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Health ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Psychological trauma is a PHYSICAL injury!

Broken legPsychological trauma is a PHYSICAL injury. But it's not in the brain, even though it affects it.

The adrenal glands handle stress and any form can exhaust them.

It’s what’s inside that counts: healthy vital organs. Even "expects" can misunderstand and miss the obvious.

The cause of the trauma doesn’t actually matter, the only things that matters is that it matters to you. That’s the main reason why a psychological trauma can affect you. The loss of a loved one will only affect those who loved.

Just like a car accident, you can’t expect people who aren't in your situation to understand how it can be damaging, because they can’t. But what you feel is still real, even if their reality is different.

If someone who threatened your life dies in a car accident, it will relieve stress and you'll feel healthier. But if instead it was the person who paid for your meals and helped you share the burdens of life, the stress will be exhausting. It's the same accident but different realities, ways to look at it, feelings and effects on the body. Feelings matter in how it will affect your whole body, and how much.

You don’t need to love or even care about the car to be hurt by it, but that's actually also true with psychological violence. And an emotional injury can cause biological damage that can be just as deadly. Because that too requires energy, and that depletes nutritional reserves and vital organs, just like a physical injury.

Letting go and deciding to focus your energy on healthier things, like your own recovery, can improve things... but it won’t change the physical damage that the mental or emotional strain caused. You'll need the proper nutritional material for repairs, just like a broken house.

Any kind of stress exhausts the adrenal gland; thought processes require them to produce energy and to orchestrate many body functions. The brain requires probably more energy than muscles, because it’s much more complex. But the point is that everything affects you physically, even imagination. So when you have a psychological trauma, it affects you physically and it’s the body that needs to be healed, the cause no longer matter at this point, and should no longer matter to you if it hurt you that badly.

If you break your leg, it doesn’t matter if a tree fell on you or if you got hit by a car. If the only help that the hospital provided was therapy to talk about the tree or the car, it wouldn’t help your leg heal right. But even the best cast won’t help your leg heal faster. Talking about the trauma will even maintain you in a state of stress by rehearsing the events, and memories feel just as real as external events to your body.

You need to be calm and SAFE for the body to trigger its healing mode.

If you need to fight or flee to survive, the body will put all your energy towards survival and save the healing for later. Maybe that’s why there’s actually a 3rd mode to survival: freeze. The emotions get put on hold until you have the energy to process the information safely, probably to focus on healing first if you can’t take any more mental stress, because the adrenal glands don't have the capacity to produce the required energy. Your emotional brain can be put on hold temporarily, to allow you to find calm, to heal and analyze the events fully later to understand and learn from it so you can protect yourself better. Therapy can therefore backfire, when all it does is scratch the wound...

What will heal your broken leg isn't to complain about it; that will put you in a powerless mindset that will stress you out even further. You're never powerless, there's always a choice, even if it's only a lesser of two evils.

The solutions are very simple: avoid further injury by using it even less than usual, rest, nourish your body with the vitamins and minerals required for repairs, and the time for your body to do so. But time itself does nothing, if you don't take enough vitamin C your wound will even rot, widen and make you lose the limb or your life entirely! Even the best cast can’t help you heal faster, but nutrition will. The best medicine will never replace it, the best doctor will never be able to take care of you better than you have to everyday.

Mental injury is exactly the same. You might not get bones protruding or blood gushing out, but it’s a physical injury. It's very real even if it’s not an obvious one, even if people don’t take it seriously because the cause doesn’t matter to them and doesn't affect them. It’s a discreet injury, but just like internal bleeding, it can be even more serious and life threatening than broken bones! Because you can still live without legs… but your adrenal glands are vital organs, they handle stress and many vital functions… if they shut down from an imbalance between stress, rest and nutrition… you can die, slowly but surely.

The good news is that a physical injury caused by mental exhaustion can heal just like any other physical injury. Even a damaged brain can learn all over again from a different part and regain lost functions. A weak heart can become stronger if enough vitamin C is taken for the daily needs AND to rebuild collagen. Nerves can heal if a B complex deficiency is corrected with extra to heal.

