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Facts of Life ~ Business ~ Purpose of school

School School is a chance to discover your special skills that you can bring to the collective.

No one is supposed to be perfect
, especially not at everything, certainly not while discovering ourselves and learning.

Life is simply about living: evolving by making new experiences and discoveries, perpetually.

Trying to perform well at everything might open you more doors for when you are ready to choose, but you end up sacrificing play time that would help you develop social skills, which are more important to convince an employer to hire you.

Worst, you sacrifice your health. Read my section Adrenal fatigue. You can't do anything at all if you're too exhausted to think and move. You'll end up depressed even if you succeed. It's not worth having unreasonably high goals if the result is losing the will to live. Take the time to appreciate every steps, every small accomplishments and to enjoy~

No one is ever above reproach, because every tastes, needs and specialties are different. It doesn't mean that we are wrong or worthless; we simply can't be compatible with everyone and everything. So don't worry about it. Just find yourself, your own path, and you'll find the place that you belong to thrive. You'll meet your kin eventually, but make sure to appreciate yourself because no one can replace self love.

School isn't everything, even if it can occupy a lot of your time. Not everyone thrives with intellectual work, many are better at manual labor. It's often more in demand and the salary can be even greater. No one was meant to sit still and stare all day. Teachers are there to serve the needs of students, that's why they are paid. Not the other way around. Children aren't there to admire them in silence, to boost the ego of boring people. School might exist as a daycare too, to stop teens from having too much time, with their new boiling sexual hormones, or to set what oppress and discriminate them in fire... But anyway, we're meant to explore and move.

There's more vital
in life than academia. I can tell, as a nerd with a high IQ, the intellect IS my talent. I was in special classes for the gifted, a sponge for information, BUT even I can’t find much motivation to learn what doesn’t appeal to me. School was mostly useless garbage compared to life experiences, learned by trial and errors, and even what I discovered in google!!!

That's where I found about Adrenal fatigue which showed me how to save my own life; doctors were useless and even made it worst, in spite of their fancy diplomas! They were too sure to have learned right, and to know everything, to be able to find the truth. Only I could discover what my own body needed, according to my personal reality.

I couldn’t do much as an invalid, but taking into consideration that I was supposed to be long dead, that just breathing and walking was a challenge, I accomplished great things for a living corpse! Make sure to judge yourself only according to your own context and limited resources; not what you have no power upon, isn't even a choice up to you, random luck, at the opposite of your talents (like sports often is to intellectuals, and vice versa Delicate dexterity is at the opposite of sheer force), or not being at your best temporarily (even if it seems to last forever) for any reasons. Consider attenuating circumstances before condemning yourself. If I could improve from my death bed; with time, compassion, research, self care and trying gently, you can too. It's natural to discover both failures and success while exploring possibilities. Having to search in so many can be confusing and frustrating, but it's also why you can keep the hope to find the one that will be best for you.

The problem was that everything I’ve been told to be necessary and good (by mainstream medias out to exploit me) about what to eat, think, feel, do and how to act with others; was harmful and destroying me. It was painful to let go of my very foundations, but it set me free and I discovered so much more, a better way to live. Learning something new and welcoming change made me feel lost, but then I finally found the possibility to end vicious cycles and reach wanted results, on the correct path. Even if it was against everything that I first learned and believed; the results spoke the truth, louder and clearer than words or texts, from the start.

Always keep a reasonable doubt and an open mind.

Unfortunately school grades are based on how much you can memorize information like a trained parrot, even if it's a lie. Some people are better at so much more: inventing, making links between concepts, creating, building, repairing, nurturing... Memorization isn't the way to learn the skills that truly matters for this, even if it can be helpful. Parrots are over rated. People with a thinking mind who'll give you a different perspective will be more precious than mindless slaves. Even if being contradicted can hurt your ego, it can spare you wasting your time in the wrong direction and painful mistakes. We can go further and accomplish more with the collaboration of colleagues.

A teacher told me that everything that you learn, even if it seems pointless, train your mind, like a muscles. It creates connections in the brain and then any information can pass through them. You become more able to think and understand everything else. Training can hurt and be tiresome, but that's how we improve. Just make sure to rest as needed and to push your limit gradually and gently.

Don't let your grades define your worth. You decide how much you choose to value your own life. I trained no social skills, while contacts were necessary to find contracts, so I made it harder on myself by only focusing on what came easy for me. With a health that went to hell, my good performance at school was unhelpful for what matters the most. It can help you make a living, but you need to learn more to survive.

