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Winamp logo icon by Jochen187 at deviantartMusic player:


Search your playlist with J (for Jump... or Joy to have found this option!) It will search in the artist and album name too.

More keyboard shortcuts at keyxl.

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Add titles, spaces and lines to your playlist; by using silent songs that last 1 second.

The titles have 3 underscores before their names, to create a space and make them stand out. It also makes them appear on top of the list when you search your playlist, so it’s easier to find the beginning of an OST or album.

(I made playlists to add many spaces and lines at once. I changed the fixed path to "../" to go back a folder, it's supposed to work no matter where and how deep you put the titles' folder now. If it doesn't work, add the songs one by one.)

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Example for anime soundtracks

  • Previous OST
  • 2 spaces (line) 2 spaces

  •    Favorites: ___NAME (~FAV~)
  • Songs
  •    Opening: ___NAME - OP
  • Songs
  •    Ending: ___NAME - ED
  • Songs
  •    OST: ___NAME
  • Songs

  • 2 spaces (line) 2 spaces

The result looks like this:

Winamp - organize with title and spaces using 1 second silent songs

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  • Add the spaces
  • Go in the folder: "3 - Playlists - lines and spaces combinations"
  • Drag and drop the playlist that you need in your playlist. Or manually add the spaces and lines that are in the main folder. (They will always be on top.)
  • Make and add the titles
  • Go in the folder: "2 - Originals (Copy and paste in main folder then rename)"
  • Copy the songs that you need and paste them in the previous folder.
  • Choose an easy name (English anime name. Group - Album...)
  • Convert the name to UPPER CASE to make it stand out from the songs:
    Online case converter
  • Replace NAME by the actual name. Keep the 3 underscores and don't add a space before the name.
  • Add the names to your playlist (drag and drop)
  • Put a space "_.mp3" above and under the title and you'll have a space all around it.

If the underscores aren't converted to space, activate the option:

  • Ctrl+P, options tab
    Right click on top of Winamp, options, preferences
  • Then check the 2nd checkbox: "Convert underscore to space in titles"

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Lines and space

If you only need a few, add the song form the main folder.
  • Lines:
    • ----------------------------------------------------------.mp3
    • #############################.mp3
  • Space:
    • _.mp3
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Playlist combinations purpose
  • 2 spaces (line) 2 spaces

    To separate OSTs, before adding a new one after

  • 2 spaces (line) 3 thick lines (line) 2 spaces

    To separate genres (animes, metal, classic...)

  • 2 spaces (line) 4 spaces (line) 2 spaces

    To separate OSTs, before adding a new one between two

  • 2 spaces (line) 11 spaces (line) 2 spaces

    Fav, OP, ED, OST

  • 2 spaces (line) 15 spaces (line) 2 spaces

    Fav, 2OP, 2ED, OST

  • 2 spaces (line) 17 spaces (line) 2 spaces

    Fav, 2OP, 2ED, 2OST

  • 10 spaces

    Just in case

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Faster skip

The first version of my silent songs weren't as silent. They had a tic sound when the volume was very loud, but I edited that. If you still hear something or if 1 second lasts too long for you:
  • Add the title song to your playlist.
  • Move the file to a folder called "Added" so it can't be found. Some players stop and give an error but Winamp just skip them quickly.
  • Keep the title in case you need them again.
  • Move the lines and space with the originals in the folder #2.
  • Move them back and forth when you need them, or make a copy and delete it.

But the 1 second delay is practical:

If you play the songs on random (Shuffle button or S key) and Winamp selects a silent song near something that you want to hear, you'll have more time to catch the right song before it changes again. But you can use the back button even on random.

You also have more time to admire random skins:

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Winamp skins

My favorite 281 classic skins:
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Two ways to add them
  • All at once:
    Copy and paste the skins in my folder "Skins" to your Winamp's skin folder.
    Try to copy and paste this location in the address bar of a folder:
    C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins
    Or search "Skins" on your drive.
    Save a shortcut with your music to make the folder easier to find.
  • One by one:
    Open the file. Winamp's skin will change and it will go in the skin folder automatically.
I renamed the skins that I love with "- " before the name. They appear on top when I sort them by name, so I can find and delete new skins that I don't like easily. It will probably be the other way around for you.

Sometimes I also added the name of the anime, videogame, band or type (nature) to group them.
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To select a skin

  • Uncheck "Random skin on play" in (Alt+S) or see details below.
  • Go in Winamp's skin folder, it will be easier to scroll.
  • Or menu: Right click on top - Skins
  • Select one.
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Put Winamp skins on random for every song
  • Right click at the top of your program
  • Options - "Preferences... (Ctrl+P)" - Skins (in the vertical list)
  • or Options - Skins - Skin browser (Alt+S)
  • Check "Random skin on play" in the bottom right corner
Gifts list ^

Raise the chances to get your favorite skins by duplicating them.

Write this before their names if you want them to appear first or last in the alphabetical order:
  • Listed first:
    • - 1 - name
    • - 2 - name
    • - 3 - name
  • Listed last
    • - zzz - name
    • - zzzz - name
    • - zzzzz - name
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Burry noises and sleep better

It sounds like waves or wind in tree leaves. I call it the sound of the universe, because it's all possible sounds at once: It's not absolute silence that we need, it's to avoid sudden sounds. Pink noise (wikipedia) plays all octaves of frequency, so you don't notice when a little sound is added to it.

White noise (wiki) has equal energy per hertz, but a high pitch noise seems louder than a lower one. Pink noise adjusted the volume to have equal energy in all octaves instead. Resulting in a lower and more soothing sound.

That song fluctuates slowly. It takes a while to get used to it for sleeping, but once the brain associates it with rest and safety, it helps to have a undisturbed sleep. The original song had an abrupt end, I edited it for a smooth transition, so the rythm might be altered slightly.

