogrammed myself properly, but it was more than worth it: it saved my life!

Rely on slow fiber and healthy fats

Eat snacks of almonds, it won't make you fat, your brain is made of it, that's where it will go. Sugar and toxins is what make you fat, because your body can't use or even poop them! Now that's seriously toxic!

I did it. I miss nothing! I banned all grains; I didn't think it was possible. But I'm filled way better with the fiber of vegetables than of a slice of even brown cardboard! It's awful! Tasteless and plain awful! No wonder you need to pour sugar all of it. But vegetables are so tasty the idea to put sugar on those, or anywhere, is absurd!

Like pink grapefruit, it’s delicious because it’s sour! Like green apples, I love them for it! For giving me more than just one plain boring sugary taste! And cleaning my liver… You don't need to starve eating nothing to detoxify! Just stop eating toxins and your body will do the rest! If you want something sweeter than grapefruits, don’t put the harmful equivalent of crushed glass all over them, put the sugar in the trash where it belongs, and eat strawberries! WTF people… Can you see the serious amount of bullshit?

To get more vitamin C you can juice VEGETABLES. Fruits have a too high sugar ratio as it is, so you won't be able to rebalance your vitamin C, certainly not with their juices. Supplements are a great help for this. Refining the sugar out makes way more sense than refining the healing nutrient out! If the big medical Pharma want you to believe that vitamins are harmful and you should only trust their drug pushers... then you really should be terrorized by refined sugars, because they're way worst than vitamin C!!!

I took the recommended 2-4g of vitamin C for adrenal fatigue. I even went up to 10g… 15g... which is 25 000mg, 30 pills of 500mg... I stopped being in pain or distressed to the point of contemplating suicide... I had so much energy that I did chores that I hate to do... if a placebo works that well; then take it. But you don't need a placebo when your adrenals have all the vitamin C that they need. You truly feel awesome!

I also took the vitamin B complex, and it gave me more energy than I ever thought possible! They enable you to turn fat and carbs as energy. So you could eat a whole lot of carbs and fat, but if you don't have the B vitamins to use them, it will be useless... You might as well inject them straight into your ass and starve! Because that's what you do. Feeding is about nutriments, not calories!!! If you need to over eat to get enough nutrition, then you will, that's why people relying on empty junk can't stop! They're starving to death! Even obese people.

The truth is more complex than it appears, but the solution can be extremely simple!

If you don’t have the nutriments to handle the energy, it’s useless to try to boost yourself with stimulants, like coffee or drugs, you’ll just burn up even more, and become even less able to use energy! Your body tries to slow down and put itself in starvation mode, if you force him, he'll have to cannibalize itself... you'll decay, you'll suffer... you'll have a quicker and more agonizing death.

Stop smoking cigarettes to kill your appetite! EAT!!! Good food is less expensive, for your wallet AND your health! You don’t need to suck on poisons to enjoy the relaxing powers of deep breathing! EAT!!!!!! Take the freaking time!!! Nothing's more important. You’ll be able to accomplish much more if you’re well fed; than by whipping your lungs, adrenal glands, heart and brain… That's sick. Doctors do it too, to themselves and their patients. EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REAL FOOD TOO!!!

You need vitamins and minerals! Not sugar!

The old name of hypoglycemia is glucose intolerance, so doctors telling you to take sugar pills or even to drink freaking cola during a crisis, as a cure, are really ignorant and out of their minds!!! It will kick you right back on the roller coaster of hell! What goes up must go down; and what goes really up, goes really really down! By trying to handle a glucose intolerance with more sugar, you doom yourself. You'll crash even harder, your adrenals will never heal without vitamin C, they will never be able to handle sugar better, certainly not even more! And your pancreas will be beat up to death too! You'll get sicker!!!


Sugar is the problem, not the cure!!!

If you want to stop getting hypoglycemia, BAN SUGAR! It's even truer if you abused that bullshit to the point of reaching diabetes! You can cure type 2 in a week by banning processed foods and relying on vegetables!!! No kidding! Your adrenals will need time to rebuild themselves, but the too high sugar in your blood has to come from somewhere! Duh, your mouth! STOP THAT!!! Injecting yourself so you can survive on nothing but cakes... freaking dumb ass... dumb fat ass... and drinking nothing but milkshakes for a few weeks won't change that! If you return on a junk diet after the starvation diet... HOW ABOUT A HEALTH DIET, UH! How about feeding on life!!!

During my glucose tolerance test, when they made me drink what looked like flat orange cola from McDonald, I was so in pain, I cried… I felt as if I’ve been hit by a truck, in excruciating pain all over, for a week! That's sure is one cause of fibromyalgia. Thankfully sugar is banned completely in my life, so I only suffered agony for a week... But A WEEK! For only one cup of chemical sugary juice... Can you imagine how much you damage yourself by drinking nothing but litters of cola all day long!? DRINK WATER! Since cola kills babies, they sure as hell kill you too!

For a brief moments, once I crossed the healthy line, the colors and everything was shinier and happier, but it only lasted a few minutes before hell itself… Some people will try to reach this constantly, when it's unnatural and harmful. They will think that the hell that comes after is their natural state, believing that those sugary poisons helps them… that's how someone becomes an alcoholic... they're actually addicted to all the sugar that it's made of. But the poison is the cause of the hell! Not the relief! You pay for the high; it balances itself out... as the body crashes in exhaustion for doing more than it naturally can! If you continue, the debt will accumulate and the hell will go way deeper.

Without any sugar, always feel great! Because I never crash. And with enough magnesium, I'm freaking euphoric! They make neurotransmitters. With vitamin B, I make so much energy from fats that I really don't miss the sugars. I also respect that I'm human, not a machine in hyper speed. Even their motors would explode from this! Especially without proper oil and clean fuel. Life forms are much more complex. How can we possibly dare to mistreat ourselves so much!? Then we think we have no good reason to be depressed and we take more drugs to force our body instead to work with him... ARG!

Doctors can really harm you from ignorance! But you can be even better to yourself! You only need you!!! So take care.

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It’s especially the low hypothyroid, but hyperthyroid too, when you try to improve the wrong way.

Sugar is irrelevant, you need vitamins and minerals or you starve. When you do, to preserve your life as long as possible, your whole metabolism will slow down. This is thanks to the thyroid. It's supposed to do this!!!

Your adrenal glands handle energy, while the pancreas store fuel, it takes it out of the liver. So they're the ones who will ask the thyroid to do this, once they get too tired.

The thyroid will slow down to protect you... from yourself.

It's to force yourself to rest: to avoid damaging your vital organs and everything else… because you won’t have the nutrition to function or the building blocks to heal from being used up. Like bears hibernating during winter, your body will try to stand still, to preserve energy during harsh times with limited resources.

You need to rest, you can’t just drink coffee and eat donuts to work or play yourself to the grave. Your body is cleverer than this, if you work against it, it will work to save your life as long as possible anyway~

Doctors will blame the thyroid; they won't even look at what you're doing to yourself... they won't even wonder why the thyroid does this or if it's useful... They will try to force it to be in the average range, regardless of your own needs, even if your lifestyle is below optimal, even if it's saving your life... This approach is unnatural, narrow minded and absurd! It won't fix the cause, they don't even look for it, so it won't fill your needs... it can only harm you.

They prescribe hormones, which are incomplete! And they know! But they can better control and make better profit with chemicals than with desiccated thyroid from an animal. They don't care if those make you feel better. They will rationalize this saying that it's easier to control the amount to keep you stable... but it's ridiculous, because everyday is different, your needs change, so an even dose is not going to change the fact that sometimes it will be too much, and sometimes it won't be enough!

The only way that you can find that balance is by making your own thyroid able to do her job herself!

To work, the thyroid needs iodine. Hormones are liquid messages and they must be built with something!

But doctors won’t ever try to test to see if your thyroid has enough to function… they probably can't anyway since the blood isn't everything, and they can't test every cells. But worst... they won't let you try anything else than their drugs, they will mock you if you even suggest this logical idea, which should be tried before poisoning your body and making it dependent on their industry, but they much prefer it that way! Even if you suffer from it.

Doctors even told me that taking iodine supplements would be dangerous. Ha! It's just powdered sea weed compressed so it's easier to swallow. If it was dangerous Japanese would be sicker by eating sushi, but they're way healthier than us, thanks to the high minerals in it and trace elements! They told me to drink cola for my hypoglycemia when we know that it causes obesity and diabetes, to eat chips for my low blood pressure which is known to be junk by everyone... but eating sea weed, which is clearly recognized as a super food, would be dangerous!? Yeah, dangerous for their precious billions of profits by exploiting people's suffering! Because I feel damn good with it!!! Ass holes. Criminals. Taste your own medicine and die from "normally expected" side effects, you damn bastards.

They also told me that synthetic thyroid hormones were safe and without side effects, but they were many when I did my research, horrifying. They told me that I could just stop it whenever I changed my mind, but I read that it would be dangerous!

The pharmacist even gave me a paper that warned that thyroid medication is dangerous and will make me worst, if the thyroid problem was secondary to an adrenal insufficiency! I was being tested for it, but the doctor prescribed the thyroid medicine before getting the results!!! Before knowing if it would be dangerous for me! And they don't even test for adrenal problems automatically at the same time, I had to beg!!! For years!

Even though I have 2 chronic diseases, which are actually clear signs of adrenal insufficiency, they told me that it was all in my head for 10 years! Even when they found blood in my urine, or that I was fainting in the middle of the streets! You need very specific blood tests to find out, and unless you know which one to pass, a typical blood work won't reveal anything! You can get false negatives, or your needs can differ from the majority... and if the majority of people are sick, from a way of living promoted by a sick society, then the normal standard will be sickness!!! They won't see that it's wrong, because it's so overwhelmingly everywhere that it became accepted as natural!

The pills could have made me sicker, endangered me, but they were way too happy to send me home with an expensive pill… criminal! But I was tired… I fought for 10 years to finally be acknowledged as sick, and not crazy... I always refused antidepressants because I knew that I didn't faint out of sadness... or laziness... and never tolerated to be mocked! Not after working myself so hard that I got sick!

But… in a moment of weakness, I fell for it, I opened the bottle of thyroid medication… even if it was still the same stupid approach, blaming my body, trying to force it to do something that he couldn't, and mustn’t, instead to give him what he needed... I knew better, I knew that I had adrenal fatigue, that the pill was dangerous if it was the real cause, that it would tire them even more... But I wanted to believe the specialist... I wanted to believe that my hell was finally over... that it could help... so I was about to take the pills anyway… in denial... because I didn't know what else I could do...

I wanted to be cured... NOW! But the body doesn't work this way.

The magical pill was so tempting... even if I knew that it was a lie...

My impatience is what burned my adrenals so much, and it was about to be my doom yet again!

