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Facts of Life ~ Technology ~ HD doesn't mean high quality

HD televisions enhance a visual aspect beyond what is natural, it doesn’t make it better, and it can even make it worse.

To help you understand that High Definition isn't the same as High Quality, I'll start by explaining you some options to modify a picture in photoshop:

Saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpen; to make you understand what HD really is... and isn't.

High Definition is not the way reality is supposed to look like, not the way the creators (and by that I mean visual artists) meant the special effects to be. High Quality pictures should respect that above all. HD doesn't. It only exaggerates settings, a too high definition makes you loose the subtle smooth nuances, making the bad stand out more, creating aberrations like big squares of pixels… lowering the quality in the process.


Saturation - Photoshop effects

From desaturated, to natural, to saturated.

Now imagine a television called HS for High Saturation.

The people who like to watch documentaries about nature might be overjoyed. Imagine surreal shining green fluo leaves, and the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) would sparkle right out of their TV like radioactive waves. A rainbow would be more impressive than nature could ever made them, but you wouldn't be looking at reality anymore, and being amazed by what nature can do is precisely what you were wishing for. Then when you'd see one for real, with aberrant expectations, you'd actually feel let down at the real magic of life.

But while there might be some positive among the bad for nature shows, it gets way worse with people:

Saturation - Photoshop effects - Tomato face

Now the actors, whom spend a true fortune and suffer to look beautiful, would be devastated to end up looking like ridiculous tomato face.

The industry would then invent a grey make up to try to compensate for how the TV exaggerates the settings and disfigure them, hoping for a more realistic look, by spraying toxic chemicals all over their faces... until they get cancer. And die.

I didn't actually expect the pixel effect to show up in this example, of all effects, I expected color to avoid being messed up like this, but messing up with that simple effect can mutilate the quality THAT badly. Look how it's not smooth anymore and full of annoying squares. When you try to push an effect further than what it's supposed to be, you don't only loose realism and the gentle natural look, you loose quality too!

Yes, it's more colorful and the real deal looks bland by comparison, but that's not what it's supposed to look like, it’s tricking and confusing your brain. I don’t like that one bit! It’s already hard enough to let go of romanticized fiction and being seen without make up as it is! And you'll never get to see a beautiful real black on TV again! It just plains looks weird, in a bad way.

Does it sound ridiculous? That can't be the same as HD televisions. Well, it shouldn't be but it is! It's EXACTLY the same principle. Even if the modifications were on a different factor or at a lighter degree, it’s still enhancing something more that it’s supposed to be. Exaggerating features don’t improve them, it deforms them. But before I tell you the actual story, to fully make you grasp it all, I'll tell you about more photoshop effects.

You can already notice the truth. Using exaggerated color settings seems to be a classic method to make you buy a more expensive model, but even an old TV on the wrong settings would give a too colorful result.

Perhaps the first impression is impressive, but it becomes annoying and tiresome very soon. Appearances are deliberately misleading.

The deceit and treachery don’t end there, they're just getting started.

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Brightness - Luminosity - Photoshop effects

From a darker luminosity, to natural, to brighter.

Imagine a television called HB, for High Bright. It sounds intelligent so it'd sell a lot. Even if it's stupid.

Now people like me who like a fair pale skin might be overjoyed. It would also please the people who are into vampires, the Goths and those who want the red spots on their face go away without painting their faces with poison.

Luminosity - Photoshop effects - Ghost face

But the people who pay a fortune to have a fancy tan would be distressed. They'd ruin themselves even more to get a darker tan, in the hope to have it seen on TV, instead to look like a ghost, raising the odds to get skin cancer... and even dying.

The African community would probably feel like their human right have been baffled with racism, for turning their dark chocolate skin into white coffee.

We'd loose quality because the already paler details would simply disappear! Blacks would end up a dusty ugly grey and the text would be too hard to read. Modifying the contrasts isn't going to make much difference when your screen is brighter than the sun. It would make your eyes tired more easily by stimulating them too much; giving head aches (it can even trigger seizures). It would cause insomnia, because melatonin is a hormone (message) that is produced to induce sleep. It starts when the eyes stop receiving the bright light of day. Artificial light can trick and mess with your brain.

