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Facts of Life ~ Sexual Education ~ Gays are gay

Gender confused wolf from ShrekGays aren't sick or crazy, gays are simply gay and can be very cheerful indeed.

I definitively don't agree with the belief that homosexuality is to be cured. I'm not one of them, so I can't offer their perspective; but I try to understand instead to judge.

I respect their right to follow their heart.

I'll demonstrate that it's healthy, sane, helpful and moral from biological, psychological, social and even religious angles.

If it's some sort of illness or about choice, then what about the people who are born with both sexes? (They get butchered!) It's just how they developed. More about Hermaphrodite at dictionary, wikipedia and Top 10 hermaphrodite facts and famous hermaphrodites. Sometimes being in the wide range between genders stereotypes is obvious with mixed genitals, at other times you need to examine the internal body, it can simply be an androgynous look, or you just know deep down how you feel; with your unexpected talents, likings... or orientation.

No one is an absolute because reality is more complex than concepts.

If something went wrong with their hormonal balance in the womb (like taking the pill full of female hormones while pregnant of a boy...) and the brain developed out of sync with the sexual organs; then it's too late now.

It's probably nature's way (or your god's will) to control our overpopulation problem (the pill kills women) so we won't have to feed on artificial foods... (It’s killing us!)

Nature loves to explore possibilities; that's how we evolved. Regardless of being created or not, we still do. Just like children, we grow, but on a greater social scale. Our body adapts to what needs to be done through the generations.

God and Adam looking gay - by Michelangelo for  the Sistine ChapelWho are you to know your god's will? There's nothing against homosexuality in the 10 commandments.

But there's "you shall not covet your neighbor's wife" and yet he took Joseph's to make his son; without his permission. What's up with that!? He can’t deny marriage for gays after doing way worst.

Let them celebrate their love and loyalty!

Even if something against it was written in your holy book, god didn't write that himself, maybe people misunderstood him.

Times change and God can change his mind too. Maybe he wants everyone to be gay so humanity will leave Earth and join him in heaven. But more likely to stop us from destroying his creation, and limit our population so we won't starve, plagues didn't seem to work. *Chuckles*

If he created all things, then he created gays too.

If his will is absolute, then he wants them or they'd be bursting into flames.

If we were created in his image, then maybe God is gay; after all there's no mention of a woman, ever. God, the holy spirit who made his son with the surrogate Mary... the whole holy trinity, they're all males!

But one thing for sure: if he loves all his children, then God loves gays too.

Cutest Chineese girlMaybe fruitless unions unions were bad when we were dying like flies and everyone had to do their share to perpetuate the race. But now we're way too many so gays are doing a public service with their voluntary sacrifice. Just look at this heartbreaking tragedy quoted from yahoo answers:

"The Chinese are restricted by law to having only 1 baby, which was part of the great tragedy of the earthquake as many families lost their only child in the school collapses. Also that restriction is why so many Chinese girls are available for adoption to US couples. In China, boys are still more highly prized than girls and far too often, if the first child is a girl they will abandon her or give her to an orphanage in the hopes that their one child will be a boy." How to adopt a baby from china at wikihow.

If women had the same rights and sexism wasn't accepted, there wouldn't be so many abandoned little girls. It's best to have 2 daddies or 2 mommies than no one in the world... Divorced heterosexuals throwing the children at each other like a ball sure aren't giving them a safe and stable environment! Gays can't have their own babies; but they can help balance the world; by welcoming lovingly those abandoned children, and correct the mistakes done by heterosexuals.

Guppy fish - called the million fish for reproducing so much - horny little loveIn an environment with not enough partners of the opposite sex, even animals will turn to their own; it happens in jails and in my aquarium of only male guppies. It's not because they're gay but because they're sexual beings. It's natural.

They will fill the urges the best way they can; because the drive to procreate life is a strong one, even when there’s no possibilities of a result.

"Life will find a way."

Some frogs and the female of guppy fishes can even change sex to make it possible. I have a hard time sorting them because they can change hen they become teenagers; but even adults can. Hermaphrodite guppies thread at guppies forum.

Human fetus all start as females, an extra chromosome make them devellop as males.

There are only slight differences between genders, we're just positioned differently with different sizes, but everything is there for both.

That’s why men have nipples, the female’s clitoris is an undeveloped penis, ovaries descend into testicles for males, plus we all have both a rational and emotional brains. We’re the same!

We all have the hormones of both genders and the amount varies between people.

"The ovaries and testicles make the majority of sex hormones; but the adrenal glands also make small amounts of testosterone and estrogen." From

"The ovaries make testosterone, but most of it is immediately converted to estrogen, so in women the adrenal glands are the primary source for testosterone. (...) When women have too much adrenal-derived testosterone, they suffer from masculinization or virilization, encompassing a suite of (masculine) traits (...) and acne". List at livestrong.