Then my body screamed inside, he shrieked, I started to shake… Trying to put the pill in my mouth felt the same as if it was a gun... I got what people call a huge panic attack, but I knew it's better name: my survival instinct took over to protect me.

My body knew better... because deep down... I knew better!

My body was just trying to ask me to stop something harmful. I listened.

I didn't fear, I didn't blame myself in shame. I listened.

I tried Kelp first and instead, with a vitamin B complex… I also accepted that my body wanted to rest…

I had to cut both in half because I got so much energy that I started to run in circles in my kitchen... until I got exhausted... I knew it was the right decision! Now I take 4 times that amount of vitamin B... but my adrenals healed enough to be able to handle it... and then my thyroid got happy to raise my metabolism... because I wasn't starving or exhausted and hurt anymore! I took the time, and I reaped greater rewards. I'm healing~ Truly healing~ I can handle more exercise, I have more endurance, out of the blue without any training... because my body has the building blocks to make good blood to carry oxygen, so I don't get out of breath as easily; and make good muscles so they're not weak and I can use them; even my skin doesn't burn as quickly! I can make great energy! Because my adrenals are well nourished with vitamin C and Bs, so they can regulate it properly. And if I'm tired, I just rest~ As simple as that.

I respect my limit, so I can accomplish more later~

Working 100h a week was inhuman and now I had to pay for it by catching up to a sleep debt! But no matter how much I rested, I never felt refreshed from sleep... Because I didn't have the vitamins and minerals to heal myself during sleep! I took supplements and it worked!

It probably would have been faster to take the drug, to take coffee, to take speed… but I probably would have ended up in my grave, probably by my own hand from the excruciating agony. You can't live like this, by kicking yourself and whipping your internal organs while they starve... it's madness. But when you'll want to cry, you won't be crazy.

Imagine two horses pulling a carriage, the thyroid is in the front and one of the adrenals is behind. The adrenal horse has a broken leg… and asks the thyroid horse in the front to slow down because she’s in pain… but then the driver comes, sees the horse in the front, insult him, and injects him with speed. The horse goes crazy, starts to run like mad… the driver is happy… but the adrenal horse ripped out his leg trying to run… tripped, rolled on his back, she's having the flesh ripped off his spine by gravel, shrieking in distress… but the driver… is happy… His horses are dying though... So I think he should be sad, so he can be motivated to do something better about it.

That’s how stupid people, including doctors, can be… Even me, and I'm a few IQ points short of being a genius... It took me 10 years to figure it out by myself; it's okay if it takes you 30 as long as you try to take care of yourself. Free yourself from all those ads that trick you! I hope that I can spare you having to learn it the hard way, by offering you perspective, but it might be necessary. Pain is an awesome teacher!

Pain killers... they allows whatever is killing you to do it discretely.

Listen to the pain, prevent it by avoiding the cause. Figure it out!

Don’t treat yourself this way, your body is loyal and devoted, don’t treat him like this. Or eventually… you won’t be able to walk, to breathe, or go anywhere. That’s what happened when I finally trusted synthetic hormones! From a simple hydrocortisone cream… it imitates the precious cortisol of the adrenal glands.

Drugs replace hormones; they shut down your own so your glands atrophy…

You don't heal, you get sicker! More dependant, more enslaved!

When you stop steroids, you notice that you’re even weaker. I got an acute adrenal crisis from a simple cream… It’s being at death’s door, a medical emergency… but I couldn’t reach the hospital, for what anyway, more chemical drugs?

I hold on suffocating for 3 days, clinging to life with will alone, with all the adrenalin that my poor adrenals could squeeze out… I ate well, and gave them supplements of vitamin C and Bs…

Vitamins helped them do their work, it rebuilds them, and they became stronger…

I truly healed!!!

I will never take that stupid steroid again!!! Or any medicine ever again!!!

Am I a quack for telling people to use vitamins to heal themselves? Probably… but it also a healer, instead of a murderer… I’m not even exaggerating. Watch "Food matters", properly prescribed and well taken medication is the 3rd cause of death. If you add the mistakes, it’s probably the 1rst. I'd rather be a happy and healthy quack! Than how much I was humiliated, degraded and suffered from the medical PUSHER industry!

I'd rather be nourished than drugged...

Being too stone to notice that you're suffering doesn't make someone happy... I don't know if they're really this dumb or if they're exploiting people that cruelly... Probably a mix of both... The people who care to heal are kept in the dark by the people whose job is to make profit. Trust your own body! Ask yourself why, how you can get better.

This is probably why adrenal fatigue isn’t recognized by the medical profession… all they have is a deadly weapon that will make your glands sicker and weaker! It would be like cutting the leg of someone who broke it or twisted their ankle! So they only acknowledge the problem when you have a mere 2% left… then I guess you don’t have much to loose by taking their poisons…

But with what I know now, I am sure that even if I reached that low, and maybe I did, I’d be able to claw my way out that that hell:

By giving to my natural body its natural needs!!!

If I feed on life, I will be alive!
If I feed on chemicals, I will be nothing more than POISONED!

We need to feed on life. Our body is an amalgam of countless life forms. Every cell have needs, a purpose and even a mind of its own. Your brain doesn't control everything, and your conscious mind isn't much in your whole, so don't think that you know better than your body, than own needs, you don't know everything.

We can’t make all the life forms that we need in our bodies, even when well fed, we need living organism from outside. Like healthy gut bacteria to digest and make vitamins... and enzymes… that’s why raw food is so important. If you fry food, you'll kill everything. You'll even disfigure it to the point that your body will see it as an invader, not even food...

A side dish of salad always make me happy, with a vegetable stew. It’s so simple… life is so simple… we complicate it trying to simplify it…

We get fooled trusting people who pretend to be there to help… when they're trying to fill their own even at our peril! Why do we put our lives in the hands of people who can't possibly know, because our body are only talking to US! We are the only one well placed to listen... and figure it out!

People even more stupid than us are preying on our ignorance by pretending to be experts… just because they memorized some old document like a parrot and are blindly following what a computer tells them to do! It's pathetic... Doctors smoke too... What the hell! I'm not going to put my life in the hands of someone who's treating himself even worst than I do! Or someone who'll mock me as crazy and lazy without even trying to put themselves in my shoes and understand... Psychiatrists don't know shit about biology! They're even more scared than you are, that's why they need to label things... They don't know that low thyroid cause depression. Because when your metabolism shuts down, when you are starved, you feel lousy! It's NATURAL!!!

But once you truly want to be healthy and are ready to do what it takes, you already know what you have to do!!! You don’t need a degree; you only need to listen to your body!

Since we don’t eat algae in our culture, they added chemical iodine to table salt. It's not even salt because real one has trace elements for your nerves too. But it gets worst: they also add poisons to stop the grains from sticking together. I use a natural salt and they don’t even stick even if they’re moist!!! When they're too big I just grind them. It takes 2 seconds and it's actually fun! I feel like a cook~ And I am! It's very satisfying.

Mixing iodine with salt is a stupid idea! Your needs for salt won’t be the same as your needs for iodine. And since junk food add a huge amount to open your appetite, make you over eat, and consume alcohol (which is the most profitable for them) or sodas… you’ll end up with too much iodine too, and this can cause hyperthyroid… high blood pressure… especially from chemicals used to retains moisture like one I saw in shrimps… toxins are bad for you!

The irony is that not having enough real, natural, good iodine can cause hyperthyroid as much as hypothyroid too!!! So you might look like you have too much when they need to be properly nourished too... That is mysterious, but in doubt... feed yourself properly first. Use nature, not chemicals.

Since the iodine is toxic for not being a kind that the body can use properly, and mixed with chemicals, it can cause thyroid cancer. Because tumors are sealed toxins and mutated cells from unnatural substances. Algae don't sound so dangerous now... DOES IT!!! Unlike so called medicine, plants won't fry your kidneys!

So if you trust junk, you loose in every possible ways.

I use grey Celtic Sea salt; it doesn't have much iodine, so I take kelp supplements, since I don't always fancy the taste. I rely on vegetables and home made food, so I can fully control how much salt I use. I need to eat a lot since my adrenal glands can't tell my kidneys to hold on to it. Taking the iodine separated allowed me to go easy on the thyroid when I needed to boost my blood pressure more.

I have to add the salt myself, because with my condition, great natural salts in celery aren't even enough. Salt is good for you. But table salt doesn't deserve its name: it gives me a head ache by smelling it alone! It’s like bleach! It IS bleached! That's why they're white, even the so called sea one. It’s acidic like dead decaying matter… because it is dead!

But grey, unrefined, sea salt tastes sweet; because it’s truly good for you. Unlike refined salt which adds sugar sometimes to trick you even more! The dirt in the Grey salt is actually trace minerals that will soothe your nerves and are vital for you! They're vital electrolytes because hydration is more than water, but it starts there. Celtic salt is gourmet food, so I’m even grateful that I have to buy it! It’s alkaline like life itself, so it helps balance your PH, since using your body kills a lot of cells, it puts life back into you, instead to rob it from you!

So relying on chemical dead salt to fill your iodine needs is really a bad idea for so many reasons... It hurts your whole body!

If you are well fed and truly alive... your thyroid won't need to shut down.

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The adrenal glands also tell the kidneys under them to recycle salt. If they are too tired to send this message, you’ll systematically loose it by default… But you need salt to hold on to water.

So if salt goes, water follows… this means that you're losing your blood!

You end up with low blood pressure… There’s not enough blood to circulate the elements that you need. The red blood cells to carry oxygen to the brain, without it, you get brain damaged. So the heart will speed up to compensate.

If you only have half the blood that you need, making it go twice as fast and work twice as hard will end up doing the job… But it will be very trying, very unpleasant.

People also confuse this as a panic attack. They take sedatives to calm themselves… but if it works… if the heart slows down… they end up brain damaged… That’s why people treated by psychiatrists always look like zombies… Because those people know NOTHING about biology. They vote about illnesses, it’s not based on facts.

But here is a fact for you: you need magnesium to make neurotransmitters, like the serotonin!

It’s a mineral that is also an electrolyte, along with: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate. Phosphorus.

They regulate our nerve and muscle function, our body's hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, the rebuilding of damaged tissue.

Because hydration doesn’t only mean water, and certainly not sugary cola full of gas that you’re supposed to exhale, not swallow!!! Hydration should probably be called mineralization.

Of course you also need WATER, pure, cleaning, WATER!!!

But you need salt to hold on to it, or it will go straight through you and you'll need to pee constantly, even if your body desperately needs to keep it!

If you can’t hold on to salt from tired adrenals, then yes, if it's what you need, then it’s very healthy to eat a whole lot of it… Doctors would probably freak out if they saw how much I eat, but I can't even stand up without feeling faint from the low blood pressure otherwise.

