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Information about [WolfPack], a batch maker of HorribleSubs, only in 480p.
Also some others subbers and some music. Not a member of the unofficial group.
(Maybe the site's admin is a different person, I confess nothing.)

List of sites
Why only 480p


This search opens a page for every site selected. It will go the home page if you don't write any keywords. Created to verify if the torrent exists before making a batch.

It moved to its own page: Search torrent sites

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List of sites

Best sites that I've found so far:
  • HorribleSubs
    Best to get the newest episodes. One of the rare subbers to offer 480p too.
    Added RSS options. He has a IRC Download Guide XDCC with Hexchat.
  • AcgnX Torrent User: WolfPack Infos: Announcement
    Best for animes from many people. Added Nyaa's database to their site.
    Full register & upload options. Linked my old torrents to my new user name.
    Has its own http and udp trackers.
  • ExtraTorrent User: Wolf_Pack
    Best for any type of torrent. ETRG makes good SD movies.
Database backups of Nyaa with old torrents but not fully functional:
  • Nyaa
    It's not ready yet but HorribleSubs officially chose this one as his replacement.
  • Nyaa Pantsu Search: WolfPack
    A clone that now has a upload button and they're working on a register option. You can find most of my torrents in that search, but sometimes I gave too long titles and my name tag got cut out of the keywords.
  • NyaaTorrents Archive
    Archive. Search only.
WolfPack uploads at these sites: WolfPack's torrent lists (profile or a search) with reviews:
  • AcgnX Torrent - user WolfPack
    It added Nyaa's database to its own. It has the old & new torrents.
    It offers a http tracker. Hard name but good usability. It added my old Nyaa torrents to my new AcgnX account. Infos: Announcement.
  • AniDex - user WolfPack (with private search bar)
    The search is only for my list (like Nyaa), the logo is a link to the whole site.
    It has a http tracker. Similar to Nyaa, but the titles are cut instead to be readable on two lines, annyong to do mouse over to see the video size.
  • AniRena Torrent Tracker - search: WolfPack
    A search instead of my profile. The torrents are classed by first name tag in the title instead of who uploaded them, the tag becomes a link. I have to add my name to be able to search them, but at the end to be able to read the torrent's name, it's cut instead to display on two lines, hiding important info unless you do mouse over. We can't add a description. Beautiful but limited.
  • Tokyo Toshokan - user WolfPack
    Too limited. It doesn't host torrents, we must give a link to another site. They don't even allow custom titles or descriptions. Making a google of torrents should be done automatically. (I might stop posting there, the search options are too limited if I can't customize titles.)
  • Anime Tosho - search: WolfPack
    A search instead of my profile. No uploads, they import torrents automatically from other sites. The list is in their About/FAQ. You can choose the color theme in a mini drop down menu on your left. "2016q2 - Ikoma" is a soothing green.
  • ExtraTorrent - user Wolf_Pack
    As Wolf_Pack because the name was taken.
    Favorite site with every type of torrents. ETRG makes good SD movies.
    You won't see any ads if you register and use the ABP (Ad Block Plus) add-on with Firefox.
Anime databases to get info: Search engines plugins of anime databases at Mycroft Project:

I explain them in my news: How to use search engines plugins. WolfPack can be messaged on these sites as TreeOfWolf:
  • Twitter
    For news, rants, long conversations by PM or even request an old anime. If I've seen it in my A-P list, I probably have a SD version. I'm not into social media so I don't go often, but I'd like to know anime fans. Especially if they're my rare minority still loving 480p. Let's help each other~
  • Anime-Planet
    Info about anime. I didn't add everything that I watched but you can see what I liked: horror, fantasy, superpowers and parodies. Rarely romance, mechas and school. Add the wolfpack tag to your searches for my recommendations. The forum closed to merge it with the site before I could join, but we can post on a user wall.
Sites that I use when an anime torrent can't be found:
Streaming sites have lower quality to be easier to watch online, but some have a download option that is great when you're desperate:
  • KissAnime
    They add a barely visible watermark logo, but making torrents like that is often forbidden. I had to register to make the download options appear. They change their site extension sometimes, but you can still find them.
  • AnimeTv
    No need to register, just click login without writing anything if the popup comes and it will go away. They don't add a watermark unless they get their files from KissAnime.
Useful custom RSS tool:
  • Shana Project
    I found it when I became unable to use the new httpS links. It has a private http link that words for me. We have to select a specific name in a list instead of doing a broad keyword search, so we might not get the new season automatically if it's named differently. But we end up with a clean RSS that removes what you've downloaded. It's safer to download automatically, but I still prefer to add them to favorite and customize labels that will be transferred in a folder for each anime, automatically.
I saved the best for last. Get all your anime episodes from the source:
  • HorribleSubs (his site) and get to know him at Twitter.