Does it sound absurd? Yes it is. But it's strangely familiar isn't it?

(The solution is simply to respect how your body functions. My computer screen's luminosity is tuned down all the time, and I give myself some time to fall asleep with a mask on.)

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Contrast - Photoshop effects

From lower contrast, to natural, to crisper.

Imagine a television called HC for high contrast.

Everything would end up with both unnaturally saturated colors AND a thick black line around everything. Like a cartoon or anime.

The people who are crazy about them will probably rejoice that all reality ends up looking like it's drawn. The news people would end up looking comical. (They might not like that as they try so hard to look serious, respectable and professional; as they inform you that your daughter got crushed by a fallen giant TV.)

But not everything should be enhanced and stand out with a thick black line around it. If you see a sport show, the sweat should gently blend discretely with the skin color... but with High Contrasts, it would shine and stand out, and the thick line from exaggerated shadows would end up making the athlete looks like insects are crawling all over his face.

There are things that I don't need to see.

Contrast - Photoshop effects - Acne square face

Faint red spots would look like they're in fire. Pores would look like freckles were drawn with a big permanent marker.

The actors and actresses would desperately resort to new make up techniques, which have more to do with spraying paint on a car than enhance the natural traits of a human face. Using so much foundation all over their skin, clogging their pores necessary to hydrate the skin and excretes toxins to preserve the youth of the skin. All that trying to overcompensate for a screen that over exaggerate... trying to reach back the beauty of what's natural... fighting against an extra feature that only makes things worse for everyone.

Making things sharper would loose the complex variations of the edges, ending up with ugly big squares of pixels. When getting more impact feels like a punch in the eye, it's not worth it.

THIS is by far the most detestable of all effects... but I'm not even done yet.

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That one is in the filter menu instead to be in the image adjustments (unless they changed it). It's a bit different; perhaps it modifies many settings at once.

Sharpen - Photoshop effects

From blur, to natural, to sharp.

Imagine a television called HS for High Sharp. That too would sell well, for making it sound intelligent, even if it's stupid again. There's even a company that uses the name. It sounds so fancy. It doesn't mean that it is.

Yes, it looks like it's popping right out of the screen. The people who love 3D might adore it, but it's not 3D and it's not natural either. It's a pathetic attempt at giving depth, it ends up deformed.

Hollywood likes to use people with huge eyes and mouth so we'd have an easier time reading their facial expressions. With television it's not as useful as it was when we only had theater and the people in the back rows couldn't see much. Making people's faces sharper might please people with cataracts, because the black lines and higher contrasts might make it easier to see through a fog.

But when you can see right, it enhances the ugly that should be discrete, giving grainy exaggerated textures. The good and bad merely shifted; there are still advantages and inconveniences. So we might as well choose the most realistic and appreciate what’s natural and real, so you won’t feel confused and displeased whenever you see a real person.

There's a tool in photoshop, a triangle that you can use like a brush to sharpen some areas. But since there's not enough information to be more detailed in the first place, all that it does is make a mess by making pixels stand out with ugly squares. I never use it. It's better to have low quality, the blur makes it discrete, than sharp defects that are impossible to overlook.

The line between real actors and decors versus the special effects would sharpen, making them stand out and completely unrealistic. And people have complained of that about old movies, even remastered ones. Try to make nerds watch Sex in the city instead of Star Wars or Star Trek saying that newer is better... Even the newer Star Wars are crappier than the old ones!

The actors and actresses would have to use thicker and more dangerous products on their skin, trying to over compensate for a screen that over exaggerate the ugly just as much as the good. But since there's a limit to how people can appreciate the good (if they ever, and if they do they soon get used to it, taking it for granted with a "meh~") so it actually means that it makes the good uglier. So it's best to just make the effort to enjoy what's natural more.

It hurts my eyes. I can't even look at it; I scrolled my image up because I protectively partially closed my eyes in pain. HD immediatedly does the same to me. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to trust my body on that for sure! There are too many details, too much impact; it feels like having forks stabbing my eyes and it's tiresome.