But make sure YOU choose how much salt you consume. Companies will hide too much salt in their junk to open your appetite and thirst to make more profit out of you.

Make extra sure that it's a living salt, not a dead pile of poisons. Refined salt, even the so called sea one, is acidic like death. Grey Celtic sea salt is alkaline and will help your body be in a health promoting PH. As you use up your body, cell dies, you become acidic. If you allow it, fungus and bacteria come to clean you up, and return you to the hearth because it’s their purpose, because they think you're dead! Real healthy salt will put your PH more alkaline so you'll be more alive and healthier. You won’t become a putrid buffet for small organisms.

Fried foods are bad not because of the fat, but because they are dead and black… But death can be pure white too!!! What you need is balance~ Grey Celtic salt is very healthy! It turns out… dirt is very good for you! Bleach? Not so much…

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This is related to how much the adrenals need vitamin C, and it's also required to absorb iron. You also need B12 to make the red blood cells that carry oxygen, which is one of the 2 most important need for the brain along with fuel. If your brain suffocates, he won't be able to concentrate, analyze what your senses perceive accurately and it could damage him. Missing oxygen, how's that for a "chemical imbalance to the brain", it's a damn good reason to be depressed.

You'll be tired and out of breath at the slightest exercise. It's not training that you need, not pushing into the pain and exhaustion, it's eating the nutriments that will help you make strong blood. Mine was almost transparent. With living foods and supplements, it became so thick that I could probably use it to glue one of my many posters on my walls (don't try this at home). I can run longer and faster out of the blue, with no training whatsoever. I have more endurance because my blood is efficient and my muscles are well build. The vitamin C makes them more flexible, less likely to be hurt.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

This is a symptom not a dead end disease. When your adrenals are malnourished and abused from stress, even enjoyable ones, they can't produce energy anymore. Even if you rest and eat the strictest diet, you'll need supplements to rebuild them as well, to catch up to deficiencies. You used up yourself more than humanly possible and now you'll have to feed that way.

You have to start respecting your limit and bring balance to every aspect of your life, even how you see yourself and life.

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It literally means "Connective Tissue and Muscle Pain", that's a symptom not a dead end disease. But pain is simply a message, just like sadness. Listen and learn true self care.

In my nutrition section, you can see the possible causes in my page Classed by symptoms, muscle problems. Among many, there's the B complex and vitamin C that the adrenal need to the point of cannibalizing other tissues to get the vitamin C.

You also need electrolytes like calcium + D3 to absorb it, magnesium, salt, potassium... and more. They regulate muscle function and rebuild damaged tissue, among many other functions.

Refined sugars and grains also cause inflammation. My glucose tolerance test made me feel excruciating pain all over, for a week, after they loaded me with sugar; even though I was on the strictest diet. Respecting your limit and resting in bed is a necessary need.

When I feel in pain all over, it's from using my body and its mind too hard. I always take the maximum of the recommended 2-4g of vitamin C for adrenal fatigue, divided in 1g doses. But when I'm in pain, I prepare 5g and I take them at 20 minutes intervals. It works almost instantly. But then, I don't push myself even harder, I REST!

The most vitamin C that I took so far in a day was 15g, with no side effect whatsoever except healing. If you give your body a chance and the material he needs, you'll be amazed at your body's regenerative abilities. He does it constantly.

Find balance between how you nurture his needs with the demands that you place on him, and then you won’t be in pain. Supplements can help you catch up to the abuse. Just don't do it again.

Also, when you use your muscles, cell dies and nutriments get burned, so you end up with an acid waste. The uric acid is excreted, but sometimes it gets stuck there. So basically your muscles are full of piss and it burns. When your muscles hurt the last thing you want to do is to move them, and you should rest. But imagine a sponge full of urine dipped in water, it’s not enough. You need to gently squeeze the crap out so it can be replaced with water. If you do it too hard it can tear. Your muscles are the same thing. So if you drink and stretch gently, you’ll be able to clean them~ Filling them with cola, which is an acid, isn’t going to do much good… You need water.

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Cold extremities

This is related to the low thyroid and anemia. If your body doesn’t have enough nutrients to function, he’ll shut down your metabolism to adjust to the limited resources in the hope to prolong the survival in times of famine, or neglect to take the available nutrition from better food choices...

Make food your priority, with QUALITY not quantity. There are no better assets than your health. When you’re dead your things don’t matter anymore. They should help your survival, not sacrifice your health for them.

The little energy that you have will be used to keep your center warm, because that’s where your vital organs are. So your hands and feet can end up as cold as death. Vitamin B12 is needed to make red blood cells (along with C to absorb iron), a supplement improves my body's temperature, I take extra sometimes.

Some forms of Niacin (B3) causes a warm tingly flushing; it shouldn’t be prevented with toxins, it can bring great relief.

But of course you have to nourish yourself with sufficient and regular meals! Eat something usable. You need a B complex to be able to turn carbs, fat and protein into energy. It’s nutrition that counts, not calories. But eating enough matters too.

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If you eat more sugar than humanly possible, you'll have to burn that energy. Obviously. If you don't want a child to be hyperactive, how about not loading him with speed and not letting him drink espresso? (It’s called an “expresso” in French, the speed effect is clearer) The sugar and caffeine in cola is exactly that. It sure doesn't make kids cools no matter what the ads says. Fresh water does. Juices are just as bad. WATER! Milk too maybe, but since it's pasteurized, the enzymes to properly digest it are killed and it can be harmful. Get your calcium directly from greens... cows don't get it from sucking on god's breasts, and you should make your own from greens as well. Baby formula is just sugar, no wonder babies get obese on it.

The eyes have no reserves of fuel. They can't devour themselves, like muscles atrophy, and heal later once nutrition is available. That's why diabetics become blind, not from high blood sugar, but from too low. Taking too much sugar is the worst way to handle the hypoglycemic problem of sugar intolerance. The higher you kick yourself, the lower you'll crash from a over stimulated pancreas, he will store too much fuel by making too much insulin, until he just can’t work anymore. Trust the living fat of almonds, not dead fried one. The membranes of your cells are made of it, your brain too. It will be usable, unlike an unnatural amount of sugar, which can only be stored and so refined that it ends up a poison.

In my Nutrition ~ General information, electrolytes (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate. Phosphorus...) have many functions and one of them is the rebuilding of damaged tissue. Your lifespan is much longer than a cell, they have to renew themselves. You might not grow up anymore, but you grow inside out. Make sure that what you put in your mouth is usable. You can't do anything with cardboards full of pretty paint and sweet tasting sand. Give up grains completely. Paper has fiber but not the one that your body needs and not the many nutrients. See my Vitamin and mineral.

Taste the rainbow, but the vegetables and fruits of nature not skittles candy. No chemicals, which tricks your brain harder than the truth of nature, can be worth becoming blind and be amputated. Don't start something that can kill you, life is already hard enough and there are way more pleasant things to enjoy. I am so happy that I am "forced" to have such a varied and tasty diet! Instead of disguised cheap wheat, corn and soy loaded with white GRAVEL!

If you crave ice cream and chocolate, what you actually want isn't the sugar that it mostly is, but calcium and magnesium. Eat greens and almonds, you'll be way happier, guilt free and the fiber will make you poop the waste, instead to accumulate the weight. Read my Purpose of fat. The real cause is most likely toxins, if what you eat is so useless that you can't use it nor even poop it, you really should open your mind and mouth to better options!

Know better. Learn to love it.

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It's a consequence more than a cause, and a bad way to try to heal the hypoglycemia and adrenal fatigue. The adrenals can't get the storage out, so the famine reflex of eating more when you can to make reserves can only accumulate. Going for foods high in the glycemic index (sugar, grains and anything processed and refined) lack nutrition so you don't even get the B complex to convert the carbs, protein and fat into energy. They are often artificial and full of toxins, so they can't possibly be used and only sealed in fat (read my Purpose of fat). The body wants nutrition, if you feed on cardboard with paint and artificial flavors he'll make you over eat until you're actually nourished, even if he has to stretch your stomach to disfiguring proportions. The fructose in cola also messes with your brain and he doesn't see that you ate something. Watch Sugar: The Bitter Truth. You need to eat less but more often so your blood sugar will be stable: the fiber in VEGETABLES and healthy fats like a few almonds for a snack, which will keep you full longer and poop your toxins sooner. It's win-win. Everything is relative, if you get used to the extreme of artificial flavors and disproportioned sugars anything truly good will taste bland to you. But if you give yourself a chance to clean up your tongue and brain, even celery will tastes sweet to you.

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Anorexia & Bulimia

This can be related to the hypoglycemia. Foods high on the glycemic index, like anything refined with an imbalanced lack of nutriments, will cause a worst crash than if you starved.

At some point I was scared to eat at all, but my survival instinct took over if I failed to eat properly and often enough, forcing me to eat.

I don’t keep garbage in my pantry, it belongs in the trash. So I can only have a food rage on good stuff, but since I eat regularly, it doesn't happen anymore. A pinch of almonds is a wonderful snack. Their fat goes straight to my fatty brain so I feel good and can think. I’m nourished wonderfully! I sure don’t need boob implants. Wonderful.

Overeating too fast out of a starving desperation can make everyone throw up, even when you really need to keep food in; especially if you feed on toxic junk. Obviously the body doesn't want it if you feel bad enough to puke. Instead to accept it and play along, I just make better food choices.

My body is very happy to keep vegetables, no matter how much, their fiber will keep me full longer and make me poop massively, without using toxic laxatives. I make sure to chew thoroughly and slowly to absorb my food better and without stomach ache.

The bulimic survival mechanism doesn’t happen now that I’m well nourished.

Discover a better way to feed than the advertised poisons that pretend to be good for us.

I still struggle with the nocturnal hypoglycemia, which stress inspires my body to give me nightmares so I’d wake up to eat. A snack before bed prevents waking up enraged to wolf down peanut butter with a spoon uncontrollably.

I avoid grains, it destroy the gut of everyone, even the people who aren’t damaged to the point of being diagnosed with Celiac disease. Not eating if that's all you have can be wisdom. There are no ads for vegetables because they don't need to hammer you with lies to be desirable and good for you.

Anorexia can also be the result of a brainwash by media that took too deep. But read my article on Anorexia & Bulimia to understand why it’s bullshit; you shouldn’t believe it nor try to please such harmful people.

Beauty is health.

With a naturally colorful diet, your face and mood will be too, make up paint and varnish or drugs aren't a need, NUTRITION is.

Learn how to take care of yourself, of the cause of your distress, believe that those healthier methods will help you reach your goal more efficiently, and the attitude will change naturally.