    He's one of the rare subbers who still do 480p, still caring about the minority, not just the elitists. When Nyaa site went down, it was without a warning, a goodbye or any help to ease the grief and transition. The mods turned off the chat because they didn't want to be bothered, they told me that they didn't care. But HorribleSubs cried with us, he paved a way to help us find happiness again, so life could go on. He's awesome but not just at being useful, his soul is outstanding too.

    He now offers a RSS at his site, for all video formats or only your favorite. It's a http link that works even with my outdated tools.

    There is also a way to get anime from the chat:
    IRC Download Guide XDCC with Hexchat.
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  • UDP
    Open trackers. Give permission for that type too in your firewall.
  • HTTP
    The torrent must be uploaded at their website to make the tracker work.
  • DHT
    If you enable it, you won't need any trackers and you can get extra people.
Trackers that I use lately:

3 private http trackers that must be registered on their public sites: AcgnX, AniDex, AniRena. AcgnX also has its own public udp and a secure https. (I can't use the https but maybe you can.) I also added two completely public trackers that I found in a list of best open trackers. I saw opentrackr and coppersurfer often in movie torrents and they never failed. If the 3 sites vanish, we'll still have those.



How to edit the list:

Your download program lets you delete and add trackers for your personal use. You can update my old torrents without me having to repost them, if you don't want to allow DHT.

Any new torrent with the same folder and file names will seem the same, and it will find the peers and seeders of the old one.

I will never use an online editor again. It allowed a forbidden space after the name of a http tracker and the site couldn't recognize it.

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News: 14 May 2017 - Edited tracker list

I don't know which trackers I should add anymore. I keep having problems with acgnx's udp "tracker has no peer field" and my computer can't handle the https. Acgnx told me that udp causes problems sometimes and to not add this one. The torrents I saw only used the http so I will do that too.

I will no longer use:


I will never use an online tracker editor again. It allowed a forbidden space after the name of a http tracker and the site couldn't recognize it.

It was the anidex tracker of: Youjo Senki - Saga of Tanya the Evil

I don't know if the torrent still exists online, I think I only edited it for that site. It works anyway.

If you see a torrent with zero peers, give it a chance anyway, you could find some with the trackers that doesn't change the site's stats, like udp or DHT.

News: 12 May 2017 - HorribleSubs choose a new home for his torrents

It's not ready yet but HorribleSubs officially chose Nyaa as his replacement. I won't add the tracker until I can upload. Trying to download just changes the torrent list order.

News: 10 May 2017 - I'll stop adding a link to Anime-Planet in my descriptions.

Now that I upload to 5 sites, I'll keep my descriptions shorter. Instead of a link to an anime database, I'll write the name in bold in a way easy to select, so you can search in the site of your choice. It was unfair to add a link to AP for people prefering MAL anyway.

How to use search engines plugins:

Firefox has a cool add-on: a list of search engines (on the right of your address search bar, in the top right corner of your browser). Select the one you want: open the list by clicking on the icon on the left of that smaller search bar, or the blank space. Select the words in the page, do a right click and select search. You don't even have to copy-paste or drag & drop them in the search bar!

You can add more search engines by going to the site that you want to add. Sometimes the option to add it appears in the list of search engines. Or you can search for one at Mycroft Project.

Search engines plugins at Mycroft Project:

News: 10 May 2017 - I joined a private site, but so far it's not the 480p gold mine that I hoped for.

