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Facts of Life ~ Technology ~ Block keywords permanently (search at nyaa)

There are two ways to block keywords:
  • Remove them temporarily in the search bar of most web sites
  • Hide them permanently in your profile at
It will only work when it's written in the name displayed. I'll use video sizes as an example:

SD = 480p and under
HD = 576p and above

Remove keywords temporarily in the search bar

Most torrent web sites allow you to remove keywords when you search by putting "-" before them, without a space between the minus sign and the word.

Write those keywords to remove video sizes from your results:
  • Block HD to have 360p or 480p:
    -576 -720 -1080
  • Block SD to have 576p, 720p or 1080p:
    -360 -480
If you only like one video size, just add the keyword when you search for the name.

Hide keywords permanently in your profile at Nyaa is "a BitTorrent community focused on Eastern Asian media including anime, manga, music, and more."

The site has the options to block keywords and whole categories permanently in your profile. It will make your search easier.

Register, it will be worth it.

Try this link to your profile settings at Nyaa to find:
  • Profile
  • User settings
  • The last text field: Hide entries that match tags (separated by space)
Write those tags to remove video sizes from your results:
  • Block HD (576p and above) to have 480p and less, I wrote this:
    576 576p 720 720p 1280x720 1080 1080p 1920x1080
  • Block SD (480p and below) to have 576p and more, try:
    360 360p 480 480p 848x480
  • Block 576p and below, to have 720p and more:
    360 360p 480 480p 848x480 576 576p
  • Block 576p and below but also 1080p, to have only 720p:
    360 360p 480 480p 848x480 576 576p 1080 1080p 1920x1080
  • Block 720p and below, to have only 1080p:
    360 360p 480 480p 848x480 576 576p 720 720p 1280x720
This methods has some inconvenients compared to using the minus sign in the search bar:
  • The results are only hidden. You'll still have to go through as many pages, and some pages in the middle can be empty.
  • The results won't be hidden in your RSS feeds, but you can remove keywords with your program: Filter RSS feeds.
At least what you dislike will be hidden, so it will lower the chances to download the wrong torrent by accident. You can only blame yourself when you do, so please don't be hostile against the people who make the effort to Create & upload a torrent.

But you can politely request to have keywords added in the name, to help everyone search and filter their results. Learning how to remove keywords is your responsibility, so you’ll look ignorant if you ask that. Don't harass people to stop sharing their own preferences and don't mock what they need.

Learn to control your search and enjoy~

Longer version with more details

End the SD vs. HD war

Everyone has different resources and needs. It's pointless to argue and insult people's personal preferences when they differ from your own. Just move on to find what you want.

Instead to make futile attacks against people, to make the other side disappear, you can achieve results painlessly by blocking keywords.

There's good and bad in everything, it depends on how you look at it and if it's a good match for you at the time.

Lack of compatibility can mean that it’s bad for you, but it doesn’t make it bad. Opinions aren't facts. If life was this narrow, it would be boring, don't let your mind be that way.

People's circumstances differ and change. You don’t even need to understand to have the respect to leave people in peace. If you need to vent frustrations, write in your own stuff or punch a pillow.

480p are not supposed to be HD, writing harsh comments to complain about the quality when it's as promised only shows your ignorance.

You shouldn't complain about free stuff anyway, especially when you don't make the efforts that they do to offer something to the world. It's more admirable to try and fail miserably than do nothing, that's how you learn to master something, not by trying to make others feel miserable.

Learn better:


What is SD and HD

360p, 480p, 576p, 720p or 1080p... it's about how many pixels wide the videos are.

SD = 480p and under
HD = 576p and above

If you stretch the video too wide to match your screen, you'll notice the quality loss. But if you view them on a smaller screen than the video is, the quality will not look better even if the video is bigger.

The size of the file must also match the size of the video. It's like peas needing a container that fits how many they are neatly.

Too big containers waste space: a 480p movie won’t have a better quality if it’s 10 gigs (10240 mb) instead of the usual 700 mb.

Too small containers make a mess: a 1080p movie will have a lower quality if it’s 700mb instead of many gigs.

Get back up ^

Reasons to love SD and block HD

SD still has a purpose, it's still needed.

Bigger isn't better when you don't have the space, money or are unable to use it. What's best is to match people's needs and that can vary.

You won't see an improvement if you download a 1080p when you use a small screen. HD's huge files will waste your bandwidth, hard drive space, DVDs to burn and money.

People can love their old fully personalized computer or hate the new Windows too much to upgrade. But HD videos are too big for the processor to handle the data properly; they will lag or be out of sync. So a simple 480p will be even more precious for you.

HD doesn't mean high quality, it even sharpens the flaws, causing distress for the actors who turn to dangerous surgery and toxic makeup that gets absorbed by the skin and causes cancer.

Some viewers even get seizures because they get overwhelmed by the details and glare of a HD screen. Others can't afford it and eating healthy should be a priority.

To block HD results (576p and above) to have 480p and less, you can write this in the "Hide entries that match tags":

576 576p 720 720p 1280x720 1080 1080p 1920x1080

Get back up ^

Reasons to love HD and block SD

If you live in a big house and can't be close to the screen, having a bigger television will help you see better. But a 480p will be too small to give a clear picture when stretched this far. It's not that it's shit, it's just not what you need.

Hopefully you're not trying to compensate for your insecurities and competing to have the biggest to gain social status. Because after seeing how mean HD lovers are to the people who need SD, it sure won't make you a better person. Try learning a skill.

It’s appreciation that makes something better; so you’ll never have happiness if nothing is ever good enough for you. SD is for some people and that's respectable, just as your own choices are, as long as you don't hurt anyone in the process it's all good.

To block SD results (480p and below) to have 576p and more, you can write this in the "Hide entries that match tags":

360 360p 480 480p 848x480

You can also be more specific:

Block 576p and below, to have 720p and more:

360 360p 480 480p 848x480 576 576p

To have only 720p, nothig below or above:

360 360p 480 480p 848x480 576 576p 1080 1080p 1920x1080

Block 720p and below, to have only 1080p:

360 360p 480 480p 848x480 576 576p 720 720p 1280x720

Get back up ^

If it doesn't work

Blocking keywords will make your search easier, but it will only work if they're written in the name displayed, so stay mindful.

When posting torrents, some people assume that everyone want and need what they do, so they don't mention the size. You can request it politely by explaining why it's important and helpful to the users. If they care enough to post a torrent, they will understand that reason better than angry ungratefulness.

If it's not even written in the description, look at the name of the files in the torrent.

But sometimes you need to download one episode to know what the series is like.

You can block the name of fansubber or members if you know that they only post torrents in a format that you don't like, especially if they don't precise it in the name displayed.

I'm [WolfPack] at and I only offer torrents in SD to help my minority. I usually do 480p batches of episodes by HorribleSubs gathered into series. Instead to try to discourage me by insulting my efforts AND the fansubber's work, just block my name, or I'll bite you back.

Get back up ^

Please leave the other side in peace, use that time to watch more animes.

You can also use that energy constructively to Create & upload a torrent. Batches of whole seasons are easier to find and handle, so it helps to keep them alive.

Lisa Of Shades
5 February 2015
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