You don't have to suffer to be beautiful, you only have to smile.
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A habit cannot be a disease. This is the worst possible way to try to heal hypoglycemia. It's called sugar intolerance because it's worsened by it. Alcohol is worst than eating sugar with a spoon. To give you a general concept, let’s say that because alcohol evaporates faster than water, it's going to carry the sugar in your veins faster as well. There's a whole lot of sugar used in the fermentation process. It's going to hit you harder than anything, so you'll crash the lowest and be all the more desperate for fuel, deepening the vicious cycle. That's why it causes the worst hypoglycemic symptoms, like passing out or extreme (hunger) rage (that just comes out as rage...) It has the added horror of being a toxin to the liver and everything else. So it weakens you. But it will be hard for the person who relies on it to survive to acknowledge this: what you believe to be a benefit is actually too strong and only perpetuate the agony, what you think is saving you is THE CAUSE, if you give it up to use something MORE EFFECTIVE you’ll give up the unnatural high, but also the crashes that you so desperately try to escape from. Bill W, the founder of AA used Niacin (vitamin B3) on himself, but the idea was rejected because it's taboo to use nutrients as a medicine, even though their deficiencies are proven to cause diseases, and they don’t cause any side effects, you just heal. (If that fact was acknowledged fully, it would destroy big Pharma, hence the taboo) The B complex will enable you to turn carbs, protein and fats into energy, so you'll have much more on it than you ever thought possible on booze, without the coma, rage and depression. Because it will strengthen your body instead to poison it with ethanol; you’ll become a stronger person physically and therefore mentally, since it’s the same thing. The sugar will fry your pancreas and the ethanol will fry your kidneys. That's not what I'd call "feeding properly for energy". Take vitamin C and a B complex for energy. Calcium + D3 to absorb it and magnesium to calm down. I sure feel freaking awesome. My brain is trained to go for almonds in case of emergency, delicious and very filling; the brain is made of fat so it goes straight to it. Teach yourself better. Live better. You'll feel better.

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The taste of burn garbage will annihilate your appetite, so you won’t notice the ever lasting hunger of hypoglycemia. But if you smoke instead to eat, it won’t change the fact that your body and its brain are starving. We keep our last storage of energy for times of ultimate desperation, so inhaling poisons will kick the adrenals into crushing their last juices, but they will sacrifice themselves to do it instead to wait for food. It might give you the illusion of having energy, but what you actually get is adrenalin from suffering and despair. Not only it doesn’t nourish you at all, but the poison burns already too rare vitamin C to detoxify. It’s an anti-nutriment. It’s a terrible idea. The nicotine addiction will add a useless need, as if eating properly wasn’t hard to figure out enough as it is. The only cool thing about it is how much those companies get rich while you get a slow and agonizing death, suffocating and coughing secretions for your last years. It’s a horrible way to go.

Pot is no exception even if it numbs you, probably because hypoglycemia can make you weak and dizzy. That's why you get rood rages, smoking can't mask hunger forever and famine builds up. If you truly want to relax, take Calcium + D3 to absorb it, and enough magnesium sure makes me giggle. Brain damage from the brain not having enough fuel to keep everything alive, and lung cancer, that’s no laughing matter.

You don’t need to pay per breath and inhale death. You can still lay back, feel the freedom of being outside, and enjoy the relaxing effect of slow and deep breathing. Just pretend you’re smoking oxygen. It will feel even better without the shitty taste, just hold on during the unpleasant detoxification process, but pushing more poison in to make it stop is going to be worst. Just imagine the CEO of the tobacco company laughing his ass off thinking of all the cash he’s doing with you, when you could get and do all the things that you always wanted instead. If you really want to burn money, throw your wallet into a fire, but spare your lungs and whole body.

Just eat vegetables instead; you’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel with vitamin C in your blood.

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When you’re stressed, the adrenal burns vitamin C to have the energy to face the crisis. But it’s also needed to detoxify and heal.

If the stress come from poisons and you end up not having enough C, the body will try to seal the toxins in fat (read my Purpose of fat) and when that’s not enough, it will seal them in tumors where the toxin is. The lungs if you smoke. The breasts if you use antiperspirant with toxic aluminum, it doesn’t allow you to sweat the poison out and pushes more in. The colon if you don’t eat the fiber in greens and food ends up rotting there for days, or radioactive substances from microwaves and food irradiation… We already know what causes cancer. You don’t die from the tumor, you die from accumulated poisons. If it’s not obvious to you already, read my Cancer cures.

Medical doctors already know; it’s been buried to make profit off your agony, and so many companies can still get rich by selling you junk at high price without being sued for murder. Make better choices. That will show those assholes who’s the boss, don’t count on the governmental regulations. You’re on your own, but you have yourself.

Yes it can happen to you. But your children inherit your toxic flesh and are born with your debt to pay, their young and fragile body might not stand a chance. I think it’s way worst. With our choices, we change the world. One enlightened fool at a time.

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If you eat more sugar than humanly possible, you'll have to burn that energy. Obviously. If you don't want a child to be hyperactive, how about not loading him with speed and not letting him drink expresso? The sugar and caffeine in cola is exactly that. It sure doesn't make kids cools. Fresh water does. Juices are just as bad. WATER! Milk too maybe, but since it's pasteurized, the enzimes to properly digest it are killed and it can be harmful. Get your calcium directly from greens... cows don't get it from sucking on god's breasts, and you should make your own from greens as well. Baby formula is just sugar, no wonder babies get obese on it.

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Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

This ignorant tragedy angers me, it's criminal. This is a sugar crash; hypoglycemia is called glucose intolerance for this reason. When your brain is starving from unstable fuel, starved with junk from the standard American diet... you can have seizures, fall in a coma and die! Also from dehydration, since your adrenals can't recycle the salt necessary to hold on to water, you lose your blood and get very weak from the low blood pressure. The adrenals need vitamin C and a B complex. You might not have enough to make the red blood cells, since you need B12 and C to absorb iron. Your blood can't carry oxygen so you suffocate. The problem can also be from a lack of proper electrolytes. Magnesium causes severe muscle weakness. A test of adrenal fatigue is to look at the pupils. If they can't stay contracted and are oscillating constantly, it will be almost impossible to focus... and therefore read. All this make concentrating an insurmountable trial. Your body needs NUTRITION, especially when growing up! Not stimulating drugs that are considered dangerous and illegal unless prescribed, nonsense they’re always dangerous with terrible side effects. Ritalin is Meth! RED FLAG! Look at the Faces of Meth in google and we give that to kids!!!? At healthcentral they try to justify it by saying that "improve listening skills", staring at you stole like a zombie isn't listening, it's being chemically tied up and numb. I read this about Ritalin from a parent "I'd rather have a crazy happy kid, than a crying and suicidal crazy kid". Don't torture children with drugs, FEED THEM PROPERLY! Both with what they need and avoiding poisons. Of course they won't be able to sit still if they're full or sugar (cereals are like candy, it's worthless). If you read the ingredients, sugar often come first, and when it doesn't, ad up all the different types and you'll see that it's just sugar too. Refined grains are just sugar, it’s a white powder, it's the same. And even the fiber in grains is bad because it’s too hard to digest and damage the gut, not only they don’t nourish you but they destroy the possibility of absorbing the food when you'll be. You don't have to have celiac disease. Wheat, corn and soy are cheap because they're worthless. Brain allergies are reactions in other parts than the skin or lungs. It can inflame the brain, it swells and gets crushed it against the skull. Of course the poor child won't be able to pay attention to you admiringly, he'll want to shriek and run around as if he was in fire, because he basically is inside! Chemicals burns and destroy life, food colorant (paint!) are known to cause behavioral problems. And thinking that the cure is to drug them with even more chemicals, even more poisons... causing even more brain damage... It's a criminal tragedy. It’s revolting, it sickens me. Making a child sit and stare all day long is extremely unnatural anyway; the muscles of the healthiest ones will atrophy.

Calling a behavior a disorder is clearly not understanding why. When you have hypoglycemic seizures, there's no way you can concentrate.

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If you don’t take enough vitamin C for your adrenals to be able to make adrenalin to get the storages of fuel out of the liver: your blood sugar will crash suddenly, creating a shortage of energy and electricity to the brain. Hypoglycemia gives epileptic seizures. I have absence seizures where everything freezes, I paralyze and I can’t talk, sometimes there is even a gap between the movements of things because I lost consciousness even though my eyes were still open. It’s also possible that instead the energy misfire into convulsions; from lack of oxygen too.

You can’t possibly concentrate, have attention and remember what’s happening when you have a seizure, as seen in Attention deficit disorder (ADD).

While epilepsy cause the brain to freeze or misfire body movements, I believe that it can misinterpret his perceptions as well, associating them with the wrong memory, like dreaming into this half comatose state. This is seen in schizophrenia. The reason why you don’t seem to see seizures in schizophrenic patients is because they’re two different reactions to hypoglycemia. You handle and sacrifice functions one way or the other… Psychiatrists gave seizures with massive doses of brain damaging electricity, enough to set their flesh in fire, thinking that it would cure the mentally ill but that’s insane! Both are caused by hypoglycemia, anemia, and/or chemical toxins. There shouldn’t be a prejudice stigma for mal nutrition; it shouldn’t be handled with toxic drugs or deliberate brain damage. It would be as absurd as giving hallucinations to epileptics hoping that it would cure them… Just nourish your brain what he needs to function.

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Recurrent respiratory infections (colds)

Here’s the cure for the common cold! Vitamin C! It makes collagen, not only for the cartilages in your joints, the wrinkles and your heart… every single cell. When your skin isn’t elastic enough, it can break more easily. If you put water in the refrigerator, it will expand as it freezes; I even broke my rigid plastic when I tried to make giant cubes. The same happens to your lips if you lick them in winter. Water gets in the cracks and expands, breaking your flesh and making you bleed, it’s best to let them dry temporarily. The same happens to your throat if you don’t slow down your respiration to warm the air. Your throat can tolerate the shock of sudden temperature change if it’s elastic thanks to vitamin C, but otherwise it can tear. The bacteria actually come to clean the death tissue. It’s better to have new friends than have putrid decaying cells go into your blood stream and cause inflammation to your brain. It’s probably hat a fever is. Your adrenals need to burn a whole lot of vitamin C, especially during stressful times which demand extra energy, so you’ll need extra nutrition. If you don’t, you’ll be weak. If you catch a small organism from someone else’s immune system, it could attack you thinking you’re the invader. If you loose the war for a few tourists, then you were very weak in the first place. Your instinct can develop a phobia of germs to protect yourself. But with all the vitamin C that I take, I have nothing to worry about. If I feel sore, I just take extra and my bodies repairs itself and clean the mess up in a few hours, days at most. I used to be sick all the time and got countless vaccines weekly. Useless crap. The mercury in it is toxic, it made kids completely invalid and damaged the brain of others; those poisons should be banned. Take vitamin C. And a whole lot of it; if you’re sick all the time, then you have a serious deficiency to catch up to. White blood cells are useless unless they’re loaded with vitamin C. A cold isn’t a disease; it’s called a cold for a reason. It would be like asking a cure for the common bruise. Which would also be vitamin C for strong veins hat can resist sudden shocks better~

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The adrenal glands make anti-inflammatory. When they're too tired, you end up aware of irritants. Also it can be linked to the dehydration for being unable to recycle the salt and missing electrolytes such as magnesium. It’s been link to sudden infant death syndrome. You end up with such muscle weakness that you can't even find the strength to breathe anymore. It can also be related to anemia since the adrenal glands will have priority on the vitamin C, but you need it to absorb iron, B12 too, to make red blood cells, to carry oxygen... so no matter how much you breathe you suffocate. Taking steroids is the worst idea. It doesn't matter if you inhale them with a pump of put them on your skin, it will go all over your body. They replace the adrenal glands instead to nourish them, so they atrophy and you become even weaker in a downward spiral of death. Take vitamin C, a B complex and magnesium instead. You lungs, adrenals and blood will become stronger. It's okay to be dependent on food to live, but not on a drug that you could forget in time of crisis and that keeps you weak.

