Bananapoop ~ The "How to be less stupid" tutorial ~ This is not a banana tree!

Facts of Life ~ Technology ~ Create & upload a torrent

It's pretty much as simple as:
  • Torrent program: File tab + Create torrent
  • Torrent web site: Upload
The end~

All programs and sites are similar, it's very easy and self explanatory; you learn as you go. Feel free to explore. Or you can follow step by step; I'll explain in details and share my tricks in case you can benefit from them.

For my example I'll use:

The brief essentials

Torrent program:
  • File tab + "Create new torrent..." (Ctrl+N)
  • Choose where the file or folder is (with different buttons)
  • Add the trackers (Updated 16 January 2017)
    uTorrent requires to have an empty line between them:

    Nyaa's http tracker can only be used if the torrent is registered there. But there are public udp trackers.

    What HorribleSubs use:


    He stopped using udp://
    But the tracker openbittorrent gives me "Failure: connection timed out". I'm not sure if it works, their site seems to still be active. So I add two extra:




  • Check "preserve file order"
    (By default, uTorrent classes the files by size and some programs can't change the order in a usable manner)
  • I use the torrent folder's name. But you can rename the torrent.
Torrent web site:
  • Upload it. Nyaa's form only requires the torrent, category and accepting the rules. Feel free to add more info.
  • Add as many keywords as possible in the name displayed, to help find and filter results. All the name versions, subber, video format...
  • Download it to be detected as a seeder by the web site.
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Full tutorial

To keep torrents and sharing alive.

Making a batch for a series make the episodes easier to find, download, move and seed fully. With one torrent instead of dozens, your program will make less communications and stat calculations, so you spare your bandwidth and computer resources. Neat~

Verify if the torrent already exists by searching the web site

It's important when you make a batch of a whole series, but maybe not if you upload unique files that you encode yourself. Not everyone will add the same keywords, so make a broad search with only the name of the anime.
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Create the torrent

File tab + "Create new torrent"


The options appear. uTorrent will remember your preferences, so you'll only have to select the file or folder next time.


Select source + Skip files

Choose where the file or folder is (it's different buttons).

I make torrents of anime series, grouping separated episodes into batches, so I choose "Add directory".

Make sure that your folder doesn't contain unwanted files, hidden files can sneak in. Please avoid adding anything unnecessary. Torrents blend all the data together, so a movie got stuck at 99% because everyone unselected the text file, and a common piece was missing.

If the folder contains some files that you don't want in your torrent, remove them temporarily. The option "skip files" seems hard to use and unreliable.


Add the tracker(s) used by the web site that you want to upload it on, and/or public trackers that you like. It’s good to have more than one for backups, but too many trying to make connections all at once would be a waste.

When I upload at Nyaa I use Nyaa's tracker; but it works only if the torrent is registered there. Plus two public trackers that can be used freely, as backups in case the main site is down. The last one hasn't connected in a while, but it's still used:



My version of uTorrent requires them to have an empty line between them, otherwise they can get skipped. But BitLord wasn't like this.

For more examples and different public trackers:

Web seeds

I leave it blank. I don't know that it does.

Manual: "... lists all the web seeds the .torrent file will use. Only HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP web seeds are supported. Web seeds are separated by a newline."

Maybe it's for a seedbox: "a private server used for the uploading and downloading of digital files."


Add one if you wish, that's the right place to put the site that it was made for and your name; don't add extra files for that.

Example: I write "Death is amusing but please seed so it won't die" or the less creepy version "Please pass it on, so it will live on. Enjoy~ Files from by HorribleSubs. Batch by [WolfPack]"

You can write your own username or give a link to, to help people discover this great site, if they get the torrent from another.

Piece size

Leave it "auto detect" unless you really know better than uTorrent's programmers.

DON'T "Start seeding"

Leaving it uncheck will only save the torrent file in your folder, without adding it to your program's list.

I leave it off. First I verify that the file order is okay by opening it with an old program that can't reorder them (in case I forgot to check "preserve file order). I verify that all the episodes are there. I upload it, then I download the torrent from the site to be detected as a seeder.

Check "preserve file order" Heart

uTorrent class them by size by default, and some programs can't change the order in a usable manner. If someone wants to only select a few episodes, it can get tedious to find the numbers when they're all jumbled up.

DON'T make it private Heart

Leave "private torrent" unchecked. To allow Peer Exchange, Enable DHT and Local peer discovery. You'll have more seeders and peers this way, not everyone use trackers.

