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Facts of Life ~ Business ~ Corporations are out to get you

Snidely Whiplash deviousCan you feel it?

The corporative hand up your ass trying to control you like a puppet?

It's not for your own good.

I'm probably going to state the obvious in my articles; but if it was that easy, people wouldn't fall into trouble so much.

Not all posts will be as long as this one, but there's so much to say about the true intentions of corporations. The best text is more colorful if you want a resume.

I think you should read it for your own good~ But it doesn't mean that you have to. There's more on the right to choose from; and the X is always an option.

If you know better, sit back and have a good laugh.

Otherwise, even better, laugh at yourself and no one gets hurt.
You can even learn as a bonus!

Sometimes you'll find my messages outrageous and too horrifying to be true... Thinking that we do what we do, and that certain way, because it's best for us.

But it often turns out it’s because of habit, not knowing better, or my personal favorite: because advertising hammered into your brain that you want it.

If you wanted their products, they wouldn't need publicities, don't you think...

They addicted you to their products. Making you start by convincing you that it will make you cool, beautiful and popular. Inciting you to force yourself even if you hate it, find it ugly, troublesome, painful and not even effective or worth the price. And you do it anyway!

Because their real message is a subtle THREAT of being rejected by everyone… for NOT being "in", pleasing and desirable… Thus, they encourage the other "golden gooses" to see you that way and to discard you! Imposing you a cruel choice. They promote bullying and mobbing...

(I thought I was pushing it, but here's a publicity that clearly does it. See Youtube. It basically says: "If you drink the beer of the competition, you're not a real man and deserve nothing more than to be humiliated. What you like and your opinions are meaningless. You don't deserve respect nor friendship. You should be mocked and bullied, even by women, even lower than the soulless decorative sex objects that we believe they should be. You no longer have a dick and belong in their bathrooms." Do you really want to give your hard earned money to people telling you shit like this!? Something that mean and harsh for beer!? They all taste like dog piss anyway. Tough men drink vodka. Strong men drink milk with eggs in them. It makes strong muscles and bones. Tch!)

What publicity can be more profitable than your consumers doing the job for you? Because nothing is more effective than peer pressure. One zombie bites the brains of the others. Pure genius! But it still disgusts me…

Like pyramid schemes pushing you to work mostly for free "Dynamic and motivated team player wanted” riiight... Dangling the carrot of getting promoted higher in the company and get rich… But they don’t want you among them up there; they just say that to exploit you!

Or religions and recruiting sects: making you follow blindly, saying that god's judgement is above your own and unquestionable, terrifying you with ideas of eternal tortures in hell... Unless you buy their prayers or just plain give them money. How kind~

Mainstream businesses use athletes and celebrities, or an exciting sexual image to give you the illusion that you desire their junk… but theirs methods are still devious; and it’s everywhere you look!

I wish I was only joking... I'm still laughing about the undead metaphor though.
Even that part is probably a bit too true, since it can seriously ruin your health. Tobacco and alcohol are basically the lottery of death, covering up your real needs at best. Which couldn't be worst for your sake... denying you of the possibility to figure out what can truly bring you relief.

The truth is:
Not only you don’t need those things, but they hurt you, even kill you… to make them rich! Yes someone is happier in that story, but it sure is not you.

It's the case for the people who pressure you too! They're most likely even more insecure than you are about it, or they wouldn't mind your different choices, it wouldn't be an offending reminder that they don't need that shit to be good enough. Making them doubt themselves all over again when they thought they finally figured it out. No wonder they're hostile, but they should be at those trying to manipulate them, and get free.

They might feel trapped, thinking that they can’t quit, unable to let go of empty promises, thinking there’s no other way… Unable to blame their savior and see that it causes the very pain that they try to alleviate… as it might makes them feel better on the spot, but way worst in the long run. Like beauty products clogs the pores and dries the skin, causing the very acne and wrinkles that you use it for. Wanting to have faith.

And that’s why people got in this mess in the first place. Not really because they are weak, but because they believed so... They allowed themselves to turn fear into certitude, but they always were good enough without it.

People are so different; there will always be someone who will dislike you, sometimes for your best quality, perhaps by jealousy; and always others who will love you, even finding your appeal in your worst flaw. The heart is mysterious. You can’t please everyone. So you might as well enjoy yourself your own way. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone unwilling, there's no shame in it.

Abandon all hopes. Make it happen.
Find a real way. Love what is.
The secret of happiness is not perfection, but to appreciate.

Quitting, when you decide, is just one simple step: Stop.
It might be unpleasant at first, like new things often are. But as it grew it's hold on you, it will fades off you; and all that will be left is freedom.

Enterprises prey on your self doubt and insecurities, even creating fake ones where you had none. Don't give into misinformation mixed with denial; it’s a recipe for disaster. They want to rob you of your leisure and even food money for junk!

Credit cards pushed it even further, selling you nothing, preying and making you pay for your impatience. The illusion of easy money turns out to be one more bill: To give it back plus the interests! Many end up choked and unable to pay the basics, as they tried to live above their means and it caught up with them.