But the blurred tree gives my senses a break instead to overwhelm my brain with extra details. It's made with big pieces so it only takes me a few seconds to understand and memorize the whole picture.

If I had to look at a moving version of the sharp one, 24 of those per second, I wouldn't be able to stand it very long... I'd get head aches, I'd probably be irritable and moody without knowing why. But since I pay such caring attention to my body's sensations... I know why.

Some people can smoke until their lungs are so damaged and poisoned that they get lung cancer, thinking that it’s a badge of honnor to overcome the survival cough reflex... It's just plain stupid. Going with the flow mindlessly towards something that is just plain worse than what's natural to follow a massive hysteria, provoked by people who just want an excuse to take thousands of cash by lying to you about the quality of their products...

I'd rather be mindful. My mind is sharp enough to know that sharper images don't improve my pleasure, it lowers it and even harms me. I'm going to respect my needs.

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Which effect is High Definition?

I planned this tutorial expecting to say that Sharpen is in fact High Definition, because the edges are more defined.

But I was appalled when I saw the contrast... and as much as I pushed the effects to the max to make you understand them clearly and more easily...

HD televisions mess with all of them! ALL OF THEM!

There's really a new type of make up for actresses and actors that spray paint, like cars, to compensate for the HD effect, trying to kill it!

Just kill the trend.

HD televisions exaggerate what's already good, it doesn't make it high quality, it messes it up!

HD does NOT mean High Quality!!!
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True HQ: what
High Quality TV would really be like

It would bring life to you as if you were there. With REAL colors and contrasts. REAL blacks. In a way that you'd recognize not only when you see something that you know on display, but recognizing it when you first see it for real after learning about it on TV.

If you like photography, you probably know how frustrating it can be when the technology can't render the colors and subtle contrasts properly, especially trying to immortalize a sunset... even if the colors are brighter, the sun's all messed up and it's not as beautiful as what it's supposed to be.

The actresses and actors would be happy about it, they wouldn't need to be spayed with a thick layer of car paint version make up! The TV wouldn't make beautiful people ugly! We wouldn't need methods to cancel out the High Definition, the extra feature that's supposed to make the TV better! When in fact it makes it worse!!!

The special effects wouldn't stand out in an unbelievable way! Everything would look more real. But even reality doesn't look real anymore.

The screen wouldn't have motion blur issues!!! There's apparently an option to compensate that's on by default, but all it does is exaggerate movement in an unnatural way, to the point that people call it the "Soap opera" effect.

The screen wouldn't make people sick with Computer Vision Syndrome (info at visionrx) from the Glossy display (wikipedia). Which might look super fancy like jewelry when the screen is closed in the store, but is over stimulating and give people painful symptoms such as:

"headaches, eyestrain, itchy eyes, blurred vision, fatigue, and tense muscles. Extreme CVS can even cause nausea, poor nutrition and loss of appetite, migraines, and cluster headaches. In addition to a strain on the muscles that control eye movement and focusing, prolonged computer use can also cause a tightening of facial muscles around the cheeks, temples, and nose. This facial tightening leads to reduced blood circulation, compounding the effects of eye fatigue."

And seizures! I don't get all that from my beloved cheap Acer x233h with a mate edge and a screen as mate as a piece of paper. I lowered the luminosity a lot and I can enjoy it for 15h without pain instead to get dizzy after 1-2h, and even seconds in the store! Gaudy crap. Don't be fooled by appearances, trust functionalities! The trend seems to be fading away lately.

Old movies wouldn't look uglier! They would look better, or at least as good. But they don't and I'll explain why.
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Bigger doesn't mean better

Years ago I found a hilarious and insightful art. I couldn't find it again so I made my own, poorly, but you can still get the point if you try. Rooms that are very narrow but deep really exist.

Mindlessly paying way too much for a TV that is too big for your home, budget and eyes does NOT make you cooler. Especially if you end up unable to buy a decent couch and food. It makes you a stupid shopper owned by companies, who successfully tricked you with ads.

