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Facts of Life ~ Technology ~ 480p is better than 720p & 1080p

Everything in life has a positive and negative side. The value of something depends on how much we appreciate it. For me, and many others, 480p is still better for my needs.

I chose this title to shock some sense into the people who harass me saying the opposite. But the truth is:

They each have their purpose, in different situation, for different people and need. And it's perfectly okay.

Mind your own business, or at least try to understand and respect that there are as many people, needs, right choices and even truth as there are possibilities. They're endless. We each have our free will no matter how much people can try to impose theirs on us.

Here are my main reasons to cling to the old 480p:
  • I love to watch anime on my computer, with a 23 inch screen. At that size I wouldn't see a difference with HD.
  • I don't have the space, money nor will to have a screen bigger than my patio door. My eyes can't see that wide anyway. I feel cozy close to the screen.
  • I actually bought a HD screen but it actually looked uglier with loads of visible pixels, as the HD effect sharpened the smooth edges too much.
  • The files are ridiculously too big. 3 gigs for a 30 minute episodes when I can have a whole series for that size!
  • It would take way too long to download. It already takes a while to download a 170mb episode, 3 gigs is absurd! There's no upside to this!
  • I don't want to waste money buying more DVDs or Blue ray DVDs than necessary.
  • My processor reaches 100% if I try to play a 720p and they're out of sync. If I force it, my motherboard will die. I can hear it shriek when it over heat. I have too much respect for what I cherish to mistreat my beloved computer needlessly. Why would I trash something that gives me so much joy and took so long to fully customize.
  • What I want doesn't matter, what I need has more value. I don't need higher than 480p to enjoy my beloved animes. All I need is to enjoy them.
  • I was even happier with the avi format, it's more compatible with everything. The subbers wrote educational notes about the Japanese culture on top of the screen. It was awesome to be able to understand more in depth the things that can't be translated. Now, with the external subtitles in mp4 and mkv, we're lucky if they translate signs.
  • Energy and budget are limited. I prefer when they don't put it all on visual effects and put more on the plot and acting. Something that is getting harder to find as the display improves. When I understood that, I stopped mindlessly rushing after new technologies and tried to reconnect with nature, emotions and even people. I enjoyed older things anew and relived the best times of my gamer life. The graphics are just one aspect among many, when everything else is neglected for them, the whole doesn't become better; it feels shallow and empty.
  • The best stuff isn't in HD or doesn't need to be when it's genuinely good.
  • HD doesn't mean high quality; see my page to learn why.
  • You don't need to spend more money on a bigger equipment to enjoy something more, all you have to do is choose to cherish it more. I feel lucky for what I have instead to take it for granted. Everyday that my old computer doesn't explode, or set my bed in fire in my sleep, is a blessing. I'm more impressed that it lasted 10 years, than by how much the new technology requires immense power to accomplish the same simple tasks. That's lame.
  • I'm called [WolfPack] at nyaa. I made some torrents batches of anime series, I call them packs and keep making wolf puns, so I'll make one: You humans can engorge yourselves with big 1080p pigs and cows until you explode if you want. But we, wolves, don't like to mindlessly follow the trends of the herd, that's for sheep. We make sure that the greener grass is truly tastier and worth the trouble, to avoid wasting resources and energy on something futile. We intend to enjoy simple needs and pleasures, feasting on humble 480p mice and rabbits. We might not be the majority, you might want to cruelly hunt us to extinction in the name of progress, but we will be delighted with our freedom in the wilderness for as long as we can. We're not even trying to resist, we're simply enjoying our life the way we always did, and we don't need more to continue to do so.
Why I don't want to mindlesly follow the upgrades whenever available:
  • I don't want to upgrade my computer because everything that came after Window 2000 is crap, especially Vista and Windows 8 made me rush out of the store shrieking in exasperation when I saw that the task bar was missing, and needed a super slow animation to be visible on the side.
  • I have an ATI all in wonder. I can plug absolutely anything on it, even my Super Nintendo if I want to play "Zelda, Ocarina of time". I can capture images and videos. I have a remote wonder. It stopped existing and what replaced it doesn't come close to that marvel.
  • My computer was build custom in 2004 for thousands of dollars. All my programs are custom, even my registry. I hacked my folders to put a picture in the background. I don't care about the new designs of the next Windows, nothing beats full personal customization! It took me years and I'm no hurry to do that again.
  • New generic computers may seem more powerful, but what's the point of having a quadra core if stupid Windows burns up 3 and half cores to run dumb heavy graphics and annoying animations that slows down its usability. I turned all that shit off; I don't need to pay a fortune to get even more of what I don't want!
  • I am very attached to my computer, we went through hell together. I'm not in a hurry to throw my loyal friend in the garbage, not when it's perfectly functional, fully optimized and personalized, and never bugs!
  • The newer virus probably can't get to me because my old computer has the Service Pack 1, so the doors that are used don't even exist on this computer. When I upgraded to SP3, I had to completely reinstall Windows twice in a month because of incapacitating viruses.
  • I learn to do animations with Flash, and when I did my stage, they had the newer program and all the code that I learn to customize didn't work anymore. I was in no hurry to upgrade it at home to do contracts, not to get some extra pre-made horrors when I did everything custom anyway!