I joined Anime Torrents as TreeOfWolf. I don't know if I can talk about them, but I didn't see a rule against it. So here are some quotes:

One account per person per lifetime! Anti-lurk policy. You must use your account to upload or download torrent data within 30 days of account creation, or it will be pruned!

Member: Registered users with 2GB upload and ratio above 1.0. Have full rights of membership (upload/download). (Newbies are automatically promoted to member status when they have been newbies for 5 or more days and have achieved a ratio of 1.0 or higher with at least a 2GB upload.) Inactive Members (With no ratio) are auto pruned every month.

Most private sites are invite only, some do hard interviews about you and your knowledge. This one seems to be always open, so you have a chance to prove yourself, but only once, so make sure to read the rules.

They mention that public sites are better for ongoing series, but their rarer older torrents are always seeded. Seeding at a private site takes more time, it's long term investment, not instant gratification. If you unleash your greed, you'll dig your own grave.

Newbies can't upload, making it difficult to raise your ratio, earn your place as a member, and avoid eternal doom. But they have features that helps... and the cheats that don't hack your stats higher than what you actually seed are allowed.

I was hoping to find a lot of rare 480p. but I made more torrents in my 3 years of batch making than they have on their entire site from all users... I made 80 and they have less than 60, only two pages, even after unblocking all the porn. But if you can play HD you'll find more in 720p and 1080p.

Almost all the 480p torrents had zero peers, so I wouldn't even be able to seed back once, even less to boost my stats enough to become an uploader.

We are allowed to seed what we already have from a public site, but please make sure to seed it once before seeding it to the private site, or you'll damage the speed and even kill the torrent! Becoming a leecher in public to avid being punished for being one in a private site... you're still missing the point of sharing, you're still unworthy of what you take.

I found a torrent that I already had (I seeded it 5 times in public). So I renamed the folder, did a force-recheck because files of the same names might not be the same. I tried to seed but the peer was done before I could get my 2 gigs and become an uploader.

Never add extra trackers to the private torrent. Trackers seem to detect each other in a loop and end up multiplying the number of people and upload incorrectly. (Peer exchange detected me 15 times when I was the only seeder. 3 of my 5 trackers are private. 3x5 = 15.) If you hack your stats in an undeserved manner, you'll get banned permanently even if you didn't know or had good seeding intentions.

The torrents that I can enjoy were all unwanted, so to my deepest shame, I had to download HD, I'm unable to play it with my old computer... So I only downloaded it for my stats, I'd delete the anime without even enjoying it... and it breaks my heart, that's not what sharing what we love is about. But I have to if I want to be able to upload and offer more... Please don't do it, make batches, HorribleSubs have many series that need one.

Torrents above 10 gigs have a gold coin, meaning that it's free and you can download it without raising that stat. And it also had a multiplier that does x2 on the amount that you upload. It was 44 gigs, I can't download it all, so I only selected a few files. Many people would take the first files, so I picked some in the middle to have something different to offer. It only took a day for me to become a full member. I'll continue to seed it more to help and earn more uploads stats. That way I'll be able to download some unwanted 480p torrents, and I won't be in the red even if it takes me months to give them back once.

I am very fond of anime and it makes me happy to help sharing what I love with convenient batches. I'd have to seed the same series twice to upload at a private site too... 2x my minimum 5 times uploaded = 10 times. I wouldn't be able to make as many batches and I'm already behind, especially with all the new episodes that I seed, sometimes 10+ times, because the anime is that good.

I thought that seeding my batches in private site only once would help people earn their upload stats. If everybody is honest enough to pass it on, and I seed it 5 times, it's 4 people in the red!

I'd be able to seed it once. Maybe even less than that if people seed it after downloading my torrent in a public site, if I don't upload in private first to give them exclusivity for a while.

But then I got extremely worries that people would download them in public, leech without giving it back because they only care about their stats, then upload it in private. Deleting it without watching it because they don't even want 480p, or don't care about the anime.

That really devastated me and broke my heart... especially since even I did something similar... except that I always seed more than once. I don't want people to harm my babies, maybe I should only post in public, the way HorribleSubs intended. I don't want to wonder if the peers in my torrents are truly my kin, or just cheaters... I should seed the public ones more instead...

