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Health ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Gift of Knowledge

Green apple - Gift of life The adrenal glands are like brains on top of your kidneys. They have many vital functions and orchestrate the functions of many other organs.

Adrenal Fatigue is the name that Naturopaths gave to an imbalance in our entire life and body.

The adrenals are at the center of the many problems: their exhaustion being the most felt effect, and then their dysfunction cause many other consequences.

To truly heal, you have to bring balance into your entire life, not steroid replacement or other drugs. Because the malnutrition, toxins and stresses harm your entire being.

Don't just blunt the pain, distress and exhaustion. Heal theirs causes completely.


Nutrition can improve your whole life from the inside out. There is a link between nutrition, the physical and the mental. It goes both ways and in every directions. It's all connected.

To know which nutritional needs might be amiss, search your symptoms in my page:
Health ~ Nutrition ~ Vitamins & minerals

The adrenals use a lot of everything.

To be able to burn energy you need the B complex, not just calories. You need to make the red blood cells that will carry oxygen and a fire cannot burn anything without it. It's also vital for nerves.

The adrenals need big storages of vitamin C to handle stress and heal. The brains and eyes as well.

They also need minerals. Calcium requires vitamin D3 to be absorbed and must be balanced with magnesium. The first contracts muscles and the other relaxes them. Zinc helps to be calm too.

As much as your body needs.


Plain poisons: mercury (dental fillings), arsenic (given to chicken to give their flesh a "healthy" pink coloration) and toxic vapors from household products that are covered up by a more pleasant but equally toxic perfume. Cosmetics, hair dyes, nail varnish, more perfumes...

Anything synthetic doesn't belong in your body: artificial sugars, colors, flavors, preservatives, pesticides...

Stimulants don't provide nutrition to function and renew your cells. During a famine, your body prolongs survival by slowing down to conserve nutrients and energy. But the stimulants assault the adrenals and force the body to do a disastrous self cannibalism to function faster. A famine can happen even with an abundance of food when making the wrong choices: anything with caffeine (coffee, cola, even tea...), refined sugar, alcohol, smoking, drugs & medicines (even herbs and especially steroids)...

Cheap fillers that had their nutrition taken out by refining processes, and replaced by toxins to make them tastier than anything natural. It makes real foods seem bland by comparison, but it's an illusion scientifically crafted to addict you. You must not blindly believe anything, especially not advertisement. Their goals are the profits of their industries, even if it kills you with lies: grains, corn, soy...

Radioactivity: microwaves mutate your food by create substances that where never seen in nature. Your nerves communicate with electricity, cell phones and Wi-Fi have incompatible frequencies that go right through you, disrupting the messages telling the cells how to operate and reproduce properly, causing pains and cancers.

Anything that your body doesn't handle well becomes a burden:
allergies can affect the brain too, even lesser intolerances, and celiac disease but no one should eat grains for nutritional reasons. All bowels are irritable, if you have IBS, something is irritating them. Do an elimination process to free yourself from the strain that is slowly but surely weakening your entire health.

Relationships can be toxic too: energy robbers can claim to love you while treating you with hatred. They can do a lot of subtle or blatant violence emotionally, financially and physically... with abuses or neglect. They're killing you slowly and loving them won't change that fact. Even the best people will take advantage of the opportunity if you let them take too much. But if they deliberately continue the unfair exchange after you expressed your suffering, don't let them drain your very life away. Avoid, ignore, forget and move on to find better. You can't earn what people can't feel or refuse to give. You don't need permission to have self esteem, because that's what fuels your will to live and you'd die otherwise. Life is its own worth and meaning. Acknowledge it and spontaneously start to value your own well being. Give cares, respect and love to yourself. It will overflow, spread around you and change your world. That will echo and change the entire world.

Negative emotions: they have the wise purpose of helping you understand what you need and want, but they need to be balanced. They put you in the fight of flight (or freeze) mode, instead of the healing mode. If you stay angry, sad or scared for too long... your body will deteriorate even if you nourish yourself enough. Try to let go, even if only temporarily. Dark humor can be a good compromise to cope.


The adrenals handle stress, any stimulation requires them to unleash energy with adrenalin, so anything can exhaust them if the balance between stress, rest and nutrition is broken: Physical or mental activity, even if you like it, even if it's fiction.