"Elevated estrogen levels really do cause men to look, and somewhat act, more like women and less like men." More effects at criticalbench, such as erectile dysfunction. Xenoestrogens (wiki) imitates female hormones, they leak from plastic and other horrors; and are found in soy. More in a very interesting article: Newest research on why you should avoid soy at mercola. Their isoflavones, genistein and diadzen are toxic. They disrupt the endocrine system, which includes the gonads (ovaries/testicles). "An infant exclusively fed soy formula receives the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day. (...) Male infants undergo a testosterone surge during the first few months of life (...) which programs (...) patterns in the brain characteristic of male behavior."

If they were meant to be this way, or if the products of society altered their body; their persecution is terrible. Either way, gays are not to blame. They are the way they are and nothing can or should change that. Only acceptance can help now.

Popularity doesn't make something better. A lifestyle that can help someone's health might kill another. Facts can vary, and opinions aren't even facts.

Typically, women seem to specialize their right emotional brain, and men the left rational one (info at psychology); but it's not always the case. Even if we favor one brain more, like hands, we all use both sides. Some people are left handed and a few are even ambidextrous. It's the same for the brains: the majority of each gender might have similarities, but everyone is unique.

There are an infinite number of combinations within people, as many as there are possibilities, reasons, emotions, lives and more.

A woman skilled with tools and a man talented at painting beauty aren't defective, diseased or crazy. So why not for sexual orientation as well. If a fully grown man suddenly grow breasts or a woman a beard; maybe they suffer from adrenal fatigue and the rest of their endocrine system suffers along. But otherwise, it's just how they are born and who they are meant to be. Helping someone to heal the body's suffering is great, but forcefully denying people their very mind, feelings and identity is a crime against them and their "God given" & law inforced free will.

Even if it was a choice, to be in harmony with their needs, there is no fault to be judged, no harm done. As long as they do it with respect, they deserve the same.

They have the right to live and stay true to their own existence, the best way they can.

So it's natural to be gay because being a minority doesn't make them bad. But discriminating, against their different reason to be, makes you intolerant and that's way worst because it hurts people. They're not this way to aggravate you, and some will be more horrified than you'll ever be: they will have to live it everyday for the rest of their lives. No matter how they will choose to handle it, freely or in denial, they will suffer for it from others or within themselves. I admire their courage.

Your primal brain guides you instinctively the only way that he knows how; the way that he developed. He holds the purpose of survival so he's stronger than willpower itself.

It's okay to be mislead or mistaken, no one is perfect. Good can still come out of it. We can only do our best and sometimes our only choice is the lesser of two evils. Serenely accepting to be gay is less terrible than being in denial with a broken heart everyday of your life.

Heterosexuals don't have much of a choice, homosexuals don't either. Going against your own nature is unthinkable and outraging for anyone, but life loves diversity. Respect life. Trying to force your ways on others is cruel and clearly disgusting.

Not everyone is biologically able to have children. Others can't for various reasons such as financial, emotional fragility, physical frailty, the fear of seeing their child suffer from an inherited illness, the dread of transmitting their diseases (aids), or the inability to find a suitable partner for them who'd also be a good father for the kids. Some don't want them or shouldn't have any.

But everyone have the right to be loved, even if babies don't come out of it.

Two gay couples of different genders can form a partnership and share genetic materials to unite two families. While heterosexuals can end up in broken families, sometimes for not being able to bear hiding who they are anymore, like their homosexuality, or anything else trying to please at the peril of their own identity. Couples based on honesty and sharing their real needs have more reasons to last longer. Acceptance is better than trying to change what cannot; there would be less fights. It’s best for the children.

I think it's perfectly rational for a woman to prefer the company and affection of another; over a misogynic man who'll beat and rape her as if she was an object.

If you force a gay man to despise his sexual orientation and be with a woman that he doesn't love; his heart will be too full of hatred against parts of his identity to be able to love anyone and he won't be able to treat her well, with the affection that she deserves. It won't be fair for anyone.

Men are horny much more often, getting together is logical too.

If you force a lesbian to do "her duty to a male just like everybody else" she won't have sexual desires and the man will feel inadequate, humiliated and frustrated. Even if he gets her in bed, there won't be passion. He probably will cheat, that will break the marriage, and fights will traumatize the children who will find a way to blame themselves. It won't be pleasant for anyone.

A relationship blooms best when based on trust, love, mutual respect & understanding; and desire. But even when you have it all it's still hard work to build a relationship. You can't force your heart no matter how much you force your body. That's just sad when they're not in harmony. It's a recipe for disaster.

The ideal varies for everybody and situations, it depends on our needs, and even those change as you walk your own paths of life. Sometimes couple ends simply because they moved in different directions, but the company they shared helping each other will always remain precious. Reducing that to two crotches is missing so much of the point and value of a couple. Kids can be adopted, but you can't adopt the sexual orientation of someone else, not if you wish to stay true to yourself. That's something important to teach to children and it will make you a better parent.

