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Facts of Life ~ Sexual Education ~ Feminism

The first woman that boys get to see is their mother. She does everything for them without asking anything in return, completely devoted to their every need. And then the boy grows up into a man and believe that all women should be the same.

She isn’t devoted because she is a woman, but because she is YOUR MOTHER. And she does so because babies are completely helpless and would die without someone else taking care of their needs.

But once you’re a grown adult, you’re supposed to DO IT for yourself!!!

Women owes men NOTHING! Not even mothers. Many boys were abandoned and neglected by their mothers, even harmed, babies were even killed! Some managed to grew up into decent men anyway!

When you’re an adult in a relationship, you’re supposed to be a PARTNER. You bring your strength and weaknesses, the partner does the same hopefully different enough so you can complete each other and be stronger together.

You have even less of an excuse to act like a child when you become a father. Someone needs you. You have to figure out how to take care of yourself, your own needs, before you can even think of being there to take care of someone helpless, when their life depends on it and are between your hands.

But no~ Men want to have sex all day long, as if life was supposed to be a long orgasm, just because it feels good, regardless of the consequences… So they teach little boys and girls, even in elementary school, that they have to perform sex already. There’s something seriously wrong about society. But you can’t expect immature adults to raise children properly.

But remember, you’re not a helpless baby anymore, you can, must and owe it to yourself to take care of yourself, yourself!!! And in the word woman… there is the word man! … and wooo~ So don’t think that they’re different just because their sexual organs are inside instead of outside. Breasts grow for woman (that’s why men have nipples). The clitoris grows into a penis for men. Ovaries fall out as testicles for men… Most of the time, but not always: women specialize in their emotional side of the brain and men the rational one, but they both have BOTH. We’re the same.

Lincoln may have freed the black people, but women will have to save themselves. I am happy that the USA got a black president. But because it happened before a woman became president… it worries me.

Since cloning, we only need one female egg and any cells, even female, to make new babies. Humanity can go out without men! So don’t you dare think that you’re superior. You were needed to build a home, hunt and feed; while the female were mothers, cooks and healers. Men protected, women reassured. But with machines (ah~ vibrators) we can build anything even with our inferior body strength from having lower testosterone. So men’s strength, in a world of technology with delicate assembling, women can thrive. Especially since they’re not distracted by sexual urges every seconds of the day, for only making an ovule once a month!

Polygamy is actually in a women’s favors. It became illegal in a time when men made the laws for themselves. If men had the right to have more than one, as much as women are jealous and possessive, I’d much rather be one of many with a healthy, beautiful and resourceful man… The men who dream of polygamy aren’t even able to keep one! The others are too busy doing it I guess… If polygamy was legal, many undignified and disrespectful men would never see a pussy for their entire life! Maybe it would force men to rally be more considerate, or maybe it would raise rape rates… probably both. So it’s in men’s best interest as much as women’s. With the sexual diseases, I wouldn’t risk it, and I’d be deadly furious if my mate risked my life in my back without my informed consent.

Feminism might seem to go too far, but some men do too. So in the end they bring balance. Because when someone pull too far in a direction, you have to pull just as hard in the other, even harder, to reach the center.


Lisa Of Shades
17 April 2014

Fight for your rights and dignity!

Sometimes to gain freedom and equality, you have to kick the oppressor into the ground and walk all over him.

So he might understand what it feels like and that it’s not ok, or at least see that we can do it right back at him and he won't get away with it!

To oppress someone you don’t need to be superior, you only need to succeed to make the person believe she’s inferior and powerless, especially when she’s not. It works the other way around: To end oppression, you only need to believe that you want it to stop; deserving it is completely irrelevant, as long as you fight for it. A slave can choose to run away, even if he’s gunned down trying, he can still choose to die free.

As long as we choose to serve at the peril of our own needs, well being and safety; we are slaves. Being allowed to choose our own master doesn't change that fact! It's true about jobs, and it's true about relationships.


Lisa Of Shades
4 November 2013
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