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Good morning kids, today we'll learn about the bees and the flowers!

Bee all cute and fluffy, looking at youFlower: Clitoria ternatea

While they can produce sweet honey, be careful because they can sting too~
It's best to leave that alone until you feel like you can handle both.

But it's good to be prepared either way.
Knowledge is power!

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Bee stinger from sophisticatededge.comHydnora Africana - wikimedia commons Lytton John Musselman

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Let's begin! I sure hope you're ready~

Actually the bees and flowers looks more like this:

Vagina anatomyPenis - flaccid and uncircumcised

They're called a penis and a vagina (wiki).

If you call them a dick and a cunt you might hurt someone's feelings. They have many names, feel free to invent your owns.

They have as many shapes as there are people and diversity is what makes it interesting. They're all okay... more or less.

This is a circumcised penis:

The prepuce of a male is cut off, especially as a religious rite. (dictionary: circumcise) I think Jews usually do this when they're still a baby.

But also for health reasons. If the skin strangle the penis and threatens the blood flow, or for hygiene reasons, it's best to pull down the skin to wash. Maybe to lower the sensitivity is precocious ejaculators too, or for aesthetic preferences.

Notice the scar.

Usually done without anesthesia.

It's also done to girls. Read Female genital mutilation. (wiki) They "remove the clitoris, prepuce, or labia of (a female). Sometimes all they leave is a tiny hole sewing everything else shut. When a woman loose her virginity, breaking the internal membrane (hymen) is already painful enough... (boys, you wouldn't be so eager to become "men", and would think about it twice too, if losing your own virginity meant to tear your prepuce in half forever.) Can you imagine the horror of being sown then ripped apart... This is an atrocious and sickening tragedy.

Humans all start the same; the clitoris is the equivalent of an underdeveloped penis for a woman; so it takes away a source of pleasure. Maybe guys find the idea disturbing, but how would you like to have your shaft cut off? It's especially horrible since it can be done to little girls, old enough to feel terror and taking a much longer time to cut and heal, and without their consent by untrained people. Crying and begging while being told "it’s for your own good." Cruel bullshit.

There are many variations. We all have both sexual hormones in our body; so our genitals, internal organs, and orientations (Read my: Gays are gay), talents, tastes, and ways to feel and perceive the world can be anywhere in the wide range between extremes.

Hermaphrodite infant - ambiguous genitaliaHermafrodite - Gautier dagoty Some people have both sexes or mixed ambiguous genitals.

They're called hermaphrodites (wiki).

This is a tragic story about how they get butchered: "Adoptive parents of child born with genitals of both sexes sue hospital for 'mutilating' him by removing his male organs when he was a baby" at dailymaill.

A baby waiting for adoption got his penis cut off to look more conventional but later clearly developed closer to his boy side. Either way it's cruel to not allow them to decide, but why would they have to choose half of themselves anyway. Pansexuals fall in love with the person regardless of their crotch and torso. It can be completely mixed and they will only see someone to appreciate.

That's all for the genital class, this page got extremely long so I'll make more.


Next: Sex is so much more than porn.

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1 September 2013
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