It's obvious that our body will burn out if we work too hard and too long. But we're more than muscles.

The mind requires a lot of energy. Especially for emotions and social interactions; they must not be underestimated because they require so much thinking that they can quickly over stimulate. Social phobia and other fears is how your primal brain asks you to take care of yourself and avoid harm, there's no shame in listening to that wisdom but don't let it overpower your reason. Everything is real to your mind. It's exhausting to be grieving the past, regretting the present or fearing the future. So it's important to find acceptance for what you can't change, by at least acknowledging it, bottling things up tend to explode. Art can be a nicest way to express the worst, even if you're not good at it.

To relax, it's important to always find a reason to enjoy, even the simplest ones, and those are often the best. Feel accomplished by every small step, even when your bigger goals aren't reached yet. Because there is always more to aspire and want. Don't wait to have it all to appreciate or you never will.

Sleep deprivation can kill you in as little as 11 days. Even the brain renews your cells, when you dream you copy the information to a new neuron. So resting will help you think faster, more clearly and be more productive. But for that you need to nourish your brain proper materials. Mostly fat, the B complex and vitamin C.

Your hobbies
require energy too even if you love them, your duties as well. That's why people in "depression" can't find pleasure in what they used to anymore or neglect to groom themselves. But "beauty" products are so toxic that it's actually wise. I wash myself with bicarbonate, it helps me detoxify instead of making me absorb more poisons. My bath becomes all the more relaxing.

Your gains have a price and a down side. Reaching higher might not be worth the energy that it'd takes, if it means sacrificing your health until life becomes unbearable. Be careful what you wish for because bigger things mean bigger problems, everything has a downside as big as its good side... when it goes wrong. Your level of happiness isn't about how much you have but how much you appreciate it. So rejoice that the simple things that you take for granted are going well. When you simplify your lifestyle, you aim at more humble things but you also simplify the problems that come with them.

Shit happens because it's positive for the happiness of someone else, or it's the consequence of misinformed decisions, or a stubborn refusal to learn from mistakes and try something different... or purely random bad luck. There's never a need to blame yourself, or anyone, it's not constructive. But if you are unhappy, it's a clear message that there's a need for change, and that starts by identifying the causes of the problems. By being well nourished, you'll have the wits and energy to find and accomplish solutions. But don't force it if you need to rest or your exhaustion debt will worsen.

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing; at least you don't make things worse. But trying and failing can be a great help to figure things out.

Adrenal fatigue can happen suddenly from a big trauma like an accident, illness or the death of a loved one... or chronic allergies and toxins, sleep deprivation and malnutrition. You can die from it, it's a death by a thousand needles... when the harm surpasses your resources to heal the damage, the slightest thing can end up severely hurting, exhausting and even killing you. Don't overlook anything as insignificant.

Try to increase your coping mechanisms by adding positive in the balance.

The cure for everything

Obviously it's not chemicals and radioactivity because the problem can't be the solution.

Respect your needs and limits.

Get rid of the poisons and flush the toxins.

Nourish yourself, rest and enjoy~

Life is that simple. It's time to balance and simplify everything.

Lisa Of Shades
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To learn from the bests, as I did, see their sites in my page: Sources from Experts. I have some summary in the right menu and more~

This is the most important information that I've ever had the privilege to learn:

Adrenal fatigue.

Those two precious words were the key that opened my mind to a whole new world, a better way to live, how to finally take care of myself properly, so I could TRULY heal my whole body and mind.

It's the cause and the consequence of all things, in every aspect of your life and being; beyond your brain and even heart. It’s the core.

And everything starts with what you put or not in your stomach, on your skin, and in your life. Everything matters, even the smallest things because they add up.

Health can be simple. Just eat healthy! Keep a balance between acting, nourishing and resting.

More rest won't compensate for bad nutrition; exercise will make it worst by increasing needs. Ignoring how depressing undernourishment rightfully makes you feel won't solve the problem. Only respecting your limit and nutrition can help.

Take responsibility, but don't waste energy blaming yourself. Use it constructively to find solutions to save yourself. You're the best doctor because you're the only one who'll feel if the results improve your quality of life of make you feel worst in the long term. Don't fall for the trap of a immediate pleasure highs (sugar, alcohol, stimulants, all drugs, even sex, over stimulating movies and videogames) because it often drains too much too fast out of you, and damages you into a worse exhaustion later. Don't kick yourself.