But if you got sick because you didn’t respect your needs and limits, no amount of time will make things better, and doing things the same way won’t improve anything. If you want things to get better, make changes for the better.

Talking things out and dwelling in pain will only maintain you in a mindset of pain, and that will stop your body from entering the calm healing mode.

No one can tell you how to improve or what you can do to avoid pain in the future. Their opinions aren’t facts and can be biased by their own needs. For example the government encourages people to base their diet on grains because it gives them high profits, along with chronic diseases and death... but stock holders are not doctors and even them aren't nutritionists. People successfully cured cancer with nutrition and avoiding toxins, the claims that chemotherapy can cure cancer is based on nothing but the stubborn denial that artificial chemicals are bad for us and profits. Chemotherapy is so toxic that it causes cancer. It was never meant to be in your body, look at evolution, look at what worked to maintain health and life in nature for thousands of years: simple natural foods.

You do not need a drug pusher. You need real food.

Only your own body knows best... and only if you listen to it properly.

If you learn from other sources, make sure you take information from people who actually healed successfully from the same thing, but that's still no guarantee that it will work for you. Because a consequence can have different causes.

For example fatigue can be caused by anemia. It can be caused by a lack of iron or B12. But the fact that you need vitamin C to absorb iron is less known. And if your kidneys are malnourished or overwhelmed with toxins, they won't be able to tell the spine to produce red blood cells. If you don’t have enough to carry oxygen around, your brain will freak out big time and won't be able to figure things out properly... even to the point of psychosis and schizophrenia, but those can be caused by sleep deprivation, allergies and toxins too; but never by a drug deficiency, that’s ridiculous. So one problem can have various effects, and an effect can have different cause. The medical approach to hide symptoms with drugs won't heal you and is dangerous.

Everything is linked; everything needs vitamin C and the B complex.

The reason why junk food is so unhealthy and deadly is not because it's high in calories and makes you fat, but because there's no nutrition and a lot of toxins. Your body is the least of your problems, it's even saving your life by sealing toxins away from your vital organs. It's nutrition that counts, not calories.

Sugar can't heal you, and refined grains have nothing else left.
You can't make strong body parts with artificial colors and flavors... your organs will even get hurt by it. It's the vitamin C usually found in non processed sweet vegetables and fruits that people crave when they have a "sweet tooth". That's the B complex that is actually needed to even burn energy, not just calories. A diet is a lifestyle for life and to live.

Only you can figure out what's necessary for your health and survival, and do the necessary changes to get closer to what you truly need, which can be very different from what you think you want or believe that you have to do. No one can help you figure things out except listening to your own body, because no one else is in your exact same situation, everyone has different needs and resources. Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but move on, because shit simply happens, and only you can let go.

If you can’t even understand and listen to your body… then no one can.

What caused the injury doesn’t actually matter, if it’s harmful it mustn’t matter, only your safety does. Once your broken leg is healed, you won’t care about the tree or the car anymore. Because you won’t be in pain. So what matters is the injury, not the cause. What needs to be healed is your body.

Maybe your body will develop a phobia of trees and cars as a survival mechanism. But your primal brain can be a bit too simplistic, use your rational brain to educate it. When you're capable, teach your primal brain once the crisis is over: Yes, I was in danger, but it's gone now, thank you for trying so hard to protect me even against my bad judgments. Yes, trees can fall on you and cars can hit you. But not all trees fall and not all drivers are drunk. We can deal with it when it happens. We can heal again.

Fear and pain are precious information to make decisions, open your mind and they won't become chains, they will even free you by helping you find your way.

But you have to be well nourished, well rested, avoid allergens and toxins to use your brain effectively. Your primal brain takes care of vital functions like a genius, and can manage to stay awake when you're half way to a coma, and even into one. But if the emotional and rational sides of your brain can't be fully awake... understanding and making decisions won't be very precise and effective. But that can be improved! Always remember the basics: safety, nutrition, rest.