Succeeding well at school is no guarantee of a great future; it even caused my doom for trying too hard and neglecting other areas. It's also true with not performing well, your talents are just somewhere else, give yourself time to find the opportunity to discover them.

Worst case scenario, your skills are something that got replaced by machines. But maybe an apocalypse will make us return to the medieval age. Then your descendants, who carried the vital skills across the generations thanks to you, will save the community. You never know~ Actually, some people are willing to pay more for something hand made, or with previous methods that might be less productive but much healthier.

No matter how much you struggle to find your place and polish your skills, which is admirable all by itself, you're still entitled to protect and enjoy your life, being alive gives you that right and duty, undeniably. No matter what people says or try to do to you for their own benefit, when you're not even hurting anyone and just minding your own business. They're just trying to bullshit you: avoid, ignore, and forget. Not all information and point of view is correct, useful or valuable, and not for everyone. But we're all entitled to our own even if it's a mistake, hopefully temporarily as we learn. Being stubborn about our needs is self care, but being immovable from what causes harm isn’t wise, especially when it’s to ourselves.

Being a failure means that you tried, and it's the first step towards success, but you might find it in the opposite direction, the only way to find out and gain something is to make a move.

If you can't perform well at school, it might only be temporarily. You might simply have more critical issues to deal with than grades: health problems like malnutrition or your immediate safety in a bad social environment. It doesn't make you unskilled.

Surrounding circumstances matter to be able to blossom your full potential.

Give yourself the time that you need, if school's inflexible pace gets in the way, taking a sabbatical can be wisdom; you can always return when you are ready and your situation is more favorable. What matters is you. Knowledge and competences can be acquired another way, with personal research and doing activities. Of course you have to learn how to make a living, and school is there to help, but people succeeded without it; so if their methods aren’t for you, there’s still hope.

Your brain has requirements to be able to perform. If you start your day without food, or the sheer sugar of grains, you'll quickly crash into Hypoglycemia; your brain won't have a slow and stable fuel to function. Without proper vitamins, like B12 and C to be able to absorb iron, you get anemic from not having enough red blood cells to carry oxygen... You need magnesium to make neurotransmitters, the brain is made of fat, and you need to be properly hydrated with well balanced electrolytes minerals. Your needs are complex and varied, but not one requires a chemical drug. Preservatives and food coloring cause brain damage which makes erratic behavior, like hyperactivity and even the confusion of psychosis, perfectly normal and understandable; once you know about biology and nutrition.

Of course you won’t be able to pay attention, comprehend accurately and certainly not be happy while starving, suffocating and being poisoned!

You're just a blink away from fainting, a coma and death. Every second of staying awake and alive under such conditions is a triumph!

You simply need to feed on real foods and sleep.
Real means natural, organic, unprocessed and untainted by chemicals, like YOU need to be, and food becomes you.

Labeling and blaming tortured children as having ADD or ADHD and drugging them is an absurd crime! If your parents are violent physically or mentally, because of their own hypoglycemia, or to vent frustrations that have nothing to do with you; you'll have much more important issues to think about than "Columbus discovered America in... whatever" especially if you need to find a way to stop daddy from "discovering" you every night. Sleep deprivation compromise the ability to think as well. It's not learning troubles... It's just plain troubles. It’s not your fault. Shit happens. A lot.

Every life experiences are precious teachers, even bad ones. Especially learning to deal with failure, which is a natural part of discovering and training your skills.

It can be the best teacher, if you learn from it constructively, instead to waste energy belittleling yourself pointlessly. Don't let anyone do it to you; it's just psychological violence no matter the excuse.

We all have a talent above all else and a flaw worst than someone else. Always. That's why we gathered in a society in the first place: to become the best that we can be at what we can do best, and to share it all together.

Focus on the good
, don't worry, someone else will help you with the rest; directly or indirectly. Just do you best with what you do have.

Even if it seems to be forgotten, it's the advantage and purpose of being part of a whole: society. To complete each other, all of us, so we can give our all to polish something special, to offer to ourselves and everyone too, all together.

School is meant to give you opportunities, but it's limited. Use it as a tool among many to broaden your horizons and train your mind. It's there to help you, but it can fail you. Overcrowding people can cause territorial problems and hostility. School has good points and flaws just like everything else. Take the good and try to leave the bad.

Everything has two sides and nothing lasts forever.

Being imposed a pace and topics that doesn't suit you can be frustrating, if you need to cope: Vent anger for balance & inner peace. But improving what you have the most difficulty with can be very useful to you. School should teach how to balance a budget instead of calculating geometry, but this skill is necessary to make cool 3D animation! There's always more to the basics, so do your best while you learn them, even the things you hate can help you accomplish the things you love.