"When we want we can" but it's thanks to the adrenalin made by those glands, the truth is "When we can we want".

If you fulfill your vital needs, you'll have strength and will. You'll be happy to be alive. Break the vicious cycle and make the effort to prepare yourself a good meal, you'll be rewarded with more energy than you'll know what to do with.

The pancreas stores excess blood sugar and the adrenal glands free it as needed. But if you don't have enough vitamin C and of the B complex, they can't! You end up with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) which can cause intense cravings, but it's also called glucose intolerance...

So the answer is NOT even more sugar, which would just fry your pancreas and make you obese; it's NOT stimulants like caffeine, that'd just end up in a heart attack because he also need a lot of vitamin C and properly balanced electrolyte minerals to function. If your body doesn’t have the elements needed to function, your thyroid will make him slow down to prevent break down, but the answer is NOT hormone replacement!

Instead to blame your body as defective and force him with drugs, understand why, because your body only wants to protect your life. Get out of the way with the crap that you think you want; give him the basics that you NEED! Eat REAL food!

Money hungry corporations won’t advertise what’s good for you; they will glorify lies and indulge your laziness and insecurities to exploit you. They destroy your health with artificial colors and flavors that will trick and damage your brain, and they know it! Only trust your body, feelings and long term results. Make your own meals!!!

What you need is more nutrition! It's nutrition that counts, not calories.

In food there's sugar for energy, vitamins like C to heal and be able to function, and fiber to trap toxins and poop them out. In refined foods, the healing and detoxifying elements are lost to only keep the flavor and energy... you end up with a disaster... it's not even food anymore, sugar and grains are as worthless and addictive as a stimulating drug, like cocaine. That’s why the companies do this. Dead foods can’t perish and go to waste, but they can’t prolong your life either, and they make your body waste away and accumulate toxins. That cause diseases and the body doesn't need more chemicals drugs to heal, he needs LESS!

Adrenal fatigue is the root cause of so many problems, and the only deeper explanation is actually scurvy!

Prolong and deep vitamin C deficiency explains what we believe to be old age, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, anemia, multiple chemical sensitivities, heart attacks, depression and even why some people spontaneously recover from cancer (prolong chemical poisoning).

That's how important and useful it is to have enough water soluble vitamin C, which can only be stored as collagen and flesh in the body. Even when it goes right through you, it can give back an electron to your molecules, stolen by oxygen, to keep their integrity!

The B complex is also water soluble and can also explain a lot with pellagra (B3) and beriberi (B1). As science evolved with complex drugs and fancy techniques, it forgot the most basic of basics: life forms need to eat life to live.

The adrenals have hundreds on vital functions:
  • Handling stress with adrenalin (any stimulation requires energy to handle it)
  • Balancing blood sugar by freeing reserves
  • Telling the kidneys to retain salt for proper blood pressure
To build their liquid messages (hormones) they need a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients. The heart can speed up to compensate unpleasantly, but anxiety is in fact a simple survival mechanism; nourishing yourself for optimal functions will be more enjoyable and you'll have the energy to cope with much more stimulations.

Begin your journey with adding fresh vegetables. Like in a chicken soup made of bone broth. Accompanied by a raw salad with green apples, cucumbers or everything natural and unprocessed that you fancy~ It will provides live enzymes that will help you digest, and live cells that will help you replace yours. Vegetables and nuts like almonds will give a slow release of stable fuel; easier on your pancreas, adrenals, brain and consequently your mood. Grains kill, greens heal.

Ginger and the turmeric curcuma are adaptogen adaptogens (dictionary), they will work in harmony with your body, doing things in opposite directions according to your needs and with no side effects! For energy or calm, they help the adrenals handle stress. They enhances the taste of vegetable and meat~

Take vitamin C daily, 2-4g (2000 to 4000mg) in divided 1g doses, optimally after 1h to maximize absorption; but scientists used much more and more often with great results for diseases. A lot is needed to handle stress and heal. Supplement with much more according to what YOU need that day; if depressed, in pain, exhausted or sick. That's all natural; don't worry about it, it's simply your body asking you to take care of what you require and respect your limit. Do it and you'll be okay~ It's not weakness or selfishness; it's being alive and self care.

