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Facts of Life ~ Business ~ Credit cards won’t raise your budget!

Credit card in a bear trapI received a letter with a big happy smile "You deserve it"... I turned it over and saw that it was for a credit card.

It's not a gift, it's not money that I worked hard for and deserved... They're debts!!!

Using a credit card to try to live above your means is the best way to worsen your situation, because sooner or later you get choked with having to PAY IT BACK!

Instead to save money slowly on something that you really want, need and appreciate... it encourages buying shit, because you think it's not even your own money and didn't see how hard you had to work for it because you'll have to do that in the future!

Then you end up with a smaller budget, hanged with a rope that tightens slowly and suffocate you with interests. Because you have to pay extra money to "thank" them for the loan! Instead to be able to use that money on other cool stuff, you have to pay the interests, pay just for time! It's like having to rent a time machine; but not in a cool way. You can't go back in time as it piles up. You get another credit card to be able to keep living above your means, to impress the neighbors and keep up with your friends, or some shit... And your grave gets dug deeper and deeper.

Do you really want to pay just for wind? For nothing? When you could have waited?

If you want to buy on eBay and already have the money, it's fine.

If you want to save the price for every transaction with an Interac card, dancing with a trap, but making sure to respect your budget and never fall in the red bloody hell, it’s fine.

If your refrigerator set itself in fire (happened to me) and really need one because eating on the go is way more expensive than buying in bulk and making it yourself (tastier and healthier too~) It's fine but you'll have to tighten the belt in the future months to get out of debt without paying for empty interests, and letting them pile up.

If your car breaks... take the freaking bus! You'll probably arrive to work less stressed out if you relax, and let someone else try to drive without being killed by a moron.

If you want that mega fancy tech stuff when you don't even have a job and can barely eat... suck it up and buy food!

What angered me so much about seeing the sale pitch "You deserve it" is that people tried to live above their means, or didn't see the unexpected coming, and lost their jobs... Or getting a card when poor thinking the situation will improve and that they will be able to repay it in a blink of the eye if they get a super paying job or win the lottery... NOT!

People lived on credit, got harassed when they couldn't pay... the interests were an extra bill to pay, just for wind when they could barely eat! They got their house seized, some even ended up in the streets, starving in the cold...

Go ahead "You deserve it"... That's so freaking mean and cruel!

No one deserve to be choked in debts... but if you fall for a lie such as this, pretending to care and to reward you as they suck out every penny you have by not even providing you any needs or service... just making everything even more expensive than it is with interests so you don't have to wait...

Would you rather end up waiting in the streets so that someone give you some money to eat... because that's the kind of lottery plastic ticket that they are offering.

No cool stuff to enjoy... not a time machine to undo horrible mistakes... Just the possibility to use the money that you'll win later on mindless impulses... Money that you will need to pay for rent, food, and maintaining commodities and services, like a buss pass or a phone.

It's not a gift, it's a trap.

It's not free money, it's the food money of the future you! It would be damn stupid to buy some junk instead to eat in the present... well, it's even more stupid to use a credit card because you'll ALSO have to pay extra to thank the people for lending you money. They’re not your mom giving your birthday money in advance; they'll make you pay for it... Sometimes 25% interest... Which means that you'd be able to buy 1/4 more junk if you just waited...

Without being harassed, without feeling choked, without having your junk seized, without ending up in drugs to "ease the stress" and ending up on the streets sucking someone just to get by.

That's what can be coming if you use it like a fool and don't make a budget, just because you wanna, just because it makes you feel good, now now now, quick quick quick... Someone else will be overjoyed to exploit you if you don't get a grip and control yourself.

Time flows, when you start walking in a direction, you keep walking, and sometimes you get hooks into you and get dragged by force, having a real hard time to escape.

That's what a trap is. That's what credit card companies hope to do to you. To bleed you dry, to exploit your flaws, not even by filling your desires, by making you pay extra interests to fill them as they give you nothing! That's the kind of gift they offer you... that's what they think you deserve!

Enjoy responsibly!

Lisa Of Shades
20 December 2013
Right to be ©razy 2013 and beyond!