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Multiple chemical sensitivities

We all do. No natural bodies can tolerate toxins. Vitamin C, water and fiber are used to detoxify. If your adrenals end up too tired, they won't be able to make anti-inflammatory and since they won't have enough vitamin C to function, you won't be able to get rid of the poisons discretely. So you'll bear the full extent of their real damage consciously. The adrenal glands are above the kidneys so they can have a hard time doing the filtering job as well. Medicines are all toxic chemicals; it's possible that everyone filter a percentage out that won't be used. But if your kidneys and adrenals are weakened, the real dose will hit you. So this can explain why people with MCS can overdose and get all side effects from regular dosages of drugs. If you can't filter any of those toxins out, they accumulate in the body, and the slightest amount can disturb the fragile balance of trying to keep them at bay, like the drop that makes the vase overflow (French saying for "the straw that broke the camel's back"). The reactions of those people are the genuine effect that happens to everyone. If it's harmful to them consciously, it's harmful to everyone deep down and put a toll on the body. Wikipedia mention a psychological cause. It's because any stress, any over stimulation, demands the same fuel to handle it and tire the adrenals just as much. It's all biological processes. When you see how much what's supposed to make our life easier is actually killing us, it's wisdom to dread and avoid them, not a mental disease. You see that there is no such thing once you understand the body as a whole.

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Back pain

Your adrenal glands are in your lower back, above the kidneys. You can't store vitamin C, you can only make tissues with them. You need a whole lot in times of stress, so the adrenal glands will cannibalize your muscles and the cartilage in your spine first, because it's the closest to them. But it will happen all over your body.

Also, the lower the vertebras, the more they have weight on top of them, so the cartilages will need more vitamin C to regen what is wearing out, and the muscles will need to be stronger too. With the adrenals, there’s a whole lot of vitamin C needed down there.

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This isn't natural old age; it's what happens when accumulate a vitamin C deficiency over time. It’s needed to make cartilages. It can also be caused by inflammation from irritating dead substances like toxins. Cholesterol is actually needed too, the drugs that lower them is getting rid of the healers, not the cause of the irritation! There’s a conspiracy where Pharmaceutical companies bribed the people responsible for the healthy cholesterol standard, they put it too low to sell more drugs. Denying the body this building block can cause arthritis. Your adrenal glands make your hormones from cholesterol. It’s created from vitamin B5. Sugar is what truly damages your arteries, and not having enough vitamin C to make strong ones. So not only medicine isn’t curing your nutritional deficiencies, it’s also causing more with poisons.

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Low blood pressure

You need vitamin C and a B complex to make the steroid messages. They’re made of cholesterol and B5 is used to make it. The adrenals will tell the kidneys to recycle salt. By default it’s lost, along with water, therefore your blood. And the heart try to compensate by beating harder; it will be stressful and unpleasant.

You also need to eat enough to make efficient blood and energy.

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High blood pressure

If instead to eat nutrients to make efficient blood and energy, all you do is put your body in a state of panic, with stimulants like the caffeine in coffee of cola, or with poisons like the cigarette, your heart will be kicked even harder to beat faster to compensate for the low blood pressure. But you need salt and water to keep your blood into your veins, not torture yourself even more with empty junk that won’t nourish you, and even rob nutrients from you. Those methods are unnatural so your body won’t be able to regulate it with precision and you’ll end up with a too high blood pressure. Fast foods deliberately add too much salt to open your appetite, so you’d eat more, and thirsty so they can sell you high profit alcohol and other drinks; when what you need is water. You need to keep a balance between water and salt, and also a balance between salt and potassium. And other electrolytes too; here’s the list: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate. Phosphorus. Nope~ caffeine and sugar aren’t in them.

High blood pressure will be damaging for your heart and that stress is unpleasant, too much is as bad as not enough.

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Heart attack, sudden death

I think it's the only natural cause of death, but you might want to avoid it as long as possible. It can be stressed by having to compensate for low blood pressure as much as high blood pressure for stimulating it by force, too much, instead to give him what he needs: a good balance of electrolytes and water. See my General information for the list.

Also a whole lot of vitamin C, the heart is a muscle full of cartilage, if your adrenal glands don't have enough to make stress hormones, your heart won't have enough to renew itself (every 7 years it's a whole new you!) and the adrenals will even suck the vitamin C out of your heart so they can continue their hundreds of vital functions. This is the link between stress and heart attacks. Also, adrenalin is used to get the storages of fuel out of the liver; it also speeds up your heart and tires him. If you have anemia, from lack of C to absorb iron and B12, you won't have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen. The heart will speed up to compensate. Also, if your adrenals are too tired to tell the kidneys to recycle salt, you loose water, therefore blood. The low blood pressure also forces the heart to beat faster to compensate. All this can be seen as anxiety and all in your head, but it’s not and you're in genuine danger. Feed properly, it's often all that it takes. You can reverse heart diseases; you can rebuild anything if you have enough time left.

You shouldn’t encourage the compensating processes with stimulants like coffee and cola. The caffeine makes your heart beat faster and whip your adrenals, forcing both to cannibalize the body to function. Instead feed your needs, especially with a B complex and vitamin C. You’ll have more energy than you’ll know what to do with, and healing blocks to avoid burning up your body into diseases and death.

Aim for health and you'll have a healthy energy instead of a wounded heart.

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An emotion can't possibly be a disease, it's not a symptom, it's the plea of your body to take care of your needs. When you are starving (hypoglycemia), suffocating (anemia), losing your blood (low blood pressure from lack of salt), that your metabolism is shutting down in minimum survival mode (low thyroid) that your organs are being cannibalized from lack of proper nutrition and shutting down... Do you really expect to be happy about it!!!?

There are no ways to test for serotonin. It's not a fat, psychiatrists voted by opinions and prejudices.

Here's a fact: You need magnesium to make neurotransmitters. Possible side effect of taking too much: brief euphoria. I go to sleep laughing. Calcium with D3 to absorb it works well too.

More on deficiencies and endocrine issues that have depression as "symptom" in my Nutrition ~ Classed by symptoms page.

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Postpartum depression

It's related to adrenal fatigue and can happen before being pregnant, during, and after. Before: When you don't even have enough nutrition to make your own vital organs function, it will take so much out of you to create a completely new body. But worst, everything goes both ways: if you have the habit to always do more than your limit, you not only burn out your adrenal glands, but you also cannibalize the organs of your baby. After birth, you suddenly loose a bunch of vital organs to burn up, so the extent of the abuse hits you in the face. Worst, the baby is weakened and will be likely to be vulnerable to diseases, especially respiratory, like the sudden death. It can also be during, if you are scared to gain weight and fail to feed for two, or if an intense shock happens during that time. It can also be after, giving birth is excruciating, you can loose a lot of blood and it can cause a shock. Doctors are in a hurry so they can inject a powerful pain killer directly in your spine, so you'll push too hard and too fast and hurt yourself without noticing, so they can move on to the next patient. The drug alone can cause spine injury with permanent suffering. Pain has a purpose, and so is eating and resting.

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No libido or infertility

When you don't even have the building blocks to make the hormones to make communication possible between your vital organs, your very life is in danger. It’s no time to take on the responsibility of a new life, that's the real purpose of sex. As much as nature demands it, it's not a need, it doesn't provide energy, it uses up a whole lot of nutrients even if the act is fruitless. If you don't have enough nutrients to function, your body won't want to spare any, no matter how much you'd find it fun, immediate survival is more important.

In Facts of life ~ Sexual education ~ health risks you see that sex can even kill you. It's natural not to be aroused on cue, especially with strangers that have unknown health. It takes more energy to make one female egg, that's why women are only in heat once a month, unlike men who continually make spermatozoids. Women will need to be put in the mood gently, especially if it’s not her time, and considering that the risks are way higher for her. Men won't feel the drive in they're in a situation of humiliation. Only the alpha male breed in a pack of wolves, and they only do it during mating season. Rats probably breed non stop, lesser species that feed others have to. We don't have to feel inferior if we don’t; the stress to perform can burn up the adrenals.

Make sure the adrenal glands are properly nourished, and also you need fluids, protein, zinc and others to make sperm.

Media prey of this hard to resist drive to sell us things that we don't need or want. Because the woman is desirable we think that the junk that she's sitting on is what we actually want. It's just tricking you. Porn is even worst for they feed unrealistic expectations, making you unable to find satisfaction with a real person, having to give them money for being enslaved to their absurd and damaging ideal.

Your brain knows better. If you're too tired, he'll prevent exhausting you even further by stopping the sex drive, to save energy for more important vital processes.

If you want it back, then take care of yourself so well that you end up having extra to give.

Over stimulation can be used to force the adrenals into action and pump adrenalin, like loud music, extreme sports, taking poisons, and obsessing about sex too.

Sometimes you just have to rest; if you crash at the moment you stop being high... then you should have rested and fed yourself properly a long time ago. You'll enjoy yourself more if your vital organs aren't shrieking in agony.

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This is related to the heart palpitations (see Heart attack, sudden death) to compensate for dehydration, anemia, and from the adrenalin to take out the storages of fuel. It’s also a symptom of hypoglycemia, since low blood sugar can cause seizures, brain damage, coma and death, I think it's a damn good reason to worry, just eat almonds and a good meal of vegetables and it will pass. Anxiety is not a mental disease, it's just how unpleasant it feels to have your heart speed up to compensate. A lack of electrolytes such as magnesium can cause arrhythmias. It’s your body's way of warning you of danger. Shutting the warning down with drugs won't make you healthier, it will only rob you of the chance to acknowledge and do something about it.

