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Facts of Life ~ Technology ~ Wireless is killing us!!!

To start at the beginning of my discoveries before giving you the news that will make you bang your head on your keyboard:


You can’t see microwaves, but they’re still cooking. They deform the molecular structure of food into something that have never been in nature before, into something that your body can’t recognize, and when you try to make new cells with it, it damages your very DNA and causes cancer.

I wrote an article about that in my page:
Health ~ Cancer ~ Cancer cures.

I got rid of my microwave after reading the article Microwave cooking is killing people a few times. I tried to gain space, and when I gained energy and health, I trashed it.

I took the funny picture from The Microwave Risk at theholykale. The facts are as great as the humor is a delightful slap in the face. The picture looks ridiculous... who in their right mind would put their head in the microwave... well, ovens aren't the only things with microwaves... You do exactly that everyday with your phone, wifi... and now even worse by an even more powerful wave: wireless charging. Maybe it's just as bad and only make it clearer how it's all a deadly bad idea.

But don't trust my opinion, and certainly not sales pitch of the people out to get your money... trust the facts.

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I read several articles that I will report from memory but you can search for similar stories:
  • Wi-Fi radiation eroded the bark of centuries old trees.
  • A child had his wireless rooter just under his bed and felt ill; it only stopped when they removed it.
  • Parents made a petition to remove Wi-fi from school because it gave many children severe headaches (that they didn’t have before it was installed) and offered to pay for the costs themselves.
  • A woman had a breast tumor at the exact spot and in the exact shape of the phone that she kept in her bra.
  • A man had a brain tumor in the exact shape of his phone antenna, and in the exact same position.
  • A child who slept with an iPod under his pillow DIED of a brain tumor. The company heartlessly twisted the facts in their favor and had the arrogance to call the article “Demonising wi-fi is dangerous to your child’s health” NO. It’s dangerous to their profits. Not using wi-fi won’t hurt your child, but an increasingly amount of proof is showing that using it can KILL your child. They tried to destroy the facts like tobacco did to protect their profits. Cables never strangled a child in their sleep! Kids don't get tumors without a cause. Cancer is caused by a prolong exposure to something harmful, like smoking. To kill a child, the level of danger has to be high. If smoking is bad because it can kill people, then wi-fi is way worse, it kills them faster, in secret, and without an informed choice! Damn misinformation! The facts are right there! *points the dead kid*
While I was writing, my neon on my aquarium started an annoying buzzing sound. I slapped it around a little. Then I thought "damn, imagine having that hammer my cells all over constantly!". Then I remembered this YouTube video of a meter that measures wifi radiations:

WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi - See It Measured - How To Remediate WiFi Radiation

The sound of the machine is driving me nuts, it,s like having my ear pierced constantly by the needle of a sewing machine! And that's what is happening to your brain, nerves, muscles, every single cells... that can screw you up even if your ears can't hear wifi frequency on their own.

This video How to avoid EMF radiation risks from computers, microwaves, cell phones, and other household items measure (silently) many household items. He detects extremely dangerous levels at 5 feet from the microwave, across the room!

YouTube: WHAT IS INVISIBLE DANGERS EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) Radiation

What we thought was harmless was eventually proven deadly. Radiations too already. Like Mme Curie's work on radioactivity in 1903, thinking it was safe, she paid for that mistake with a painful death.

The people supposed to protect us are too slow to move, being in denial and reluctant to change the established way of life... we have to do if for ourselves and make the movement grow.

It's many drops of water that creates a powerful current. Your will has power over society. It's defined by its people.

Lowering what is risky and deadly isn't enough; as long as it's there, the danger is there. The least we can do is not make it even worse!!!

Wireless charging is clearly asking for death, and they will gladly sell it to you.

But a smoker with lung cancer asked his doctor if he should quit smoking, wanting to continue anyway... So I have little faith in humanity. By little I mean none. After all people still believe in electroshock “therapy” when the same method is used for torture and executions… you don't want that uncontrolled everywhere in the air...

There are rare exceptions of human pioneers who made humanity improve... but their warnings are persecuted and mocked... even imprisoned and executed. *sigh* Maybe religious people are right, evolution doesn't exist. We're as stupid as we were when your god threw you in a cave. We merely changed the way that we hurt ourselves dumbly. Instead to hit our own face with a mace “duh~?” we now use electricity.

Electricity is powerful enough to kill instantly

That's communication waves, and they're deadly. Even the after effect of cooking with radiations is deadly. But it gets ay worse in the mindless race for progress against the very nature of our biological needs and very life.

Those two stories are proof that it doesn't take much electricity to kill someone. The second person was rescued by unplugging the charger, stopping the exposure, while it killed him not so slowly.

Even Unauthorized charger likely the blame for Chinese woman electrocution

Another iPhone shock case in China leaves man in coma

They argued that the charger was cheaper and that the phone was an older model (as if it was ok to put people in danger for the version 1... and this was the version FOUR!!!) Using metal that conduct electricity as a decorative border wasn't clever either. People commented that they received shocks even by using more expensive official apple chargers, so the problem was in the phone too or it wouldn't have happened. But it’s the whole principle of putting an electrical device to your head that's the problem. It doesn't matter how they're build. That fact alone is dangerous. Electricity is dangerous. But it gets way worse.