Maybe I'll upload only the best ones in private. I chose a different user name to make it harder to find my torrents. Maybe I should change the folder name too. So only the smartest cheater would be able to screw me and my peers.

But if other 480p lovers are struggling to get into private sites hoping to find more of their rare stuff...I don't want them to feel disappointed like I felt. It'd be good to add more batches. And the cheaters might just be desperate to avoid being banned after being unable to seed unwanted torrents, but willing to, and would seed my public version too before using it as a cheat... But they can just download a free x2 torrent... It'd be easier...

I don't know what to do. Maybe I should just make more batches instead of seeding duplicates... I don't know if the private site pitiful collection of 480p should make me give up uploading more because it's unwanted, or motivate me because it's too limited. Maybe I should upload a torrent and let the number of peer vote. They often kept me from quitting entirely, especially after HD elitists bullied me, saying to stop and kill myself. That just motivated me to aggravate them more. XD

I was so desperate to join a private site, I should make the best of it. It's invite only, and you can almost only such friends in another private site, so it's hard to join that closed circle. Someone I met in public almost did, but changed her mind when she found out that I'm just a batch maker, not an encoder. (Or that I'm crazy, I barely slept or eaten for a week.)

I was worried to be unable to use a private site. But it's similar to a regular one if you already share fairly. They use a http tracker, not the secure https that don' work with my outdated computer. VPN is suggested, not imposed. They simply forbid DHT, so you need their tracker.

I'm glad that I joined, I don't know if I'll help upload more 480p choices yet, but that would be a much more honorable way to boost my stats in a pinch. And the only way to find out how wanted 480p is at that private site, and how rotten cheaters are, is to try. So I probably will.

News: 10 May 2017 - Found another site

I added Anime Tosho to the list of sites, I can't upload but they add my torrents automaticaly, so it still counts.

News: 10 May 2017 - My new folder and title names, not like HS but similar.

I wanted to name my torrents symetrical
[HorribleSubs] JP NAME (01-13) [480p] (Batch) ENG NAME [WolfPack]
Death the kid from Soul Eater would be proud. But some anime names are too long to add my tag, I'm not an encoder so it's frown upon. Without an English name my torrents become a duplicate of HorribleSubs and he could end up unable to upload his.

If he only post on his site, where I can't, it'd be for the best to call my torrents the same, because they'd become the same. So I'd end up posting his work on many sites before he even does it. That would combine pour seeders.

But I hope to join the new site of his choosing. And some sites import his torrents automatically, if they're already under my name, the won't be found in HorribleSubs user list, and people are more likely to look at that. I want to make sure that they can find his work.

So instead of calling the tag (Batch) like he does, mine will be [Batch].

It makes more sense to have all the info tags between [], the episode numbers stand out more. It can be hard to tell the difference but I love how he calls his torrents. The genuine files are compatible, so just rename my folder and you'll be able to seed HorribleSubs' torrent instead.

Now that my folder names have all the tags to search the torrent, I wanted to stop adding my name to the customized titles, it's frown upon in private sites because you see the name of who posted them, and we can find a user list in his profile.

But AniRena doesn't offer an uploader list! It turns the first name tag into a link, so I have to add my tag to be able to search and find my list. I can't put it before HorribleSubs because then the anime title becomes too cut, because they don't allow two lines... It's really dumb. So you can still find my torrents by a general search instead of finding my profile, except in sites that don't allow customized titles like Tokyo Toshokan.

News: 6 May 2017 - Must add tags to my folder names & differently than HS.

Tokyo Toshokan doesn't allow customizing the title displayed; it only takes the torrent's folder name. I have to add tags to my folder names now...

(Edited: Probably the worst idea, even if others did it)
I discovered that if I create a second torrent with the exact same folder name and files, it will find the seeders and peers of the first torrent. I had my own way to avoid being a faker and help by adding English names. But I will now name my folders the same way as HorribleSubs would. That will send him souls when he makes his own torrent, our combined seeders will be faster. I wish someone had told me.