If you take one drop of water, you won’t be able to quench thirst, especially not after a trip in the desert. So don’t just eat vitamin C, take as much as you need; basically as much as you can hold without it going safely and painlessly right through you; which is actually a detoxifying bonus instead of a side effect. Shame on drugs for causing more diseases, the very thing they’re supposed to treat and even death! You can't go wrong with nutrients.

Food needs to be balanced with glucose for energy, vitamins like C for functions and healing, and watery fiber from living vegetables to flush toxins out (otherwise they get sealed in fat or tumors).

Taking grams of refined sugar and adding it to everything created a social disaster: for our looks and well being, not because of fat, but because the empty poisons in the standard diet destroyed the health of our very vital organs. Gaining health is what needs to be addressed urgently, not losing weight, it's the solution not the cause: fat is vital and protects you, your brain is made of it and every cell.

Vitamin C can help restore the balance, because you need it to heal and detoxify. It's compressed food, but make sure the supplement has no sugar, wheat, corn, soy, preservatives or it's like adding the poison with the cure. You can juice vegetables like kale too if you dare.

The vitamin B complex will give you more energy than sheer sugar, because you need it to be even able to burn energy, otherwise whatever you eat is useless. It will also make the red blood cells that you need to carry oxygen.

Your body needs to be properly nourished to function accurately
, your adrenals as well as your brain. It's nutrition that counts not calories.

Make sure you're well hydrated with the electrolytes that you need: Calcium (needs D3 to absorb it), Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Bicarbonate and more... Magnesium is necessary to make neurotransmitters, relax and sleep. A deficiency causes cramps and tremors, salt and other imbalanced electrolytes too.

Sugar is NOT one of them! It’s a refined white powder just like flour and like cocaine, they cause addiction, imbalance your body and mind. Ban colas, caffeine make you pee and therefore dehydrate you. Sugar bypasses your ability to use vitamin C. Fake sugar in diet cola damage your brain and cause neurological problems. There's way better to love in nature. Use organic matter to nourish and heal your organs. It's pure logic.

Table salt, even the so called sea one, is acidic with bleach, cyanide and toxic aluminum; it's bad for you because it's NOT salt. Real salt, like GREY Celtic sea salt is alkalinizing and will give you the trace elements for your nerves. Take as much real salt as you need, because your ability to hold on to it is compromised. It will help you hold on to water: you'll pee less, have a better blood pressure, your heart won't need to race unpleasantly to compensate, your brain will stop to swell with confusing seizures and you'll have more energy.

It's great in soup, but I also put a tea spoon in a glass of water if I feel drowsy in the morning. Real salt is way more efficient than coffee, because you give your body what he needs to function, instead to force him with stimulants when he doesn't have what it takes to do it. Same with sugar, smoke or drugs. Don't torture, provide and you will prevail.

Restore the balance between nourishing, acting and resting.

Have a rest as well, it's a need too.

The purpose of exercise isn't to lose weight or do body building. Your have two types of veins. The Blood requires a pump, your heart, to provide what's needed to function quickly enough. The lymphatic system doesn't have one to clean you; it can be slower, so gravity is used: when you walk you move up and down, it moves fluids around.

For this you can simply take a walk in nature, this will also balance your electrical energy by grounding you, the fresh air can renew you. Or you can enjoy bouncing on a mini trampoline. It's so powerful to clean your fluids that it can pull the pee right out of you, so go to the bathroom first. Uric acid (pee) can accumulate in your muscles as you use them, so light stretches can help, like squeezing a sponge in water (drink it) and they won't burn in pain anymore.

Move gently to avoid further exhaustion.

You can't turn the poison in junk into energy and certainly not muscles, or it would have been done in the first place. It’s not that you eat too much; it’s that you don’t eat food at all! That’s why you can’t stop eating; your body is looking for nourishment, it's a survival mechanism, because your belly is full of sand, cardboard and toxic artificial chemicals. You don't need more of the wrong thing; you need the real still living foods. Eat greens and fresh unprocessed meat.

