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rss-feed-icon RSS feeds allows you to download automatically.

More information at Wikipedia about RSS (Rich Site Summary):

The updates of published materials come to you: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video.


To use RSS for torrents, you need a program to handle them. See Torrent download for the most popular and more information.

Then you tell your browser which program you want to use to open the RSS files.

I'm using an old firefox (in French) but yours is probably similar:
  • Tools: Options
  • Feed tab (with a RSS icon)
  • Select the second dot "subscribe to feeds using:"
  • Button to choose a program
  • Find and add the program that you use to download torrents.

Get back up ^

When you go to a torrent web site such as, or any offering RSS feeds, you'll get the orange icon in your search bar. Nyaa also has RSS in its menu.

Do a search that interest you, you can eliminate results by writing "-" before the word (without a space between them). But you can use your torrent program's filter instead.

Click the icon or RSS link in the site's menu and the results will go to your torrent program.

The new results will also come, updated automatically without needing to search for them again.

Get back up ^

Something like this opens in your program. I'm using uTorrent 2.2.1 (original build 25110) :

Check "Custom Alias" and choose the name that will be displayed in the list of your Feeds. Otherwise it will be the web site's name, it could get confusing if you add many.

Make sure that this is selected: "Do not automatically download all items".

That way you'll be able to use the filter, which has much more options to select and block keywords. You'll be able to start them automatically or not too.

Animes don't have a season, so "Use smart episode filter" doesn't work with them.

So it's best to use the options in the "RSS downloader". You can find it in:
  • Options: RSS downloader (Ctrl+R)
More about that: Filter RSS feeds

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7 February 2015
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