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Facts of Life ~ Technology ~ Filter RSS feeds

rss-feed-icon Knowing how to download RSS feeds isn't enough, you need to learn how to control what you get.

If you only want the anime episodes and avoid getting the whole series at the end, you have two options.

You can block keywords in your online search or program's filter.

Examples to have only the new episodes and not the season:
  • Easily add:
    -batch -complete -season
    to your online search before making your RSS Feed.
  • Or write:
    in your program's filter. RSS downloader favorite: the "Not" text field.
You can also block video sizes.

More information:

Web site's search

The fastest way to eliminate results is in the search before adding the Feed.

Write a minus sign "-" before the word (without a space between them).

Examples if you want to:

  • Block series to have only the new episodes:
    -batch -complete -season
  • Block HD
    -576 - 720 -1080
  • Block SD
    -360 -480
But it's best to use your torrent program's filter instead, because it's easier to edit and not all web sites execute that option correctly or at all.

Also, when you block keywords permanently in your profile at, the results are only hidden and will still show up in your Feed.

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RSS downloader (uTorrent)

The most customizable way to eliminate and manage results is by making favorite in your program. I use uTorrent 2.2.1 (original build 25110) from oldapps.

When adding a Feed, always select:
"Do not automatically download all items".

To turn it off:

  • Show category list (F7)
  • Open "Feeds"
  • Right click on a Feed's name
  • "Edit Feed..."
  • Subscription: Select "Do not automatically download all items"
The "RSS downloader" has better options if you want to start a torrent automatically. You can find it in:
  • Options: RSS downloader (Ctrl+R)
But instead to write the words that you want manually, it's easier to add an episode in your Feed to your favorites:
  • Select a Feed's name
  • Right click on any episode that you didn't download yet
  • "Add to Favorites"
  • Select the new favorite at the end of the list
  • Filter: Replace the episode number by * to have them all (and the ID code at the end too, if there's one)
  • Eliminate results with the "Not" field:
    • Block series to have only the new episodes:
    • To that, add the video sizes that you don't want:
      Block HD
      Block SD
  • Customize the other options (more info below if needed)
  • Test the matches with the ? button
  • Update the Feed to add the torrents to your list

It saves the changes automatically, so make sure you undo them yourself before closing if you change your mind.

The "Help" button leads to a tutorial online, but it couldn't be found. Use the "uTorrent User Manual" (F1) or my help.

More details:
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Filter settings

The search is more severe than a web site that returns anything that has the word. It uses something similar to regular expressions (Wikipedia) and will only return the exact match.

To make the search as flexible as usual, add * before and after the word. It means "anything"

Separate the words that you don't want with | which means "or".

Options list

Jump down to what you need more information about: You can also search keywords in uTorrent User Manual. Two ways to find it:
  • Help: uTorrent Help (F1)
  • Options: Preferences (Ctrl+P) the circle with a ? near the closing X button in any category
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It's easier to use "Add to favorites" on an episode in the Feed. The RSS downloader chooses and cleans the keywords for you.

[HorribleSubs] Parasyte - the maxim - 01 [480p].mkv
will become
HorribleSubs Parasyte - the maxim - 01 480p

To get all the episodes, replace the number with * to allow anything (and the ID code at the end too, if there's one)

To see if there are new "Matching releases", click the ? button, it's the 3rd after "Add" and "Delete".

That won't add the matches to your torrent list unless the Feed is automatically updated. You can do it manually when you are done choosing all the other options:
  • Show Category List (F7)
  • Right click on "+ Feeds" (or the Feed's name)
  • Update
More info:

The asterix also allows you to remove some keywords right before and after:
HorribleSubs Parasyte - * 480p
Would still work, but it's best to leave all the keywords chosen for you, because it can get complicated.

To have only certain episodes (25 and 26) you can write it in many ways:
  • HorribleSubs Parasyte - the maxim - 25 480p|HorribleSubs Parasyte - the maxim - 26 480p
  • *25*|*26*
If you only write the number, you could get more than one version if you didn't precise the fansubber and size in your online search before making the feed.

I couldn't figure out how to search a wider range (between 01 and 05), so I write the episodes one by one. You're supposed to use the "episode filter", but it doesn't work for animes because they don't have a season number.