Life is complex and the discoveries are endless~ You can't know everything and it's perfectly okay. Never forget this, knowing that you can learn more is the first step of doing it.

"The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know."
Socrates (wikipedia)

Realizing it doesn't mean that you are stupid, but that your mind is opening to how vast is the world; knowledge is endless!

This attitude turn people into true retards:
  • Close minded.
  • Think they know everything.
  • Believe that they can't be wrong.
  • Convinced to have the right to dictate what is best to others, who have different needs and situation than them, when it's just plain not appropriate, maybe not even for themselves.
  • Refuse evolution and change, clinging to obsolete ways that were proven wrong.
  • Willfully ignorant.
Those are what I call retards. Not the intellectually challenged individuals, even them have other precious skills to offer. They can lack the capacity to calculate schemes so they can be more honest, sincere people, enjoying the present without much worry, for lacking the ability to think too far ahead. We have a lot to learn from them. But they're still people, so they can be assholes too.

I like to turn my mind off and enjoy myself with the amazement of a child, I promised myself that I'll always appreciate discovering the wonders of the world, when I was young. I can still be mature when it's needed, but I might not look it when I'm in a different mind set. People and life have many facets, just like a diamond. You can't know and judge the whole based on a small part. That's why it's so important to always be open to learning something new or more appropriate.

The truths are as infinite as possibilities, they change as life and people vary.

Summer isn't cold, but winter is. It's pointless to argue with someone living in a desert about the existence of snow. Our own reality teaches us what we need to know to survive, even if others can't understand. We too might have more important things to do with our brains, to take care of our life. That's why it's so useful to share different ideas, we can help each other discover how beautifully colorful the world truly is!

School is there to give you a taste of many things, so you can find what's your favorite flavors~

Also to teach you some basics, school can’t make you discover everything, but learning to read allows you to access all the information ever written. Countless people dedicated their lives to discover and learn a topic, and then they share it with the world. Mastering it wouldn’t have been possible if they divided their time trying to be good at everything; it’s the sacrifice and choices that allowed them to reach greatness.

With the help of others, who did it in other areas, is how we reach greater highs and became so prosperous as individuals and as a society. It was thanks to everyone, we are one. Doctors and plumbers each have an important purpose and can need each other. I'm very happy and grateful that someone takes away my trash, even if this social status isn't as valorized it makes my life much better than many others. Taking the putrid decay away preserve my health, garbage men do something to protect it much more often than doctors, who’re only there when it’s too late!

Even the smallest tasks are important and great accomplishments. Acknowledge yourself.

To quote Futurama, episode Godfellas, the God entity that looks like a constellation said: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." More funny quotes at the link above. Learning humor is precious too~

Do your best, not the impossible. Make sure to balance eating food with nutrition and resting well~

You can learn more in my section Health ~ Nutrition ~ General information.

Knowledge is power!

Lisa Of Shades
20 October 2013

Once upon a time~

A very long time ago, we basically needed only 2 types of people.

Men, who were mostly rational to solve problems to survive to their environment, and stronger to build shelters and hunt food.

Women, who were mostly emotional to understand the subtle need of their babies and nurture the needs of the community.

They were a small group of nomads and survival was harsh.

Then we became sedentary, and grew in number. So people could put all their intellect, skills and energy to master one specific task, while others did the same with other aspects of life. We got farmers, smiths, bread makers… and medicine improved.

But back then, the only way to learn was to be taught by your parents or someone willing to take you in. Political power was inherited, the old belief that it was given by god to god-like people wasn’t completely evolved.

Men and women were still trapped in the stereotype and imposed tasks that were thought to be typical for them, even forbidding women to vote, as if they were unable to be rational, and looking down on any men able to be emotional as a weakness.

But as we evolved, we saw a little more that nothing is set in stone. While genetics and gender puts weight in the balance, nature evolves by trying something new. So the son of a smith can become the best cheese maker, and the son of a leader can only be skilled at playing a flute.

The schools of today offer a sample of many things, not because you should be a master in all things, but to give you the chance to see where your specialty is. So you can be the best you can, in the area that suits you, and offer your personal best to the community.

It was acknowledged as so important, believed that the greatest talent can be born of the humblest family, that the government uses taxes to give students scholarships and loans.

School isn’t there to excel, to be perfect in all things, but to give you the chance to find yourself.