Sometimes if I try to think of the tasks ahead and plan them, I get a big bang of adrenalin, my adrenal glands seem to think that I need a sudden amount of energy to handle it all at once, since it stimulates the heart, I can get a strong and painful pulse wish a shockwave of blood all over my body. I simply tell myself “No~ One step at a time~ I’ll be okay.” And it passes right away! If I apprehend something too much, I either try to find solutions to handle the solution better or I just put this task in standby until I feel healthier. When I go out I limit the over stimulation of public transports by listening to familiar music and focusing on reading my journal. Malls are designed to make you panic with too loud music, so you won’t be able to think and buy junk that you don’t even wan to comfort yourself. I listen to my own, avoid abusive shops and if something is more expensive than 5$, I leave the shop to come back later if the item truly stays in my mind. I often forget about it completely after 10 minutes. If it’s something rare that I want since years, of course I’ll buy it right away, but it won’t be on an impulse. Just take a deep breath. You can die from hypoglycemia and a heart attack, but it usually takes a long time of neglect. But don’t use this fact to fuel a mindless hysteria, use it to boost your self esteem instead: acknowledge that it’s a rightful worry, but take a deep breath and take care of it. Sometimes that means resting calmly at home, if you don’t feel able to handle your problem, making sure that you heal by taking it easy for a while is actually a constructive way to take care.

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Obsessive compulsive behavior

This is related to the hypoglycemia. When your brain doesn't have enough fuel to fully function, it can fall in a coma, or put parts of the brain into a dormant state. The primal brain can end up being the only part that's in function, without the emotions and reason. A chicken survived without its head because there was some of it left. It regulates repetitive processes like walking and breathing. So when you do anything repetitive from this instinct, the rest of your brain can rest. Your emotions don't bring stress anymore and your reason isn't burning up trying to find solutions, when all you can do is relax. Doing the same thing over and over is extremely relaxing, but it should be under a guidance of your choice, to prevent doing it about anything and everything. (When I end up hypoglycemic while replying people on yahoo, I sure can go berserk and be unable to stop writing from running on sheer adrenalin alone… I put my duties in my calendar so I don’t need to obsess over worries, I take one day or so at a time.) Because the body is under shock and in starvation mode, he'll be in a state of panic, it's natural. The adrenal glands are too tired and malnourished to respond to stress; this can cause protective behaviors such as hoarding, like a squirrel making reserves to be prepared in times of need. But since the rational brain is sacrificed trying to prevent a coma and death from lack of proper fuel, people can accumulate anything. If the adrenal fatigue was caused by a shock such as the death of a loved one, it's understandable that letting go reminds the emotional brain of much suffering, so people might end up holding on to even their trash because any loss adds a new coping. I've rested, fed myself well and took supplements to restore my adrenals and a few years later I surprised myself letting go of things that I thought I couldn't, easily. The brain has to reorganize itself when learning something new, or acknowledging that some information is no longer available. Since my blood sugar was stable, I could bear modifications in my brain, when I couldn't handle anything new before, when my brain sugar was giving me seizures, even if it was something pleasant and that I wished for.

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Social phobias

This is a wise protective behavior. Let's simply look at it from an over stimulation point of view. If you are tired and need to rest, if you're malnourished and can't fully think, it will be best to avoid stimulation. There is nothing more demanding than social interaction. We need to move, to use our rational brain to understand language, and subtle body language, to use our emotions to relate to others, use our survival brain to know when people try to abuse and hurt us... If it's in a big group, there's way too much noise and movements to analyze. If you go to a bar with ear damaging loud music and seizure causing lasers... it's so unnatural your brain will shriek. It's meant to exhaust you so you'll buy booze for energy and hoping to calm down the panic... when what your body really needs is for you to walk away. If your body cannot even handle itself it’s own vital functions, being with others and trying to satisfy their demands and play your social persona when you're so tired that you can't even utilize your whole brain to connect to your real self... then having to do a play to please others, to hide that you are suffering to avoid being picked on or mocked... It's all exhausting. If your adrenal fatigue happened quickly from an intense shock such as assault, you'll need to heal before having the energy to put yourself in a situation where it could happen again. If your adrenal crashes, you can die. You can fall in a coma and die from hypoglycemia alone. I fainted in the middle of the streets. Not going out while I was sick was wisdom. I didn't need more stimulation to change my mind; I needed to give it a break. It's not fear, it's the body asking strongly that you take care of yourself and respect your limit for once.

Social anxiety (I forgot that I wrote it and did it twice)

When you have Adrenal Fatigue, you don’t have enough nutrients to function so the body will have to shut down some. He’ll have to warn and dissuade you from exhausting yourself further with over stimulation.

Nothing is more exhausting than people. Because every single senses and parts of your brains are stimulated. Many people move, from everywhere at once, even behind you. There’s noise everywhere and it’s hard (actually impossible) to differentiate and analyze everything all at once, it’s dizzying.

There are smells and lights, and it’s particularly painful if you are in a bar, I fainted from a seizure the first time a laser got into my eye.

Emotions are also involved and you never know which crazy person will try to grope, scream or hit you out of the blue for absolutely no reason, other than having a bad day, and you’re just in front of them at the wrong time.

There is nothing more stimulating and exhausting than dealing with people. Their words don’t fit with their body language, they have hidden agendas, hypocrites, lies, and you have to figure it out when you barely have enough energy to blink. Your body will shriek in pain as if he was in fire.

It’s perfectly natural and no living creature was meant to be in an over stimulating and overwhelming environment, the way we do when we socialize in an overcrowded artificial environment. Bars do it on purpose to force you to drink booze hoping to find energy and comfort, making it unable to hear each other so you’ll have to drink more from a sore throat and discourage talking for more drinking.

The sound can cause permanent ear damage and make you loose the ability to hear. Starting to want to avoid this is just enlightenment. You’re supposed to fear and avoid what damages and exhaust you. If you don’t have any energy to waste, then not wasting it is wisdom. It's awareness, even if you’re not fully conscious as to why your body reacts this way.

Your body knows what’s best. Respect your limit or he'll do his best to make you.

When I need to get out, I always bring my music and I focus on it. This familiar feeling is reassuring, it buries unfamiliar stimulation, it discourages people from talking to me and doing harassing demands…

When my body complains I just reassure him that I just have to go get groceries to take care of him; when I panic at the great distance I have to do I just refrain myself to think about more than one small step at a time; and if he’s really scared I remind myself of legal gruesome self defense at the hubbardtwppd and laugh. I almost look forward to being assaulted so I can try the Throat Strike on them! But they run very quickly when they see the pissed off sadism in my eyes.

Think of yourself, do what you need, and just ignore the insects that fly around you, crush them if they try to suck your blood.

People will be the mean assholes that they are no matter what you do, it's pointless to try to please ungrateful people who feel bad in their own skin, so you might as well stop giving a damn and enjoy yourself!

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This is also related to hypoglycemia. When we don't have enough fuel, only the survival instinct ends up awake. It’s only desire is to get rid of the threat, kill and eat. We tend to look outside since our eyes point that way... so when we have a hunger rage, it can come out as just plain rage; because our bodies didn't evolve to have hypoglycemic crashes with a belly full of cardboard, it's also taboo to acknowledge this side of us... If it's not educated it can be very immature and dangerous. Because the emotional part of the brain is basically in a coma, you don't recognize loved ones! Because the rational part of the brain isn't functioning either, you can attack whoever's there without being given a reason, because you feel in danger from what's happening inside. The primal brain handles breathing and walking, it doesn't need to memorize each of them, so he doesn't have much access to memory. What I did was to tell him repeatedly that my loved ones are an extension of myself, that if I hurt them, it will hurt me, that if I kill, I'll loose my freedom and be in more danger of death, to never hit first. Basic and simple commands are easier for children and dogs to remember, but you must be patient and repeat until it’s imprinted, the brain is like a muscle so it’s natural. Children benefit from being told why, the brain discard useless information when he put short term memories into long term ones. The primal brain handle survival, so if you link the rules to pain and death, he’ll learn quickly. But be careful to do it kindly, and don’t teach children by threatening them, but by explaining them that the rule is there to protect them. Otherwise you’ll be associated with the threat, when you need to prevent a dangerous behavior. It could cause self loathing and more aggression… Once you put a new function in your vital brain, it will be very hard to take it out once you believe that it can cause your demise, so be careful what you put in there. With patience you can teach it to be your ally and a constructive force. But trying to be perfect and denying your shadow can make you do the cruelest acts; and you might not even remember them, because they will be so against your beliefs that you won't want to register them. Embracing your inner evil is the key to true kindness and to avoid hurting the people that you don't want to hurt. Teaching your survival instinct that it's just hunger and to keep almonds ready at all times can be really life saving; for you and the poor guy that you could literally try to eat. Road rage is people going back home starved, tired, at the end of what they can bear after giving everything they have to their jobs… eat a snack before taking the road, there are a lot of idiots there. If you have an absence seizure, even if it’s very short, you can cause an accident. Keep that werewolf well fed. Good will and feelings aren't enough, your actions define you. Make sure your mind stay clear, drugs and booze are tempting but they won't solve the cause of your pain, distress and anger. Flowers can’t make up for broken bones and being a bad protector for the family. Remind yourself that you’re all in this mess together as allies, not preys to use as punching bags, or your home will become hell itself instead of a source of great comfort, fulfillment and serenity. Don’t numb your chances to find a solution that will truly make you feel better. Eat living foods and read my Coping ~ Vent anger for balance & inner peace. Remember, the threat is from within, you're not actually angry, you're just really hungry.