We used to make couples to share the unique strengths of each gender, but we're such a big society sharing many skills that it’s not crucial anymore.

Now sexuality is more about pleasure than making babies... it's a logical outcome to no longer be limited by the crotch in choosing a partner to share your life with. Especially if you don't want children, but there's so many unwanted ones from heterosexuals that it's even helpful.

Homosexuals are suffering from discrimination, it's not a disease. Intolerance, prejudices and bullying are way more sickening. People will invent justifications against any differences but there's no excuse to do this.

Synonyms of discrimination: unfairness and inequity. That's all they want by trying to raise awareness, not to recruit people in some sort of sect; but to have the same equal and far right to express affection in public; without being assaulted mentally or physically.

Believing that it has to be cured can only worsen the stigma. Accepting our natural differences is already hard enough for anyone without being called sick!

Leave gays alone.

They're this way for a reason, if you can't understand, ask; if you don't want to, shut up!

They’re not hurting anyone. Those who do don’t do it because they’re gays but because they’re just human too.

Stop thinking they're depraved because heterosexuals do anal too! Some gays will find it gross too and stay a virgin all their lives, even if they build a relationship.

Don't waste precious hatred that you could be using for rapists instead!

It's not even because they're gays, you just want to look down on someone to feel less bad about yourself. That's not the way, even if it's not against yourself anymore, you still feel hatred. Admit your flaws and have compassion for yourself; then you'll have it for others.


If you don't like what I said, don't use it as an excuse to hate homosexuals even more, because I'm not. I am obsessed with scientific biology and gays make sense. The psychological aspect of it is valid as well.

With how men treated me as a woman, I really wish I could be a lesbian. Seeing how shallow publicities turned most women into, if I was a man I'd probably still wish to be gay. But it's not a choice, even if you can get curious, trying won't change who you are meant to be.

The stigma is probably worst for gay men than women. Heterosexual men sure don't appreciate their own unpleasant seduction techniques when they're on the receiving end... Harassing someone to invade their very body is horrifying for every gender... Anyone can be like that, it's not wrong only if they're gays, it's always disrespectful. If a hetero gets angry at the mere idea of being the prey instead, when gays can be so sweet and kind, I think it tells more about how bad they actually treat women and how little they know about gays.

Just like heteros, there's all kinds of homosexuals... because in the end, we're all just people. Decency is a matter of courtesy, not orientation.

Lesbians seem to be glorified as a threesome fantasy by men, which is absurd since they don't want males... As much as I find loyalty and exclusivity precious proofs of commitment and love; bisexuals have it hard with monogamy, for it they have to give up half of themselves... There's a good and a bad side in everything: It broaden the possible partners but it can rip your heart apart. It's so difficult for gays. There's even discrimination between homosexual men and women.

Heterosexuals find love so complicated as it is, they can't even imagine the hardship that gays go through; they have no right to judge. We should all do like pansexuals: to fall in love with the person, regardless of their crotch and torso. They welcome any combinations of the body; they love the person's soul blind to their gender. They don’t feel bitter about what they think it should be, they love what is.

Everyone should try harder to understand and respect each other.

There are sick perverts anywhere, even in the church! Being different doesn't make you a bad person deserving contempt, hurting others physically or mentally against their will does. Even the worst sadist with his willing masochist is not immoral; but what priests did to innocent children, and the church turning a blind eye keeping them as examples of morality, is utterly criminal.

Everything is more complex than black and white; the surface is often misleading.

I don't like the prejudices against women any more than against gays or anyone; even if I have my preferences, everyone are free to choose as well. Before calling me the weaker sex, try to bleed in pain ¼ of your life! (I don't suffer anymore since I take magnesium and vitamin C.) “Don’t trust a creature that bleeds for 5 days and doesn’t die.” I love that joke.

It takes more strength to bear the weight of someone walking all over you than to do the walking. But just push the asshole off you.

I'm both boyish and feminine, better with computers and science than make up and dresses. We should do and wear what we're best at and passionate about; instead to force stereotypes on people who'll feel miserable; making them accumulate frustrations into a ticking time bomb of rage.

Why should wearing dresses for men be more disturbing than pants for women? Some girls got killed for wearing them! It's just fabric. Take the time to discover the person before you get in bed and you won't have unwanted surprises. Kilts can be super manly, just look at him: cloakedanddaggered. With that kind of composure and self-confidence, I’m sure he’d look virile even in a pink tutu.