A more powerful TV that gives you instant laser surgery might not be good for your brain, which is already less than optimal from lack of nutrition, toxins, sleep deprivation, over work, already too much stimulation... and the average IQ isn't much.

Be a wiser buyer.
If you don't have the space for it, you simply don't need it!

There's apparently a science to calculate it: Is your TV too big for your room? at annporter.wordpress. Tips: If you're buying a new TV read this first at tv.about.

I found a couple of jokes:
My TV is too big; I can't see the whole screen.
I'm in so much pain; my TV is too big to see without turning my head back and forth.
My TV is too big; I have to turn my head to see who's talking.

Let's compare it to sex

It's used to convince people so much, by using your excitement for the pretty body to mislead you into thinking your desire is for their garbage. If you had 3 kids and got ripped from your V to your A in the process, maybe a bigger dick would help you feel something.

But otherwise, who would want to feel like they're giving birth in reverse every time they have sex, get ripped and stretched more than necessary, having pain instead of pleasure. What would be more attractive to you, someone who's athletic, or someone who's a couch potato and looks like a potato AND a couch?... What kind of body would you rather have? There, bigger is NOT better. Well, to be fair, some people have a fetish for fatter people. But supersizing food was a horrible idea that caused obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and death...

You don't need to be anorexic, or get a tiny 12 inches TV; just find a reasonable healthy middle. Balance your life choices, instead to rush towards an extreme or another, like a mindless zombie wearing rocket boots. It sounds cool until it eats your brain. (Hmm... that was random. Cool metaphor though.)

If you need a giant screen to match your ass, it's time to go get a walk to the nearest farmer market and invest in vegetables instead! (Don't waste your time and money bored in the gym, go walk in nature and see what real Definition and colors are supposed to look like!!!)

Supersize screens killed babies

You know that something's wrong when babies start dying. (I'm a misanthrope but, even though that would improve the over populating problem, even me find it appalling) Imagine the scene: "Come see my new giant screen, I'm so better than you! Oh crap it killed my kid..." Apparently it happens every 3 weeks, even with older children. Whoa... Danger alert: Don’t let the TV fall on your kid! at technologytell.

They hurt adults too! Tipping televisions kill record number of U.S. kids, gov't warns "three children are injured by a tip-over every hour, 71 children per day, and one child is killed every two weeks." Ah~ technology, you make our life so much better.

"Potential injuries include traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries and abdominal trauma such as to the liver or spleen." Thankfully you don't need your brain to watch TV... or do you~ "fractures, bruises and cuts" now you have a good excuse to sit and watch more TV!

"They urge parents to anchor their TVs, furniture and appliances and protect their children. It takes just a few minutes to do and it can save lives." No way you'd waste precious minutes that you could use to watch TV on THAT! Even though you can see your programs while you fix it, from the other room, and even from the moon. No~ You have to stare at the TV to make sure that you wouldn't miss a pixel!

Absence seizures can be triggered by flashes of bright lights and cause temporary paralysis. It can explain why you can't get away from the TV to do more important things.

Why don't kids use the remote and stay away from the damned TV!? "Other recommendations from the CPSC include keeping remote controls, toys and other items that might attract children off of television stands" Oh you put the remote on top of the TV so your kids have to climb on it. How clever! Thank you natural selection for removing stupid people out of the gene pool!

I'm sick of the Super Size bullshit. If you're so rich, then get a smaller screen, push the couch closer, and then put a pool table in the empty space behind it! There! Your life becomes richer with DIVERSITY! Or get a swimming pool. It's a way funnier way to entertain yourself... and kill your kids. At least they have fun before they die.

Bigger isn't better. It's a hell load of problems that you don't need!!! With a giant TV, you need a new stand, cables, player, adjust endless setting, find the right channel and pay more for the HD ones, bigger electric bills, a wider couch, a bigger house to make it fit, higher heat bills... your child's funeral... it never ends.

Simplify your life and you'll simplify your problems.

It can even fall right off the wall too! And kids died from a little 27 inch TV! I stand corrected. They're all bad!