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This is related to hypoglycemia and anemia; they both have it as symptom. If your brain lacks its 2 basic needs, fuel and oxygen, he won't be able to do its thought processes properly, accurately, or at all. We don't actually see things, we catch reflects of lights that bounce on objects (they don’t actually get into our eyes, hopefully). We associate their shapes and colors with memories; we memories countless information as a baby and we still do, exploring the world, but we don’t need to touch and taste since we can remember and associate ideas. If your brain is in danger, the fear center of the brain will be the most stimulated to alert you, so you can correct the situation. So what you see will be more readily associated with fears because that part is already in function. That's why people hallucinate insects when they have hypoglycemia. Also, dehydration and lack of proper electrolytes, from the adrenals being unable to tell the kidneys to recycle the salt, will make your pupils oscillates from the muscle weakness. You can't control your pupils willingly so they truly show how weakened you are. The back and forth movements of your eyes will make focus very hard, so things will seem to be moving around. Especially since low blood sugar can give absence seizures, so things that actually do move can seem to suddenly bounce from one point to another, all that while you can't accurately guess what they are. It can be extremely terrifying. Especially since your life is in danger and the panic is reasonably there. I know all this, but I still feel sheer terror when it happens, it's really unsettling. But to avoid going berserk, I reprogrammed my primal brain to pause, take a deep breath, and wait a few seconds before being certain of a guess. Curled insects often turn out to be just food crumbs. Because what we see are associated to memories, when we read the letters can be jumbled up and the brain can guess the word right, without even noticing. (When you guess bad even when the words are right it's called dyslexia. Reading more to train your brain better, even if your talent is elsewhere and its the last thing you want to do can be helpful. It's possible that it happens because you didn't take your time enough while learning. I don’t have dyslexia, but I have a hard time with unknown phone numbers, as my brain is trying to recognize them into a familiar one, the numbers keep moving around, and I sometimes invert two trying to call. No one can guess everything right all the time. Its amazing that we can at all!) So memories can be superposed on reality to save some time, it helps for speed reading, but when a fear is being materialized, then vanish once your brain replace the guess with actual perceptions... It's freaky! I came home hungry and saw my door opened, since I have this fear of robbers because I'm dirt poor and it happened before. I blinked and saw that the door was actually closed. It was a memory from when I do my laundry since I don't close the door just to go to the basement, and had an image of coming back home to an open door in my brain. When you don't understand what's going on, if you're always malnourished to the point that your rational brain never has a moment where it can reassure you... It's really disturbing. But from what I just explained, it's clean that calling it a “madness” is not understanding how the body and brain works. Tying someone up, drugging them and electrocuting their brain won't give them a better blood to carry oxygen sufficiently or a steady fuel. It will just insecure and brain damage them even more. It's because I have the sheer conviction that my brain does what he has to do, and that I only need to let him have a little more time for him to do it right, that I can handle it. If I was told that I can't trust my brain at all, that I'm just a sick little shit who should drug myself into oblivion so I'd be a docile freak... I'd probably run in the streets with an ax and a bug spray right now. People don’t want to die because they suffer, but because they’re told that they deserve too and to just bear it in despair while smiling so people won’t get inconvenienced. It’s suffocating. Just ignore that bullshit, take a deep breath, you're basically just hungry and half awake from exhaustion. Feed and rest, it will pass. Your brain is doing its best with what you give him, so don't punish him, don’t force him with drugs, and don’t numb him even more… just give him the best, you’ll get it back~

It’s also true about your sense or hearing. The brain analyzes the slight differences, as sound comes at different speed between your two ears, to pin point the source. Some animals can move their ears to make this, and listening, easier. But if your brain is too tired, starved, suffocating or poisoned to function with precision; the sound can seem to come from everywhere and no where at the same time. Your brain might even try to playback the memory trying to figure it out, making it seem like an even stranger echo. Most of your brain processes won’t go through the speech center of the brain, what you want to say can be translated into language to express it, or to be more aware of your thoughts, but there are countless ones happening in your subconscious. If your body had to translate every electrical impulses or liquid messages (hormones) into words, your brain would probably fry. But your subconscious can sometimes choose to pass by your speech center to bring issues to your attention. The intuition can communicate with you by stimulating any senses from inside. I get flashes of possible future when I’m about to make a decision, and coherent sentences of wisdom too. If you’re not used to this it might be hard to see the difference between its source, but don’t worry you’re not hearing voices, they’re just thoughts! It can be a memory that haunts you, like a nagging person who’s just frustrated with herself and taking it on others. Dismiss that. It can be your survival instinct feeling threatened and asking you to kill the hell out of someone, but he needs some temperance. Acknowledge the message, thank him for it, but remind him that this is a last resort that could worsen things if not used for self defense. Ending up in jail isn’t going to make that wild beast happy. Try to find a more constructive way; you can talk your way out of almost anything. Sometimes the fewest efforts can bring the best results, just tell whoever is annoying you to fuck off first, they’ll probably notice in your eyes that you want to kill them and run for their lives, even if you look like a defenseless little girl like me. It’s intent and not physical strength that makes someone dangerous. There’s also the voice of reason, it analyzes the smallest details faster than I could consciously. He doesn’t talk unless he’s sure with enough information, otherwise he asks question or mention that it’s a possibility. That part of you should always be listened to with respect, or you could end up in preventable troubles. No matter what your body tells you, always remember that you’re the driver, you’re in control. You don’t have to obey if you don’t want to. And if you have the echo of a painful memory, just think of whoever said those insults and tell her to shut the hell up.

You don’t need that shit, you do your best, and of course do it. It might take a few times, maybe even years, but if you persevere into the habit eventually you’ll unlearn the damage that her psychological harassment did. Try not to think out loud, but when my hypoglycemia is about to make me faint, saying something helps me wake up in time and hold on to my consciousness. I also like to thank good ideas out loud, with a discreet whisper. It helps me acknowledge them, and my own worth.

Everything can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it and use it. I'm very grateful to my other inner parts when they offer me their precious perspective.

Also, a symptom of hypoglycemia is crawling sensations on the skin. But it might be closer related to the lack of electrolytes than too little or too much glucose. Diabetes is known to cause neuropathy, nerve damage, but the issue is far more complex, just like the body's needs. In my Nutrition ~ General information, electrolytes (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate. Phosphorus...) have many functions and one of them is to regulate our nerve and muscle function. You can get muscles twitches, especially from low magnesium. Logically your nerves can also do that as they die. The feeling is like the little legs of insects walking on you. The brain will associate the similar ideas so closely that it will be very convincing, even to the point of being sure that the insects are there, from mixing perceptions with memory.

Your eyes have no reserves of fuel, so when your blood sugar is too low, they're the first to be affected. They are too delicate to devour themselves for fuel, the muscles can atrophy and become strong again if you feed them later... but the eyes can't. Once they do that... you become blind. That's why diabetics can loose their sight. So it's perfectly natural if what you see is deformed and interpreted as something else. That's what hallucinations are. You actually see something real, but you just misunderstand it, that's all. Sometimes there can be black dots, perhaps of dried blood floating in your eyes; it looks like a fly passing by. It will get cleaned soon enough. Just eat and drink natural goodies.

It can simply be the liquid hydrating your eyes passing by with a strange shape as well. Blink, take a deep calm breath and it will be gone~ If you’re still freaking out, you’re just hungry, tired or poisoned by something that you should find out and throw out of your life, it can be as simple as a food intolerance, even if it doesn’t cause an official allergic reaction. If your body doesn’t like it, he just doesn’t. Blood types evolved from adapting to different diets, so sometimes we're just not made for them...

No one was made to handle chemicals, even cars and robots need to avoid some, acids make them rust, disintegrate and fall apart too! You sure get sick from them! Don't force it in thinking you're to blame, while there's so much better to enjoy in the world~

Thinking that people's brain is defective, when he does his best with the available resources is criminal. That belief can only end up forcing people to take poisonous drugs to chain them chemically, instead to provide the nutrients that the brain so desperately need. It not only harms them but take them away from the real cause, robbing them of any hope to be truly cured... Take control and take care of your own life.

Of course if you get into the habit to jump to the worst conclusions and freak out undisciplined, you’ll keep doing that once your brain gets his healthy needs. It might be harder to do when you’re suffering, but always take a deep breath and do a little self talk. Even if you are attacked by giant flies, becoming hysteric won’t help you kill the horrors. So stay calm and try to think, the best that you can, even if just a little. You’ll be able to bear it way better if things truly turn for the worst, but most of the time it's a misunderstanding or an average annoyance.

But you’ll be okay. If you nourish yourself you’ll have strength and mind power.

Try to be patient and keep an open mind, eventually you'll figure it out.

Having an imaginary friend is an important part of self discovery. You have more than one brain with different functions, and visualizing another person allows you to reach your subconscious and confront different ideas, from many angles and many sides of you. It’s perfectly natural. Giving anti-psychotics to children is a crime. Just nourish them properly first and foremost, instead to buy yourself some junk to impress the neighbors. It’s true for your sake too.

The only time you save with fast food and processed meals is the years that it will take off your life!
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Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

You can get information at helpguide. The reactions are perfectly natural to what I wish was abnormal events but shit happens. When the body is wounded by exhaustion, he can cry for your help (depression) and beg you to avoid more stress to rest and recuperate (anxiety), but it’s not a disorder, it’s to protect you so you can heal your burned out adrenals! Nourish them. It won’t change the past, but it will heal the damage so you can find acceptance by having the energy to live new things and take risks again, eventually this will dilute the bad events with better ones… once you’re ready by having healed your internal organs enough with nutrition.

Reading on self defense at the hubbardtwppd cop site was a great help; my favorite is the Throat Strike.

Discovering that I am absolutely entitled to fight for my life by any means necessary, that I have the vital and legal right, even duty, to hurt people before they hurt me… I slept like a baby!

Allow your survival instinct to protect yourself. Often the only thing necessary to scare the worst people away is an angry glare full of convictions.

I’m not afraid to get hurt anymore, if they want to do it they will, but I sure as hell won’t go down without a fight, and they’ll feel pain too, I’ll kill them with my bare hands even if I die failing! That’s actually what psychosis can be, when the survival instinct take over. I chose to be safe and to survive by any means necessary. I’m no longer an easy, polite, nice and compliant victim.

Go fuck yourself! HA! It feels awesome!!! They can’t put the satisfaction from self respect in a pill. The drive to live either. Nurture yourself by feeding on life and vitality will come back to you. Feed on greens not people's hearts. They can put nutrients in pills though, try vitamin C, if you take enough it can cure anything~

Actually it gives your body the materials to cure himself. You just need the right resources and tools. People will let you down, but unlike them, it will be no disappointment if nutrition turns into poop. Hahaha! So true.

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Improve your life

There are a lot more causes and consequences. Everything is connected.

When you want to improve your life, you have several options:
  • You can keep doing everything exactly the same and wonder why nothing changes.
  • You can try to escape the consequences of your mistakes with sedatives, stimulants or pain killers, legal or not. But this only makes it worst for your already burdened body; they do nothing for your needs and add more to the harmful causes.
  • Or you can discover a new way to live: to be, feed, rest, act and a new perspective on life. Use pain and sadness as the guides that they are; so you can finally get better results. Dr Wilson's book "Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome" (eBay) has great ideas for every aspects of life. Read my favorite parts of the book.
When the norm's results are sickness and distress... explore something new.

If you want changes, change~

Restore the balance in your life; between nourishing, acting and resting; according to your own limits and needs.

You shouldn't seek to be normal, superficially beautiful or skinny.

Normal merely means average. It cuts the 2 extremities of the bell curve (Dictionary) with a narrower view than what is natural. It can only result in rejection, prejudice and low self esteem; no one can be the best at everything and everyone has a talent. Being a perfect average is ordinary (Dictionary even defines it as "mediocre").

Rarity improves value. Appreciate people with special skills, even if they sacrificed other areas below average. It's so they could give their all to polish their strength, and offer something unique to the collective: the best of who they genuinely are. Like we all can be, in our own different way.

We all have flaws equal to our talents
, moving in a direction takes you away from its opposite. Focus on the good and do your best with the rest. Geniuses and slower people aren't defective. Diversity is useful and makes life more colorful.