EDITED: Apparently it becomes the same torrent and sites can forbid posting duplicates, so he's end up unable to post his own torrents!!!? People wouldn't be able to find them in his profile; it'd be like stealing his glory. I'd be mortified to be a nuisance instead to help. So it's probably better to do things my way even if it splits the seeds... because posting a new torrent after it's been forgotten helps people discover the anime. The files stay compatible if you rename the folder. I revived two half dead torrents this way. If my old ways were wrong, then people should have told me during the 3 years that I've been doing this, instead to complain about which format I prefer to watch.

If I'm going to make a mess either way, maybe I should continue to do things my own way, the way I like it..

I can't guarantee that I have their latest video versions. You can recognize who made the batch by reading the comment inside the torrent file. HorribleSubs write their site's link but I'll add my [WolfPack] tag.

News: 6 May 2017 - Nyaa down, needing new homes.

The site nyaa is gone. The backup doesn't seem to have all my torrents, but I didn't always use my tag so they might just be hard to find.

I'll upload in more than one site from now on, to avoid vanishing and reach more people. Not all sites allow title customizations to add more keywords, so I'll start adding tags to the folder/torrent name. I thought that I didn't need them because I only do 480p. (But it's only Tokyo Toshokan, and maybe I should just forget a site with such bad search options entirely.) I wonder if Shana Project would offer my torrents batches if I add HorribleSubs to my tags, or if they only take from his user list. I tested an unofficial batch and it couldn't be found.

News: 6 May 2017 - Adding extra files can kill a torrent.

Long ago, I stopped adding an extra folder with images, links and infos. Because I discovered that creating a torrent merges the end of a file with the start of the next. If people unselect unwanted files, a video can die stuck at 99%. I won't use text file ads to advertise a website.

Get back up ^


I started making torrent batches because I wanted someone to make them, so instead to nag I created them myself. I'm not the one benefiting from my batches, but I wanted them to exist and now they do~

I'm making torrents since: 2014-01-16 at 16:02:00.

My first torrent was the Sword Art Online S1. The first half impressed me so much that I wanted to spread what I love with the world.

I chose the name WolfPack because I wanted my name to include the keyword "batch", but I thought they were called "pack", like a pack of gum or 6 pack of beer. The name is very popular and was taken, so I included the entire tag "[WolfPack]" in my name. Other sites didn't let me and I had to use Wolf_Pack. A user called wolfpack might not be me, I started calling myself TreeOfWolf, but I always use the same tag for my torrent titles.

I needed batches especially when I didn't know how to use RSS. Downloading the files one by one was tedious. Nothing's easier than a batch, especially when you'd rather wait and binge on a whole season. I've seen series that were dead because people forgot to seed some episodes, a batch prevents that. One torrent instead of dozens is also easier to reseed on request.

I seeded my first torrents 50 times, now I feel guilty to stop after 5, but it's necessary to offer more batches. I made 80 torrents at Nyaa, I can't seed all that alone. Please pass it on so it will live on.

I have narrow tastes: Horror, fantasy, superpowers and parodies.

I'm an adult who's not into porn. I don't like hentai, ecchi, romantic comedies, high school, mechas... I want something more mature, unusual, weird and insane. It's hard to find. Hell girl and mushishi are great example of unique animes. Code Geass has mechas and school, but it's exceptional, one of the best series that I've ever seen.

I added my name to my torrent's titles so people would know that I'm not HorribleSubs, but also to make my recommendations easy to find.

I didn't watch or liked some of my batches, but I usually do.

I'm pretty sure that no one read my descriptions but I feel compelled to offer as much information as possible. I used to add almost all Anime-Planet info, but copy-pasting was tedious. Now I try to write a short synopsis, which is a challenge for me. Then I just unleash my talkativeness in a review hidden in a spoiler. I could be addicted obsessively and compulsively to worse than writing.