Be mindful and careful and you won’t need to be paralyzed by fear, work with your body not against it. Understand your needs and provide them. Don't try to force the result that you want against your biological functions... you'll loose either way. You can't be slim if you consume things that mess with your hormones, send your blood sugar too high or are full of toxins, even if you starve yourself. And it's better to be fatter than miss out on vitamins and minerals, that's why people are always so hungry, because they eat things that can't sustain life or heal them.

Burning energy isn't the only thing that your body does: there are a lot of complex hormones and other fluids that are used to communicate, all cells need to be renewed even if your size stopped growing, everything in your body need vitamins and minerals... and healing is vital.

If you can't think clearly, are in anguish, overwhelmed, burned out, exhausted... it's only temporary and will improve with proper self care. When we make it our priority eventually we can find our way... and we can crawl back from the deepest pit of hell and walk away from death's door. I did, I'm not done, but my life is livable, even enjoyable~ Because I chose so. Even in hell, you can choose to enjoy the fire's warmth. But you can choose to walk away and find a heat that doesn't hurt.

Remember that if something bad happens again… with proper nutrition you can heal again. Life goes back and forth. Good can turn bad, but bad can also turn into the best good you ever had. Becoming sick forced me to change my priorities, mindset and ways... I had to allow myself to put my needs first, before other people's wants, or I would have died and I would have been useless for sure then. But as I took care of myself so well, I discovered that I didn't need to allow people to use me to death to be cared about and safe... because I cared about myself and made sure I was safe! I finally got my wish granted, I finally obtained peace, but not by trying to appease people, by walking away from the bad ones. It doesn't matter what you deserve, life isn't fair... it can be for the worse... but also for the better. I don't have to deserve to be happy to be happy.

If you can't take anymore stress, then don't, at least temporarily. That means the good stuff too... because that requires energy too. Give yourself time to recover and then you can choose again. Being selfish is good when your survival depends on it. Being generous is bad when you allow people to take more energy than you need to survive.

If you deny your needs and ignore your limits for longer than your reserves, to the point of exhaustion and adrenal burn out... your body will scream very loudly, in a paralyzing and maddening manner. Because one more stress or one more injury… could be your last. It would be wise to listen to that voice, not as law but as a wise advice, it’s only trying to save your life the best way you learned how.

Learn better: Don't be tricked by artificial flavors that damage your brain. Don't allow yourself to be drained because you always have the choice. Respect yourself, so you won't look like an easy prey and you'll instinctively ignore the people who'll try to disrespect you. Only you can eat the vitamins and minerals necessary to heal. Only you can respect your needs and limits. Only you can figure it out and choose wisely. Only you can give yourself a break.

If your own life doesn't matter, if your own health doesn't matter, then nothing else does and you're already dead. But you can come back to life from this emptiness.

Consume vitamin C and the B complex like your life depends on it, because it does.

The more your body will be healed... the more your mind will be ready.

We can die of a broken heart

The scientific explanation sounds less romantic, but I want you to fully understand how serious emotions are:

The reason why we can die of a broken heart is because: water soluble vitamins can’t be stored in fat. Vitamin C and the B complex are so important to life that the extra is used to strengthen organs and make flesh and bone more flexible and resistant.

Vitamin C is used to make collagen, but is also utilized in many functions. If you don’t have enough, collagen is reverted back into vitamin C so the adrenal glands can use it in times of stress. So when you’re stressed out without enough nutrient intake, your flesh, including your heart, get disintegrated to prolong your life. Because a strong heart, bones and wrinkle free face is useless if your vital functions can’t operate… a heart can be rebuilt later if given the chance with proper nutrition, but if you drop dead because your organs can’t function it’s over…

But there’s a limit to how much you can cannibalize yourself… the heart needs to be strong to bring nutrients and oxygen all over your body to everything else… if you get an intense emotional stress that make the adrenal gland suck too much vitamin C out of it, something that changes the foundations of your life like losing a partner, making your brain need a lot of vitamin C to understand and adapt to a reality… it can be too much collagen taken out of your heart and it just can’t flex anymore.