If you try to be the best in every ways, you aren’t polishing what is the best in you the best you can, you aren’t respecting the limit of the humanly possible… even the gods weren’t perfect in all things, they all had their specialty in the mythology. If you try to go even beyond this, you’ll inevitably have to sacrifice something. Even if you don’t notice yet, it’s your health, ruining it with exhaustion. The occasions to relieve stress by discovering your hobbies. Learning social skills that are far more useful to get and keep a job than any knowledge or abilities… And also taking the time to simply enjoy what you are doing…

You can’t find yourself if you refuse yourself the right to be the worst in something, to have flaws, you’ll not only deny your very identity but also your very right to be human. Energy that could be put to be even better than what is taught at your special skill would be wasted, and instead to help society evolve, you’ll just degenerate your health little by little…

It’s boring to learn your ABC, but then it allows you to read everything you wish and find what truly interests you.

Some classes can be hard or boring, but they can still be worth it and your specialty. Sometimes a teacher who’s too eager to retire can make the funniest things seem a chore. And if you aren’t well fed for your brain to function, too much sugar, allergies, vitamin and minerals deficiency, of course you can’t concentrate. If your home is full of violence and all you can think of is how to survive another day, it will be hard to learn something else as you try so hard to find a solution to a way more urgent problem than algebra… it doesn’t make people stupid… or insane…

Something can be uninteresting, but it’s still worth to try, because the brain, in spite of being made of fat, can be trained like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. The connections you make learning something that seems useless allows anything to pass, makes everything else easier to tinker.

Geometry can seem extremely tedious when it’s to calculate the circumference of a circle, but if your brain turned out to instinctively master it, you have the skill necessary to make those cool 3D animation, those videogames, and complex giant robots in animes. Now that sounds fun doesn’t it?

School is to help you find yourself. But it’s not the only place that you can. While it allows you to touch so many things, it can’t make you taste everything.

I found my specialty in a horror movie, of all things. And while school helped me see that I really adore it, it’s not what sparked my idea. I wanted to do medical research, specialized in genetics. I knew that I wouldn’t end up studying and making monsters, playing god like a mad scientist… but I wanted to be trained if it turned out to be needed for such a thing. But my health got so bad, and I got in such deep danger, that I wasn’t able to add 12+13 anymore… so I had to make different choices… and when my health really got a turn for the worst, this is when my calling truly blossomed. Since I wasn’t bound by the limits of school, since I couldn’t be threatened to have my medical license taken away if I was opened or preached ideas that didn’t please the stock holders of pharmaceutical companies… since I could only absorb the knowledge that was pertinent and needed, in all possible fields… I could find things far beyond what would have been possible to me if I was an actual doctor… While having specialists helps a skill to be perfected, since we have limited energy and time, it can also put boundaries and narrow the mind… I discovered the links between the nutrition, physical and mental… and it’s only then that things started to make sense and that my life improved.

I ended up doing my true calling, my true specialty; it’s just too bad that I don’t have the paycheck that goes with it… But while I can’t name all body parts in Latin like medically trained professionals, I don’t blindly follow procedures that don’t work and I won’t turn my back on the most basic thing: Nutrition. Natural nutrition. The absolute truth and logic: We are made of nature, nature helps us grow, nature helps us renew, and nature heals us. Chemicals kill us. Why force the body to do what you think you want, when he could do it itself if only you listened to its needs.

So when you study, listen to your needs. Don’t try to be perfect in all things. Keep energy to feed, rest, socialize and play. School is there to help you find yourself, not make you feel stupid. So enjoy it. Even if you have more bigger concerns, see it as a game.

And make bullying stop. We’re supposed to be different. A scientist doesn’t need to be a strong athlete; he needs the ability to do deep introspections to find solutions. A worker doesn’t need to be a genius; he needs strength to make things happen. Big strong hands wouldn’t allow the dexterity that a surgeon needs. Delicate hands are great for a pianist but wouldn’t last long to build a hospital. We’re supposed to be better and worst in different things. School is there for the poor as much as the rich; it offers the same chance to learn equally. School is a gift, even if it’s not a perfect one, but nothing ever is. It’s a chance to discover and be you, instead of a perfect copy of your parents when that’s not what you were born to be, an opportunity to go beyond the shadows of the past, and think yourself anew. You’re all in this together, all as insecure and lost, not a frustration to be unleashed at each other. Because instead you could be there for each other, as you try to find your place, as they are all needed. Trying to be the best you can be, in your own different specialty, with your own different skill… for yourself and for the community.