Here are some tips: Child deaths from falling TVs are all too common. What can we do? Maybe the best would be to screw its legs on the furniture. It's not meant for it so I'd screw pieces of woods on top of it. But it might not be enough; the stupidity factor is very strong. Wait kids actually tip furniture too!!! Maybe we should anchor the kid to the wall.

Newer doesn't mean better. Unless you like late abortions... HD televisions bad sides aren’t worth the good sides. Sure, you save space... when your child is buried, but... it’s just not right. Don't be too quick to envy the people who can afford them. A burial is very expensive.

Enjoy simpler things, like a child's laughter or smelling the roses.

Bigger is NOT necessary

I'm almost blind and I need a bigger computer screen. Even I don't need a 42 inches, I'm perfectly happy with a 23. My aquarium is bigger. Endless fun. Nobody got crushed or drown with it so far.

Language is fascinating. I checked for a synonym to avoid using the word "exaggeration" so much… Synonym: scam. Antonym: Modesty. Think about it before you buy a bigger screen than your walls.
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Bigger can be worse

It's not practical and the technical problems are endless too.

480p, 720p, 1080p... the p stands for pixel. An image is made of countless little dots.

If you stretch a 480p on a giant screen, there's not enough pixels (imagine dots, but they're squares) so instead to look as fine as the end of needles, the squares looks as big as fists. Awful. Surprisingly, it happens even on a small screen if the setting of the screen is higher than the video. And it also happened when everything was set in HD properly. You'd expect to see squares in a old Nintendo game... but HD screens often have more than an old Super Mario game where the goal is to smash squares!!! At least you could smash them!

When you take something huge, 1080p wide for example, and make it smaller into 480p (or any size with photoshop). It looks good, even though some dots can be merged a weird way, because there is enough dots to make the transfer smooth. (But my computer can’t handle something pointlessly big, I don’t see the difference, but my motherboard can feel the strain. Why pay more for nothing. My room is small and cozy and that's how I like it!)

But if you try to take 480p and stretch it into a giant screen meant to use 1080p... there's not enough dots, they have to duplicate... so you end up with visible squares.

In photoshop it ends up blurred, but with the extra Sharpen of HD, it ends up with squares. Actually even the 1080p ends up with squares because you loose the delicate variations that need to be blurred... but when the whole picture is stretched into a mess, it's uglier than if you had a smaller screen.

The video must have been made for 1080p, the machine that reads the data and send it to the screen too (Blue Ray players or something), and everything needs to be on the right settings. Never trust the factory defaults. Those are off the charts to impress you by exaggerating everything, but when you try to use it long term at home, you soon feel that something's wrong, that what you see is off and unpleasant... And it's to the point that web sites give recommendations. I had to fix my computer screen for days until the color seemed real enough and the luminosity stopped melting my eyes.

The sad problem with HD is that you need to buy everything in one shot, and then you can never look back on all the stuff that you ever loved. Because it's not compatible with a giant screen.

Not all TV channels support HD apparently, so all that money and effort would all end up for nothing... only rewarding you with a lower quality.

If you're using a small laptop, watching animes while trying to make your parents believe that you're valiantly doing your homework, 1080p HD isn't going to make a single difference visually... But the 3gig for every 30 minute episodes (not the whole series, just ONE episode) would quickly overcrowd the biggest hard drive... and would take forever to download... and waste money on DVDs unnecessarily... and I hate switching them in the middle of an anime. That's why I download even the DVDs that I buy. It's way easier to handle smaller files, even the fast forward button is more effective, and I don't feel like I loose anything visually.

1080p absolutely NEEDS to have huge files! I've seen people try to make a 1080p episode only 170kb like a 480p and it looked like shit! Because more pixels need more information, so that will take more space. If you compress it too much you'll loose data and the display will look deformed.

1080p need to be that way from the start when you create the video! If you take a picture in photoshop and stretch it bigger than it was meant to be, it will become blurred. If you give it back it's natural size, it will STILL BE BLURR, because information was distorted when you stretched it, and again when you crushed it... so it's a mess.

That's why buying a giant screen limits you to only new movies, which are still very limited, and everything else will look WORSE.