All businesses are predators, they are a threat to your identity, your health, quality of existence, and of all things your very life!

Finance sharks? Worst. The Great Whites are forward with their true intentions. Two rows of pointy teeth, it can't get any clearer than that.

They tell young girls that they’re never slim enough, pushing people into sickness such as anorexia, for a creepy notion of beauty. Actresses are so skinny that their ribs are sticking out like skeletons wrapped in a skin blanket. No fat but they don't have red flesh either!

It’s as unhealthy as obesity. As they also drive us to over consumption by feeding us cheap toxic junk, that can't possibly sustain life. We slowly degenerate. Physically and mentally, because it's actually one and the same. Treating both separately, only covering up symptoms, takes people away from the cause, from the real cure, and they make much more profit this way. Even doctors profit from keeping you sick.

It's not for your own good.

Companies even kill babies!

I read this from 5-reasons future will be ruled by b.s.
"In the last few decades, thousands of babies in Third World countries have died from contaminated baby formula. (See Nestlé boycot at wikipedia). Wait, did I say amusing? I typed the wrong word there. Anyway, what happens is the mothers mix the baby formula with contaminated water, because sanitation is poor. So why the hell do the mothers feed their infants poison formula when they can just produce milk, for free, from their own bodies? The answer is that they do it because the manufacturer of the formula, Nestle, ran lots of ads telling them to. (...) The future is going to hang on whether or not businesses will be able to convince you to pay money for things you can otherwise get for free. (...) Like making a woman pay huge amounts of money for something that could be accomplished with her own bodily fluids."

Businesses started by denying women their natural beauty. They pushed them nto starvation so much that they lose their elegant feminine curves: their breasts, their ass, what makes them women… Then they sell their femininity back at them!!! With brand clothes, makeup, and expensive horrific implants! Hypocrites, sadists... Criminals… I'm so glad I read it somewhere because I got sick trying. Never again. My health is way more precious. And yours is too! Someone who encourage and claims for something so monstrous... is incapable of respectful love.

How can anyone find lifeless porcelain dolls beautiful?
A simple smile can brighten anyone's day and warm all hearts.

And now businesses are even denying her what makes her a mother!??? Making her believe that the milk she makes isn't good enough, lesser than their mere chemical imitation... As if her breasts were there as porn toys, instead to exist only to nurture babies into strong healthy adults. No wonder we're all so obsessed about breasts if we are denied their nourishment from birth, which are the foundations that will allow our body to grow properly and live healthy. That reassuring contact, so precious that men wants nothing more in their existence than find that warm feeling again, everything else is just a mean to that end.

There are things too vital and sacred to put a price on... no one should try.

Women who can’t nurse can get solidarity from others overflowing with milk. Being there for each other. That sure fights loneliness and depression better than pills. There's no excuse for what Nestlé, coca cola or any companies preying on kids did! What's so horrifying about pedophiles isn't sex, that's noble it makes life and babies... It's the preying, the abuse, and the hurt! And they do plenty of that! And then they spend millions in pubs to make you believe that it's for their own good!!!

Do you really want to believe their shit!? Are you really that mindless and unsecure!?

Then, fellow women, let me tell this about you:

You're still attractive with messy hair, colorless face and shitty clothes... You still have the one thing that men care about anyway. It starts with a V or a C depending on how vulgar you wish to be. But you can smile too. They need reassurance like that as well no matter how tough they try to look, desperatedly trying to impress YOU.

Your breasts are yours and for your baby, don't like some company rob them from your child so he can cash in selling you fake milk, and impress another woman, so he can get boobs himself!!! Do you see the logic in that damn nonsence!? It's boob war! Make sure your baby wins.

In the video "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" by Dr Lustig, my favorite video of all times, he mention baby formula. To resume the part about babies, formulas are basically a milkshake of sheer sugar and no nutritional value. It's like coca cola. Which is like beer.

And if you give coke to a baby... he dies.
It should not be given to kids either... or anyone.

Do you wonder how a person can grow strong teeth and bones without calcium? They can't. But they sure grow fat straight into obesity! That's how you get fat, not from fat but from sugar. That's what rots your teeth, not the sugar but the lack of nutrition that was lost as it was refined and concentrated beyond safe value for your organs to process, frying your pancreas. Diabetes causes blindness, amputations and death. Not because of the sugar, but because you're starving. Your brain doesn't just think he is... your whole body starve for building blocks.

Sugar is there only to tell you that the vegetables and fruits have matured enough to be full of nutrients, or too much and will poison you with their death. Adding sheer sugar tricks you into eating cardboards full of poisons. And I'm not even making a metaphor here. They found yoga carpets in hamburger buns.

Companies sell you death and they know it. They know. They don't care, only about profiting with cheap stuff, even if it causes you depression, agony and death. And it does. It's not in your head. Your body is crying for a damn good reason.

I find all of it disgusting.