Also the burst of adrenalin from the adrenal glands to provide a burst of energy can burst your heart that was too weakened to handle the sudden or prolonged strain.

Old age doesn’t drain you, prolonged deficiencies does. And they can happen slowly or abruptly at any age. Every stress demands energy, and any energy demand can cause exhaustion, and eventually exhaustion can make someone sick… and be fatal. It all start by proper nutrition… and as long as you are alive, it can be reverted by it.

The reason why you have emotions is to provide information to your rational brain to make wise decisions. It's because your emotional brain can suffer that your rational brain can become aware of the problem and calculate a solution. Numbing the pain is a bad idea... because it doesn't provide healing... and it also numb the solution.

Vitamin C bowel tolerance test: take 1g every 20min-1h until you feel awesome or need to poop.

Try nutrition. If you want to surrender your life and throw it away... throw it at your survival instinct. If you want to swallow a magical pill... natural vitamin C without any form of sugar and allergens is the only thing that ever came close to that.

I take 4 gram a day as a base, in 1g doses. But I can take 1g every 20 minutes if I'm in pain or in shock. The most I took was when I became hysterical and suicidal from sudden dramatic events... after 20 grams... I was very relaxed and happy. I can recover in hours what used to take me months... Because time was never the factor. Vitamin C is.

Enjoy~ With a brain now full of vitamin C… I sure do~ My life still had downs, but that's not what was stopping me to feel good. Malnutrition and deficiencies, from exceptional situations that caused exceptionally high needs, was my true pain. The original causes matter little to me, now that I feel so healthy.

Psychological violence is the same and even worse as physical violence.

So when you think that your boyfriend isn’t so bad because he only scream at you and doesn’t hit you, or that you’re a good mother because you only belittle your kids but don’t hit them… think again. It’s even more damaging because a bruise can heal without even a scar, but if you convince someone that they don’t deserve to be safe, loved and to even live… You’ll kill them and suicide will be your weapon.

That’s how much psychological trauma can be torturous… when people think that even the agony of dying would be better. Because they actually are physically dying by having their adrenal glands and other vital organs punched harder than you can with your fists, over and over, haunted by your words and tortured by them physically even when you’re not there.

The reason why they kill themselves isn’t because they want to die… but they’re literally being killed, very slowly, by relentless small attacks… a "death by a thousand needles"… until the body can’t take the strain anymore… and it’s such a PHYSICAL torture… that people will rather get it over with and kill themselves, because they KNOW that they’re dying anyway! But no one is doomed. You can simply stop giving a shit about the mean person or punch them in the throat. If it’s either you or them… be on your own side.

So defend yourself. If someone bully you, they refuse your existence, they want to murder you. Probably for no reason, for their own insecurities and frustrations that have nothing to do with you. We're overcrowded with overpopulation, that makes people irritable... especially when they're malnourished... or have something to prove... especially to themselves. So it's not about you, or what you deserve... and if it is... so what? Pedophiles can have families, jobs, money, friends, love... so why the hell not you!

Sometimes all that it takes is to walk away and deny them the satisfaction of being given importance. But some people don’t get no for an answer. Don’t wait to be saved. No one is coming. But you have a perfectly good primal brain to protect you. Use it. Do whatever it takes. But use it wisely. I can talk my way out of anything, so violence isn't necessary. Do energy conservation and just walk away.

But some people will only back down when they feel in danger, but you don't even have to hurt them for them to understand that. The will to live, and to fight to death to defend yourself, gives you an attitude that repels threats more than violence.

You don’t have to take this shit, not anymore, and you never had to. YOU chose to, for some reason, and you can chose differently just as easily, then everything else will change accordingly.

You don’t have to take this shit, not anymore, and you never had to. YOU chose to, for some reason, and you can chose differently just as easily, then everything else will change accordingly. Sometimes to be good to yourself, you have to look bad in the eyes of others… but they wanted to use you anyway so they san go screw themselves.

