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Someone asked if abortion is murder or not.

All right, don't kill me for this. Don't ask a question unless you're ready for an answer that you don't like.

Yes. It is alive. Yes, it is murder.

But sperm as well. They all have a mind of their own, swimming independently. Are you saying that we should save them all and keep them in... Masturbation is murder. Should we make a baby with each spermatozoa, there wouldn't be enough ovule to go around, or that's make a thick layer of people all around the planet.

Every single of your cell has independent thoughts, actions and even feelings (to be able to demand and react). Every day countless lives inside you die.

Eating is murder. Not just animals. Plants are alive too, feel too. The sunflowers are intelligent enough to follow the sun. We'd need a complex AI to do the same. Eating salad is worst than animals, because we lock them in the dark, starving without their roots, for days, and then we eat them ALIVE.

Life is about murder. About taking living cells from a community of cells and bring them into your own body so the cell-society that is you can go on.

Some people would die if they had a baby.

Some children would be ignored, never knowing affection, left to starved, beaten and even raped... No child deserve to be born into this world unwanted. They'd be better off dead.

Life is as much about death as it is about life.

If you don't want a baby, DON'T HAVE SEX! Period! I never will!

But not everyone have a brain.

Some people get raped. Should they raise a mini copy of their rapist for decades?

What about stupid teens who did what a videoclip told them because mommy and daddy couldn't be bothered to teach them about the consequences of sex, and the school wouldn't do it because it made them feel uncomfortable... so they are left to download hard core videos online and feel forced to do it as if it was normal. Do you think that stupid kids like that can work to properly raise a baby, and teach them to be good people? SO the world won't end up like the movie Idiocracy...

If we ban abortion... the majority of the people who will be born is crack whore babies and drunk players... the world is already over populated. People get obese from all the chemicals that get trapped in their cells... not because they eat too much, but because they're fed artificial foods, so useless they can't even shit it! So they crave more and more desperately looking for nutritional value... while their organs shut down from starvation. Packing up pounds of toxins until they get cancer. Or choke under their own weight.

Or the kids just plain starve... and then when they can't pay attention, they are drugged, chemically tied up so they'd sit still like statues while dumb asses looking for an ego boost want their quiet admiration... teaching them useless garbage... when they'll never learn how to properly balance a budget and many will end up homeless because of it.

So yes... it is murder... but there are things far worst done to the living.

Sometimes... murder is mercy!

Don't have sex unless you're ready to give life or to kill it.

I would have preferred death rather than being born unwanted and unloved.

Thankfully, I have myself. But I won't do the same mistake.

Abortion always existed, but people did it with knitting needles (can you imagine, now that kills two instead of one) and unwanted children are left to starve completely ignored in poor country...

I don't know what to vote for... because yes it's murder... but that's a damn good thing. And what are we waiting for to kill paedophiles and shit like that! More jobs. And more funds to feed the children instead to feed them in jail.

Condoms are murder too.

Do we really want to have 15 kids each!? The planet can't support our stupidity as it is!

I'm a member of the vehement movement. I'll never have kids.

Yes, the world is sad. But it's better to have a dead foetus after a month than a starving child who'll kill themselves at 16 after years of being raped and beaten to a pulp.

Children should be born out of love... not for a few minutes of cheap bliss... and if the price to pay is killing a few clumps of cells... Then so be it... It's a lesser of 2 evil.

Please don't punish me for this... I was supposed to have been aborted myself... so... yeah... kill the poor kid. It's better than the hell you'll put them through.

Lisa Of Shades
1 february 2014
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