They're ripping us apart in two directions: anorexia and bulimia. Towards ugliness in the name of beauty. Making your children sick and even killing them. No matter what you do if you believe what they say, your needs aren't met. Giving in is a crime against ourselves. It's opening the door to thieves and stabbing yourself with the murderer's knife... And... and putting your kids on a pedophile's lap. Well at least they don't die from it! But they do from formula, cola, and even vaccines!!! Their efficacy has yet to be proven; there are more evidences about the damage caused by the toxic metals in them...

They deceive you in every possible ways. I saw a phone publicity bragging "Make 100$ savings!" As if more money would end up in your pockets, when their goal is to take it out. But to make sure that you don't take the time to figure out so little, they add “Hurry up this offer is ending soon!” So you’ll mindlessly rush to spit the cash hoping to get some. You want to make savings? DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY! Or at least think carefully about the pertinence of that product for your budget and needs. Take the time to compare the competition for the best deal. Sleep on it and you'll probably forget.

They even trick your taste buds with chemicals. And as if it wasn't bad enough it causes brain damage! So you won't be aware that they're feeding you cheap glorified cardboard! Enhancing the flavor so much artificially that you become unable to eat anything else... Because real nutritive food ends up tasting bland by comparison!

And after all that... when you finally notice your body's cry... Do doctors save you? NO! They're in for the cut! Their high salary is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, not the goodness of their heart! There is no money to be made in telling you to eat broccoli! You’d insult them anyway, like people with lungs cancer continue to smoke.

Your body is rightfully depressed and will continue to be as long as you won't listen to it instead.

But doctors won’t even give you the choice of possible treatments, instead to even ask how you treat yourself or do pertinent tests; they call you depressive, insane and sell you expensive drugs... Causing side effects, which are often even worst, or to add insult to injury: the very symptoms that they’re supposed to hide… Then they give even more drugs blaming their failure on you!

It's to make you doubt yourself even more. So you won't revolt at how horrific society treats you and make you live with yourself... and also because you want a magic pill that will fix everything without making the efforts to rethink your life and change. And many diet company will be more than happy to accommodate your lazy claim, but not because the fads work. It will only serve to make you fatter and sicker, encouraging your denial…

But deep down you know. Everybody knows.
But I had to be see death to face how much that truth is devastating.

There is definitively something MAD going on in all this...
But I'm here to tell you: It's not in your head!

There are so many lies out there; the most hurtful of them are disguised as the most selfless kindness. You have damn good reasons to feel awful!

You have so much power over your own fate, that simple law of causality, from cause to consequences, it's the direct result of what you do!

You don't need them, they need you! Their huge empire of wealth is NOTHING without you. We make the junk and we pay for it. They just sit back, watch and cash in. Does that seem caring and fair to you?

Embrace the duty to choose better. If we want quality, they will have to stop cutting corners and give it to us. Otherwise, we can make it ourselves the old fashion way, it's surprisingly fun and rewarding. Especially food. I even lowered my costs! Don't trust something that only tastes sweet and then lets you feel bitter about yourself.

Trust what makes you feel good about yourself.

Imagine a world where self care matters more than greed for trinkets; where machines makes our life easier, not force us to work even more to afford them. The fall back jobs would be at a spa instead of telemarketing... Doesn't it sound dreamy? What are we waiting... Take care already!

Don't wait for someone to tell you want you want.
Want what you need!
The other way around is a red carpet for abuse.

The worst atrocities have been committed in the name of good. Even murder, like burning possessed people at the stake, to “purify” them, in a public display of agony... To terrorize people into obedience. If they had anything suspicious, it was most certainly hypoglycemic seizures from starvation.

The irony of today is: with all that abundant food making people obese, it's all sugar for energy but no nutrition for vital functions. We're still starving!!! But our belly is so full of white sand that we don't notice it. Yet our body knows... they're all screaming in sadness. We're not defective, we're not insane... we're living creatures with profound needs that have been twisted and denied.

"For your own good." People say that not because they care, but to convince themselves that they don't have to feel guilty, as they do the worst to you... for THEIR own good.

Only you can know what's best, even if you didn't figure it out yet. All you need to do so is to listen to your own body… He's trying very hard to get your attention. Beyond what you think you want, beyond what you're told and what everybody is doing; in the scary unknown... You'll simply find what you need to be truly happy, your way. Now THAT's power.

And Google a little. I was born clever, but not informed.

Well, if we could take for granted that the people pretending to want our own good are honest and don't have horrible hidden agendas, I wouldn't have to make a web site about bullshit, now, would I?

I won't sugar coat what I have to say, I don't mind being evil. Because saying bad things to denounce them and make things better isn't wrong.

I now know that if I use my darkness to protect myself and what matters to me; it's a good thing. Hopefully without causing harm but not everyone want or can care about that... There is no absolute black and white, we're just trying to survive in the world.

The rest is up to you!

Enjoy turning that freaking wheel with your sweat and blood,
and then having to pay for said wheel, sweat and blood~

I hope it didn't take you 7h to read,
because that's what it took me to write it.
You owe me.

Lisa Of Shades
1 Mars 2013

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20 December 2013

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