  • The company upgraded all their programs, but the computer couldn't handle them. I usually work with many open, but they now used so much memory and processor that everything became painfully slow! I had to constantly close and open programs and it made me waste money. All that for nothing because I program manually anyway!
  • I don't want to pay a fortune for new programs that offer nothing new, only move things around in a more confusing manner because it was perfect before, with some new logo, to justify robbing you! The new OS are freaking tacky!
  • Watch the movie "I Robot" to see that new technology is out to get you more and more, and not serve you. It's all about money, not quality.
  • I studied web design and build my machine to do 3D animation, even if I never had the time. Why would I need to upgrade it to be able to see a freaking web page!!!? Facebook is so full of publicity that it should be called Adsbook. It always bugs for me, even when my computer was new, it made it freeze. It’s over rated. Nothing replace real social interaction, but this site gives people an excuse to chicken out, giving them the illusion that they're not alone, with thousands of friends, but not one there for them when they're in need.
  • I enjoyed animes in good old avi 480p files immensely before. I sure as hell don't need a 1080p now to do the same.
  • The avi format is compatible with everything. Even on my Xbox; it allowed me to entertain myself when my computer needed a rest. But the noisy fan only needed to be cleaned after all. The new mp4 and mkv format with subtitles that can be turned off can't be turned on with my xbox, so they're not usable.
  • I'm absolutely impressed that my computer is lasting since 10 years open 24/7. My newer hard drives died and got defective on me. But I'm currently using a 80gig, the first I ever had, because older things didn't cut back to make more money, so they last longer.
  • My computer is so old that he probably has awareness and a soul now. My power supply is defective and I'm probably powering it with sheer will and my own spirit. I just plain adore him after all the time and energy I put into customizing him. He's my loyal familiar.
  • Batman didn't get rid of Alfred because newer models were born.
  • I'm so used to my computer that I need the sound to sleep. It buries all the other stuff. I sleep with pink noise now. It covers up even more sounds than my computer's fan. It's pure bliss.
  • I treasure it deeply, I appreciate it deeply, and I don't need something huge, fancy and expensive to be able to do that... all I need is to choose to enjoy and feel that way.
  • I've seen too many people loose themselves in newer technology and forget their very selves and to appreciate. An anime won't get better on a giant screen. But you can be more grateful for it on a small screen.
  • It's getting painfully hard to find 480p files. I really don't want to pay thousands of dollars and spend months customizing it all over again to end up seeing no difference. I should feel frustrated that I can't watch some series that I want... but instead, it reminds me not to take it all for granted. When I finally get something, I appreciate it immensely. I can watch my older animes many times and appreciate them to the fullest instead to be jaded o matter what brilliant animes come out.
  • If someone gave me a new computer, I'd still keep my old one as my main computer. I'd use the new one to install a program to convert 720p to 480p and would watch it on my good old one. I guess that it would give me the time to make a proper home by customizing and getting used to the new one.
  • Why change what's good for something worse?
  • If a web site needs 2 gig of memory to function, then the web designer did a lame job optimizing it.
  • This computer gave me extremely happy moments, even in the worst days of my life. I'm not throwing that in the garbage just because Bill Gates found a new excuse to put his hands into my pockets.
  • I didn't need 1080p to be happy. All I needed was a good anime. It was true then, and it's still true now.
  • I like to keep my life simple, to keep my problems simple.
  • I tried, I didn't like it. It wasn't worth the money, efforts, waste of space on my computer and extra DVDs to buy.
  • I made technology my calling in life... but the more I got into it, the more I lost sight of life itself... I neglected friends and even lost them. I don't want to send countless lol messages... I want to have a rich face to face conversation. When I woke up and tried to reconnect with people, everyone was in the same virtual frenzy. Go see my facebook, send me a text message to my phone it,s cheaper... playing with it face to face instead to talk to each other because it's easier... At the end I got fed up with technology and massive hysterias.
  • I cried with amazement watching Yuna dance on water in Final Fantasy X, only to finish it with a crushed spirit, bored out of my mind by shallow characters, repetitiveness, linear path, no side quests and games whatsoever (not worth mentioning anyway)... It lost its soul... I stopped playing for a long time then went back to older games and found total amazement, without being overwhelmed into a head ache, exhaustion or seizures.
  • Maybe I'm being left behind, but good plot, stories and dept too... and I want to stay behind with them... as everything of value is being replaced by gaudy cheap superficial garbage.
  • I don't want to pay more for the same, for big ugly pixels all over the place in HD, for lower quality as the definition setting is pushed way too high on a screen bigger than what I'd need.
  • If you're rich enough to buy a screen as big as a patio door, a mega computer, a phone more powerful than a spaceship... don't download 1080p... BUY THE DAMN BLUE RAY DVDS!!!
  • I sure as hell don't need all that to be happy. Thankfully, because I'm poor. But I have my values at the right place, appreciating the little health that I have left and buying myself good food to preserve and improve it. And it works.
  • Maybe I don't have all those fancy things, but my vital organs are getting fancy nutrition. Maybe I can't rub them all over your face, but I sure can display a smile all over mine!
Lisa Of Shades
25 Mars 2014