I guess there's nothing wrong with wanting to share my thoughts and feelings about what I love. But people just want to take, without a hello or thank you, unless they want to complain. They made me want to quit, but I don't make torrents for haters, I enjoy the swarm of happy people. I get satisfaction knowing that people like me exist, that I've participated in helping spread what I value, and probably corrupted the world in the best way~

Get back up ^

Why only 480p

Because it was good enough before HD and it still makes me happy now.
I'd rather pay the minimum for my internet connection, hard drive size, computer's processor power, and DVDs to burn. So I can invest my money in nutrition and my health.

I didn't like how HD looks. It makes the flaws stand out, the colors are unrealistic, and the screens have a reflective glare that is very bothersome and even harmful for the brain.

If the difference can't be noticed, then it's just a waste. Bigger isn't better.

When I started making torrents at Nyaa, people gave me extreme hateful comments, as if I was responsible for their failure at choosing the video format that they wanted, or as if they could take away my right to exist the way I want. Nope~

I made a lot of demotivational poster as revenge and added some to my torrents:
Humor ~ Demotivational ~ Torrents

This page redirects to my latest demotivational posters, I also make comics:
Humor ~ Demotivational

Before discovering HorribleSubs at Nyaa, I spent years unable to watch anime at all because my old Pentium 4 wasn't able to play bigger without lagging and having the sound out of sync with the video. My processor reached 100% and could have fried. And I didn't even see a difference in quality. I don't have the space for a big HDTV even if I had the money and found one without glare.

Now I always search HorribleSubs name when I search a series. That's why I always used his tag in spite of complaints from people who didn't know how to filter their RSS feed. I think that it's more respectful to give credit.

I am very grateful to HorribleSubs to take care of the people who prefer the old ways. I want to help my minority, because too few people do, and if we don't help each other then we won't get what we want.

(I'm becoming exhausted and famished; I tend to rant when hypoglycemic.)

When I started making torrents, I was using the very first version of BitLord. Now I use uTorrent 2.2.1. It's stable, ad free and compatible with my outdated computer.

I'm still using a Pentium 4 (1 core), with Windows XP service pack 1. Because it was custom built with the video card ATI all in wonder. I have a TV in with the coolest remote control. It doesn't exist anymore and I can't find the equivalent, not even just a remote.

I read too slowly, so I need to rewind the subtitles constantly. I don't like how dub sounds, you can't translate the Japanese spirit! I don't want to pay just to get bigger, when it's not even better, and to have less options than I do now. I don't want to pay for a downgrade in usability, and have the new computer's power wasted on being spied on by Microsoft to do advertisement and spam!

I don't even want to update my Windows XP to a better service pack. The last time I did, it put everything back to default! I lost my customizations, registry hacks, and even my video codecs so I couldn't watch anime! NO! And worse, it merely opened the doors that new virus used, I got hacked with pop up ads so hard that my operating system became completely unusable. It was completely destroyed after a week and I had to reinstall everything from scratch... it took forever to customize again. Now I keep a ghost copy on another drive. Nightmare. I actually bought a dual core to see if my remote can work on Windows 7, but I'm in no hurry to transfer my stuff and modify it to my needs.

You don't trash what works. Japan seems to have a belief that if you use an object long enough, like a katana in fierce battles, it eventually develops a soul. There are characters like that in Hell Girl. If that's true, my computer has one.

If I can help making torrents with that prehistoric dinosaur from 2004 in 2017, you can help too. I made tutorials, the links are on the right, at the top of this page. At least give back what you take by seeding at least once, 1.5 to make sure to have a new seeder because your program sends duplicates.

It's not the high quality of your tools that matters, but how you use them, and how much you appreciate them. It's basically my 13 years old child, I'm not ready to let it move out yet. I even plan to use my new computer to edit HD videos into 480p and watch them on my old one with my cool remote. So I might become an encoder too someday~

Progress is worthless when it's just a superficial ego boost about size. I need better usability, give me a good AI like Jarvis or the Terminator.

So that's why I only make 480p batches. I do what I want! Literally, I do actual efforts to make sure that it's still available.

Please pass it on, so it will live on~

Get back up ^

Seed & enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
Shad Wolf, WolfPack, TreeOfWolf
6 May 2017
EDITED: 7 May 2017
More site and news: 10 May 2017
New, edited trackers: 14 May 2017
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