Example of what you can write and the "Matching releases" results:
  • 5 = None. Nothing is called only 5
  • *5* = episodes 05, 15 and 25
  • *05* = episode 05 (maybe more than one version)
  • Nothing = no matches
  • * = "Too many"
  • *Parasyte* = everything with the name or "Too many" (They will be added to your torrents anyway when you update the Feed)
It can be simpler to search for everything, but select "Don't start the downloads automatically". Then delete what you don't want and start what you wish. It will be added to the history so it won't be matched twice.

If you want the episode to be matched again:
  • Delete it from the history tab
  • Right click on the Feed
  • "Update Feed"
Options list ^


The "Not" field is where you actually filter what you don't want.

Example to only get the episodes:


I'm not sure if it's case sensitive but I wanted to be extra sure. To also block anything above 480p I added:


But if you only want HD, add:


If you already got episodes 1 and 2 before making your RSS feed, you can write:
But that would also block them when season 2 comes out, so be careful.

Options list ^

Save in

The files will all be saved in the folder of your choice, always. You will no longer need to choose it manually. Making a RSS Feed can be practical even if the series is over, if the episodes aren't grouped into an easy batch, you still won’t need to select the episodes one by one.

If you don't choose anything, I guess it will go in uTorrent folder by default. If you want to choose it:
  • Options: Preferences
  • Directories
  • Location of Downloaded Files
  • Check "Put new downloads in:" and choose a location with the button
There's an option to class the episodes in folders automatically, but you have to move them after they're downloaded. Big torrents can take a long time and put a strain on your computer's resources, so I don't use it but you can:
  • Check "Move completed downloads to:"
  • Check "Append the torrent's label". It will become the folder's name, so make sure to give one to your favorite.
  • (Make sure that you give one; it will become the folder's name)
  • Check "Only move from the default download directory" to avoid moving the files even when you give them a folder manually.
Options list ^


It will be selected automatically if you created the favorite by adding an episode, or you can select one from your list.

Options list ^


You can select more than one, choose it again to unselect it.

I always select ALL because the keywords aren't always in the name and there's no option for 480p. So I used the "Not" text field to block the sizes that I don't want.

Options list ^

Episode number:

The format is very severe. You need a season and a x.

Example: 1x12-14

But it's too limited and won't work with:
  • Series that use the format S01E12-14
  • Anime that doesn't use a season and only 12-14
The field becomes red and you can't find anything.

You can use the "Filter" and "Not" fields. But as far as I know, you have to select or block the episode number one by one... it won't calculate ranges in those fields, even if you use the right regular expression.

Options list ^

Filter matches original name instead of decoded name

I never use that. Feel free to explore. When I add an episode with the favorites, the name gets cleaned:

[HorribleSubs] Parasyte - the maxim - 01 [480p].mkv
will become
HorribleSubs Parasyte - the maxim - 01 480p

To use the actual name of the episode, maybe you have to select that option.

".mkv" isn't the file's extension; it's a keyword mentioning the file extension. But it got removed in the decoded name. To be able to search for it, if you need to avoid a ".mp4" version, maybe you have to check the option to search in the real name.

Options list ^

Don't start downloads automatically

That's where you should give the permission to start automatically, not in the field itself. It's risky to surrender your free will to a machine, so make sure that:
  • Your hard drive has free space for the unexpected.
  • Your search is precise and blocks keywords properly.
Options list ^

Give download highest priority

It puts them to #1, on top of the list, automatically.

To move a torrent's downloading priority manually:
  • Click on the torrent (only when they have a number, not the uploads with a *)
  • Hold Ctrl+Alt
  • Use the up and down arrows
But it won't give a high bandwidth allocation.

Options list ^

Smart ep. filter

I still won't allow you to only precise the episode numbers without the season, or to use the S01E01 format.

The uTorrent user manual says:

"Smart ep. filter causes µTorrent to download the first version of each new episode that matches your filter. Note that you should not enable this option if the episode number is not parseable (when the Episode column is empty)."

I guess it won't download two versions, but it won't allow you to choose which one you want if you made your Feed after many got released.

Options list ^

Minimum interval

It's how often the filter will search your Feed for matches.

(match always) "tells µTorrent to check the filter for matches every time it checks the RSS feeds."

(match only once) "tells µTorrent to use the filter only once. After a torrent job is added to the torrent jobs list by the filter, µTorrent won't check the filter for any more matches."

Then you can select intervals in hours or days.

"The Reset button forces µTorrent to forget when it last matched the filter."