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The war between 480p VS. 720p & 1080p

You cannot control what people want, need or do. You can’t erase from existence the things that you don’t like. But you can control your searches and choices, even when people try to deny your own freedom. It’s always up to you.

Refine your search. Add -480p or -720p -1080p. Some sites and download programs even have a space in your profile to forbid keywords permanently.

It's pointless to complain to the people who at least make the effort to share what they love. It's true for subbers, encoders, and the people like me who can only hunt episodes to gather series together into one torrent.

We do what we love, not what you want.

If you can't appreciate it, then we didn't do it for you!

You don't have the right to demand anything or tell us what to do. We're free to make our own choices, we owe you NOTHING. You are free to ask, but you won't see a favor granted unless you ask respectfully and politely. Either way be grateful that there are people out there helping each other out. You don't have the right to tell people to stop their good will just because you can't appreciate it! Someone else will! You have no business denying them that or spitting on people's efforts when you don't do better, when you do nothing at all, when you don't even try. Go make your own!!!

If you're not happy with other people's efforts, then learn to do it yourself and share! Or at least don't waste your time criticizing and move on to find what you want or need. Complaining is not constructive and you're not a helpless baby anymore.

If someone screwed up, you can give polite suggestions, but make sure that you actually do better before looking down on someone, and remember that when you started maybe you screwed up even more as you learn.

A mistake is worth way more than any criticism, at least you tried to achieve something. Try to spread positiveness around you. You're further ahead than anyone who just wait to take advantage of the results.

To each their own.

If you're rich with a living room as big as a football field, and a TV even bigger than a patio door; anything smaller than 1080p will look like shit, even if it's not. But if you're a humble student, poor, living a simple life, or just adore your old computer, you won't see a difference if you go bigger than 480p on a regular screen or a small laptop. It would be a waste to have bigger files.

It all depends of your needs. Both formats serve a purpose, for different people, and trying to force the wrong match on people, without understanding what's truly needed and best in this particular situation, is what's truly ridiculous.

Enjoy what you need!

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Spread good and joy in the world, or at least around you.

We probably all wished to be able to make cool animes because we love them so much and want to be part of something awesome. If you buy them, you clearly express gratitude to those who make them, by rewarding them with hopefully enough money to eat decent foods and live in a cozy home. They can use that money to do more animes too. So you can be part of it and make it possible in more ways than you can imagine. Sometimes it's legal to download Japanese animes that aren't licensed yet, and subbed in English. Maybe you can’t understand Japanese, don’t know how to encode subs, or don’t even know how simple it is to make a torrent. But you can still spread the joy around by seeding. Be grateful to all those many people who made this moment of joy possible for you. You’re taking part of spreading this awesome goodness into the world by simply… appreciating it.

Enjoy and share~

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To resume something to put when I post torrents:

If 480p isn't what you want, then I didn't do this for you, but for someone else. I’m open to friendly suggestions and polite requests, but I can’t encode, I simply hunt and gather. You can only control your own search: refine it by adding "-" before unwanted keywords, or permanently add them to the blocking option in your profile. Appreciate the efforts of others and share the goodness, or go learn how to make your own. But don't waste your time trying to deny the free will of a wild wolf. We might not be the majority, you might want to cruelly exterminate us to extinction in the name of progress, but even if you disapprove: we're simply enjoying our life the way we always did, and we don't need more to continue to do so.


Get back up ^

I love wolf puns so much!

(To add when I make torrents to prevent depressing comments.)

If you want to inform me of a technical problem, I’ll gratefully learn to fix it. If you want to vent your daily frustrations against my gift, go punch your pillow and fix your ungrateful attitude. This torrent is for wolves, not for bitches. Mwahahahaha!

(Fun fact: Black wolves, like the avatar I use and how my dark side is represented, are actually wolf-dogs. They're bigger, more daring and unpredictable. So I kinda insult myself, I bitch a whole lot too... especially here. But I just don't like ungrateful people spitting on people's efforts while they don't even try. If it's not for you, move on!)


Lisa Of Shades
27 Mars 2014
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