Simplify your life to simplify your responsibilities. More fun stuff can mean more stressful debts and more things to handle… a bigger house means more to clean… more furniture to buy, bigger bills… Your body is your true home; make sure it’s well furnished with proper nutrition, then you’ll be happy and healthy no matter where you are, and if you don’t like who you’re with, you’ll have the energy to just walk away~

No need for insecurities and dependencies when you know that you’ll take care of yourself no matter what. You don’t need to be afraid anymore. All you need is to know how to make things better when things go bad… and that’s with nutrition. Then everything will become clear.

No need for drugs. The body can heal from anything when given the proper nutrition, and the mind is part of the body so it will follow your healthy choices. There are endless ways to live, if the one that was taught to you isn’t making you happy and healthy, you can choose another way: discover it, learn it, live it, feel it, be it.

It’s easy… especially when you have nothing left to lose, it means that you can gain everything, and even better than what you lost, without being held back by a false sense of comfort. Is it hard to believe that carrots and broccoli can make you feel better than cocaine? Have you ever seen a broccoli addict do things he’d rather not do in dark alleys to get money for his fix? Is it not professional enough to say that nuts are more effective than antidepressants? Serotonin is produced in the gut with magnesium, and almonds contain it.

The simplest logic can be the best, maybe not to addict customers and make billions of profits while pretending to care about the people that you poison to death, but simple nutrition is for your health... and more effective in the long run, because every little improvements are truly making you stronger all over your body, and not just masking symptoms while you continue dying with a gagged survival instinct unable to warn you that you're going the wrong way and that your needs aren't being met. No amount of “wants” can compensate for what you truly need. No amount of drugs and medicine can compensate for the devastating and deadly effects of not having your basic survival needs. It couldn’t be simpler than that!

Well nourished and well rested people don’t need drugs. They don’t need medicine either.

Nutrition is less expensive than drugs, booze and medicine; so why would you deny yourself the best stuff?

It can't be that simple? YES and you don't have to complicate things for yourself.

Nutrition won’t just fix nutritional deficiencies; it will give you the strength to handle everything else. To mourn and move on. To find a way to be safe. To cope with what you hate. To do what you love.

Nutrition is the key to being alive… and THAT’s the key to everything else.


Feelings and thoughts are life itself and they shape the universe, so of course they affect your whole body!

Everything is biological. Everything is linked. It's never just in your head. Your whole body is a brain! Every cell has a nucleus (wikipedia), a ball in its center, that's like a mini brain. You are countless unicellular organisms in one community. Everything affects everything. Every single one of your cells have thoughts and feelings, that's how you can stay whole and function in harmony as a complex being. Feelings ARE physical.

And according to what I understand of quantum physics... (see the YouTube video about the double slit experiment at around 3 minutes: What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole. part 4) thoughts affect and create reality... (there's another experiment showing that will power can influence random results... into the past) all reality is thoughts. That's how far it goes. That's how important is it. Thoughts and feelings can literally shape the universe. Your perception of it, attracts you towards choices and their consequences... but even further than that: thoughts influence the universe itself by bringing realities into existence. Not just in your mind, or books, it triggers life events like synchronicities.

Watch the movie “The secret” about how the law of attraction in the universe also works with the mindset that you have. You attract what you think about. So focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Thoughts affects the whole universe. So they sure can have an effect on your whole body.

Masaru Emoto did experiments that shown how feelings can change the shape of Water crystals under a microscope. You're made of water, imagine how your thoughts can affect you. Look at the difference between You disgust me and Thank you. What's impressive was also the concept of pure goodness versus pure evil: Evil and angel really look that way...

Angry people exhale more toxins in their breaths. The metaphor that psychological violence is like spitting venom is more than just a metaphor. And if it comes out of your breath... it means that it poisons your entire body. It starts with thoughts and feelings. They're real, they come into reality, they shape reality, they ARE reality.