If I end up extenuating my limit and at the end of my rope, which is natural since I can't control everything, to avoid indulging deadly thoughts: I take a Licorice root tea and chew the pieces of roots. I only keep it for emergencies. Usually a cup with a pinch of root is enough, maybe two days in a row; but they advice against making it a routine and recommend taking weeks off. If I remember correctly, it can raise the level of females hormones; while it's calming, too much of a good thing might be a problem, men should probably go easy on it; but it can be life saving. It’s a very powerful and delicious remedy that perks me right up.

Simplify the burdens in your life. Every stress is real to your adrenals, even visualizations as you worry and what you love.

Everything requires energy and the problem arises when the demand is higher than the resources. Stress is simply stimulation: it can entertain boredom into joy, but over stimulation can also extenuate you into feeling lousy. Everyone has a different limit, sensitive people able to perceive more information will be able to think more quickly and be great for specific tasks, but it also means that the brain will get tired sooner for reaching his quota faster. We're all just humans. If you do more and faster, you won't last as long.

That's why sprints aren’t as long as marathons where you pace your energy, instead to give out everything you have as quickly as possible. If you try to do the marathon of your life by constantly sprinting with no rest, you’ll crash and hurt yourself. You might even die or at least wish you were... so respect the humanly possible limit and find your own. What can be done sometimes doesn't mean it can or should be done all the time.

It’s possible to use energy meant for later, but sooner or later you’ll have to refill your reserves with nutrition and rest, to compensate and catch up to deficiencies; pain and sadness will let you know loud and clear. Even vital organs can be cannibalized for fuel, with enough nutrition even them could be rebuild, but please don't push and neglect yourself so close to death... Depression is actually exhaustion, it's not just in your head, it's in your vital organs. You can't live without those, so you can't be happy while they're going to hell. Nourish them and they will heal!

Don't torture your mind, have constructive thoughts, value your life above all else.

If you end up exhausted, you won't be of use to anyone, you won't even be able to do what you love anymore, or walk, or breathe... and that's depressing, but emotions and even pains aren't the problem: they're messages to take better care of your needs.

There is no such thing as anxiety; it's just a survival mechanism: the adrenal glands make the heart race with adrenalin to send what's needed faster; to compensate for hunger, thirst, and lack of enough oxygen carriers! Fill the needs and the less pleasant alternative methods will end.

There is NO SUCH THING as mental illness, but the brain can starve, suffocate, be sleep deprived or poisoned! He'll function accurately if you provide the needs optimally.

You deserve what you need to be healthy, it's way more important than what you think you want or have to do, and MUST have priority.

Simplify and purify the draining burdens in your life. If you have no power over something, accept it, don't struggle against the color of the sky. Do you best when you can, otherwise: avoid, ignore, forget... provide enough nutrients to heal and eventually you'll move on even from the worst. The past can only be accepted and the future is yet to be made. So enjoy the present, it's called a gift for a reason.

The most valuable asset is your health. When you have the responsibility you also have the rewards~

You're not an easy target for abuse anymore when you stop doing it to yourself by respecting your limit and needs, then you'll have the confidence to communicate them to others, and it's the only way that they can know. Defend what you hold dear.

Your life has as much value as you give it.

Independence is freedom. Rely on yourself to make your own energy with vitamins and minerals, don't waste your life force and preserve some for the unexpected. You'll be a more pleasant company than if you take on more than you can handle, then try to rob energy from others, who might have worst trials than you do, but are putting on a brave face.

The most important time to smile is when things go wrong.
Laughter in front of hardship (not against others because it spread pain and can backfire) relaxes you and helps you go through everything.

You can only share what you already have, in a couple and with others, so it's important to nurture love and happiness within yourself first. No one and nothing can replace that. You need no one's permission but your own! Life is often unfair, but it can also be in a positive way: you don't have to deserve it. No matter what you are and do someone will love and hate you, for both your qualities and flaws. So be an ally to yourself.

Trust that you can figure things out sooner or later, no matter how many mistakes you have to learn from, they're part of the natural process. That's how life works. You learn to walk by falling and getting back up; it's true for everything else. At least when you try you can gain something: you live, you make experiences, and the bad ones are just as important to discover yourself. It's not failing; it's exploring and training skills.

If you are alive by the end of the day, your life is a success.

The secret of happiness isn't in how much you have but how much you appreciate it. Nothing is ever granted forever, the best thing that you can do is enjoy~

My pages for self care (other sections)
  • Recipes for happiness. Nutriments in greens will help you heal; their fiber cleans you, keeps your blood sugar and mood stable.