School was meant to be a gift of freedom.
A sign of respect for your potential and identity.
So you can make it blossom to the world.
Even if the world doesn’t have a place for it… or enough places… or for now…
At least you get the chance to know yourself.
At least, you are allowed to try.
And even if you do fail miserably, even if you can’t be the best of the best in what you’re best at…
What matters is that you’ve tasted the freedom to explore.
There is a life beyond work… a life just for yourself beyond the need as a group… remember to take care of it, to enjoy it… life doesn’t end if you fail at school or lose your job or have to rethink your career… But make sure to take care of your life, to take care of you.


Not to self - to draw (But you can get the idea from the notes):

Beefy caveman holding a massue and a dead animal, with a woman holding a kid.

A merchant screaming at a painter kid

A jock laughing at a nerd trying to run, nerd laughing at jock at the black board with algebra (you don’t see that happen!)

Worker with yellow hat getting healed at a doctor, giving him thumbs up with a broken leg. Doc giving the thumbs up at workers who build his house.

Lisa Of Shades
From a file written the:
27 February 2013

School grades aren’t a matter of life and death situation

In general, the worst that can happen if you fail is to have to repeat a grade: unlike losing a job, you won’t end up with starving or homeless, and even losing a career doesn’t necessarily lead to something that bad. I can even say that I've never been happier.

So keep the disappointment in the right proportions. If you fail an exam you can do better in the next ones and still pass the class. If you don't, then maybe it’s a sign to learn about self care so you can be better when you’re ready, you can't be at your best when sick, and trying too hard, to be perfect when it's impossible, sure leads to disaster. have realistic goals and expectations, you're just human. Otherwise you're dooming yourself to failure, or worst, exhaustion and sickness.

I had a friend who failed and took the same class 5 times in college, when I passed easily; but he could find jobs more easily and was paid more than I ever could. Really bad failures can still lead to great success if you persevere.

So take a deep breath, you’re not going to die. Try again or discover your talent somewhere else.

It’s the same thing with picking a hobby. If all that we had to do to master something was to do it once, life would be boring. There would be no pride or glory to find in accomplishing ourselves. Practice makes perfect enough.


Lisa Of Shades
25 October 2013

Learn from the bad guys in cartoons

They almost always loose. But do they sulk calling themselves a loser or contemplating suicide? No! They add revenge to their world domination plans. They laugh their head off at every episodes, even in the middle of getting their but kicked, because they love what they do~

When they win, you even see them completely bored on their throne, because it's the excitement of conquering adversity that gives them so much pleasure.

In the animation 3D movie "Megamind" (2010), the bad guy basically clones his enemy after defeating him because he misses the challenges so much. Even thought it was his first win ever, he preferred to lose giving everything he's got and laughing his head off, than to win easily in complete boredom. In the end he becomes the good guy. Because his goal was never to harm anyone, it was just to have fun.

So let the villains inspire you. No matter what goals you set for yourself, how too grandiose, or humbly modest to have the time to enjoy smelling the roses... Always remember to laugh to your heart's content! Otherwise success is pointless.

Like the villains in the cartoon Xiaolin Showdown s2ep15 just said:
"Woah~ That's it... I did it!"
"I can't believe it, for once you're actually the victor!"
"It's about time! I almost forgot what this feels like... which by the way is sweet!"

They didn't even expect to succeed anymore! They kept at it anyway, because they never needed a reason to do whatever they want! Regardless of the eventual results, they wouldn't deny themselves the joy of the ride. Now that's freedom.

People are unfair, so don't worry about them

Life balances itself out with a good and bad side, it's up to you to choose what to focus on; but people are unfair.

You could have a IQ of 131, a few points short of being a genius, and in classes for the gifted, and far above the average... and your mother could still nag you with the deepest despise calling you a retard. (*gasps all teary* true story...*)

Or you could be severely mentally challenged, and they could go "Oh wow, you tied up your shoes yourself for the first time, at 15... I'm so proud, I love you, you deserve a reward~ LET'S GO TO DISNEY LAND!!!" (GrrrrwAAAAAA!!!! *teary*)

Or: "Wow you didn't get pregnant and only got one abortion this year, I BOUGHT YOU A NEWER CAR!!!" *Blank stare...*

People who have more rewards than you didn't necessarily do better, and certainly aren't better people for it. Sometimes it's just about pure dumb luck.

But if you eat well and plan your time for study well among play times, and rest, you'll increase your chances for success.

