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Fur trade Indians BarteringBefore we had money, we did trades, one thing for another. We also exchanges services. One did something for another, and then this person gave a “I owe you” paper to claim a service from that person later. It ensured that the debt would be repaid instead to exploit free people.
But sometimes people didn’t need what the person could return, they could have appreciated a person in between.

Like a fisherman get bread made by an artisan, give him the “IOU” paper. But the bread maker doesn’t like fish, he likes chicken. So he takes the “IOU” paper to the farm and exchange it for a chicken because the guy who raise them like fish. Later he goes back to the first guy, give him the paper so the fisherman’s debt is paid, coming full circle as he gives a fish to the man.

This is the purpose of money. Money is favors that you’re supposed to receive from a service given.

Now there’s something very wrong with share holders making workers work not even enough to feed their children and making billions on their asses. Those “IOU” paper should be given to the workers by the head of the company, not the other way around. When you work and get barely nothing in return while another benefit from it…

We used to call it slavery. Now we call it minimum wages. At least when they used us as slaves they housed and fed us… some people end up homeless. They showed their faces when they did the whipping… now they SELL us coffee so we have to pay to do it ourselves!!!

Money is power, but not because you can buy more junk that you don’t need with it, but because to gain it you we supposed to accomplish a lot of great and useful things for the benefit of the community. With all the pollution that poisons and destroy even our very DNA… Now the more they have money, the more they owe the world.

It’s the world upside down… and if someone fails to adapt to this madness… perhaps that person is one of the rare sane people in this world.

Inspired by the Michael Moore movies “The big one” and “The corporation”

Having the right to choose who you’re going to be a slave for isn’t what freedom is about.

From what I understand of Communism and Hitler, he saw a bunch of people get filthy rich by exploiting people until they ended up starving and dying in the streets, saw them for the mass murderers that they are and executed them. But when he noticed that they were all Jews, he thought it was a genetic defect and snapped. But that was his mistake, anyone can be an asshole, even if a whole culture can promote the mindset, like we do now, but this time the government gets a cut and is happy about it. So we starve, but they feed us sweet rocks and cardboard, with paint and artificial flavors, so we don’t notice it… they make us think it’s a problem of discipline if we can’t get enough… but in fact we starve. Get sick. Get cancer from their poisons. And die. That makes a few rich.

Too bad no one is cleaning that mess up this time. But if we all chose different, we would change the world. If a group of share holders, perhaps with more humble means but in greater number, gathered and did the work themselves, it would be a whole different story. Maybe that’s what a cooperative is. Perhaps there’s hope for the world, it depends where you look and what you play a part into to survive… there’s more than one way.


You owe me.

Lisa Of Shades
28 September 2013
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