  • Vent anger for balance & inner peace can inspire you to find easy ways to preserve your precious energy, instead to waste your very life force on things that you have no power over, and use powerful energy constructively. All you can do is control yourself and take care, so do it and enjoy~
It took me 10 years or pointless pain and humiliations to find the gift that I'm trying to offer you; yet only you can help yourself... but you CAN.

Don't just numb the pain with drugs, legal or not, getting even worst side effects trying to manage the symptoms. The cure is healing the root cause... and it's way simpler than you think. Change is hard, but those required are actually easy! Feed on life, not death like chemicals.

Give yourself a chance to find a much better way to live and be happy~

Your brain is a part of your body, so it will affect your mind, but it's NOT "only in your head"; stress isn't even handled there but by your adrenal glands, and it affects your whole body, even if it goes unnoticed, even if "experts" fail to make the connection.

You can't go wrong by taking care of yourself. Reading about how to nurture those glands helped me understand how to do it for my whole being.

And so can you~

The adrenals tell the liver to free reserves of fuel and speed up the heart to send it even faster. Anxiety is merely hunger for energy in a time of demand. If the adrenal glands can't do it anymore from exhaustion, lack of vitamins and real slow digested food; you crash with hypoglycemia. But an unnaturally high amount of sugar isn't the cure; it causes diabetes by frying the pancreas too! Smaller more regular meals of vegetables and healthy fats like almonds are they key. When the adrenal glands are too tired, you end up unable to walk and breathe... so you won't have energy for what you love either. No matter how much you want or need to... because energy gives you will, not the other way around, you need a B complex to even be able to use fuel; it's processed out of commercial food, so you end up with unusable energy that just poison you and have to be sealed in fat so you won't die! But fat isn't to blame, healthy ones can even keep your blood sugar stable, sugar is to blame for low blood sugar. Life is more complex than it appears.

Please don't wait until you suffer that much. There's no magic pill! Putting your well being and very life in the hands of someone else, is the best way to be abused and hurt even more! Take control of your own health!

The artificial hydrocortisone only replaced and inhibited my own hormone production, making my glands atrophy even weaker. I almost died with an acute adrenal crisis... from medicine. And they killed so many… don't fall prey to their false hope. Abandon all hope, make it happen.

By feeding your adrenal glands the vitamin they need, especially the C, and minerals... you will make them strong!

You'll have more energy, more able to cope with change, handle stress more easily as long as you respect your own limit... and you won't be in pain anymore, physically therefore mentally too, because they are one!

Depression is your body's cry for help, like a baby, but now it's YOUR responsibility to listen and answer it with cares. No one can make up for self neglect, not even love if you won't love yourself.

Filling the nutritional needs of your body isn't quackery; it's logic and life itself.

Scurvy (lack of C), pellagra (niacin B3) and beriberi (B1) are diseases that are proven to be caused by nutritional deficiencies, and correcting them with vitamins is the only cure. But you make way more billions by only treating the symptoms and keeping people sick. Their effects are blamed on something else nowadays, like gum disease, your mental, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia... when it CAN be cured and EASILY!!!

Just respect your limit, fulfill what you need. It's nutrition that counts, not calories. Like I explain in Nutrition ~ Purpose of fat and Weight ~ Aim for health.

Be better than doctors for yourself, open your mind to all possibilities. What matters isn't the reputation or popularity but what heals for real.

The key is to restore balance in your life between nourishing, doing and resting.

Choose wisely. It varies between people and days. So listen to your own needs. Your body will guide you. Don't work against him, but make him your best ally; and you'll never be alone... you'll always have yourself. So take care~ Respect your own limit, and you have respect. Be compassionate for your flaws and you'll have love. Mistakes means that you tried, there's no shame if you did your best possible on the moment, that's how we learn.

Don't worry about it, one way or another, you'll figure it out, you'll be okay~

Appreciate. It doesn't need to be big; it only needs to be there. Simplify your life and you'll simplify your problems.

Life is about living. That's all nature ever demanded of you and wished for you: Live.

The present is called a gift for a reason.


Wonderful videos at Youtube by John Bergman: How eliminate Adrenal Fatigue and have a Healthy Thyroid 2013 and How to keep a Healthy Thyroid and Adrenals

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