Unless it's your private personal things between friends, or if your site requires a registration, more sharing is good.

Push the button: "Create and save as..."

uTorrent makes you wait while it's compiling the data, but some programs do that at the end so it takes a while before the torrent file appear.

Name it

I keep the name simple for torrent; I use the same as the folder. Nyaa allows you to display a different name when you upload the torrent, so I add all the keywords for the search there.

The window stays open in case you want to save a different version. You can close it.

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Verify the files

It's best to open the torrent and verify that no episodes are missing or that hidden files didn't sneak in. I even open it with my older program BitLord to make sure that the files are in the right order.

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Upload the torrent

I think Nyaa allows people to upload anonymously, even without an account, but it's best to have a user name to be able to edit.

Go in their menu: Upload or directly to the page Nyaa: Upload.


Fill the very simple form. Only the torrent, category and accepting the rules are necessary. It will look like this:


Entry name: Display name for the torrent. (Optional)

I put as many keywords as I can think of. You want it to be found in a search, but also blocked easily to eliminate unwanted results, especially in automatic RSS to avoid hitting people with big batches.
  • The subber's name. I often do a search of a specific one. It can be seen as rude to use someone else's name, but it's respectful to give credit. You can add "Not" before their name or "Unofficial batch" after. (It can be problematic for RSS feeds, but there's an easy way to filter keywords out.)
  • The anime name: Japanese / English
  • Batch 1-(last episode). Some people write season, but I avoid using the word complete in case we get more than expected later.
  • Jp or DUAL (audio), but I only mention it when it's dual.
  • The size. I only do 480p, but there's also 576p, 720p and even 1080p. To each their own, so please mention it.
  • The file type. mp4 instead of mkv means that the subtitles can't be turned off, so it matters.
  • I like to add my name at the end, to make it obvious that it's an unofficial batch; but they usually are. The subbers are too busy making more episodes to make torrents for complete series.

[HorribleSubs] Gin no Saji / Silver spoon ~ Season 1+2 Batch 1-11+1-11 [480p].mkv ~ [WolfPack]

You can't name a folder like that, but it's helpful to have keywords in the name displayed at the site.

If someone complains that their RSS Feed found your season batch when they only wanted the episodes, don't remove keywords. Teach them how to control their own things instead to futilely try to control others: Filter RSS feeds

But it they ask politely to add some keywords to help them search and filter, please do.

Upload the torrent from your files or using a link

Select the Category

I pick this one the most: "Anime - English-translated Anime".

Some people selected the wrong one so the people who wanted it couldn't find it, and only the people who couldn't understand the language were able to find it. You can't edit it if you post anonymously, so it's best to register.

Information URL

I like to give a link to a page describing the anime at Anime-Planet, but it can be any site... or none.

Check remake to turn it red if:
  • Reencode of original release.
  • Non-v2 (or non-v3, etc.) remux of original release using a similar source.
  • Reupload of original release using non-original file names.
  • Reupload of original release with missing and/or unrelated additional files.
When making a torrent batch for a series, avoid renaming the episodes so they can be interchangeable with the original torrents, that way they can revive each other if there's no seeders to complete it.

I avoid adding images and links now, because I saw it kill another torrent. But I confess, I still use red because I like it. Technically the episode 1 isn't related to 24... It helps to make it obvious that it's not an official release... and people shouldn't expect much from red entries, so I'm hoping that those who want HD will leave my 480p alone, instead to complain.

But people who make a batch of a season usually leave it white.


People are lazy, so you can be too and write nothing. If you put keywords in the name properly it can be good enough. But I like to make it easy on people and share the information that I enjoy hunting, to motivate them to download what I love.

You can use basic BBCode (wikipedia). Here's some that I like to use:

An image is worth a thousand words, but I have to host it myself. If I use Anime-Planet's image path, the code gets deactivated:

[img]IMAGE'S LINK[/img]

Then I write the thousand words: the rating, story, tags and recommendations (so that people will have other animes to look forward to).

I like to use the spoiler tags to hide how much I actually write, and let people choose to reveal only what they want to see. You can display a different text on the button, it will write "spoiler" by default:

[spoiler="Button's text"] Hidden text to reveal when clicked [/spoiler]

To add a link: [url="THE LINK"] THE LINK TEXT [/url]

Also:[b] BOLD [/b]

Italic and center makes it harder to read, so I don't use them.

And others such as: color, size and even list. Examples at Wikipedia: BBCode.