But you don't have to believe anything else than the fact that you feel awful all over when something sad happens to you, and you feel sad when you get a physical injury. It's obvious. Even a child can notice this. If you feel bad, then you're feeling bad. Period. Pain killer never saved a life or healed an injury. Nutrition does everyday. If drugs don't work for physical healing, then it can only harm the mind further by denying it the awareness necessary to improve the problem.

Your psychological pain is a real injury, and a physical one, not just in the brain, mostly in the adrenal glands, but they affect everything, and that affects everything else. Anyone who tries to deny your reality is actually trying to deny you the help. If they were to acknowledge that you're truly hurt, they'd feel like jerk for not helping you... But not everyone is strong enough to share a pain that doesn't belong to them, you'd flee it to if you could (that's why drugs sell so well) but you mustn’t if you want true freedom from it instead of doom.

You have to figure out your own life. People have to take care of their own survival after all, and if you couldn't find enough energy for your own life, it's unrealistic and unfair to expect someone else to do it for both of you... and you should put your own survival first too. You have to make sacrifices. If you put more than you can handle on your shoulders because you wanted the rewards, it's unfair to try to throw the downside on someone else's back and it's okay to run away if someone tries to use you as a dumping ground too.

Everything has a good and bad side. Even the good and bad side itself. The good you want will drain your energy too. That’s why depressed people, who are actually in a burn out, can’t even do the things that they love.

Someone who wants to call you crazy doesn't want to understand and feel your pain, or can't, or want to make profit from your suffering by selling you drugs. Move on. There are endless solutions. Nutrition is less expensive and with no side effects... except good ones and maybe pooping. Unless you're allergic to something, but you can get the vitamins and minerals from another food source.

Metals and some vitamins can be dangerous in excess, but you can't store the water soluble vitamin C and B complex. They will be turned into organs or body functions... or the vitamin C will go straight through you in poop (that's the bowel tolerance test) and you'll pee the vitamin B. So those are safer to take too much than too little. Scurvy, anemia, pellagra, beriberi... they’re all nutritional diseases, caused by it and only cured by it… they all affect the mind intensely and kill in agony while your5 body rot and breaks apart. There’s no way you can be happy when that happens. Society claims that you only need calories, so even doctors will be confused.

They invented different fancy disease names for each of their symptoms, forgetting the nutritional causes & cures in the process: osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, gingivitis, heart disease, obesity (over eating because your blood sugar keeps crashing)... they're all symptoms of lack of vitamin C and everything can improve thanks to this precious and vital nutrient, even when they have other causes. Life is complex. But your needs can be simplified into a simple word: nutrition. Your body won't even let you sleep if you didn't gather enough of the right material for a restorative sleep. You heal while you sleep, that's why you feel better, not because you lost consciousness for a few hours... if sleep doesn't heal you, then you need to eat the right things... and lots of it. Supplements help.

The idea that all you need in a unhappy situation (when your basic vital needs aren't met or you're being threatened) is to force your brain to feel happy with a drug is preposterous! It will never solve anything! Denial will allow the problem to kill you! The drug will poison you! Nothing is ever just in your head, even if it's only important or real for you, even if you imagined it, even a dramatic movie can affect you physically. Thoughts matter. Without feelings, without the ability to feel pain as a warning of danger, you'd chew and eat your own tongue, and you'd hurt yourself enough to lose limbs and die quickly. So feelings are vital. They affect your whole body physically, that's what they're for. That's how every cell of your body communicate with each other, sometimes they use electrical impulses or various types of fluids to transmit those messages... but they're all thoughts and feelings.

That’s the difference between a living sentient being and a dead one or a rock… so don’t believe that feelings are not important and shouldn’t affect your well being… They go both way: they’re the message from your body that you are in pain, but they can also cause physical damage because they are complex and demand a lot of energy... it can be exhausting to feel and be alive. Cells have a shorter life span than the whole, and that becomes possible because we renew our cells. So make sure to nourish yourself with living materials that are usable: vitamins and minerals; not just calories from sugar.

Eat life~ And you'll be full of life~


Lisa Of Shades
19 January 2015
Broken leg image from orthopedics
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!