People will think of you whatever they will, and there's NOTHING you can do about it (but they can make you dance for it, to boost their self esteem as you go for their dreams as they sit on their asses... But they'll always nag because they feel bad with themselves and only they can do something about it!)

So don't worry about it. Try for your own benefit. Everybody does anyway so you might as well, you can still share, but then you won't be easily exploited if you valid your own self with setting yourself small goals and reaching them... than if you abandon self respect seeking approval. Desperate people are easy to walk on, because they make it so easy.

Pay no mind. Avoid ignore forget.


Lisa Of Shades
26 October 2013

The introvert, the extrovert and bullying

Some people are extroverts, better at accomplishing things, they are doers and they think while acting. And others are introverts, the thinkers; they plan ahead and do research to come up with the wisest decision or the most efficient creation.

The reason why have more extroverts isn’t because they are better, but because they are the best soldiers and those tend to die quickly. The king doesn’t need a million advisors. They all have their purpose.

You’ll see the bullying cliché of a jock mocking a nerd. But you won’t see a nerd mock a jock for being unable to calculate algebra on a board, nerds don’t do that, so who’s really the better man? They’re both needed for different things, and both suck at the opposite of their talent. It’s natural.

Introverts might end up being shyer because they’re so deep in thoughts that it’s harder for them to come out and express themselves. While extroverts are so busy throwing themselves out there, that they might have a hard time taking a pause and doing introspection. That’s why we have both, so while one gives his best at thinking how to engineer something best, the other can build it best. They complete each other.

Another reason to by shy is to play it safe. If you just stand there and say nothing, people will assume that you’re a great caring listener, even if you’re thinking the worst of them. People will assume what they want.

But people like me will be bored out of my mind!!! I’d much rather have someone goof around and make a fool of himself on his own term, or trying, than to have to do the entertaining work for two! It’s exhausting and unfair!

Introverts will be more sensitive to stimulation, since the senses are precious to be able to analyze and think, and that’s precisely why they are so good at understanding what is around them.

On the other hand, extroverts will need more stimulation to avoid being bored, because being sensitive on a battlefield will make you curl up and cry at the first scratch and die faster.

If you put an introvert sensitive thinker in a nightclub, he’ll be tired faster from the noise and lights. It's natural.

But because extroverts are more numerous, they think they make the norm, and they do because it's based on the average of math, but it doesn't make them better. Yet they believe that introverts are defective and weak for being this way, with their limited ability to think beyond themselves, it's kinda natural too... if they listened to introverts with more respect, they'd know better... but they are meant for war, so that's the kind of attitude that you can expect... Some see anything different than them as a possible threat instead of a wonder to analyze, explore and discover. I feel sorry for them. Fear make them want to crush and control everything, but no one can or should.

Unfortunately introverts get intimidated by the number and often believe those who can’t understand them and think they're inferior to extroverts. But it’s not the case, they are simply meant for something different.

If physical education is the one class where some extroverts can shine among so many nerdy classes, feeling inadequate most of the time, I now can understand succumbing to the urge to reverse the table and say “There, in your face! I’m better than you!!! (For once).” The introverts also can benefit from trying to understand their opposite better. Nerds can't know and understand everything, even if having the intellect as special skill can make learning a bit easier. But what's boring for us will always be harder to let in.

Sometimes better grades are from having nothing better to do than study, because your introverted nature doesn't inspire people to invite you to a party to live things up... Or their parents use slightly bad grades as an excuse to use them as punching bags, but even if they give up on friends and hobbies and make themselves sick with work, they get berated anyway for another absurd reason!

Extroverts may have a lot of friends, but then can get too much pressure from the wants of too many people, not leaving you enough time for yourself or your duties, not daring to say no in case they turn their frustration and everyone against you for not being cool anymore. Popularity can be hard to get, but easy to loose.

The scenarios are endless. Some can look all bad or all good for a long time, and then BAM fate gives you the balance in one shot. Your efforts end sup paying off, or you finally notice your luck. (I'm so grateful I got sick, I'm way happier with the healthier path that life forced on me) Or you get hit in the face by how bad you were hurting the very people that you love... until they leave you and go bankrupt the same day. Or you got everything handed to you, by a business partner who did most of the work, until he ran away with your wife and the cash of the company. Or you got exploited ungratefully until you run off with everything he had. Who knows~ You will if you try to learn and find out~~~

There's always and up and down side to everything.

The grass may look greener, but the Kleenex may have more tears. "The grass is greener where you water it." I don't know who said it but I like it.