Others: Color of noises (wiki).

Pink noise can help alleviate the suffering caused by tinnitus (a constant ringing in the ear) and hyperacusis (a hypersensitivity to noise). The water soluble vitamins too: B complex (especially B12) and vitamin C.

Cover up tinnitus

It can be used to burry sudden sounds, but also distract you from your own tinnitus (wiki), a constant ringing of the ears.

The most common cause is noise-induced hearing loss, resulting from exposure to excessive or loud noises. There is no cure so be careful. Some people had such loud constant noises, as intolerable as the motor of a plane, that they lost the will to live and ended it. Protect your ears.

Other causes: damage from infections, illnesses... medications and poisons (they're basically the same thing)...

Anemia: from a deficiency of B12 or iron (which requires vitamin C to be absorbed). They're necessary to make the red blood cells that carry oxygen everywhere and to the brain. The distress can cause mental problems, and they are said to cause tinnitus, but in fact the ringing in the ear and psychiatric problems have a common cause: nutritional deficiencies (or poisons).

List of causes at wikipedia.

So there is something worse than being deaf... much worse: a constant annoying or even intolerable shrieking. It's like an amputated limb with phantom sensations, it itches but you can't scratch it. That's maddening.

Protect your ears and senses. There is no cure, the ear is too delicate and complex.

Exhaustion, stress and nutritional deficiencies make it worse... so sleeping well with Pink noise, relaxing and eating nutritious foods can help. Water soluble vitamins like B12, the B complex and C can help too. But it's there to stay.

My story:

I have a very high pitch noise in my left ear, from an ear infection that broke my ear-drum from the blockage and pressure. It's the worst pain I ever felt. I cleaned my ear too deep with a q-tip that lacked moss and had a sharp end. I was deficient in vitamin C back then, before I started taking supplements, so I couldn't heal and it turned into a medical emergency. I read about a similar story, the man didn't survive. I spent nights trying to cling to life; strong pain killers did nothing to alleviate the pain. It was horrible.

The hear loss I could have lived with... the constant harassing noise is hard to bear. Trying to fall asleep with that noise was distressing… until I found pink noise. I started calling the ringing in my ear "my friend the noise" because it was a constant companion. It helped me accept that I'll have to live with it forever.

I asked for help, but they gave me a pamphlet about acceptance... they even proposed therapy. Doctors were so clueless that they told me to see a dentist, even though it had nothing to do with my teeth; I got it from cleaning my ear the wrong way. When I saw that it was hopeless... I just accepted the facts.

I felt devastated to be doomed for life, but when I found the story about the person with a ringing in the ears as loud as a plane, I considered myself lucky. That's called reframing (wiki). The events are still the same but looked at from a different perspective, so they affect us differently. Sometimes all that it takes to turn a negative event into a positive one is a positive outlook.

Bad experiences give us the opportunity to discover ways to improve our lives even better than before. Desperation is the mother of invention. When unknown allergies and extenuation put me at death’s door, I finally found how to take care of myself by eating healthy; now I respect my limit instead to belittle myself or allow others to do it. I've never been happier... thanks to the worst hell of my life.

After going to a loud concert, the ringing in my ear got worse and I got a smaller one in the other ear... The musicians wore ear plugs, and so did some spectators... What's the point in putting the music so loud then? It was a small room but it was as loud as a stadium. The pain and damage wasn't even worth meeting the band. I enjoy it even better on my own terms, with volume control. It got better with nutrition, rest and avoiding further damage.

If you like it so loud that you can feel the music all over, it's not just the neighbors and cops that could ruin it for you. I had a rapid exposure that made the damage obvious, but long exposure can cause insidious damage too.

Soothe hyperacusis

As if the constant ringing in the ear wasn't bad enough, the slightest sound can feel like being punched in the head... or stabbed in the ears.

Hyperacusis (wiki) is a hypersensitivity to noise. "A person with severe hyperacusis has difficulty tolerating everyday sounds, some of which may seem unpleasantly or painfully loud to that person but not to others." That too can be so torturous that it pushed people to commit suicide.

Causes (wiki): Noise-induced hearing loss, injury, illness, stress...

Stress: the adrenal glands handle it and require a lot of the B complex and vitamin C, otherwise you can end up with Adrenal Fatigue. Nutritional deficiencies cause an inability to function physically and therefore mentally. The adrenals and brain needs to store a lot of vitamin C.

A deficiency of the B complex causes nerve damage because you lack the materials to renew the cells, but the vitamins can also improve it, but maybe not cure it if the damage is too severe.

Nerve damage is like a bruised skin that hurts like hell when you poke it. That can make people nervous, which burns up even more water soluble vitamins (Bs+C), in a vicious cycle. Break it with nutrition and relaxation. Nothing is more important than taking care of your life.

My story:

Sometimes I have migraine head aches so bad that I can't even listen to the calmest music at the lowest volume. All the sudden environmental noises are like being under attack. But I can always cover them up with pink noise to bring some relief until I take better care of myself.

I noticed that it worsen to become intolerable from:
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Reactions to allergens (see brain allergies at alternativementalhealth, what you ingest with your stomach lining or skin goes everywhere and can affect you mentally)
  • Reaction to toxins (chemicals added to food or drugs)
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Anything that drains the body's health.
Good food and good rest is the best remedy... and avoiding damaging yourself with loud noises or poisons.

There's better to enjoy~

Get back up ^

Winamp icon image credit

The logo at Winamp doesn't look like the program's icon that I'm familiar with.

So I took the one by Jochen187 at deviantart and resized it smaller. His art is even more gorgeous than the original logo.

I hope that he won't mind, it's the most beautiful of so many custom versions.

Thanks, I enjoy it~

Lisa Of Shades
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