Check "I have read the rules" (preferably after reading them)

Click the Upload button.

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Error 418 - I'm a tea pot

When you get that poem... you're doing something wrong. Nyaa is too busy laughing at your stupidity to explain you what it is and how to fix it.

My current theory: maybe it's because you didn't add nyaa's tracker to your torrent before uploading it to nyaa... That's obvious and would even justify a silly song.

Here it is:

I don't get the error when I make my own torrents... with trackers found in nyaa's torrents. I had problems only when I tried to add a torrent from another site, the only time that it worked is when I added nyaa's tracker... and deleted a few, so maybe nyaa refuse some trackers. But maybe I completely remade the torrent too.

I don't know why they use something so vague; being clueless drives me crazy. I couldn't find useful information about that error; it was supposed to be an April's fool joke somewhere (See knowyourmeme).

You can push your browser's back button to avoid losing what you wrote and try again, but copy the text before posting...

I tried with no text and a plain name to no avail; it seems to be the torrent file itself. Maybe we don't have the permission yet, if we try to upload too many too soon. Maybe the torrent already exists, hidden or denied... Maybe the site is too overloaded or doing maintenance to accept a modification to its database... but I tried so hard. I suspect that it's how the torrent was made; a missing or wrong tracker is what makes the most sense.

But maybe it's for another reason. Good luck with that. I had to give up some uploads.

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Verify that it's uploaded

You could by doing a search, adding my name as a keyword makes it easier.
Or check your torrent list in: Profile - my torrents. Hidden torrents are grey.

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Download your torrent

The web site won't detect you as a seeder unless you download it and do a check. A torrent might not be dead. It could be sleeping since not everyone let their computer connected constantly like I do, but I turn torrent off to give back what I take faster.

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Upload your torrent & seed

There's an option that might help get more seeds faster.

Right click on the torrent - properties: check "Initial seeding"

It will try to minimise sending the same piece many times. But once it's done, it will stop sending more data even if it's still seeding. It won't restart a new cycle, so you have to turn it off to keep seeding. I don't use the option if I'm not there to edit it in time to keep seeding, or I turn it off before leaving.

Because you give to more than one person and the same time, reaching a ratio of 1 doesn't mean that one person got the whole thing. It's best to give it at least 1.5 or even 2 times (150-200%) to make sure of it.

People will be sharing as they recieve it. It's amazing to see dozens of seeders after giving it a little more than once. One person giving once can make a big difference. Seeing is more meaningful than it seems.

And that's how you can change the whole world!

Small acts that spreads like a snow ball or fire~ Or fireworks!

Sharing torrents. Because you are one of the others too. ~ Demotivational wolf, chicken, egg

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Protect your creation and the torrents that you download

I keep an eye on the torrents that I make from time to time, to make sure that they aren't dead.

I used to seed everything that I made, but I ran out of space and bandwidth quickly.

People have to pass it on, so it will live on.

When a torrent is well taken care of with seeders, I can go create more torrents for your convenience and happiness.

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You can stop a torrent automatically (or limit the speed) once you reach a good ratio

Options - preferences - queueing - Minimum ratio (%): I raised it to 201 to have a round number.

Check the "Limit the upload rate" write 0 to stop, so I can use more speed to give back other torrents.

If a torrent is special:

Right click on it - properties - Seeding goal: check "Override default settings"
and increase (or decrease) the "minimum ratio".

Or do a right click and "Force Start" so it will never stop unless you choose to.

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Uploading can be FREE!

The big internet providers make you pay for uploading, punishing generosity. But not all companies do that, some smaller ones don't count uploads so they become unlimited... and for an even lower price!

(in Canada) is one of them and I'm very happy that I made the change. They even give unlimited downloads at night for all. So it's possible to seed freely with peace of mind.

There is no advertising in my site, but I gladly give credit to those who help me improve my quality of life, to broaden people’s options.

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Sharing is its own reward

Someone will always be grateful (usually in silence) and someone will always complain (often overkill loudly). But either way it's fun to spread what you love all over the world. Seeding is a great way to say thank you.

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Buy some copyrights if possible

Please try to find a space in your budget to reward the artists who actually made it, and encourage them to make more~

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Create torrents, seed and enjoy!

Attack on Titan ~ Eren ~ Two bitten thumbs up ~ Good job ~ Sort of

Lisa Of Shades
4 February 2015

Updated trackers and Initial seeding info:
16 January 2017

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