People asked why they didn't use the USB cables to recharge instead, and they replied that they didn't last long... the very protective coating, hard rubber which should be immune to electricity, disintegrated... and it died... " n0ahcruz3: Well I'm blaming apple for not so durable usb cables/charging cables. I’m on my 2nd usb cable because the original cable that came with the box has no more rubber covering next to the 30 pin adapter and its stopped functioning." we're not immune to electricity. If it can do that to rubber, it sure can kill us!

And here is true stupidity and horror:

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Wireless charging

"everss02: What's a plugin charger? Is that like a steam train or horse and buggy from the olden days? People still living in the olden days and no wireless charging :("

"Yacko: …When we have wireless electrocution."


That death might be slower to happen for the current will spread across the entire room... it be be slowly... but surely.

Here's a horrifying publicity: 5 things you didn’t know about wireless charging.

"Like any other emergent tech, there are competing systems. Nokia has adopted the Qi standard, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, a cooperation of worldwide companies that aims to create a proprietary standard for wireless charging technology that will eventually operate worldwide. ‘Qi’ comes from the Chinese concept of energy flow in traditional medicine – pretty appropriate, we think!"

Our bodies work on low level of current... if you put too much into a device it destroys it, same thing. We're very delicate very complex machines. Blood flows to nourish every cell. Hormones flow so your vital organs can communicate their needs. Nerves send electric signals to communicate and a whole lot happens into your brain. The Qi (I thought it was called chi) is based on real scientific facts, even though they didn't have it when they came up with the idea ages ago, you have electrical current in your body necessary for life that flows through your body. When you don't you're dead. Even if you are alive, if an electroencephalogram can't detect any from your brain, you're declared brain dead. If you receive too much, you die. If you receive a little too much, your body twitches involuntarily, against your will, bad things that shouldn't happen start happening, painful unwanted things.

An electrical current in the air, powerful enough to recharge a battery and make a machine, which requires more current than you do, enough current to kill you... can you see how dangerous is it!!!???

The developers know about it! They even called it Qi, the electrical current of life in your body, and think it's pretty appropriate because it's basically the same thing. YES! It IS the same thing. Except that it's too strong, will mess with ours... what are we supposed to do, wear a full rubber suit!? We're mostly made of water and electricity goes through water even better than air, what can possibly make them think that it won't fry us inside out!!!?

Because it's convenient? Because they can ask a big price for it and make a lot of money!?

And they KNOW!!! They called it Qi, they freaking called it Qi and thought it was so damn clever!

Electricity isn't the energy of life... unless you're already dead then it may restart your heart... but if you are alive... and constantly being electrocuted... if it can cook meat and disintegrate rubber... what do you think it will do to your vital organs.

They think they're sop clever... and people will rush to buy it think they're so advanced and cool... so modern and in front of anybody else...

You know what's new and modern? Cancer.

You know the end that we run towards? Death.

They'll be modern and before everyone else all right.

And people who know better won't be able to escape because it will be everywhere... at least with second hand smoking you see the fog, can smell it, feel the burning in your eyes and lugs... and make a run for it...

Maybe it's a good thing. Because the planet is over populated and new ways to die would be a good thing for everyone and everything. And because I don't want to live in this stupid world anymore...

But I don't want to slowly disintegrate for years of agony and unknown mental distress as my brain is being fried discretely... It's way worse than putting a fork in the toaster.

Hopefully by putting facts side by side... you'll make an informed decision... how much is worth your quality of life? And by that I don't mean paying for gadgets, I mean unnecessary decay and suffering... Buy yourself a damn cable!!!

How many people, including children, will have to die before admitting what is obvious from the start... Make an informed decision. If you'd rather die than use a cable, be careful what you wish for. Some death are slower, more painful and distressing than others. Like brain cancer. It CAN happen to you. Do you really want to give that gift to your kids?

Enjoy... as it destroys you... before it kills you~

Enjoy... as it destroys you... before it kills you~ I love my remote, but I’ll keep the rest of the shit to a minimum. My internet cable is under a carpet, the cable motivated me to get it and now I jump out of bed on fluff. Win-win. I don't want to go to a public place where there will be a wireless charger powerful enough to fill 100 batteries in 10 minutes for their clients... If it doesn't look ugly enough when you only think of yourself... charging it 10 minutes... Think about what happened with wifi and see how out of hand it got... If we don't say that it's enough... worse will keep coming.

We now have a lot of cancer in children... if you start seeing it happen regularly in babies... Wake up! We started by sparkling a little sugar and now there's more sugar than any truly vital ingredients, even in baby formulas, and we have obese babies... people can't even walk because they're too fat.

It’s too much, it’s exaggerated, it's useless, and it’s deadly. Wake up!

It's true for food and it's true for everything else. Even technology.

Technology isn’t the only thing that can improve your quality of life… health does it even better.

Enjoy cables~ You can tie up and strangle burglars with them, if you can't find your gun fast enough, or if it's taken from you.

Lisa Of Shades
12 April 2014
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!