I use (Match always) for my favorite series that I'm eager to see, and every 12h or 1 day for the rest, to save resources, but this would help even more:

To modify how often the RSS Feeds will check the web sites for updates, edit your program's advanced options: rss.update_interval

"WARNING: Unless you fully understand the consequences of changing an advanced setting, you should not modify it without guidance." I spend a whole searching what the options do, that one is easy:
  • Options: Preferences (Ctrl+P)
  • Select "Advanced"
  • Scroll all the way down
  • Select "rss.update_interval"
  • The value by default is 15
  • Write a new value in minutes (multiply the number of hours by 60). Any value below 5 will be ignored and 5 will be used instead.
  • Push the Set button
  • An asterix * will appear before a modified value, so you can easily find it and reset it to default.

You do not need to check every seconds or even 15 minutes. So put it higher because:
  • Your computer's processor has better things to do with its limited power.
  • Your Internet bandwidth is wasted on communication, when the speed limit could be used to download and upload faster instead.
  • Maybe it could overwhelm the online server and even crash the web site. got offline for a long torturous time due to deliberate attacks to overload the server. It's similar to having too many people with too many feeds make requests at the same time. It adds up and it's often not even necessary. I'm sure that you can wait a little more; new episodes come out every week anyway.
Multiply by 60 to convert hours to minutes. Example:
  • 1h = 60
  • 3h = 180 (that's what I chose)
  • 6h = 360
  • 12h = 720
  • 24h = 1440 (for once a day)
Give a break to your computer, internet's bandwidth and the web site's server that you love... by not making your program check more often than you could even notice.

Options list ^

Labels for new torrents

This works like a folder by grouping torrents together in categories. It's useful to find all the episodes of a series.

To make the "Category list" appear:
  • Options: Show category list (F7)
I never hide it; I prefer to handle the visibility with my mouse instead of the keyboard:
  • Put your mouse on the line between the categories and torrent list, until it becomes a double arrow.
  • Click and hold it
  • Move left and right. You can resize it, but you can hide and show it too.
The "folder" will appear in the Label list, but it will be deleted automatically when it's empty.

To make permanent labels:
  • Options: Preferences (Ctrl+P)
  • Open the other "+ Advanced" options by clicking on the + or double clicking on the word.
  • Select "UI Extras"
  • Write what you want in the "Persistent Labels [Separate multiple labels with a | character]"

It's classed in alphabetical order, but you can cheat that to have the categories that you use the most on top, and less often at the bottom, with anime series in between:
  • "- " before a word will put it on top
  • "- zzz ___________________" to have a line under
  • Write the names of your anime series
  • "zzz ____________________" to have a line under
  • "zzz - " before a word will put it at the bottom

- Anime series|- Anime to try|- Movies|- zzz ___________________|zzz ____________________|zzz - Anime hard to get|zzz - Anime uploads|zzz - Anime uploads (mine)|zzz - Anime Watched|zzz - Music|zzz - Series|zzz - Cartoons|Parasyte - the maxim|Tokyo Ghoul|Death Parade|Assassination Classroom|Maria the Virgin Witch|Log Horizon 2|Samurai Warriors - Sengoku Musou|Durarara!!|Aldnoah Zero|Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!|Saekano - How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend|Shirobako|Yona of the Dawn - Akatsuki no Yona|Your lie in April - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso|Cross Ange|World Trigger|World Break

After removing some to have a shorter image, it gives this:

"Anime series" are the complete seasons that I need to watch, I transfer them to "Anime uploads" after.

"Anime to try" is just one episode to watch before I make a RSS feed.

I wanted to find my movies more easily, so I put it on top.

The labels between the lines are the anime that I follow with RSS Feeds.

I change the episodes label to "Anime Watched", a category at the bottom, so the number next to the anime's name will tell me how many new episodes I can watch.

The rest are categories at the bottom that I rarely need to access.

Have fun organizing your labels~

Options list ^

Add the matches to your torrent list: Update the feed

Wait for the automatic update or do it manually:
  • Show Category List (F7)
  • Right click on "+ Feeds" or the Feed's name
  • Update
The torrents will start even if the Feed option "Do not automatically download all items" is checked.

But they will be added "Stopped" if you also checked the Favorite option "Don't start downloads automatically" in your RSS downloader.
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Explore, experiment and enjoy~
Lisa Of Shades
7 February 2015
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