Introverts get tired faster from stimulis because their brain is actually working faster and able to analyze more information in a shorter period. School is made for their ways and if their health is optimal, it will be easier for them to flourish in it with fewer efforts. Just like extroverts will usually do better in sports. Having a brain that analyzes more data per second has its advantages, like sudden change of strategies to save the life of the troops in an ambush… or finding a cure before the next millennia… but obviously it has its downsides. Your brain fry faster, can feel more pain, need more rest and support... To be able to accomplish more, you have to balance it. (I need my computer to refresh my screen at a higher rate, or I can see it flicker and it gives me headaches. I figured out things at a young age that most people will never know in their entire lifetime, but for it I had to suffer more than they probably ever will. My brain can compute more and faster, but also with pain!...)

But all too often, people only look at the downside in others, because it makes them feel superior and ease their own insecurities. It can severely backfire. That's the wrong way to boost self esteem in a sustainable manner; your self esteem become dependent of having people that you despise around you and nurturing such poisonous feeling in yourself… It makes you lower. And then you'll be crushed by whoever is better. If you base your own value on the goals that you set and how you accomplish yourself, the others won't have such deep impact on you anymore. By nurturing appreciation and enjoyment, love for yourself, you’ll find things to love in others more easily. You’ll be and find better company.

An extrovert will be more impulsive and more incline to end up in bad situations for not planning and analyzing carefully ahead, but that’s also how things can get done… Like the main hero in the cartoon Xiaolin Showdown s2ep15 just said:
"Are you sure that you know what you are doing?"
"No~ But that never stopped me before!" *saves the day*

There's an upside and a downside to everything. Even being on top of the world, because then, the whole world is out to get you, and take your place.

I am a hybrid of both. We all are but I'm in the middle more than usual. While I fit nowhere, I can explain to both how they are helpful to each other. I've been bullied so I'm rooting for the nerds, but I was bullied by them too... Anybody can be an asshole. Yet I can see from introspection that we're all meant to balance each other, not do war. But competing can motivate us to improve, it would be best done with respect than trying to put each other down, that's embarrassing for everyone and not constructive... just look at politicians, but maybe they're using their bickering to actually help each other, by distracting us from asking them about the really important issues, which they have no desire to address by only caring about the money and power. They consider themselves succesful even if they fail us.

We always successful and fail at the same time. If you don't reach your goal, you can learn determination, humility, how to improve, deal with frustration and cope with failure. It can be useful to learn them with smaller regular doses, so you'll be better prepared to face an unpredictable horror.

In the movie Titanic, the rich guy survives easily because of his status, but kills himself later because he lost some money and couldn’t bear the idea to live as an average person, while the poor endure courageously way worst everyday.

If everything always comes easy to you, then you fail at challenging and surpassing yourself; also at learning to have understanding and compassion for the struggles of others, which would make you a much better person than looking down on them with mockery.

Success doesn't necessarily make us better, especially if we didn't deserve it with our own efforts. Trying times and times again in failures shows strength of character, but you might want to readjust the direction towards your goal though, or choose a better objective for you, something with more realistic heights, at least for your current level and means at your disposal. Stubbornness can backfire if blind. Nothing is ever all black or all white. (I have freckles. Hehehe.)

It’s up to you to value your own talent, or to torture yourself with envy, blind to the downside that people endure with a brave smile. Or you can despise someone who might someday save your life. You never know until you do~

No matter how much you feel like a failure, you can always do your best with the way you were born. It’s meant to be, and you’re this way for a good reason. Trust yourself. Your 15 minutes of glory will come. But don't wait for it to find pleasure in everything you do.

Before judging something or someone, make sure you know about the good and bad sides. Choosing the greatest reward will also mean that you'll get the biggest downside. If you only prepare for the good, you'll feel like fate crushes you with unexpected bad no matter what you do. But both are in all things, in all people. It's natural and unavoidable, but it’s not doom. The world is simply in eternal balance, it's fair even if people aren’t, or they don’t notice it by focusing only on one side. Just prepare yourself for the bad the best you can, and appreciate the good.

Find the good in you! Appreciate yourself!


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Lisa Of Shades
26 October 2013

The evil approach

If you constantly berate yourself that you’re a failure, it will take more than a few words (well, maybe I wrote enough) to undo the sad brainwash that you did to yourself. My rational side probably comes out the most when I write, but let’s try a different approach and let my evil primal side out for a walk.

*Slaps you right* You are the same garbage as everyone else in this filthy humanity, which I would really enjoy to destroy, so it entitled you to enjoy your life JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!!! *slaps you left*

If you’re trying with this self pity to get pampered, okay *slaps your back twice, hard.* THER! THERE!