Thinking that the majority has it right is a big mistake: if the norm of a society is a unhealthy way of life, the normal results will be misery, physically and therefore mentally since it's the same. That’s what's actually happening right now. But there's a better way to live than what you're told. (Corporations are out to get you)

Everything is natural; you only need to understand why. You should eat a snack to keep your blood sugar stable. But if instead you smoke and get lung cancer; it’s a perfectly natural result to the damage of poisons. You should rest when exhausted, but if you drink coffee to stimulate yourself, a heart attack will be a natural end too. In both cases you need extra vitamin C to bear that stress.

If you treat yourself like shit, you're going to look and feel that way.

Beauty is subjective, what’s gorgeous in Hollywood horrifies me. Their ribs are sticking out from malnutrition; they replace fat with implants and injections. Repulsive. Eat! Using paint and varnish to cover up the agony isn't going to take it away. It's what's inside that counts: well nourished vital organs. You'll glow with a smile.

Aim for health!

This should be the norm, this is true beauty!

Health has a priceless value, without your life, you have nothing!

If you want to improve your life, you can’t get wrong with improving the basics: feeding, breathing and resting. They need to be in balance with how much you act.

Dr Wilson's book "Adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome" (eBay) helped me improve every aspects of my life as I took care of my core: the adrenal glands.

The whole book was a very pleasant enlightenment. It was the best investment of my life, along with supplements, especially vitamin C.


The root of the root

There is actually one problem that is an even deeper root cause than Adrenal Fatigue:

Forget sugar, we need vitamin C to live!!!

Society has been starving us with junk, and our bellies are so full of cardboard (grains) and sand (sugar) that we're not even aware of it, people have revolted for less but ads give us an illusion of wealth.

We’re too slave driven towards more inessential junk, as technology replaced our very bodies in our priorities, that we’re too exhausted to be aware of this complete disaster.

Replying on the very people who lied to you and made you destroy yourself to cure you is a false hope even more cruel than despair. For despair can eventually be replaced by real solutions if you choose to revolt against them, but being mislead by lies can only take you away from the real solution.

Pain isn't the end. It can motivate you towards a new beginning.

Don’t be mindlessly afraid. Don’t try to run away from your own body. Try to understand your own being and the answers will come.

Lisa Of Shades
4 September 2013
Edited 20 September 2013
Edited 26 September 2013
Edited 25 February 2014
Edited 17 March 2014

Any stress affects everything in your body; because the adrenal glands are needed for stress and everything

Stress is a stimulation, whether you like it and see it or not, and that requires energy.

Quote from Mayoclinic about Addison's disease; which is the worst problem and, unlike adrenal fatigue, it's recognized (too late) by mainstream medicine:

"As part of your endocrine system, the adrenal glands produce hormones that give instructions to virtually every organ and tissue in your body."

mdguidelines about Addison's disease

"Any stress
such as illness, fever, hot and humid weather, profuse sweating, and even emotional stress can precipitate a sudden worsening of the condition."

It's easy to make a robot walk, but not to make it feel because emotions are extremely complex; they require a lot of processor (computer speed or mind power) and energy. So the idea that emotional trauma is less damaging & exhausting that physical exhaustion is a myth. Anyone would rather run a marathon than have their heart broken. The brain uses more energy than muscles: it's less stressful to carry boxes full of funny hats all day, than having five minutes to find a solution before a loved one dies.

The burn out (so called depression) is about much more than the muscles or the brain… it’s about the whole body. In both cases, physican AND mental, it’s especially about the adrenal glands.

Hormones don’t just give you a gender and sex drive, that’s how your vital organs communicate. The adrenal glands handle stress, so stress affects everything, not just your brain. Medicine focuses on the brain and ignores the whole body, especially psychiatry which can dismiss you completely. But their inability to find the external causes doesn't change the fact that they are very real and rational. Claiming that a pill can fix the natural consequences of being undernourished, overstressed, exhausted and poisoned shows ignorance and disrespect for the patient, who's the only one who can truly figure his needs out.

It's hard to admit a lifestyle mistake, but once you find your better way, everything gets easier.

(Hint: No it’s not muffins a fast food. And not even many of the so called healthy products that is only healthy for the pockets of local industries. Fat is good for you. But processed denatured dead foods… there is no way to sugar coat it: it’s pure poison.)

To enjoy life... eat it~

The official explanation is absurd "The failure of your adrenal glands to produce adrenocortical hormones is most commonly the result of the body attacking itself (autoimmune disease). For unknown reasons, your immune system views the adrenal cortex as foreign, something to attack and destroy."


If your gland ends up shrinking it can be from a bad balance between the nutrients provider and the demands put on it by daily stresses even if they are enjoyable or if you think they are necessary.


When you're so malnourished that your adrenal glands not only cannibalize your tissues but also itself so you don’t die right away… you’re really not taking care of yourself properly. That’s extremely simple and if medicine doesn’t understand that and is fixated with drugging and destroying invaders, they will never understand something as simple as needing to eat to live, because they focus on calories and weight instead of nutrition and what your weight is actually made of! Simplify your life, but don’t oversimplify how important your nutrition is.

The acronym for Standard American Diet is SAD… and with what it claims as healthy and nourishing, no wonder so many people are depressed.

Enjoy real food, if bugs and bacteria don't want it... neither should you!!!

Drugs will make it worse

From addisons:

"Long term use of high doses of steroid drugs to treat other illnesses (for example high–dose prednisone for bowel disease or asthma) can also cause temporary or permanent loss of adrenal function. This is often referred to as secondary adrenal suppression."

Steroids drugs will make the glands that produce them atrophy. It might give you the impression that you are completely cured, but sudden doses they can’t replace the delicate balance needed thorough the day.

Hydrocortisone is the artificial version of your adrenal’s cortisol. If you ever feel the need for a prescription, for allergies, asthma, inflammation, your adrenal glands have a problem, most likely from a lack of nutrition, because sugar and will power alone isn’t enough, life has a more complex recipe and requires nutrients.

High doses of vitamin C were used to treat Addison’s disease, the worse case of adrenal insufficiency, before the steroids were invented, perhaps with faster results but drugs can't replace the adjustments made by intelligent organs, when they have enough nutrients to do what they do best.

In the case of Adrenal Fatigue, steroids would be like cutting your leg off and replacing it with an artificial limb just for a sprained ankle… With Addison’s your adrenals are so damaged that you don’t have much to lose… but wouldn’t you rather take your time rebuilding them? Don't be the slave of an unstable drug that makes you guess how much you need. You can run out...

I almost died when I stopped a simple hemorrhoid cream, food allergies destroyed my insides and I was bleeding profusely. At first the steroids made me feel better than I felt in my whole life, but when I ran out, my weak adrenals were denied a huge difference and I almost died.

For someone with 90% of their adrenals, an increase or sudden drop of 10% wouldn’t make a noticeable difference, but for someone with only 10% of adrenal function left, it’s the difference between feeling twice as good… or being DEAD!

I had an acute adrenal crisis when I ran out… I couldn’t move, stand up… or breathe… I couldn’t even call myself an ambulance. I never seen death so up close.

With the little will to live that I had left, I went to eat as much greens as I could, and took supplements of vitamin C, the B complex and minerals… and progressively rebuild my adrenals, clinging on life the best I could until my life was no longer in danger. It took a huge amount of will to live, so maybe I should have restarted the hydrocortisone and lowered the dose slowly... but since that's what destroyed me, I preferred to take my chances facing death itself , since it seemed less deadly than the drug. I'm alive so I guess I chose wisely, but the fight wasn't easy. So take vitamin C before you get to hell and avoid using steroids for innocent stuff like skin irritations!

I’ve been told that it’s impossible, that cream, even injected in the gut from the anus, doesn’t go in the blood stream… But it’s a myth. Clearly. I'm the living proof... and not everyone trusting drugs was as lucky. So many die each year that medicine is the 3rd cause of death… and that’s only what has been reported and acknowledged…

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cream on the skin or if you inhale it… it goes to your entire body, it messes with your normal hormone functions…

But you don't need drugs or transplants, neglect and abused destroyed your body, over-cares and over-nutrition can catch up to the deficiencies and rebuilt it!

Even diabetics don’t have to be amputated from rotting limbs, they need to drop the processed sugar and get it from vegetables and fruits full of vitamin C. Even heart disease, because the heart is a big mass of collagen, made from vitamin C. Stress or toxins will make your body sacrifice it's collagen to execute vital body processes.

That's why smokers get heart disease and not just lung cancer, because the collagen in their heart is sacrificed back into vitamin C to be used as an antioxidant and repair the damage from the smoke, because a strong heart is useless if you can’t breathe! That’s the link between gum and heart disease; if there’s not enough vitamin C to hold your teeth, it’s the tip of the iceberg and your heart doesn’t have enough. The bacteria are only there to clean the rotten flesh, so the toxins won’t poison you as much. It was found that homeless people with worms cleaning their wounds were healthier and less prone to infection; your own compatible bacteria do the same thing.

The problem is lack of nutrients, especially vitamin C, so the body cannibalizes yourself... until you can't do your hormones necessary for your vital organs to communicate and work in harmony together and with what your life demands.

You don't starve in a ginger bread house... you eat the walls for as long as you can. That's what the adrenal glands will do if they don't have enough vitamin C from your diet. The bad results accumulate until you can notice them, in wrinkles or diseases, but it's not old age, it's an imbalance between your needs and what you provide.

So it’s not that you eat too much meat, it’s that you don’t eat enough vitamin C in vegetables. Carnivores eat the vegetable-puke in their preys' gut... and their storage of nutrients in their organs… eating steaks won’t be enough to nourish you. White bread is like paper and brown bread is like cardboard. That might build a house of cards, but not a living body.

It’s not the bacteria that cause diseases, it’s LACK of them, they're called enzymes when we like them, they’re vital to digest and have an immune system. So the cure isn’t to destroy everyone’s immune system before it leeks out in the environment, it’s to nourish yourself enough so your white blood cells will be armed with enough vitamin C to fight invaders… no need to nuke the whole planet with anti-bio-tics. Just make sure your army is stronger.

So we could say that the root cause of it all is scurvy… Vitamin C is much more important for your life than how food looks and taste… Even the make up that you apply goes straight into your blood, vital organs and brain, the toxic perfume that you inhale… Beauty is life not chemicals. It’s what’s inside that count, functional vital organs.

Taking drugs, hoping to bypass the consequences of the problem, so you can continue to ignore your limits & put too much on your shoulders, without taking care of the adrenal burnout... It's not going to make you heal… because that attitude was the problem in the first place.

Enjoy simplifying your life~ Make choices... and put your health on top.

Lisa Of Shades
27 December 2014
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