It may be good for new games, because they stupidly like to make the text absurdly small... But since we now put too much emphasis on the visual and end up with unlikable characters, boring story and no side features... I'd much rather play old games and spare myself the over stimulation into seizures, and be able to play longer without pain.

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Newer doesn't mean better

Let's compare it to videogames:

You won't make me believe that Final Fantasy X and X-2 is better than 6,7, tactics... and yes I cried when I saw the demo of Yuna dance on the river and I spent years trying to make 3D animation my career before I turned to web design... But it's frankly the most boring game I've ever played and I stopped playing for years after that. FF Tactics' plots moved my heart in every directions, it was amazing. I'm currently playing Zelda Twilight Princess, which I missed because I switched to Playstation instead to go for the cube, and I'm in heaven! Bayonetta's hairs and combos were fantastic... but I ended up sick from mental exhaustion. It wasn't even on a giant screen.
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So this is why HD doesn't mean High quality and newer, bigger, doesn't make it better.

You may think that I'm missing out or am just plain retarded. But I don't feel that way, just like many others. I'm simply waiting for a truly better technology, based on actual results and not gaudy first impression that rapidly turns to pain.

I can assure you that I enjoy more my 480p than your 1080p. Because a bad movie will be just as bad on a giant screen. And a good movie won't be unless you choose to appreciate it. When you take for granted that a unnaturally high standard should be the norm, you miss out on natural beauty. It’s true for people without industrial make up, and it’s also true for old movies.

Have you seen the remakes of Total Recall? Horrifying. Nothing happens except explosions that probably look very good on a screen as big as a patio door, but they took almost every characters away, didn't display any of their complex interactions and emotions... there's no humanity left. I've seen more of it in the old Terminator movies. The effects in the movie “The dark crystal” were made with sculpted puppets and they were way more impressive than a boring explosion after another, to slap you in the face so you won't fall asleep from the boring plot and bad acting!!! The TV series Knight Rider (1982) had a talking car with a red light on the front moving from left to right. I was utterly amazed at every car cascade, rolling on 2 wheels and all, took skill and talent. It was way more impressive than the exaggeratedly animated transformation, in the 2008 movie version, which bored me out of my mind when they did it twice.

In the pursuit of special effects... we forgot the most important things that make us connect and love a movie... acting, emotions... and even special effects!

HD is spitting in the face of old movies, and new ones too by mutilating what it's supposed to look like. We don't need even more emphasis on the superficial, we need to renew with DEPTH! Subtle details and the richness of its variety~ Not freaking jpeggies squares of visible pixels!!! That kind of sparkles doesn't enhance the magic, it takes it away!

If you want high quality, don't deform it by stretching it.

SD is the real HD.

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More older text that I forgot to add in. The comparison with sugar is nice.

There are websites that have setting adjustments recommendations. Those by default are so exaggerated to impress you and make you buy it, but then you notice that it's just not functional or pleasant long term. Probably because, as much as it can seem extraordinary, the brain will be more pleased to see what's familiar and see the world the way it's supposed to be, the way your brain was prepared for... without frying it.

More isn't better. Take added sugar for example. Once you get used to that you can't even notice that it's way too sweet (or even much sweet), anymore. The natural sugar in vegetables and even fruits become bland, even though sugar is supposed to tell your brain that you'll get nutrition if you eat them. So you turn towards high calories zero nutrient foods, tricked by artificial flavors. It makes your body starve for proper materials that are needed to repair you, send hormonal message and make neurotransmitters... You end up obese trying to satisfy a hunger for nutrition with foods that don't have any, constantly hungry, until your pancreas and other vital organs shut down with a metabolic syndrome. You’re paying more for a process that takes what's vital and real from you. You end up hurting yourself, wondering how it can be, it's supposed to be better than real... Well, it's not.

The brain needs a realistic point of comparison in life. Just like somebody who's always happy won't notice how lucky he is, if he never knew what tragedy feels like, he won't be able to appreciate it fully. Thankfully, someone who felt nothing but hardship can manage to be happy anyway by appreciating every little lucks, compared to sheer agony, the simplest things in life can feel like treasures when you don't take them for granted.