Gays dressed like peacocks during parades can be disturbing, but any celebration can be. It's not weirder than a sport fanatic, screaming hysterically, with the colors of his favorite team painted all over his half naked body, usually with a big beer belly. A woman dressed in latex is sexier aesthetically. Genders aren't everything... feeling interest and a connection are what's important. But it has to be mutual; you can't build a relationship from your efforts alone, even briefly. That's why it's pointless to compel gays force themselves to be "normal"; which merely means average, it's based on the majority by ignoring the two extremes of the bell curve. What a narrow view. Nature is broader.

Hair length stereotypes are pointlessly restrictive as well. We should prone hygiene instead. Even short hairs can look dirty when neglected, and long ones can look classy too~ I find them irresistible on men. A girl can be very feminine with short hairs as well. To each their own. In our history people died for freedom, we should at least have the right to choose our haircut without prejudices! If you're a man, long hairs can harm your credibility in your career. Being so close minded is wrong.

Men are considered superior but the pressure on them to live up to it is all the more intense. It's not easy for either sexes to be imposed a stereotype and discriminated against when we don't fit in the mold. And most likely no one does; so we should all really drop that bullshit!

I have both genders blend equally in my personality, so it allows me perspective. Being bi would make sense; but I'm asexual: sexually attracted by neither, but I can feel affection for both. That was extremely confusing growing up.

I actually wanted to change sex to be acknowledged as a male, until I understood that I don't need to get butchered to be who I am. I don't want to anymore; I'd miss the female part of my complex soul. I want to use freely all of me: my emotional, rational and even primal brain.

We should trust in the intellectual abilities and leadership of women. We should allow men to be sensitive and let them ask for support. There would be fewer tears into the world. Stereotypes only stop us from offering our unique talents to the world. We all loose something precious from it.

I make do and respect the body I was given, I'm thankful for my health and don't want to risk it because the operation can go so wrong. But I respect those who do. It would be nice to have a body that fits with my personality... puberty was extremely traumatizing, as my body grew in another direction than my identity. I made peace with that by accepting myself.

But the reasons why I most wanted to get an operation are to stop being harassed, assaulted, imposed a stereotype, be oppressed and be looked upon as inferior. I wanted people to see who I really am, but it's not my crotch that stops them, it's their prejudices; that won't change even if I do, they'll just pick another justification. As a man, I'd still have to fight to defend myself, and women have fists too!

I can be myself inside any kind of bodies. All I have to do is to keep around me only the people who want to know me. I won't tolerate to be forced to be what I'm not, no matter my sex, so I might as well do it as a woman. That's important for everyone; maybe gays are targeted more aggressively, or maybe just less subtly.

So I have sympathy for the struggles that gays have to go through to find and accept themselves… and be respected by their family and peers…

Attacking someone just because they kissed their loved one or held their hand is pathetic. You should be happy that there’s less competition for you. Men are usually the aggressive ones (but not always) and heterosexuals should especially rejoice that there are fewer people to steal their woman, or kidnap and rape her. As a female I’m extremely happy that there’s less predators out to get me. I like the company of men but not their sexual harassment, that attitude even made web design contracts impossible to continue. It made me feel like a whore to be demanded sex while paying me. Degrading.

I've been harassed merely for wearing tick glasses; I'm -9.25/20... almost half blind. The repetitive cruelty takes its toll. You really have to be a weakling to torture a handicapped, clearly bullies' opinions are not worth listening to. It's just pointless; I can't improve being bad when it's simply a fact that can't be changed. It's not a choice or a flaw, it just is! Narrow minded people don't hide their stupidity in shame, and that's way thicker than my glasses, so I don't have to either!

But I tried and I got severe eye infections wearing contacts; they didn't allow enough oxygen exchange so veins grew threatening to blind me … Now I do my best to forbid myself from giving a damn about people’s opinions. It's hard enough without letting anyone make it worst. I simply appreciate being able to see half.

Actually I can see like a magnifying glass really close, which is useful to me; but I can't see far away in exchange. My vision range simply moved closer to adapt to a need; so I think it's an evolution. It's very probable that gays are too. Everything has a reason, even if our reason can't comprehend it.

After 10 years waiting in vain for a man who'd treat me with a minimum of dignity and respect; and not just try to use me as a sperm toilet... I chose a life of celibacy and chastity, using my energy to reflect over my health with more important issues than how to please the opposite sex like a slave! I was born to live.

I’ve never been happier!

Why waste energy hating yourself and others, there's so much to love in life.

There will always be someone who'll love and hate you; for both your qualities and flaws. It has little to do with you and what you deserve... it's not about reasons.

Feelings are about what people cultivate in their hearts.

THAT, you can choose.


Adam and God from infiniteunknown:
"Michelangelo’s fresco of God is a
detailed anatomic depiction of the brain."
Interesting, see the shape around God.

Cutest Chinese girl from ascportfolios.
Article about birthing issues.

Male guppy fish from aquariumfishhome.
Info about difference between sexes

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