And if you want a gold star for your efforts… just give me a sec while I cut one out of paper… *licks it and slaps your forehead, sticking it up there* THERE!

You better be happy now! *Points the tool box of doom, censored but you slightly recognize a chainsaw.* Rejoice! It can always be worst. Gruesomely juicily worst. *maniacal laughter*

If that motivation speech didn't work, you can always read my How to suicide tutorial. If that horrid gore doesn’t convince you to cherish your life…

Vitamin C, a whole lot of grams, will definitively make it easier by making you handle stress way better. More about that in my Adrenal fatigue page.

En-freaking-joy~ alreaaadyyyy~~~


Well, at least one of us is having fun, even if probably no one will ever read it, and certainly not all of it until this part. I'm still enjoying writing tremendously~

This site is all mine, I don’t do it to boost my self esteem with a visit counter and I don’t make money from it. It’s for the sheer pleasure of it… AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!!!

Try finding a project like that for yourself, and bother doing it, it’s awesome~ Even failure can be its own reward~~~


Lisa Of Shades
26 October 2013

What people prefer

People would rather be with someone full of self confidence who treats them bad, than with someone who never try anything to play safe and is self defeating.

So screw up to your heart's content!!! You'll be way less annoying!

(It's true! Mwahahahaha!)


Lisa Of Shades
29 October 2013
(Edited to laugh at how funny I am
31 October 2013)

Succeeding at failing

Worst case scenario, your special skill is being great at failing, so that others can feel better about themselves by comparison. Hey it's much more than any counselor, therapist and psychiatrist ever accomplished, so thank you~

Way to take one for the team!

Someone has to be at the bottom in the statistics~

Being the greatest loser is still being the greatest! But please don't aim for that deliberately... There's enough mediocrity in the world without doing it on purpose...

It's perseverance in the hopelessness that can make a loser shine, way more than someone who get everything handed to him, and is bored out of his freaking mind.

Have fun with the challenges of your life, even if you fail, it won't change the fact that you enjoyed living. Isn't it just plain sad when people don't see nor appreciate what they have? STOP IT!

Don't take anything for granted, not even your body... as long as you still have your life, you're still in the game. Have fun.


Lisa Of Shades
31 October 2013

When misunderstandings or people with opposite desires get in the way

Sometimes you can do everything right, but someone might jump to the worst conclusions. “Better be safe than sorry”… but it’s regrettable. Don’t look down on yourself for the mistakes of others, but don’t expect people to like you because you do the right thing. The ones wanting to do the wrong one for self benefit will try to get you down. Good people, who don't believe in retaliation make the easiest victims, keep it in mind: bad can be good and good can be bad. Life is more complex than black and white. Appearances are always deceiving, just the tip of the iceberg for the whole story of life.

More in my Uncommon sense ~ Black & white ~ Two sides

How you handle what or who get in your way is your choice, but remember that people just try to live the best they can… and so should you. Sometimes the only way to do the right thing is to do the worst and look bad but with good results… Someone always loose, sometimes it will be you, but it won’t always be you.

You can fight or walk away. Don’t go down without a fight. But you don't have to struggle forever, sometimes it's best to just walk away with your spirit still up.

The strain and damage, on your body and mind, might not be worth winning.


Lisa Of Shades
1 November 2013

Facts and opinion are meant to change and evolve

I don’t really have taboos, even if some topics are more interesting than others. To me there are only 2 types of information: true and false.

The first could be called a fact, the other an opinion. But they're often switched around. Stupid people believe that their opinions are facts and try to impose it to others, how ridiculous! But thankfully some people are thinking deeply while making their opinions and discover facts.

But the facts of yesterday are often laughed at tomorrow, but I guess it's thanks to them that we can move on one step closer to the truth... but believing blindly takes is deeper into lies.

People base the value of information on what they judge as good or bad. The truth hurts, so they shove their head deep in their asses. I understand that fact, but my opinion thinks it's stupid.

Almost everything you think is good is false. Because if you knew the truth about the junk that you buy, especially the chemical poison (crap would be an improvement, at least it'd be organic!) that you feed to yourself and your children, no one would be able to make billions of profits off people's misery anymore. Wouldn't that be great!?

Yeah… I don’t find it funny either. But everything you think you know is a joke.

Have fun with your ignorance, hopefully it won't last long.

The more we know, the more we notice that we don't know anything. So if you feel stupid, rejoice, you're actually closer to the truth!


Lisa Of Shades
4 November 2013
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