That's in part why I'm reluctant to upgrade and follow trends. New doesn't mean improved! I'm using Widow XP with the quicker and less spacious visuals of window 2000, fully customized. Just look at Window Vista. I'm not in a hurry to get Window 8 either!

Putting every visual settings up won't make the movie better, it will still be as good or bad as it was, and as enjoyable and boring as you'll choose to feel about it.

But there are more issues than the settings.

I got dizzy trying to shop for a new screen.

I bought a HD computer screen but instead of smooth lines there was a big ugly mess of squares. The same thing happened with my friend's TV even though a PS3 was plugged on it. I got a refund and got the cheapest ugliest screen I could find: Acer x233h. Because it was the ONLY company that made a screen that didn't have a glossy mirror effect on the glass and border. It reflects everything that's behind me in different angles, superposing them, and sending sudden shines of light that moves on the edges as I move. It may look fancy at the shop when the screen is off. Like jewelry. But when it's on, trying to concentrate, focus and understand one image as so many were superposed all at once, from the mirror effect, gave me such eye and brain fatigue, I think I even had seizures. I'm able to work 15h in a row on my screen, because the texture is not reflective, like paper, and I turned the luminosity way down. But I literally felt sick with the fancier, more expensive, gaudy shiny screens.

Don't be fooled by appearances, trends, massive hysterias and publicity.

They just want an excuse to make you cough up more cash. And HD is a pathetic excuse to upgrade.

Make sure to tune down all those unnatural settings before you get brain cancer or depression for life ending up looking so grey and undefined by comparison.


Enjoy~ I sure treasure my old loyal junk passionately.
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Enjoy the best that technology has to offer, and it might not be the biggest most expensive screen that money can buy~

If you made that stupid mindless mistake, make sure to enjoy it anyway.

If you can't afford it, or are too deeply in love with how much happiness it gave you to let go, enjoy the good old stuff!

How much you enjoy and treasure something will define its worth and value. Not the price, not HD, and not even the quality. That's how powerful emotions can be, and that can't be replaced by technology.

Evolution: Strabismus is the logical adaptation to wide screen TVs

More jokes: Humor ~ Demotivational ~ All funny pictures

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More people hate HD than you think

You're never alone, and being the majority doesn't make you better! But it can make you a mindless sheep.

Here's some websites I found while trying to see if my crazy self was the last sane person on Earth, they're my inspiration and refferences:

  • I bought a tv and its HD, and I HATE it. Can it be switched off? at Yahoo Answers. How to turn off the soap opera effect: This is a software trick that tries to make small details 'pop' out and be visible. But the side effect is that it makes everything look like an over-lit soap-opera. You have to do 2 things: 1) In the video setup menu are some options like "Motion Flow" or some advanced video options. Turn these OFF. 2) Your TV is set to "TORCH MODE" at the factory to be eye-catching if used for a showroom demo. Pop a Pixar movie into your disk player and go to the Disk setup menu. You will find 3 test patterns and instructions on how to use each to properly set the brightness, contrast and color. This makes a huge difference. Oh - and you DO have HD TV service - right? Make sure of this.
  • I hate hdtv what can i get to watch dvds on? at tomshardware.
  • I think I hate HDTV at bleepingcomputer.
  • Am I the only one who hates HDTV? at fluther.
  • Do you find your HDTV is "too real" at boards.straightdope.
  • Actors hate HDTV! at
  • Does anyone else dislike HDTV? at Yahoo Answers.
  • The official I hate HDTVs thread! at
    My favorite reply: "My parents recently got a 42 LCD phillips TV, CRT still looks better. With LCD you get blurring, smudgey look, ntsc like, orange fleshtones, it looks almost like vhs!!! Stick with CRTs - that is, if you can find one for 20 quid somewhere! No blurring, less pixels noticeable, sharper, more life like images - basically HD is trying to make LCDs look like CRT images. I think LCDs are great for gaming though. I think by the time HD is available everywhere (when freeview is full hd-all dvbt2) then things may have improved."
Lisa Of Shades
25 Mars 2014
It took me 7h to write,
including the TV art.

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